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7 Decor Tips To Make Your Rental Apartment Feel More Like Home



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In today’s economy, renting an apartment or a home is a must, at least for one period in life. It’s what the majority of people do, so it’s important to be careful when looking for a perfect apartment to rent. There are many sketchy landlords and leasing companies, so being cautious and detailed is a must. 

Once you find an apartment that works for you, it’s time to redecorate it, so it will feel and look like a real home. So for that specific reason, here are some amazing and practical tips that will show you how to do that. Finding a place that works for you is hard, we’ve got your back. Check out Tampa apartments!

1. First, make it clean and tidy 

Not all landlords tend to focus on cleanliness when renting out their property. So before you start buying furniture and decor pieces, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean your new space. Make sure to scrub the floors and surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, since these spaces tend to get dirtier than others. After you clean and tidy up everything, you may start focusing on other, more cosmetic aspects of sprucing up. Also, don’t forget to open all the windows and doors, to clear out the stale air. 

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2. Discuss any potential changes with your landlord

If you’re planning to repaint the walls or drill into them in order to hang new wall art, it’s crucial to discuss that with your landlord. Some leases have stipulations that prevent tenants from doing such work, so it’s better to be safe than sorry later. Also, be sure to promise that you’ll revert anything to the original state before you move out. But, art without holes is also a great way to decorate the space without changing anything. 

3. Focus on the lighting 

Choosing an apartment with enough access to natural light is pretty important, so make that your focus, aside from the price and the location, of course. If the lighting isn’t up to the task, even the most beautiful room will look inadequate. So, opting for light, non-sturdy furniture pieces, hanging some mirrors, and opting for breezier curtains are all sure tips that will make your space look lighter during the day. As for the evening, it’s important to choose proper lighting fixtures that will make the space well-lit and lively. 

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4. Decorate with the storage options

Well-chosen and properly utilized storage options can add a whole new dimension to your rented apartment. And since it’s likely you’ll have to get creative with it, then why don’t you use storage as decor? Get elegant and sturdy storage boxes and place them around, so they’ll look seamlessly incorporated into the room. Also, multi-purpose furniture is a great way to store blankets, pillows, beddings, and everything else that you don’t use on a regular basis. 

5. Beautify the kitchen as well 

Sometimes, kitchens in rented apartments can be below the par, but that’s not your fault. However, if that happens to you, then it’s important to beautify the kitchen, and make it as pretty as possible, given the circumstances. If replacing the cabinets and countertops isn’t on the table, the least you can do is to spruce up the kitchen with modern and cheap furniture as they can transform the space and make it look better. Also, adding certain cozy textures such as chair pads and cushions as well as a homey tablecloth piece will add a sense of charm and elegance to your kitchen.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

6. Plants are your best friends and companions

If you’re unsure how to decorate your rented space, then feel free to add various indoor plants. That is the best and most convenient way to feel at home. Besides, indoor plants are beneficial to your well-being, so adding a few pots here and there will surely improve the way your new place looks and feels. If you’re worried about killing the plants, then feel free to opt for those that are low-maintenance and easy to care for, such as snake plants and various types of succulents. 

7. Cover up old and ugly furniture 

If for some reason, your new place has some old and ugly furniture pieces that you cannot get rid of, then it’s best to cover them up with interesting and fun textiles. This is the easiest and fastest way to make the space yours. Rugs are also an excellent and practical idea, especially when matched with hardwood floors, as that creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance. You can mix and match different rug sizes and shapes, or if you feel more adventurous, feel free to layer them, to create one stunning piece of decor. 

Final thoughts

Renting an apartment means you have a certain amount of freedom to redecorate it and make it feel like home. But, before you decide to do any altering work, be sure to discuss it with your landlord first. All the tips mentioned above will surely create a pleasant, cozy, and stunning atmosphere in your new, rented apartment.

Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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