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Balayage Hair Types and Colors That Are Absolute Trends Right Now

Currently, balayage hair is everywhere around us. After the celebrities started wearing it, a lot of people got attracted by the trend and started dying their hair like this, as well.

The big question is ‘why?’ For starters, balayage is revolutionary because it saves women from spending hours and days with foils in their hair just to get a stripy look afterward. Also, it’s modern, giving the locks a creamy shade that people easily fall in love with.

So, if you’re one of those people eager to try this technique or simply learn something more about it, here you’ll find the basics of the term and the hairstyles it looks the best on.

Balayage Basics

Balayage is originally a word with a French origin. It means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. However, in terms of hair, it’s used to describe a technique for obtaining a color that’s natural-looking and shiny. Actually, it pronounces the parts that’ll shine when exposed to the sun nonetheless.

While many people mistake balayage for highlighting and ombré, these three are different. Yes, balayage highlights certain parts of the hair, but in a softer and less noticeable way than the traditional highlighting that requires foils. Add to this, it goes from softer to thicker starting at the roots.

Trendy Balayage Colors and Hairstyles

There are multiple hairstyles that look good when this technique is applied. And most of them are tried by everyone’s favorite celebrities.

Dark Bottom Layers

Dark Bottom Layers
Dark Bottom Layers © Pinterest

An edgy look is very chic, as well. And it can be easily achieved with balayage. The colorist should only apply warm tones on the upper layers and make the bottom ones darker.

That way, the contrast and the highlights will be more noticeable.

Caramel Shades

Caramel Shades
Caramel Shades © Pinterest

This is a style comprised of various medium brown shades. They aren’t too pronounced, making the hair look naturally shiny. But to achieve the full effect, many people mix it with the color-melting technique that’s applied after the balayage.

This color looks modern on every type of hair, no matter if it’s short or long. Yet, most people try the caramel balayage on long, curly, and brown locks.

Brightening Blonde

Brightening Blonde
Brightening Blonde © PopSugar UK

Women that have blonde hair can make it even blonder by using the balayage gradually. Of course, it doesn’t have to be done all at once.

You can lighten the locks up slowly and create the impression that your whole head is brighter. A lot of actresses, among which is Claire Danes, have worn their hair like this on the red carpet.

Multi-Colored Locks

Multi-Colored Locks
Multi-Colored Locks © Latest Hairstyles

Thanks to the options that the balayage provides, every lock of your hair can appear different. And the overall look can be a real artistic blend of colors and dimensions.

There are multiple shades and tones, but they work fine in this hairstyle. Those that are more devoted to this look are encouraged to complete it with a wavy finish.

Silver Balayage

Silver Balayage
Silver Balayage © Love Ambie

Gray and silver are still in style with many people wearing them on their heads in various styles. Moreover, the silver balayage on dark hair (preferably black) is the real deal.

The two shades are totally in contrast, but if done by skillful hands they can turn out to be a perfect blend. Not to mention that this style makes your hair trendy and is suitable for all occasions.

Do you like to have balayage hair? Have you tried it yet? Share your thoughts on this with us! And if you want to discover more modern hairstyles, stay on Flix Expo!

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