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A Guide to Online Sports Betting




How to Bet On Sports Online

Gambling laws have been eased all over the world in the last few years, giving millions more people the chance to legally bet on sports. Much of this new business is conducted online and betting firms have been quick to attract potential customers.

You may be tempted to give betting a go for yourself. But it can sometimes seem like a closed shop. The best online betting sites have made it easier than ever before to navigate the markets and odds and register for a new account.  But if you’ve never done it before, how exactly do you go about betting online? Read on to find out.

Choose the Best Sportsbook

We’re going to start off with some very simple – and possibly obvious – advice. To get the best possible online sports betting experience you will need to sign up with the best possible sportsbook. This is a personal choice and everyone will have his or her own favorites. But there are a few things to consider when you are choosing who to go with.

You should take notice of the welcome offer but not be overly swayed by whatever is promised. All bonuses come with terms and conditions. It is better to see what else is offered for existing customers and also the range of betting markets. It is a good idea to do some odds comparisons at this point too.


Once you have chosen the right online sportsbook you will want to go betting. The best sites will have thousands of betting markets available every single day, covering every sport you can think of. You may feel as though some of the odds are too attractive to pass up. Think again.


You need to remember that this is your hard-earned money you are betting with. You wouldn’t just throw away your cash in the street – so don’t throw away your online money on bad bets. If you like soccer, bet on soccer. If you don’t know anything about basketball, don’t bet on basketball. Specialize and bet on what you know.

Figure 2 Millions more sports fans can now bet on their favorite teams
Figure 2 Millions more sports fans can now bet on their favorite teams

Use Offers Wisely

We may have already put you off going for enticing offers and promotions. We didn’t mean to – we just want you to be careful about what to expect. This is especially true if you are a newcomer to online betting. The bonuses offered are all completely legal and fine, but they will come with requirements.

All sportsbook promotions have their own terms and conditions and you should take a look at them before claiming or activating them. That way you will know what is expected of you to claim the bonus. You may have to bet a certain amount – or deposit some more money. Just take a look before you accept the bonus.

Research, Research, Research

In fact, doing a little research should be the main thing to remember when it comes to online sports betting. The marketing teams at betting firms are very good at their jobs and will make everything seem wonderful. Much of it is useful – but you will need to find out for yourself to be sure.

When it comes to actually placing a bet you should get as much information as you can before making your selection. Learn about value and odds and whether your tip is worth spending money on a bet. You will become more confident as time goes on – but keep doing your homework with all your betting.

Have Fun!

We hope our advice has not turned you off the idea of giving sports betting a go. It can be hugely enjoyable and a great way to give any sports event another dimension of interest. But our last piece of advice is to always make sure that you are betting responsibly.


Gamble within your means and never bet any more than you are prepared to lose. Remember, betting is supposed to be fun!

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