Career in Flix Expo

We are looking for US & UK writers on Flix Expo, the world’s second biggest insights with digital impact.

At Flix Expo we creates quality viral content that people love and share, includes current news, technology, health, fashion & lifestyle.

This is an excellent opportunity to build yourself as a writer as well as Flix Expo author and earn exciting experience and exposure, writing about your interests, on one of the biggest dedicated digital media company in the world.

We need writers who can write useful articles and list posts on topics such as Beauty & Style, Women, Kids, Books, leadership, Celebrities, Crafts, DIY, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Health & Fitness, Music, News, Science, Sports, Tech, Travel and more.

We need experienced writers, not a writer team. For an example of our requirements: “If you know about how to cook perfectly within the recipes you will be a great writer on Flix Expo and another example, if you really love travel & tourism and travelled most of the well-known places so you will fit on Flix Expo.” If you are only writing expert so Flix Expo not fit for you. And ofcourse we need complete article, it will be 300 or 3000 words.
career in flix expo

Take a look Flix Expo specialist, who engaged on which fields:

Alex Joe: Alex creates content about health, technology and SEO, because he’s very smart & experienced in this field, ofcourse he’s a journalist.

Boj Iva: Iva creates content about beauty, clothing, fashion & hairstyles. Because of she already a stylish women and know about the things.

Stefano: Stefano well for business & marketing field and he’s a great cooker.

Become a part of the Flix Expo, please send us the following:

Feel free to select as many topics as you want.

This isn’t a full time responsibility or contributions, you can creates content whenever you are able to create, we are simply looking for informative and viral content contributors, so you will be able to write as little or as much as you like.