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9 Easy Ways to Turn Your Spring Cleaning into Extra Cash



9 Easy Ways to Turn Your Spring Cleaning into Extra Cash
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Spring cleaning doesn’t need to happen during the spring, but most people do it then. Cleaning the entirety of your home is a long, thorough, but tedious process which requires your full attention. That’s why most people dedicate a day or two just for spring cleaning. During this time, plenty of unused things and items appear and you end up with not knowing what to do with them. Some people throw these items away, and others gift them. However, your best bet would be to attempt to earn money with them.

There are plenty of ways with which you can earn money after spring cleaning your home, and in this article, we’ll help you understand all the methods. The thing you need to remember is that quite likely, and you won’t be earning tremendous amounts of money. However, even something is better than nothing plus, at least there are still some possible uses for them (such as the first entry in this list).

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Get Cash at the Consignment Store

Found old clothes that you can’t wear anymore? Trousers are too large because you’ve lost weight? Whatever the case may be, instead of throwing your clothes away, take them to a consignment store.

They’ll give you some cash for your things, and you’ll leave knowing that other people will continue to wear these clothes. It’s a win-win situation – you get rid of unnecessary stuff and clutter from your home whilst also earning some cash!

Kids Clothes and Toys

Kids grow out of their clothes rather quickly and, if the clothes survive the kid (since kids can be pretty violent towards things and don’t understand the concept of caring for things until they reach a certain age), take them to a store that would re-sell them or directly sell them to other people.

Toys also fall in this category and, unless a toy is essential to your child, they might not want to play with it anymore. If this happens, take the unused toys and sell them, so other kids get a chance to play with them!

Sell Old Books

Some books will never be read any more in your home, and they’ll only take up space. People usually take these old books and place them in the attic or basement, but this isn’t good either since they’ll just become worse and worse while taking up unnecessary space.

Your best bet here is to take the books away and sell them. There are locations such as Half Price Books where you can bring your book collection and earn some cash. The amount isn’t huge, but it’s something, plus your old books will have a place to stay, and someone might read them again!

Antiques and Collectibles

Helping your parents clean out their home may also harbor some interesting items that are eligible for sale. These are often considered antiques since they’ve been purchased a long time in the past. Some people prefer to keep their antiques or collectibles because they’re either emotionally attached to them or don’t want to see them gone.

However, if your parents are okay with you selling these items, go for it! Don’t forget to let them in on a share of the sales as well since the stuff is originally theirs! eBay is one of the best places where you can sell collectibles and antiques, and they only take 10% of the value for each item.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture can be found in most homes but, guess what? They aren’t being used. Spring cleaning can fish out some of this old furniture, and if you’re sick of it taking up space, it’s time to sell it. There are a couple of acceptable websites that let you set the selling price for each furniture item, and you’ll receive around 80% of the price with each sale.

If you don’t want to do it over the Internet, we recommend either organizing a yard sale or finding a store that would accept your old furniture for a price.

Sell Your Expensive Electronics

Electronics that used to cost hundreds of dollars is now worth a lot less, but it’s still worth something. That’s why you shouldn’t just throw your old laptop away and, instead, should attempt to sell it. Again, websites such as eBay, Amazon, and others allow you to set the price yourself, but they might not be the best option.

Best Buy has a trade-in program that allows you to give them old, expensive electronics for Best Buy gift cards. If you search a bit more, you’ll find even better options!

Get Cash for Unused Gift Cards

You might have received a gift card a couple of months ago and don’t plan on spending it in that particular store (for various reasons). You’ve already forgotten about it, and during spring cleaning, you found it again. What should you do? Well, if you don’t plan on using it, why not get cash for the unused gift card?

Gift Card Granny is a great choice when it comes to ‘selling’ gift cards, and you’ll get 92% of the gift card’s cash value.


Similarly to the first and second points, any clothing item that you find during spring cleaning can get you cash. But, in this case, instead of taking your clothes to a second-hand shop, you could take a look at Thred Up which gives out free clean-out kits. You take branded clothing and pack it in bundles. Then, when you’re done organizing, send the kit back, and you’ll receive your money.

Trade-in Your Video Games

Video games are interesting in the sense that, once you’re done playing and don’t plan on playing the game in the future, you can sell them as used. They aren’t eternal and age quite fast (unless the game is exceptional and develops a cult following).

On the other hand, even games that you don’t like and won’t even finish are eligible for sale. Visit your friendly GameStop and trade in your used game for some cash.

