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Cruising around the islands of Croatia



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Rent a boat in Croatia and enjoy the Mediterranean’s distinctive rugged coast, clear blue water, and colorful stone villages while enjoying ideal sailing conditions. Regardless of whether you choose to charter a boat with a skipper to some of the lovely suggested locations or arrange a private excursion, it will undoubtedly be the sailing holiday of your life.

Best Seasons to Rent a Boat in Croatia

The sailing season generally begins in late April and lasts until October, with the highest prices occurring from July to August. For a yacht charter, you may anticipate paying approximately 850€ per day, family cruisers 350€ per day, and speedboats 300€ per day on average. Luxury motorboats with engines of 1080 horsepower may cost up to 2100 euros with skipper services included in the price. On such roomy boats, you can accommodate up to 11 passengers.

During the winter, rates are lowering, resulting in a lower overall renting price for boats in Croatia. Motorboats range in price from 160 to 280 euros per day depending on the activity and size. Also, an extra charge is required for professional skipper services, which start at 80 euros each day. They also serve as your local guide while showing you the hidden gems of the coast. If you have a skipper license, you can navigate the boat yourself and cut off your costs here.

Cruising around the islands of Croatia

Rent a Boat in Zadar

The Zadar archipelago is a unique natural treasure with 89 islands, several islets, and reefs that are only reachable by sea. The Zadar region’s moderate winters and hot summers make it ideal for sailing activities. The clarity of the Adriatic Sea and the pleasant sailing conditions in Zadar make it appealing for those that have just started their sailing endeavors. Also, it is an exciting destination for nature lovers who have a spirit of adventure and want to try some new activities.

Renting A Boat in Croatia: 3 Things To Consider

Choose your departure point

You can embark from one of the major harbors in Croatia — Pula, Zadar, Sukošan, Biograd, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, or Dubrovnik. Whilst Pula happens to be one of the safest harbors in Croatia, many boaters from all over the world depart from the Middle-Dalmatian town Zadar. Its position makes it the ideal starting point for your nautical adventure either you plan to hop around the islands or navigate along the Dalmatian coastline.

Cruising around the islands of Croatia

Find the best boat rental deals

As a relatively new seaside getaway with increasing popularity, you have a number of options when it comes to Croatian professional charters. Boat rentals are reasonably priced, which makes planning and sailing on the water even more pleasurable.

Make safety your priority

To rent a boat in Croatia, you’ll need to have a license and a VHF certificate. Local harbor authorities may help you take examinations for this radio license. We can provide you with the contact information so that you can do it on the spot before renting a boat.

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7 Ways Modern Technology Can Make Life Easier For Parents



7 Ways Modern Technology Can Make Life Easier For Parents
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Technology has given so much to humanity. From faster cars, the Internet, smartphones to quicker services and better public transportation. However, technology has played a big role in one important aspect of life: parenting. In the past ten to fifteen years, parents have discovered that technology can make life much easier, especially when it comes to babies and toddlers. Therefore, if you’re a parent, or you’re planning a family soon, then here are some ways that modern technology can make your life easier. 

It’s much easier to communicate

Back in the day, parents had to leave their children either unsupervised or with others in order to go to work. Nowadays, this still happens, but with the rise of smartphones and messaging apps, it’s much easier to stay in touch with both children and their babysitters. Simply, it’s much easier to go to work when you can receive pictures and videos of your little ones getting ready for bed or eating their dinner. Communication and being in touch can help you become a more effective parent, especially if you’re working long hours. 

Image source:

You always know where they are

GPS and other mapping solutions can make it easy for kids to find their way home. Plus, with certain software and extensions, parents are now able to track their kids’ whereabouts. It’s also possible to find a phone if it gets lost, which is great news for many worried parents. Sure, that might seem like a violation of privacy for some, but it’s essential to point out that we’re living in much more unstable times compared to the previous generations. Violent crimes are on the rise, which is why technology can help parents monitor their kids in order to ensure their well-being. 

It can help you monitor your children’s online activity

Just like with monitoring their physical whereabouts, it’s important to be aware of your children’s online presence and their Internet activity. For some parents, that might seem wrong, due to privacy violation, but keep in mind that many child predators and other scammers tend to hide behind cute avatars and lies in order to attract children and take advantage of them. This is why it’s crucial to know who they talk to and meet with whenever you’re not around. That way you can also react in a timely manner in order to prevent serious things from happening.

