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6 Home Improvements Trends of 2019



home renovation
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Are you passionate about home renovation and improvement trends? Do you follow the industry? If yes, then you must pay heed to some of the remodeling trends in 2019, according to an article published on The Home Improvement Research Institute also thinks the same as far as renovation is concerned. When it comes to making smart upgrades to your abode, the options are plenty. You will be spoilt for choices. You can revamp your home’s walls, décor, furniture, rooms, garden, porch, and even the front door.

If you look back at 2018, exposed lighting, and subway tiles were a few home design ideas. This year, new patterns, classic décor items, and new wall paints have gained importance. Last year was the time when homeowners preferred tech-oriented décor. However, this year the trends shift towards new and natural materials like copper, stone, granite, and concrete. These components will add a serene and organic touch to your home ambiance. If you look at the home décor stores, modern living rooms, and Instagram posts, you will have an idea what 2019 has in store for you when it comes to home renovation. Home design professionals are ready with some of their predictions for 2019. Here are the six most important home remodeling trends to watch out for this year:

  1. Over-Inspiration

Did you know that over one-third of property owners who finished a renovation project last year regretted about not being over inspired? They did not like the idea of spending less on their home revamping task. The homeowners should have found inspiration from various sources including books, magazines, social media sites, and television. However, they did not make an effort. So 2019 is the year to use your inspiration to make your home look beautiful and inviting. Do not miss any details, even if they seem trivial to you. When you plan to remodel your home this year, splurge on décor items that will make a real difference. The money spent is worth it because you deserve to live in a house that exudes a sense of aesthetics, warmth, and comfort.

  1. Dark and Emotional Colors

Though light and neutral colors are many homeowners’ preference, experts believe that dark and emotional hues will take center stage in 2019. These include forest green, navy color, dark blue, and more. According to professionals in the industry, bright and white shades dominated living rooms and bedrooms for many years. Now is the time to use deep, darker, and sentimental colors to take your home renovation efforts to the next level. Experts also believe that home renovation blogs and social media sites like Instagram have helped homeowners become comfortable with experiment with dark, rich tones. If you tell a novice to paint his living room walls dark blue, he may not like the idea. However, if people see a bedroom photo with dark wall colors, and how these hues produce a serene and warm effect, they will fall for dark and moody shades in no time.

  1. Bathroom Tubs

If you are a bubble bath fan, it is time to celebrate in 2019. This year, your bathroom continues to move from a utilitarian, private space to an open and spa-like setting. You can opt for accessories and freestanding bathtubs. If you want personalized bath décor items, consult with any bathroom remodeling Long Island professional near you. Based on the data available on bath renovation trends, 80 percent of home renovation experts plan to improve their bathtubs. A soaking tub tops the list, receiving 69 percent votes. And this trend will continue in 2019. Bathroom enthusiasts are keen on managing space from bedroom closets and hall to increase the size of their bathroom. Homeowners are also building built-in corners to make sure the tub is out of the sink, shower, and toilet path.

  1. Tuxedo Kitchens

Though white kitchens have been homeowners’ preference for decades, experts in the home renovation industry believe that black will rule cooking areas in 2019. Black will dominate in range hoods, cabinets, and island accents. You can choose a trendy, chic, or edgy color that looks practical for parents. If you own a home and have pets and kids running about, scratch marks in your white kitchen is a pain in the neck, especially on the cabinets. Therefore, opt for black to hide unsightly scuff marks. In 2019, expect to see more tuxedo kitchens featuring black and white walls, creating a stunning contrast. You can also choose black countertops and backsplashes. If you have no idea of a kitchen renovation, read home décor websites, guides, books, and magazines. These sources will give you sufficient information to transform your kitchen the way you want. Read more online literature to understand the current trends when it comes to your kitchen remodeling.

  1. Kitchens Overlooking the Outdoors

How would you like the idea of tossing up your favorite meal while looking at the front garden? Or keeping a watch on your kids playing on the lawn? Seems interesting, right? Cooking and outdoor entertainment enthusiasts would like to expand their kitchen to the outdoors. You can run your imagination wild when planning such a cooking place. Use your creative prowess. If you happen to live in a warmer region, you can transform your patio with additional seating areas, cushions, pillows, fabrics, and durable rugs. In 2019, you can make your kitchen open to patios and decks through collapsible gates and window walls.

  1. Self-supporting Dining Furniture

Customized and freestanding dining benches are popular this year, but expensive. If you have the budget, you can always splurge on this home renovation idea. If you want to save money, opt for padded furniture benches. It will cost you less than the expensive pieces. These items are multifunctional and ideal for providing flexible seating arrangements, small breakfast corners, and even hidden storage spaces. Read magazines and online sites to get more inspiration when investing in these benches.


Stay updated when it comes to home remodeling this year. Now that you have these tips handy, you can experiment to make your home inviting.

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Contemporary Decor Upgrade Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Family Home



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Decorating your home can be difficult if you’re a person who prefers different styles and ideas. The good news is that you can always incorporate various designs in a way that will make your home look compact and stylish. If you’re one of those people, you need to do it carefully, otherwise, the final result will look slightly chaotic. On the other hand, having a family means that there are other important matters to consider. So if you’re planning to redecorate, here are some ways to add a modern upgrade to your home and still keep it kid and pet-friendly:

Make it colourful…

Colours are never the wrong choice if you want to upgrade your living space. Whether you decide to repaint a wall or add a statement colourful painting, it’ll look good as colours tend to attract the attention and make the room look fresh and trendy. If you feel more experimental, then you can mix different contrasting colours like yellow and blue, orange and green or even pink and orange. Just be wary when doing this, because if you take it too far your room can seem too confusing. Unless you’re an artistic person, you’ll find this style suitable for your sensibilities. Having a turquoise sofa and lilac fluffy pillows can make your living room look funky and modern, and you won’t be that worried if anything gets a little messy!

