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4 Best Call Recorder for Android Phone that are Amazing



The transition in technology has transformed the world into a global village. What people did not even think of ten years ago, is now available at the press of a button. Android phones are the highlight of every software. One such application is the call recording application. Many people have made these apps and all of them claim to be the best call recorder for android phone.

Best Call Recorder for Android Phone

For an App to be the best call recorder app for android phone, it should have voice clarity and the option of automatic and manual voice recording, plus it should have the option of storage into a private folder. The following are some of the best call recorder apps for android phones:

Automatic call recorder

Automatic call recorder

This is considered the best call recorder app for android phone. Its features are that it automatically records all the voice calls and it has goo audio quality. The app directly stores all recordings on cloud storage. To search one can easily search the previous recordings through contact number and name. It also has three settings, either you want all calls recorder, or only unknown numbers call or just for selected calls. Install from here.

Call recorder ARCCall recorder ARC

This app is reliable for android and has many features. One can record all outgoing and incoming calls and can save it according to date and time. You can also set password on certain call recordings for privacy. You can install from here for free.

Total recall call recorderTotal recall call recorder

This app has many features that no other app has. It can be connected to Google drive so can be accessed through other devices. It also has the option of password protection. Also, the recordings can be sent through WhatsApp. You can grab it from here.

Record my callRecord my call

This is another app with similar features. It also has password protection. It is accurate and records all calls with voice clarity and offers a separate folder for saving the recordings. It available on Google Play store.

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