Alex Joe is a content marketer & journalist who formerly worked out of Digital Expo Inc. office. He writes eBooks, which considering where you’re reading this, makes really perfect sense from his kin. He’s best known for writing entertainment, enterprise & gadget, including the New York Times.

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When to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windshield



When to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windshield
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Most drivers have had to deal with a chipped or cracked windshield at some point. This problem is caused by a range of various reasons, from pea gravel falling off a construction truck right onto the windshield to a piece of debris kicked up by a passing car. Still, no matter what caused the damage, you’re the one who has to deal with the consequences and you have to do it quickly.

It’s vital that you repair or have your damaged windshield repaired as soon as possible, since you want to drive a safe and reliable vehicle and you can’t do it unless your windshield is in good condition. So, what is it that you can do when it comes to fixing the problem?

What options are available?

You basically have only two options: to repair or replace your windshield. In case of a smaller crack or chip, you can have it repaired by an expert and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, if the chip is in your line of sight, or there are several cracks or chips on the glass, you should probably opt for replacement. The windshield is a vital structural part of the vehicle and you don’t want to drive a car that has a problem with one of its crucial parts, do you?

How to recognize a chip and a crack?

A chip is damage that clearly marks the point of impact by debris. It can be in the shape of a star break (cracks forming outward from the centre), bulls-eye (i.e. circular), partial bulls-eye (i.e. crescent shape) or crack chip (small crack, less than an inch.

On the other hand, cracks are distinct lines that can vary in length, from under an inch to the width of your windshield. Still, don’t panic, since sometimes even the longer cracks can be repaired instead of replaced.


Since windshields are made of three layers, with a layer of resin or polymer sandwiched between two layers of glass, it is possible to inject a special resin into the chipped area. Also, many auto parts stores offer various DIY repair kits, but you really need to know what you need to do and you must have the right tools for the job. So, deal only with the chips that are not in your line of sight, but located in the corners of the windshield. Even if you manage to prevent the damage from getting worse, you’ve done a lot, because it will be easier and cheaper for an expert to fix the problem.

The repair technology has come a long way over the years and something that couldn’t be repaired before is now repairable, which means you need to consult an expert on the matter to estimate the damage. Usually, chips smaller than a quarter and cracks to three inches should be repaired, but that too depends on the location of the damage and the shop’s capabilities.


Cracks usually require a hole to be drilled at the ends of the crack before any repair work is done. No matter how simple this may sound to you, it’s always better to leave it to professionals who are experts in auto glass replacement to take care of it. When it comes to depth, if the damage is through both layers of glass, no repair is possible and you have to have the windshield replaced. In terms of the location, if the damage goes all the way to the outer edge of the glass, the structural integrity of the windshield and, consequently, the car is compromised. Also, if the damage is within your line of sight (i.e. the glass covered by the driver’s windshield wiper), don’t wait any longer, but head towards the nearest expert. Needless to say, the deeper and longer the crack, the more likely you’ll be to have to replace it.


There is nothing more important than the safety of all passengers in a vehicle, which is why you mustn’t neglect any damage to the windshield. Studies have shown that the windshield provides almost one half of the structural integrity of the cabin in a front-end collision. So, do you want to gamble with your life and the lives of others by driving a car with its structural integrity compromised?

Dealing with such problems is a regular occurrence, though it’s still a nuisance. Still, in order to have a safe and reliable car, you have to either repair or replace your windshield, but only in consultations with a professional, who is the only person capable of giving the correct evaluation of the damage.

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Online Marketing

An Expert’s Guide to Seamless Integration of Instagram & Website Design




An Expert’s Guide to Seamless Integration of Instagram & Website Design
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The social media platforms are really powerful and they have immense potential in generating viewer engagement and that is the primary reason why marketers are using platforms such as Instagram with a lot of enthusiasm and expectations. Instagram is known to have witnessed the best ever conversion ratio. As such, all web designers are trying their best to create a seamless synergy between their web design and Instagram to reap tremendous benefits.

Some Mind-Boggling Instagram Statistics

Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users. More than 60 percent of the users are in the habit of logging in every day. About 60% of Instagram users have admitted that they come to know about a product over Instagram. In 2017 it is expected that about 70.7 percent of the companies in the United States would be using Instagram chiefly for marketing. More than 40 billion pictures have already been shared on this amazing platform as per Instagram gets 3.5 billion likes daily and averagely 80 million images are shared per day. Instagram usage has actually doubled over the past couple of years.