Parenting is less lonely 

If you’re a parent, then you’re aware of the fact that raising kids can be lonely, especially if you’ve moved to a new place recently. Luckily, technology can help here: connecting with other parents has never been easier, thanks to the practical Mumli motherhood app, which allows people to meet, swap parenting tips, and organize playdates for their little ones. Being a parent isn’t only exhausting, but also isolating at times, and meeting other parents in your area can help you socialize and possibly reach for help in case you ever need it. 


Technology can help you become a better shopper

Raising children can be extremely expensive, which is why it’s essential to adopt smart shopping habits. With technology, that’s easy to achieve: there are numerous apps and websites that offer discount codes, free coupons, and other benefits for parents. This is amazing if you’re looking to save money on rent, school fees, utilities, and car repairs. Knowing where to shop and how to utilize discounts at your favorite stores can help you become a more financially responsible parent, all thanks to technology. 

Education and entertainment are much easier

Kids need to grow and learn, and thanks to technology that’s now easier than ever. First, kids now have entire libraries under their fingertips, and that’s a huge advantage. Therefore, if you want your kids to study, giving them a tablet or laptop is now a viable option to make that happen. The same goes for entertainment: kids can now watch countless YouTube videos of their favorite cartoons and other fun content. 

Parenting equality is now easier to achieve

Fifty years ago, gender rules and norms ruled everything, including parenting duties. Fathers weren’t encouraged to take part in children-rearing and household chores, but nowadays, things are much different. Fathers are now expected to chip in and be equally responsible for their kids’ wellbeing. There are numerous apps, gadgets, and smart household appliances that help dads care for their children with ease and joy.


Technology expansion might have its downsides, but when it comes to parenting, it’s been incredibly helpful. Parents are now less lonely, more relaxed, and have more energy to care for the kids and take care of the household due to numerous technological advancements.

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Best Responsive WordPress Themes and Plugins For Niche Website [Lifetime Free Premium]



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Hi guys! Are you looking for the best responsive WordPress themes and Plugins for your niche website? After long-time I’m writing here for share with you some of the premium WordPress themes & plugins for free and those are developed by using perfect inline CSS & Java, and they don’t hurt your website loading speed.

In the web world, you will find millions of themes & plugins for free and paid, but which one is perfect for your jobs! From my experience, I faced lots of problems with themes & plugin for their cheap coding.

If you own a niche website you should better to use lightweight WordPress theme, I am also an affiliate marketer, it’s been working with Amazon affiliate programs more than 5 years and tested over hundreds of themes & plugins for customizing & table creation purposes and for mobile & desktop responsive purpose.

Whatever! for your own needs you will choose the best ones, this is a common thing and that’s why I changed up to 100 themes and plugins for focus my contents are accessible and responsive to my readers.

We believe on a work not a word!

Take a look below screenshot of my website loading speed score and then think about your ones if it’s are positive.

Flix Expo Google PageSpeed Insights test

If the above screenshot are updated by Photo editor you should check yourself by click this link:-

If you found positive! don’t forget to drop your up-vote to share it with your family, friends and other people.

Remember: This is not a products review article, every THINGS and items tested myself and have huge negative experience on themes & plugins

Ok, lets walk for main subject!

Best Responsive WordPress Themes For Niche Website

1) GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the best responsive WordPress theme in my mind, ofcourse have reason based in coding science. If you own a website you can test yourself with their features worked or not!!!

GeneratePress has been created with the goal of being a flexible and adaptable content management system. It has been designed to be easy to use and accessible for a wide range of users. They also allows one to create exceptional designs by giving them complete control over the way their website looks, from its layout up to its colors, typography, visual effects and other features.

It has advanced hook system, mobile header, lightweight slide-out or overlay off-canvas panel for all devices and a lot more.

The ability of the theme lets one show off their personality while still providing an excellent user experience. The intuitive design also allows webmasters to take advantage of many different features within the platform without having any technical expertise in web development or WordPress API usage. I’m a big fan of this theme and I’m using it on my all niche websites. They offer free and paid version, below are the paid version you can get it almost free by unlock the download link by giving a simple like.

2) Oceanwp

The OceanWP is a WordPress theme for business and personal websites. The theme comes with a simple, neat and professional-looking design and minimal customization. It is fully responsive and compatible with all the latest browsers.

The theme is built on the principle of clean, strong and crisp design. The entire theme is built on HTML5 and CSS3 (Sass) framework which ensures that the code is SEO friendly and lightweight with great performance. The theme has a premium look with amazing features like hover effects, parallax sections , image slider, limitless customizations and easy customization.

