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All You Need To Know About Ethanol Fireplaces



Ethanol Fireplaces

Before reaching for any more blankets, turning up the thermostat, or heading out to get more logs to plan on your traditional log-burning fireplace, it might be worthwhile to consider investing in a bio-ethanol fireplace.  The advantages of ethanol fireplaces are numerous, but in case you require some additional motivation to invest in one here are some different reasons why you should look at this type of fireplace:

#1:  A Modern Design

The addition of ethanol fireplaces to your house is one of the best ways to add some character to your home with a touch of class and not outrageous price tags.  In the majority of cases, the ethanol fireplaces on the market are so elaborate and varied, you are certain to find the ideal fireplace to suit your apartment or home.

Ethanol Fireplaces

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If you own a house with numerous decorations and character, you might choose to purchase a more minimalist but still modern ethanol fireplace.  On the other hand, if the property is quite plain and you wish to add some additional touches to make the place your own to feel “homier”, then the ethanol fireplace will more than likely do the trick.

As apartments and condominiums tend to have several restrictions on what can and cannot be done, adding a portable ethanol fireplace is an ideal way of adding character while still being cost-effective and practical.

#2:  A Great Source Of Supplemental Heat

It is a well-known fact that fireplaces are good sources of heat.  The traditional fireplace utilizes wood logs as fuel and has been used as the primary source of household heat for a very long time.  Fortunately, there is now an alternative that is less difficult to breathe in, has reduced carbon emissions being released into the air, produces less air pollution, and is a high quality form of heat generation.

How Is A Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Better Than The Traditional Log-Burning Fireplace?


The traditional log-burning fireplaces built into properties require a flue to operate.  The flue is a component assisting with fireplace ventilation and release of smoke produced when the logs are burned.  If the wood smoke is not released from the house, it can cause different dangers and risks to the property and people inside the home.  For instance, improper ventilation can cause a risk of fire, as well as increased risk of respiratory conditions from breathing in the smoke.  This is why a flue is required to prevent the risks; however, the flues tend to allow heat to escape “up the chimney”.

This being the case, you are not necessarily getting a good “return on investment” with traditional fireplaces using logs as fuel sources.  Fortunately, the bio-ethanol fireplaces are available and these items are placed in a property without the need for a ventilation system.  The ethanol fireplace is smoke-free and does not release any hard to breathe air pollutants.

#3:  An Environmentally Friendly And Clean Option

If you are searching for a clean and sustainable method of heating your house, then the bio-ethanol heater can serve as an ideal alternative.  Due to the fact that we only have one earth, we must take care of it as much as possible.  By switching from traditional log-burning fireplaces to the bio-ethanol fireplace, you are doing a great deal of good for your environment.

The reason this is beneficial for the planet is because bio-ethanol fireplaces do not emit smoke.  In fact, these fireplaces utilize ethanol as the fuel source, most well known as ethyl alcohol.  Ethanol is created using a simple process where the gas is produced from fermented plants, such as sugarcane, corn or switch grass – no carbon dioxide involved.

The carbon dioxide released as a byproduct of burning these plants is negligible.  To place it in layman’s terms, the amount of carbon dioxide released by the plants is approximately the same amount humans’ exhale when taking breaths.


#4:  The Minimal Installation Costs

One of the greatest advantages to investing in a bio-ethanol fireplace is that there are no installation costs.  The majority of the units available to purchase tend to be independent, meaning they can be placed on a table, floor or any other flat surface without having to be inserted into a wall.  It should be noted that you can purchase an ethanol fireplace to insert into a wall, but there are other options.  Overall, all you are paying for is fuel and the unit.

On the other hand, the log burning fireplace requires a costly fireplace to operate which needs to be anchored into the property with a flue constructed allowing smoke to be effectively released.  However, if you are utilizing a radiator or boiler, the unit is known to have numerous initial costs and will require a great deal of maintenance which contributes to long-term costs.

This is why bio-ethanol fireplaces are the ideal, low-cost solution.  This type of fireplace is highly durable and can last for a long time without difficulty as they are created using stainless steel.  Moreover, if the ethanol fireplace does experience trouble twenty, fifty or one hundred years down the line, you can purchase a new fireplace as the ethanol option is not attached to the home.  No cost maintenance or remodelling is required.

#5:  Simple To Use And Maintain

Once again, the bio-ethanol fireplaces are simple to use and easy to maintain.  This fireplace does not emit any damaging gasses or particles and will not leave any charcoal to clean or corrode the fireplace.  As the flames are free of emissions, there is no residue left behind; therefore, the ethanol fireplace can serve your needs for several years to come.

Heat is a necessity in the modern society.  We require heat in cold months when the temperature drops.  Instead of bundling up amidst tons of blankets trying to keep your body heat inside the bundle, why not utilize a more natural approach?  The bio-ethanol fireplace is attractive with character while keeping you heated without any damaging effects.


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