…or make it neutral

Contemporary design often means neutral colours, so if you don’t like too many colours, this is a perfect solution. Beige, limestone grey, white, glacier blue are perfect choices for the pastel-coloured house. Neutral colours are timeless and chic so if you’re looking to infuse your home with some contemporary ideas, you won’t regret if you choose less vivid tones. Also, neutral colours are great if you want to keep your room well-lit as they’re great when it comes to reflecting the natural light. If you still prefer somewhat darker colours, you can add brown, navy blue, burgundy red or canary yellow.

Create a focal point in a room

A focal point is a part of a room that stands out so that every person that enters will automatically turn their attention to it. The good thing is that anything can be made a focal point if you decide to. From a bookshelf to a big painting — you have the absolute freedom to choose. In case you’re looking to purchase some new furniture, then big modular lounges are great since they can accommodate the whole family during the movie night! The sitting area is a crucial part of the living room so using it a focal point is a natural choice. Aside from sofas, you can use a fireplace, a big potted plant or a gallery wall.

Make kitchen shabby chic

Shabby chic has been a trend for quite some time, so if you want to spruce up your kitchen, this style is worth considering. You can start with whitewashed kitchen cupboards as they’re the staple shabby chic furniture. In case you still prefer something more modern-looking, a silver sleek fridge can be a nice contrast to a rustic kitchen. Another advantage is that in shabby chick kitchens, you can let kids play around without worrying that something will get dirty. They’re easy to clean and very mess-resistant as their intended design was for family activities. Adding Mason jars, spice containers, cute curtains and open shelves will turn your kitchen into a warm place for the whole family!

Make sure there’s enough light

A home isn’t happy (and modern) without enough light. There’s nothing lovelier than a sun bursting through the big windows on a spring day. The solution for this is simple — add big windows and get light, and if you still need some protection from the sunlight, add light sun curtains. When it comes to night lighting, make sure all the lights are well-placed around the house so there won’t be any dark corners. If you feel like mixing in some real glamour, treat yourself to an elegant chandelier. Just make sure that its size fits the room.


To conclude, choosing to upgrade can definitely get your home a whole different look, but before you decide to do anything, consult your family, even to kids, as their opinion may provide valuable. Make everyone feel included so you can turn a decor upgrade into a fun activity for all of you.

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Appliances Which Turn Your Old-Fashioned Kitchen to Smart Kitchen



Smart Kitchen
Appliances Which Turn Your Old-Fashioned Kitchen to Smart Kitchen
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Nowadays, technology is everywhere around us. People carry their smartphones and tablets all the time and everything is Internet-connected. So why should your house and kitchen be an exception?

All of these technological advancements led to the appearance of new trends related to turning the houses and the rooms inside them smart. In fact, more and more homeowners are inclined to have a smart house that they would be able to command with a single touch on their phone’s screen. In fact, according to a study, the number of smart homes is only increasing in the United States. In the last five years, it has risen from 4.6 million to amazing 24.5 million homes.

If you want yours to be one of them or you are simply curious to find out more on this matter, you are in the right place. Here we’ll present the details.

Smart Kitchen

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How to Make Your Kitchen Smart

The Internet of Things and other similar technological innovations are leading the way. At least this is the case when it comes to building bridges between people and devices.

Basically, people’s homes turn into command centers, which can receive orders remotely. Your kitchen is included in this, as well. In order to make it smart and modern, all you need is installing devices, which will be connected to your smartphone or tablet. Through them, you’ll be able to control when your lunch is ready, adjust the temperature, measure ingredients, record what’s happening in the kitchen, and a lot more. The possibilities in today’s technological era are nearly endless.

Types of Appliances

One of the main aims of the smart kitchen is reducing the time needed for a meal to be cooked. To achieve this, all appliances and devices are connected to the Internet thus giving the owners the right directions and options. For instance, people aren’t required to open the fridge’s door to see what’s inside as it’s displayed on the outside of the fridge, they don’t need to rush home to cook their lunch since they can order the cooker to start doing that while they are still at the office, they can quickly find out the best recipes for a certain meal and so on.

Add to this, the smart appliances work with voice and touch commands, meaning that they can be accessed even when the owner isn’t at home. Some of the most common types of appliances that make a kitchen smart are:

  • Ovens that can be turned on and off remotely and be controlled with the help of an app
  • Refrigerators with tablets that are built in and cameras for taking photos of the interior so that people don’t forget their grocery lists
  • Cookers with the option to adjust the cooking settings like the cooking time, the temperature as well as the time of their shut down from a smartphone or tablet
  • Coffee machines with a timer and options to set the amount of foam, strength, temperatures, and things like these
  • Blenders

To help you out, there are some sites that offer buying guides of smart kitchen appliances online, giving you a chance to pick those that satisfy your preferences and the atmosphere of your kitchen.

A Final Word

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you have a smart kitchen or do you plan to turn yours into one? Share your thoughts and ideas with us!

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