The theme has a fully responsive design so it works perfectly on mobile devices. It comes with Google Fonts support to help you select the fonts you like. The OceanWP WordPress theme comes with multiple home page layouts, different blog layouts, WooCommerce support for creating an online store, custom post formats support (like gallery, audio, video etc.), RTL language support and translation ready. Download the premium version for free, below.

Best WordPress Plugins For Niche Website

1) Elementor

Elementor Pro is a drag and drop page builder that simplifies creating complex combinations of elements without the need to code. It allows you to create templates with HTML and CSS for frontend builders. It comes with over 100 pre-built templates and elements, giving you a quick start on any design project. Download pro version for free from below link.

2) WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a fast & secure WordPress caching plugin. It reduces MySQL queries and cache-busting for WordPress site dramatically. It enables you to never deal with the WordPress admin again, when your site gets slow. WP Rocket also generates a caching code in the footer of your blog when it is activated for your account via the link generated in the footer of all pages, increasing load speed by up to 90%. Below are the paid version download link.

3) Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO manages all your page/post SEO with ease. It comes with an inbuilt content analysis tool that helps you write optimized content. Yoast SEO also checks if your page is marked noindex or nofollow by Google, alerting you with the issues found. It allows you to set keywords for each post or page with its easy to use interface. Below are the paid version download link.

4) Perfmatters

Perfmatters! he is a website speed optimization hacker I think! I have a niche site which site speed score is under 40% (always) in Google PageSpeed insights and database size has up to 1.5 gb, after installing this plugin my website loading speed score always up to 95% and database size only 51 mb from 1.5 gb (after optimizing the database using this plugin). He’s a pro coder!

Unfortunately, I cannot give you this plugin for free, because I don’t have unlimited license. You should try to get it If your website loading speed really negative. Click here to check this plugin features before have it.

Bottom line

Hope it can help you to make your blog/website ever better! I am sure that there are more good themes & plugins for niche blogs, so if you know some other good ones (and which working well) please let me know. So I hope that after reading this article, you get a clear idea about which WordPress themes & plugins can be helpful to your niche website.

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Driving Safety Essentials: Tips Every Driver Must Know



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No matter if you just got your license or if you’re a seasoned driver, we all know how important it is to stay safe on the road. When you don’t practice safe driving, you can endanger yourself, your loved ones, people around you, and your precious vehicle. Luckily, once you learn about proper driving (and parking) safety, these tips will stay in your mind and you’ll subconsciously start practicing them. Here’s what every driver needs to pay attention to: 

Pack a few emergency items

Every trip you take in your car has the potential to end disastrously—this is the reality every driver should understand. Going to the store to grab milk or road-tripping from Sydney to Brisbane more-or-less require the same gear. Make sure to always have a small fire extinguisher, jumper cables, tire repair kit, and torch in your car. In case something happens to your car, you’ll be glad you’re equipped. 

Learn about your vehicle

Your dashboard is full of symbols that inform you of your car’s condition, but unfortunately, many people have no idea what they mean. Grab your car’s manual to learn about these symbols so you can react appropriately if they light up. Also, don’t hesitate to study your car’s smells. Any odor in your car might mean trouble: if you smell burnt carpet, you should check your handbrake and brake pads; if you smell hot oil, there might be an overflow from your oil change; and rotten eggs might mean a faulty catalytic converter. 

Female mechanic running a diagnostic on a car engine

Check your car

Just like your own regular physical exams, your car also needs these to catch any issues and ensure the vehicle is ready for the road. Firstly, find a good car inspection in Sydney to conduct your exams, because only professionals have the technology and enough experience to check your car’s level of driving safety. If you notice any weird noise when braking, book a brake check, and if you notice your tires are getting slick, it might be time for a new set. Have issues when getting around corners? Your shock absorbers might be ready for a check-up—professionals will know how to handle all of these. 

Buckle up and minimize distractions

Once your car is fully equipped and safe to drive, you must also be your own safety feature by wearing your seatbelt and minimizing distractions. Your seatbelt should always be on, no matter how short your trip is, and your phone should be safely in its hands-free cradle. If you’re driving kids and/or pets, they should be safely secured in the back so as not to disturb you while you focus on the road. And if you love to play music or podcasts while you drive, set up your playlist before you embark, not while you drive, please.