So we find that the outreach of Instagram is wide and that is the chief reason why marketers are actually flocking the platform. Instagram is a robust platform with 1000 million monthly active users. The incredible user base attracts a lot of businesses as they are known to upload as many as 40,000 pictures every day and post 1,000 comments every second.

All websites display social media buttons that prove to the world that the businesses are also present on the social networking sites. So the website design is made really adaptable to complement the dynamism of the networking sites. Since a majority of the businesses are obsessed with Instagram, most web developers and web designers have now understood the need to create web designs that would be encouraging social interaction thus boosting the number of real Instagram followers.

Moreover, we know that online users are constantly switching between the social media platforms and websites and so the web designers must work toward providing a similar user experience on the web portals as well to attract and retain visitors or traffic from Instagram and other social media platforms. Here are some expert tips for seamless integration of Instagram and website design.

Interactive Web Design Is the Key

The most outstanding feature of Instagram is its capacity to interact effectively with users besides coming up with engaging and stunning content. The interactive quality of this platform could be enhanced further by using certain automation tools such as Gramista that would become a replacement for the users when they are away from the platform and they let the activities roll. Website design must be more interactive and intuitive so that Instagrammers visiting the site must experience the same level of ease and comfort. The brand appeal would be great if the UX is great too.


It is mandatory to stay abreast with the current web design trends in order to stay well ahead of the curve and to accommodate this it is crucial to opt for a makeover of web design. This aspect gains more significance when we understand that the website design must incorporate effective elements of interactivity so that it is on par with Instagram and other such interactive and versatile social media platforms. A logo is the face of a particular business entity and it usually relates closely to the brand. We know that these logos must be adjusted and refined to reflect the brand’s new aesthetics.

Incorporate an Element of Flexibility

The dynamism of Instagram must also show in your website design and only then it could create a much greater impact on the Instagrammers coming to the website. When you are prepared to experiment with something new, you would enjoy immense benefits in the long run. While designing the web portal, web designers must draw inspiration from Instagram that is a highly flexible platform and has made frequent modifications to stay relevant and competitive. You must craft a web design strategy in such a way that it is flexible and fluid.

Focal Point

You need to literally create a center of attraction while designing your website in order to emulate the design feature of Instagram that flaunts user’s pictures as the actual focal point of the powerful and stunning social media platform. You must determine the aspect of your specific business that you wish to highlight. You could then consider using it as the focal point or the center of attraction of your website. You must organize logical and smooth navigation so that the visitors are able to see what you actually want them to visualize.


We know that Instagram is having a superb and refined web design and it is essential to stay in tune with all the social networking trends to make sure that your website appears attractive and responsive to the visitors coming in from Instagram and other social media platforms. Web designers must incorporate slight modifications for capturing the mood of the visitors and for fulfilling the demand of the present times. We know that the change in web design could also end up enhancing the overall functionality of your website that would further boost UX.

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Browse Online To Get Concise Information Before Purchasing Mattresses



Browse Online To Get Concise Information Before Purchasing Mattresses
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The mattress is used as a bed or placed on bedstead to make a bed. The mattress is necessary as without a mattress a person won’t be able to sleep properly. There is a wide variety when it comes to the thickness, dimension and inner stuffing of the mattress. A person can choose any particular type of mattress that best suit his/her needs. Many people claim that a comfortable mattress allows them to sleep soundly and there is a clear precedent in this regard because if the body remains properly aligned during sleep, then the unwanted pressure is not created which lessens body aches and stiffness. Hence choosing a fine quality mattress is essential for maintaining healthy posture during sleep.

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The Utility Of Reading Reviews Of Products Before Making The Actual Purchase

The information that one can get by browsing through reviews is quite substantial. The reviews are given by customers who have used a particular product and therefore are well aware of the pros and cons of that product. When a person is confused about which mattress he/she should purchase then selecting a few types depending upon use and popularity is a good idea. The chosen mattresses can be checked online, and if the product is widely used, then there will be reviews about that product.

An individual can read reviews on the online review websites or directly from the shopping website that sells that particular product. If the reviews seem satisfactory, then one can proceed with the purchase.

