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Accessories To Make An Impression



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Making Unique Fashion Choices Effortlessly

Part of making your particular fashion style as unique as you are will involve accessorizing your look. This is true for the fashion of men and women. Think of it like breaking up sight lines in a room. For the purpose of décor, and to maximize space, it’s integral you break up sight lines.

Imagine an empty department store. Ever been to Walmart? Imagine one of those stores with no racks, no promotions, no posters, and no people. What you would have is a big empty space like a gymnasium. Now, even though gyms are often larger than department stores, they don’t feel quite like that when you’re in one, because everything is open. When you can see everything at once, the brain doesn’t have to process as much, meaning it seems “smaller”. An empty department store seems much less large than it does when it’s full of things, even though, paradoxically, there’s less space when the store is full. Similarly, smaller rooms feel larger when you bring in pictures, mirrors, décor, and furniture.
With your particular style, similar realities apply. Even though a dress shirt may be stylish and expensive, a pair of formal shoes may have the same quality, and a pair of slacks might be about as stylish as you can get, when such an outfit is put together in a “basic” way, it’s unremarkable.
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Stylistic Accessory Ideas

A blouse and jeans, a dress shirt and slacks, a basic sundress, a basic suit—these things are all straightforward and perfectly sensible; however they’re not remarkable. Nobody will remember you if you’re in some basic outfit—however, with a few accessories, you can make that outfit seem exceptional.


Let’s start with some basic steps. If you’re a man in a suit, why not add a shelby hat, or a beret? What about a bowler hat, or a fedora, or a pork pie hat? Are you wearing a tie? Why not loosen it, or if you want to be extremely “edgy”, tie it around your neck and let it dangle down over your shirt? This bit of accessorizing can work for men or women. Something else that might be worth considering for men or women are fashion watches. These tell time, they look good, and they come in almost any sort of style you like. Modern, “classic”, experimental—there are all sorts of stylistic options to choose from.
Another exceptionally striking, worthwhile, interesting accessory is a simple vest. Some of the best vests have no sleeves, and will likely include buttons down the front; or perhaps clasps. Some have zippers, but these don’t tend to be quite as stylish. You can find many vests in second-hand stores that are exceptionally cheap.

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Vests And Jewelry

Vests additionally have pockets which can be used for varying purposes. They can store keys, change, bills, lighters, pill bottles, candy, or what-have-you. With accessory fashion, it makes a lot of sense to choose things which—beyond looking good—actually serve a purpose. Watches tell time, hats keep off the sun, and vests have additional pocket space.
Jewelry like necklaces or earrings can also be very worthwhile. Many men likewise wear pendants, crucifixes, or chains around their neck for a similar purpose. These accessories have been used specifically as an accessory, so they’re purely for reasons of style. However, they have their use.

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Finding The Best Accessory Items For You

Whichever accessory items you’re most interested in, be creative. Even the most “out of the box” items can appear totally hum-drum if you’re just copying somebody else. So take these suggestions with a grain of salt to help stimulate your imagination.
Maybe you wear one watch, maybe you wear a watch on either wrist to make a statement. Be unique, and have fun. There is no “wrong” or “right” answer, per se. It all has to do with how comfortable your fashion makes you.


Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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