Practice safe driving at night

As you know, your reaction times tend to go up when driving in low-visibility conditions. Also, you might struggle with depth perception, with your estimates being less accurate at night. To boost night-driving safety, make sure to align your headlights properly and keep a safe distance between you and other cars, especially if you’re tired after a long day of road-tripping. If your headlights are foggy, you might consider getting them polished or investing in a DIY headlight polish kit you can buy all over Australia, as well as online. 

View through a windshield on the road at dusk. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Prevent break-ins

Driving safety doesn’t end when you turn off your engine. Every time you pull into a hotel lot, valet queue, garage, or any other parking spot, private or public, you should protect your car from robberies. Everything that stays in your car should be hidden away from sight. Secure your possessions before you even start your car, because if you put things into your booth after you park, there might be someone already watching as you fill your trunk with goodies. 

Invest in security

Most new cars have a built-in alarm system so make sure it’s working properly. There are also other safety features you can invest in to protect your car such as a GPS tracking system. This gadget sends alerts to your smart device in case something happens. Plus, the authorities will have the exact location of your car in case it gets stolen. 

Once you ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and you know all the safety tips for driving and parking, you can truly enjoy the freedom and fun a car provides.

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How You Should Be Storing Your Old Home Movies:



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Technology Has Changed The Game

Unless you can maintain equipment designed for physical film, you’re going to have to think about digital options for your old home movies. When it comes to 8mm film, videos, and betamax formats, most new technology can’t interface.

Digital tech incorporates new means of storing and playing moving images. Here we’ll cover a few storage strategies to help you retain your old footage into the future.

1. Solid State Drives And Hard Disk Drives

Most new computers use a Solid State Drive or SSD. Some computers still use a Hard Disk Drive or HDD, but these aren’t as efficient or reliable over the long term owing to an increase in moving parts.

HDDs have a little disk that actually spins, and is subject to physical disturbance. If you’ve got an HDD, and you drop it or bump it wrong, it may break. Here’s a closer look at the two hard drive options.

While you can similarly break an SSD, that’s less likely, as these drives are more like a USB thumb drive. Essentially, there aren’t moving parts involved in storage. This means SSDs work both faster and more reliably over the long term. So if you’ve transferred the video to HDD drives, you’ll likely want to transfer that footage to an SSD eventually.

While this isn’t immediately necessary, it’s something to think about. Footage stored on CD-ROM or floppy disks is footage you may not even be able to view for the same reason the analog film is hard to upkeep and view. Technological formats have changed. So once you’ve transferred footage, if it’s not on some sort of SSD, you’ll likely have to transfer it again.

2. Transferring Film To Digital Formats

Before you put the film on an SSD or an HDD, you’ll want to get it transferred to a digital format. There are a number of different ways to do this, one of the most popular beings is to put the footage on a Digital Video Disk, or DVD. From there, you can transfer it to an SSD or HDD for long-term storage.

Your computer may have an SSD or HDD built-in, but owing to the size of video files, it’s a good idea to have a hard drive external to your device for more secure long-term storage. That said, first, you’ve got to digitize the film, and there are a few ways to do that.

To convert “super 8” film to DVD requires a little bit of experience. The same is true of videotape footage, though it’s a bit easier to transfer footage from a VHS tape to a DVD with a simple conversion rig that features VHS and DVD slots. If you’re going the “super 8” route, you may need a projector or specialized equipment. It’s more cost-effective to use a service.

3. Keeping Data Alive In The Cloud

Another move beyond SSD, HDD, or DVD formats is uploading your video footage to the cloud. Now there are some benefits and drawbacks to this approach. On the one hand, you’ve got better security in storage owing to the onus of cloud providers to securely maintain the data on clients. On the other, you’re trusting private information with such public providers.

As a data backup, in the event, some catastrophe destroys physical copies of your 8mm film, or your DVDs, or your HDD or SDD drives, the cloud is a good safeguard as you can rest assured precious memories are preserved. Ostensibly, there’s no legal avenue for abuse of that data. However, there is the human nature component to consider.

Accordingly, though the cloud is an option for some private information, it may be wiser to transfer that information to a DVD, and then transfer such data from the DVD to an SSD you keep in a safe, dry, temperate environment somewhere—like a basement closet safe from the elements, or something of the kind.

Keeping Precious Memories Alive

Switching 8mm footage to DVD, putting such footage on SSD drives, and exploring cloud computing storage options represent three wise ways to assure old footage is retained into the future.

