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Way to Save Your Website with HMA Proxy Grabber



Photo: HMA
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When the internet started, cyber security became a need. Traffic from the web can be spoofed and hacked that’s why there was a need to hide the traffic from spoolers and hackers or any other filters on the way. So, the solutions from different developers were given. However, none of them proved right but HMA proxy grabber is one of the ideal choice.

HMA Proxy Grabber

The optimum solution came in the form of proxy servers. These proxy servers can act as an intermediate between you and the requested site. Hence, they came as an optimum solution for one of the first problems of cyber security that is spoofing a traffic hacking.

How does HMA Proxy Grabber works!

The proxy works in a way that it receives a request from your side, uses its servers and IP addresses to forward that request to the required server and fetches you the data. So, you are not identified in between the process.

There are many negative uses of proxies. Like they are utilized by some hackers in their security breaches. They use them to remain anonymous and not to be identified by some other source. Hence it is administered by some regulating agencies to make their usage beneficial for humanity.

But they also have some positive uses as well. Like they are used to access sites which are due to some reason blocked or can’t be accessed in the other countries. But some people use this feature to access bad sites. They are also used to make you anonymous and hiding you from spoolers and hackers.

One of the best proxy servers is HMA proxy grabber. You can choose your desired country and many other things through which you want to access any site. Your all selected options will be used while choosing the proxy server for you. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just use the tool to get the best proxy experience.

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Free Cloud Storage Services That You Should Try If You Need to Store Your Files Online



Cloud Storage
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These days everyone is constantly in need of sharing documents and files with colleagues, friends or even family members. No matter where they are they want to be able to access these files. That’s where the free cloud storage services enter the story.

The Internet has a lot of them that operate exclusively on the cloud, are safe, and completely free. To use them, people are required only to have an Internet connection and basic knowledge of computers. Not to mention that these places have a storage memory that’s more than enough to average users. So, people usually don’t buy the full premium versions.

Are you wondering which the right cloud services for preserving your files are? Here we’ll go through the top ones.

Cloud Storage

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Google Drive

Google Drive

© Google Drive

Google is always among the first to introduce services related to keeping files and making them available for viewing and sharing by multiple people. Its service Google Drive has a free space of 15 GB, which is completely sufficient. As it’s connected to other Google services like Google+ Photos or Gmail, the capacity is divided between them. However, people that don’t use them can take advantage of the whole capacity of Google Drive.

What makes it very popular among users is the fact that the sharing process is very simple and has a lot of options. To share some files and folders with someone, you only need to obtain their email address or give them a public link. A certain file can be made in a view-only version to prevent downloading.



© Dropbox

Folders and files can be uploaded to Dropbox from both the mobile and desktop app. Basically, everyone can share them with other people even without an account. If they are files from Microsoft Office, they can be edited online for free.

Just have in mind that at the beginning, the users of Dropbox have only 2 GB of free space. But later they can reach 18 GB.



© OneDrive

This is a service provided by Microsoft that functions fully online and is free to use. When users sign up they get 5 GB of space for uploading files and folders and if they abide by the instructions, they can get additional hosting. As the instructions are usually related to syncing the photos or referring friends, everyone can do them and increase the capacity.

Add to this, the OneDrive program can be installed on a Microsoft or Mac computer through which you can transfer your folders and files to your mobile devices. The files can be uploaded directly on the mobile app, as well.



© MediaFire

What differentiates MediaFire from the other storage services is the option to upload all the wanted files and folders on the website and access them through there. Of course, there’s an app for iOS and Android devices for sharing and viewing your uploads on the go, which is a plus for busy people.

Also, you receive 10 GB of free online hosting at once with the possibility to upgrade the capacity to 50 GB with the help of friend referrals and downloading applications.




MEGA is definitely one of the safest services. This is because it has an end-to-end encryption that’s meant for battling privacy breaches. That way everything that’s uploaded stays intact.

Moreover, all files on MEGA are available for viewing and editing on the browser, the desktop client as well as the app for Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. You can keep adding them until you occupy as much as 50 GB of the free space.

Final Words

Are you a user of the free cloud storage services? Do you have a favorite one and why? Share your opinions in the comments! And stay on Flix Expo for more tech tips.

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9 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows and Mac You Didn’t Know You Needed




Free PDF Readers
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PDF is the most wide-spread file format in the world, bringing the necessity to find and install the best free PDF readers for Windows and Mac. Many users tend to do this in order to be able to open their children’s school newsletters, bank statements, books, and other documents they need.

Free PDF Readers

Although many smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets nowadays incorporate features for reading PDF files, a PDF reader has many more options and advantages over the built-in readers. If you want to see which they are and discover the top free PDF readers, then this list contains all the details. So, make sure you check out all of these readers and decide which one suits your preferences.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

© Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

The creators of PDF files offer this program to the public entirely for free. And it consists of a lot of features like connecting to the Adobe Document Cloud for working across more devices, taking snapshots of images and text, having the text read out loud by the software, commenting on the documents and many more.