The Most Important Features Of A Mattress

When a mattress is purchased, then it is obvious that it will be used for sleeping purposes. It might take some time to decide upon the best possible mattress because usually mattresses are not changed frequently and until the old mattress is worn out a new one is not purchased. Hence it is very important to ensure that the purchased mattress is comfortable and is suitable for the user. The preference of an individual determines the selection process, but most people know that mattresses have to be a bit firm otherwise body weight won’t be supported. Firmness should not be confused with hardness as sleeping on a hard surface isn’t comforting. The mattress which is primarily made from foam needs to be able to hold the weight of the body and provide good support. In a nutshell, the prominent features of a suitable mattress are given below:

  • Fine stitching of the mattress that will ensure that the mattress doesn’t split near the edges
  • Use of good quality of materials for making the inner structure of the mattress that will hold the body weight
  • Homo genous distribution of fibers so that an even surface is present
  • The mattress should not become extremely dented within a short span of time.

The Data That Can Be Assembled From Surveys On Sleeping Cushions

At the point when a specific item is to be obtained, at that point it turns out to be critical to think about the ease of use of that product. In any case, picking up data about convenience may appear to be troublesome without really utilizing an item. At the point when a mattress is to be obtained then thinking about the nature of the mattress becomes vital. This can be known from people who have effectively utilized that explicit kind of sleeping cushion. In the present world gaining this kind of data turns out to be simple. The online world is loaded up with numerous locales that rededicated to shopper grievances and audits.

Most web based shopping locales incorporate the surveys given by the clients alongside the item for which the audits have been submitted. A man can peruse surveys on the online sites and shopping locales for find out about the item. At the point when the bedding which is chosen is to be obtained then online hunt for reviews in regards to that specific sleeping cushion will give a man accommodating contributions from individuals who have officially utilized the sleeping pad.

The Nearness Of Audits Will Help A Purchaser In The Accompanying Ways:

  • The individual will become acquainted with that individuals have just bought this item.
  • The advertise nearness of the explicit brand of sleeping pad will likewise wind up apparent by taking a gander at the audits.
  • The surveys will incorporate both positive and negative remarks. The nearness of more negative remarks will demonstrate that the particular mattress isn’t appropriate for procurement.
  • The data is given by individuals who have utilized the item and thus the planned purchaser will become acquainted with the nature of the item in further points of interest. In the event that the mattress doesn’t bolster the body weight following couple of days or winds up imprinted, at that point that data will be given by clients through surveys.
  • Through the audits, the individual who needs to purchase a bedding will likewise become acquainted with about explicit destinations that ship such items.
  • Issues with delivery and quality check will likewise be featured in the audits given by people on shopping destinations.

Therefore, while purchasing a mattress, the most important thing is to be sure about the quality and usability of the mattress. In this regard, thorough information should be gained by examining the mattress and reading the features of the product and the related reviews.

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5 Fitness Tips that Teenagers Should Follow




Fitness Tips
5 Fitness Tips that Teenagers Should Follow
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It is extremely important to stay active and fit, irrespective of what your age is. One of the best ways of staying fit is by exercising a lot or spending more time in diverse outdoor activities, which help in strengthening the body and the muscles. It is observed that teenagers spend most of their time indoors, which is undoubtedly a huge cause of getting concerned. Other than that, unhealthy habits have also started creeping into their lifestyle. As opposed to any activity, they prefer sitting in front of their laptops or desktops and play video games. This can lead to problems in the future.

To ensure that your kid is fit and active, you should follow certain fitness tips. Given below is a list of all the important tips that you can follow.

Limit the screen time

Kids these days are addicted to a number of gadgets like cell phones, computers, and tablets, and that is how they prefer spending their free time. Ensure that you set certain rules for your kid and allot a time in which they will spend time with the electronic gadgets. You should encourage your teenager to spend all the free time that he gets in constructive activities, which will help to make him mentally fit as well.

Healthy snacks

Ensure that you are only picking up snacks that are absolutely healthy. Try to cook pizza or burger at home instead of getting them from the fast food shops. Instead of soda, make them drink the juice of a fresh lime. Another great thing that you can do is allow your teen to help you while you are cooking.

Weight training

Teenagers who are almost 18 should definitely undergo weight training. You should ensure that they are performing resistance exercises at least 3 to 4 days every week, as these exercises can help in improving the muscle, power, and strength of the body. This is also one of the greatest ways of preventing obesity.

Making a workout session enjoyable

One of the most difficult task as a parent is forcing your teenager to stick to a particular fitness routine. However, if you can manage to make the workout session enjoyable, you will see that they are automatically interested in working out.

Taking your teenager for an annual checkup

Most of the parents don’t find it important to take their teenagers for an annual checkup. However, it is extremely important to get their health checked at least once every year. Doctors may suggest a number of blood tests, which will help them to determine as to how healthy a kid is.

Reputed pathology labs prefer getting the laboratory equipment from places that are trustworthy. One such reputed website is This website is known to sell the best possible laboratory equipment.