Certainly, keep the old 8mm reels and VHS tapes around as well; but media to read them is disappearing, and physical footage succumbs to decay easier than digital options. Since tech keeps marching on, and digital storage has superior aspects, it’s smart to at least store your footage in this way as well.

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Cheap Panel – The Best For Your Marketing Campaign



Cheap Panel

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The SMM reseller hosting is a cheap dedicated server, which offers the same services as the main hosting services offered by the internet service providers. The cheap provision of the services allows a large number of users to avail of them and increase the scope of their online business. It also allows the owners of the websites to add their content on the dedicated servers and increase the traffic on their sites. The cheap hosting service provided through the SMM also allows the user to create various user accounts with different privileges, and host various websites.

The cheap panel also provides cheap SMM services, through which the company can get the maximum number of customers. This is mainly because there are many online companies that provide cheap SMM services. They can easily attract customers through the different methods that they use to market their products. The cheap panel can also improve the online visibility of the company and the product through various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is because the cheap SMM reseller panel helps the website owner to advertise the products and the company through social media sites.

The cheap panel can help a company in many ways. The cheap panel can help the company to grow and attract more customers, and at the same time, it can improve the online visibility of the company and the product through the various networking sites. The social marketing services offered by the cheap panel can improve the online presence of the company through social media sites. SMM can also be used to enhance the sales of a company through the various online SMM tools, such as Facebook applications, Twitter, etc. There are various tools that can be used for SMM and this includes the Facebook application, Twitter tool, LinkedIn tool, etc.

The SMM reseller plan offered by the cheap panel ensures better visibility of the company or product through various social media platforms. The SMM plans offered by the cheap panel include the different SMM tools that are used for online SMM campaigns. These include the client list of different companies, the different online advertising methods, online advertising plans, RSS feeds, news releases, press releases, blog posting, forum posting, SEO strategies, press releases, affiliate marketing plans, etc. The cheap SMM services offered by the cheap panel include the use of different online tools for the advertising of a company. These include email marketing campaigns, social networking websites, PPC campaigns, mobile marketing, etc. The SMM services offered by the cheap panel include all these different online advertising plans for the growth of a company or a brand.

Get The Best Quality Panel For Your Money

If you are looking for an inexpensive option to a commercial vinyl banner or sign, you should consider purchasing a cheap panel. As your business continues to grow, you may find that there is a need for more wall panels. While these banners can be used in a variety of businesses, they are especially suited to small businesses.

SMM panels are designed for flexible placement and lightweight. They can be cut to the size of any space that you desire and come with a 25-year warranty. In addition to the standard banner, the cheap panel can be ordered in various shapes, styles, and colors. In order to fit into any space, a flexible stand is included, so that the banner can be easily rolled up or down.

With their lightweight, they are perfect for outdoor applications. You can order a special mounting kit to hang your banners from a roof, or you can purchase individual panels to hang in any room of your home. In order to effectively use cheap panel technology for any type of advertising, it is crucial to place the advertising panels at the best height for visibility. Because of the lightweight construction, cheap panels are easy to transport, and can even be moved in the event of an emergency. They are ideal for placing panels on the side of a building or to block a view.

Get Your Company On A Cheap Panel Through SMM Panels List

Cheap panel is a web-based social media marketing service in which the panel fee depends on a certain percentage of the number of visitors received to a site. There are various websites that offer such services at a very low price. These sites are managed by experts and provide cheap panel plans to suit all your needs. The best part about it is that even though they charge less than traditional methods, they yield more benefits. If you want to cut down on costs, then one should consider SMM.

SMM reseller panel provides a great number of advantages. In addition to that, it is more cost effective. SMM is a great way to promote products through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. It has become one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to advertise businesses. Since social media marketing is becoming popular these days, a lot of companies are opting for SMM.

In SMM, your primary goal is to build customer relations. SMM resellers play a major role in the growth of your business. Since they work with different social media platforms, your brand can reach out to a larger audience. Your business can also share information about the latest products and developments.

To be an SMM reseller, you need to know about various social media marketing strategies and tools. The company will also need to have a good knowledge about the tools and applications that will help in promoting products on the social media platforms such as Facebook. The company should also know about the types of applications that will help in the promotion of your products.

Another important task that the SMM reseller has to undertake is creating accounts for your potential followers. The accounts should not just be created for show but should also have the ability to communicate with the followers in a proper manner. The SMM reseller should also know how to follow up on the followers of their posts.

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