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Best Tech Gifts For Christmas That Will Make Everyone Happy 2017



Best Tech Gifts For Christmas That Will Make Everyone Happy 2017
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This list of the best tech gifts for Christmas that will make everyone happy 2017 will fix your need on finding to gift something of value and worth for your loved ones and make them feel in-tune with the latest tech buzz. Every Christmas it’s a special day on it’s own so that’s why these tech gifts will put a smile on everyone’s face cause everyone loves new tech! Let’s check out this list!

Here is the best tech gifts for Christmas

From cheap to most expensive Christmas gift

Best Tech Gifts For Christmas That Will Make Everyone Happy 2017

Wireless Headphones – worth $20 – These wireless headphones could find their place in everyone’s Christmas budget. Why you ask? Well with up to 8 hours  of play time after a single battery charge and competitors selling the same product for up to 4-5 the same price, this gift might look small and a bit cheap but it’s comfort value is enormous.

HD1080p Dash Cam – worth $25 – In this day and age having a car dash cam is kinda mandatory for a various reasons. This item usual price is 60$ but with it’s 58% off discount price just at $25 it’s a very easy grab. You could use this camera for your security and entertainment. Who knows what you’ll catch on this little tech gem.

Echo Dot (2nd gen) – worth $29 – Let’s just clear few things. What’s an Echo Dot? Echo Dot is a hands free voice controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control your home smart devices, make calls, send and receive messages, answer your questions, read the news for you and much much more! This little thing would make you feel like Tony Stark having an AI helping you out with your needs. This tech item is on discount from it’s original price of 50$ and it’s new discount price is 29$ – 40% off.

Samsung Gear VR – worth $126 – VR or Virtual Reality is the newest cool multipurpouse platform that once used everyone falls in love with. You can watch movies on it, your favorite series, search the web, play games with your friends and strangers, visit space or another planets also different locations, workout from your home and much much more! Now tell me how this is not going to be a great tech gift.

Fit Bit Charge 2 – worth $129 – Customers buy this tech thing because it will help you maximize your workout and take it to another whole level. This tech item is very futuristic looking and loved by everyone, not just people who workout. For the price cost it’s worth every penny for the options and info that offers, it’s an easy grab.

Kindle Oasis – worth $250 – This tech item is revolutionary in it’s division. With it’s reimagined design and perfectly balanced this gift would find it’s place in every home. Everyone loves reading books and with Kindle Oasis reading them just got better. This one is unlike any kindle you’ve held before.

Nintendo Switch – worth $299 – First of all this tech thingy just oozes entertainment. We all know how big and popular gaming have become furthermore with Nintendo Switch you could enjoy the latest games that Nintendo offers. Classics and new ones on the go!

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5 Great Stress Relief Gift Ideas



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Stress is something that many people experience in their lives. In fact, over 75% of people experience stress that affects their physical health. So the next time you give someone a gift, why not consider something to help them relieve the stress they are likely suffering from?

It not only shows you care about them but is willing to go the extra mile to help them feel better. But what sorts of gifts can you give that can help your friend or family member relax and calm down? Well, that is just what this article is going to take a look at. Read on to learn about five great gift ideas to relieve the stress of the recipient.

A New Glass Pipe or Bong

If your recipient enjoys cannabis and you are in an area where it is legalized, consider picking them up a beautiful new glass piece. Cannabis, for many people, is one of the best ways to relax and calm down after a long day or when they are stressed. 

There are hundreds of different styles, colors, and types of glass pieces you can pick up your friend or family member that they are sure to love.

You can head into a local shop, but why not shop online right here on Atomic Blaze? Online stores like this offer a wide range of different products that can be shipped right to your door for an incredibly discreet purchase and shipping process.

Some Beautiful Candles

Who doesn’t love the scent of a wonderful candle? A candle can make the perfect gift for anyone, especially someone who has been dealing with a lot of stress. Whether they have it in their bedroom, their office, or even their kitchen, the candle is sure to fill their home with a wonderful and relaxing scent.

There are hundreds of different scents, styles, and colors of candles, so there is no shortage of options to choose from. Whether the recipient likes floral scents, earthy scents, sweet scents, or anything in between, there is certainly a candle out there that they will enjoy.

Some candles can even have a relaxing crackling sound effect like a fire. Also, candles are generally quite affordable, so you may be able to pick out a couple for them, so they can have a few different scents to try out and experience.

A Gift Card for a Spa Service

Few things are as relaxing as an hour or two at the spa. It can feel incredible to be pampered for a little and simply relax and let all your stress and worries melt away. Whether it is a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or a facial, there are several relaxing spa services that make the perfect gift.