If you ensure that your kids are following all the tips that have been mentioned above, they will surely remain fit and active and will be more mindful when it comes to their studies.

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Pet Health

Pet Healthcare Tips – Common Diseases of Horses and Treatments



Pet Healthcare Tips – Common Diseases of Horses and Treatments
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Horses tend to catch ailments if not cared for properly. While parenting horse, one thing owners need to make sure is that a proper vet check-up is done from time to time. There are many seasonal diseases, and also performance related issues are found in active racehorses. Here, we will discuss a few common health issues of horses and treatments.

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Photosensitivity or sunburn

During the summer months, horses are more susceptible to get sunburn. If there is sunburn on the back, then you have to wait until it’s healed to take another ride. Putting a saddle on top of a burn is cruel. Grays and pintos with pink or white noses tend to be most sunburned. Their skin gets pinker or reddish with blisters that peel.

Keep them out of the sun during hot summer months. To protect the vulnerable body parts of the horse, you may use Baby formula sunblocks. Sunburn creams for horses come brightly colored so that you can notice when it wears off and then reapply it from time to time. Zinc oxide paste can also be used as a sunblock and to heal the irritated skin.

Hind leg in horses

Various hind leg issues in horse include:


On or both legs get over-flexed in straight halt. This flexing may be very subtle but can be more obvious when the horse steps back or turn sharply. Treatment includes tendon removal. Some horses may improve on worked lightly.

Bog Spavins

This condition is caused when the hock joint wears off. It can also be an impact to the joint like a kick which results in an injury. Mineral deficiency and conformation problems may also result in bog spavins.

Bone Spavins

This is caused due to joint strain, confirmation problems, or concussion on any hard surfaces. Jumper horses are more susceptible to this condition. Hock joint of a horse is up of several bones, which may get affected in this condition.

Some other hind leg issues include Jack Spavins, Thoroughpins, Capped Hocks, Curbs, etc, which all requires a good vet’s care to treat.

Wobblers syndrome

As TVG experts point out, this is not a very common condition in horses. However, if a vet diagnoses Wobblers Syndrome, it is essential to the diagnostic testing to rule out the possibility of any other types of neurological diseases. If left attended, this could have very serious aftermaths. The treatment modalities include drug therapy, surgery, and also some rearrangements in the horse’s management. Medicines will help reduce the swelling.

Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s Disease, otherwise called Cushing’s Syndrome or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, is described by an aggregation of cortisol. It might include either a considerate tumor or essentially exorbitant tissue development in the pony’s pituitary organ. Indications incorporate dormancy, extreme thirst, muscle and weight reduction, barrenness, and the beginning of different sensitivities or hypersensitivities.


Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, otherwise called EPM, is a neurological illness influencing ponies. The malady is caused by protozoa called Sarcosystic neurona. The parasitic protozoa contaminate ponies through their water or feed, living in the tissues of the pony’s sensory system and in the long run causing seizures, vision issues, and conceivably passing. Side effects may incorporate sores and irregular conduct. The FDA has affirmed a few medications for treating EPM: ponazuril, nitazoxanide, diclazuril, and a blend treatment of sufladiazine and pyrimethamine.

Equine Herpesvirus

The equine herpesvirus really comprises of different infection types, which can run broadly in seriousness. Contingent upon the type of herpesvirus, the sickness may influence the respiratory framework as well as the sensory system. Side effects incorporate fever, torpidity, anorexia, hacking, impeded coordination, and shortcoming. Inoculations can help keep a few types of the infection. Nonetheless, no medicines exist if there should arise an occurrence of contamination, beside palliative consideration.


Weakness is, truth be told, an uncertain term that may allude to an extensive variety of individual equine medical issues, including laminitis, bone wounds, neurological issues, and different sicknesses of the hooves or the musculoskeletal framework. Manifestations normally incorporate a powerlessness to perform customary developments, shortcoming, an absence of coordination, and anomalies in walk. Medications may run from pharmaceutical treatment to back rub to work with an expert mentor.

Locked Stifle joints

Stifle joint of a horse may get locked on overs training or due to any genetic problems to its joints. This is a very common condition in horses, and with the minor versions of this condition, there is an easy way to make the animal sound again without any invasive procedures. If left untreated; however, horses with regular locking are unsafe to ride. Severe cases require surgery.

Apart from these, there are many other adverse health conditions too which needs immediate attention like rotavirus, allergies, etc. If you notice any severe or alarming symptoms, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

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