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Facebook Social Toolkit – The Best Automation Tools



The Facebook social toolkit is created so that you can use tools and save your time. By using the latest version of the Facebook social toolkit, you will be able to make your Facebook friends as a group admin. With this option, you can post on all the pages of Facebook, publish multiple categories, message all Facebook friends simultaneously and much more.

facebook social toolkit

The Social Toolkit Will Allow You to Do the Things Like

Unfriend all the friends, unfollow all the friends, delete all the friends, reject the friend requests and unfollow Facebook groups all at once. You can also remove the Facebook pages from your likes as well. If you have any pending friend requests, then you may cancel them.

The Facebook social toolkit will provide you some free features like Facebook ID extractor which allows you to extract IDs of your events, pages, profiles and even groups. You can also invite your friends to join your group; you can accept thousands of requests at once in just three simple clicks. You can also use event invitation tools to invite your all friends to your event, suggest your friend to the other friends, Facebook video downloader all for free. Here you may grab it for free. For increase your online presence stay connect with Facebook playable ads.

Premium Tools

These Facebook premium tools are for the premium users with advanced features. If you want to use these tools, you have to buy the premium license. This feature will allow you to mention the all group members in comment’s bar so that they will check the post at once. You can also use the features like transferring your group membership to your friends; you can also become a group admin of any public group which has no admin, post on the pages you liked, transfer the ownership of the group to another person, etc.

Download the latest version of the Facebook social toolkit and enjoy all the features that will be helpful for you in saving your time.


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