Getting someone a gift card is generally the best way to go, as it allows them to select their own service that they feel they will enjoy the most. Many people want to go for these services, but due to their price, may avoid it.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers have grown more popular than ever in recent years, and it is easy to see why. Essential oils have been used for various things over the years, and the primary goal of these diffusers is to fill a room or your home with a subtle, yet pleasant, scent.

These essential oils come in a variety of scents from lavender, to lemon to orange and dozens of others. In addition to the scents, many of these diffusers feature subtle and attractive lighting that can be used as mood lighting or night light.

They are also very easy to use as you simply add some water, a little bit of essential oils and turn them on. These diffusers are also very quiet and compact, which makes them great for putting anywhere.

Weighted Blanket

An incredibly underrated gift to help people relieve their stress is a weighted blanket. They come in different weights that range from around five pounds to up and over 30 pounds. This added weight almost feels like you are being hugged by the blanket, and can be incredibly calming and relaxing. This type of pressure therapy can be very relaxing and slow down your heart rate.

Many will sleep with these blankets on, while others will simply use them when they are relaxing on the couch. While many think these are just a fad and don’t actually do anything, that is not the case. They can help relieve stress, lower anxiety, help with sleep disorders, and are fantastic for those who have ADHD or autism.


Stress is difficult to deal with, but getting someone the right gift can help aid them in their fight against stress. Any of these five gifts is sure to help someone relax and enjoy a little bit of stress relief.

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Irresistible Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Make an Impact




Colorful Shirt
Colorful Shirt © AliExpress
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There’s never enough of Mother’s Day gift ideas. A mother is always one of the most special people (if not the most special one) in someone’s life. She is the one that sacrifices everything for her child, asking only for sincere love in return. That’s why people want to do something meaningful for their mothers. And Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for that.

However, there are so many things out there to choose from and it can get quite overwhelming. You are looking for a present that’ll be very important to her yet the things seem too small or not good enough. Don’t worry because here we’ll look into some irresistible gift ideas that’ll melt your mother’s heart.

Fancy Flats

Fancy Flats

Fancy Flats © Newchic

Moms that are constantly going somewhere or having a job that requires standing all the time will really appreciate flats. Not only that these shoes are very comfortable to wear, but they match almost every outfit, which comes in handy.

So, go and purchase the fanciest flats you can see in the store.

Unique Jewelry

Unique Jewelry

Unique Jewelry © Jostens

Women, in general, are very fond of jewelry in any form and size. They really cherish this and remember who bought it and when, which is just what people need on Mother’s Day.

To make things even more unforgettable, go for something personalized and carve ‘mom’, your name next to hers or some phrase that she loves. You can do this on a bangle, link, bracelet, and all other types of jewelry. And remember – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune in order to be special in your mom’s eyes.

Chocolate and Treats

Chocolate and Treats

Chocolate and Treats © Quirky Gift Library

Beautifully wrapped and gifted sweets and treats are welcome at every occasion, including this one. Mothers love to be pampered with chocolate that’ll satisfy their sweet tooth and lift up their spirit.

After all the hard work, they truly deserve this.

Small and Smart Appliances

Small and Smart Appliances

Small and Smart Appliances © Digital Trends

Since the work around the house never ceases, mothers appreciate all the help they can get. Appliances can provide that help. Small ones like crumb busters, toasters, mixers or something similar are great as long as they fit your budget.

Aside from this, a very interesting idea is to let your mother dive into the latest technological advancements by buying her an Echo Dot or a similar Amazon device. This smart device will listen to her commands and make her laugh during the whole day.

Colorful Shirt

Colorful Shirt

Colorful Shirt © AliExpress

A piece of clothing is another irresistible gift. Moms love wearing something that their loved ones bought to them. So, pick a colorful shirt that’s suitable for spring and wrap it up.

Every time, your mother puts it on she’d remember you and feel thankful. This is what Mother’s Day is really about.

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Make-Up Sets

Make-Up Set

Make-Up Set © Live Gorgeous

Match the clothing with make-up. Looking beautiful before others is the aim of every woman, which is why she uses make-up almost every day. For this reason, a set chosen by you will certainly help your mother and make her happy.

Aside from the usual lipsticks, shades, mascara, and powders, try getting brushes, skin creams, and other things like those.

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A Final Word

After all what matters is that you give the mothers in your life something from the heart. Which of the gift ideas that we discussed here caught your attention? Did you buy anything already? Tell us what you think in the comments!

And make sure you come back to Flix Expo for more useful tips regarding this and all other topics.

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