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An Expert’s Guide to Seamless Integration of Instagram & Website Design



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The social media platforms are really powerful and they have immense potential in generating viewer engagement and that is the primary reason why marketers are using platforms such as Instagram with a lot of enthusiasm and expectations. Instagram is known to have witnessed the best ever conversion ratio. As such, all web designers are trying their best to create a seamless synergy between their web design and Instagram to reap tremendous benefits.

Some Mind-Boggling Instagram Statistics

Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users. More than 60 percent of the users are in the habit of logging in every day. About 60% of Instagram users have admitted that they come to know about a product over Instagram. In 2017 it is expected that about 70.7 percent of the companies in the United States would be using Instagram chiefly for marketing. More than 40 billion pictures have already been shared on this amazing platform as per Instagram gets 3.5 billion likes daily and averagely 80 million images are shared per day. Instagram usage has actually doubled over the past couple of years.

So we find that the outreach of Instagram is wide and that is the chief reason why marketers are actually flocking the platform. Instagram is a robust platform with 1000 million monthly active users. The incredible user base attracts a lot of businesses as they are known to upload as many as 40,000 pictures every day and post 1,000 comments every second.

All websites display social media buttons that prove to the world that the businesses are also present on the social networking sites. So the website design is made really adaptable to complement the dynamism of the networking sites. Since a majority of the businesses are obsessed with Instagram, most web developers and web designers have now understood the need to create web designs that would be encouraging social interaction thus boosting the number of real Instagram followers.

Moreover, we know that online users are constantly switching between the social media platforms and websites and so the web designers must work toward providing a similar user experience on the web portals as well to attract and retain visitors or traffic from Instagram and other social media platforms. Here are some expert tips for seamless integration of Instagram and website design.


Interactive Web Design Is the Key

The most outstanding feature of Instagram is its capacity to interact effectively with users besides coming up with engaging and stunning content. The interactive quality of this platform could be enhanced further by using certain automation tools such as Gramista that would become a replacement for the users when they are away from the platform and they let the activities roll. Website design must be more interactive and intuitive so that Instagrammers visiting the site must experience the same level of ease and comfort. The brand appeal would be great if the UX is great too.


It is mandatory to stay abreast with the current web design trends in order to stay well ahead of the curve and to accommodate this it is crucial to opt for a makeover of web design. This aspect gains more significance when we understand that the website design must incorporate effective elements of interactivity so that it is on par with Instagram and other such interactive and versatile social media platforms. A logo is the face of a particular business entity and it usually relates closely to the brand. We know that these logos must be adjusted and refined to reflect the brand’s new aesthetics.

Incorporate an Element of Flexibility

The dynamism of Instagram must also show in your website design and only then it could create a much greater impact on the Instagrammers coming to the website. When you are prepared to experiment with something new, you would enjoy immense benefits in the long run. While designing the web portal, web designers must draw inspiration from Instagram that is a highly flexible platform and has made frequent modifications to stay relevant and competitive. You must craft a web design strategy in such a way that it is flexible and fluid.

Focal Point

You need to literally create a center of attraction while designing your website in order to emulate the design feature of Instagram that flaunts user’s pictures as the actual focal point of the powerful and stunning social media platform. You must determine the aspect of your specific business that you wish to highlight. You could then consider using it as the focal point or the center of attraction of your website. You must organize logical and smooth navigation so that the visitors are able to see what you actually want them to visualize.


We know that Instagram is having a superb and refined web design and it is essential to stay in tune with all the social networking trends to make sure that your website appears attractive and responsive to the visitors coming in from Instagram and other social media platforms. Web designers must incorporate slight modifications for capturing the mood of the visitors and for fulfilling the demand of the present times. We know that the change in web design could also end up enhancing the overall functionality of your website that would further boost UX.


Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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