Downloading this reader is very easy. You should just go to the respective page, select your operating system, a language, and the version of the reader that you wish to download. After that, simply follow the installing instructions.

Have in mind that if you’re asked to install another program during the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC you can deselect that option.

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Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader

© Expert PDF Reader

What’s different about this free reader is that it allows users to modify the PDF documents by adding signatures or additional text. Also, it has a clear index on the side that enables people to see the bookmarks and pages in the document.

To download it, simply visit the official page and press one of the download buttons at the bottom of the page depending on your operating system.

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© SumatraPDF

The helpful thing about SumatraPDF is that it can be customized until it fits your needs. You can download it for free on your Windows device and install it either as a regular program or a portable one.

The program features a selection of viewing modes such as Single Page, Book View, Facing, and Presentation. Also, you can implement a lot of shortcuts on your keyboard for easier navigation around the file.




MuPDF can be installed on both Windows and Android. It’s a special program that allows full preview of the PDF document without even displaying the options. After you open it, you should select the PDF you want to open and then the whole screen is covered by the file’s pages.

If you want to see how you can move around the program, press the icon on the top left corner and choose ‘About MuPDF’ in order to see all the shortcuts for zooming in and out, flipping the pages and similar navigation options.

Nuance PDF Reader


© Nuance

Nuance PDF Reader is a program with a contemporary interface that includes all its features. When you’ve installed it on your device, you can load the PDF documents either through the ‘drag and drop’ option or through the file browser. Then, the opened documents can be viewed in full screen and spellchecked. Adding notes, highlighting specific parts, and searching are also made possible.

This free reader supports Windows XP, Vista to Windows 10.



© Evince

As a reader with a simple interface and a lot of space for customizing the toolbar, Evince is one of the most helpful ones on this list. Not only that it gives people a chance to add the tools they require such as the searching option and multiple modes for viewing the documents, it introduces auto scroll, as well.

This is a unique feature for scrolling through the file automatically by placing the mouse in a certain part of the screen and adjusting the scrolling speed.

You can download Evince and install it on devices that run on Windows and Linux.

Sorax Reader

Sorax PDF Reader

© Sorax PDF Reader

Offering similar options to the rest of the readers, Sorax is another free reader that’s worth checking out mainly because of its simplicity.Users are able to take advantage of all basic options like searching through the text, zooming, adjusting the viewing mode, and copying text from within the PDF files

However, these are accompanied by the feature for sending the files over email. The Email button in the toolbar serves for this purpose.

All those interested in this program can visit the download page and pick whether they want to download the portable version or the regular one. Note that this reader supports only Windows.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF XChange Editor

© PDF XChange Editor

This reader is rich with many useful tools and features that don’t occupy a big portion of your disk space. Among the top ones you’ll encounter the option to include notes in the PDF documents, highlight parts of the text or all of it, attach audio files as well as more possibilities for opening a certain document. Moreover, you can open the PDF file from your local device or through a URL.

Although the interface is a bit cluttered with buttons, panels, and toolbars, it has everything you need. But if they cause you trouble, you can disable them at any time and get a clearer interface.

It can be downloaded on computers with Windows XP and more recent versions of it.

Javelin PDF Reader

Javelin PDF Reader

© Javelin PDF Reader

This program has no extra features, contributing to the less-crowded interface. Containing the basic, but very useful tools it’s clean and simple to use. Not to mention that the download size for Windows is 2 MB, making it one of the lightest free readers.

While users won’t find converting and editing features, Javelin enables them to see the document in full-screen mode and explore the pages with just one click. Another great thing is that it supports many operating systems and devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. It can be download from here.

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The 5 Best Free Torrent Clients That You Didn’t Know Existed




Free Torrent Clients
Best Free Torrent Clients
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When you want to download something through the BitTorrent network you require one of the best free torrent clients. They’re focused on placing torrent files into your computer fast and easily.

However, sometimes it can be tough to come across the right clients. That’s where this list can help you. It contains the top five free torrent clients that accept the files from the BitTorrent network and download them. Some of them are linked to a software that you need to install in order to use them and others simply operate on a website without asking you to install anything.

Only have in mind that all of these programs are completely safe and legal to utilize, but the torrent files you want to download may not be. For this reason, to evade any issues, make sure you check your country’s copyright laws connected to downloading music, movies, software, and other similar files.



© uTorrent

uTorrent has the leading place among the clients. It has a vast community of users that can be owed mainly to its small size and the numerous useful features.

Some of the favorite ones are the RSS Downloader and the remote interface. Through the RSS Downloader, users can download all files that are posted on the feed automatically, while the remote interface enables them to control the application on all devices, including Android ones. Another helpful thing is that you can pause,

Generally, uTorrent is simple to install. All you should do is:

  • Go to the download page
  • Choose uTorrent Stable to get the free version
  • Click ‘Download Now’
  • Go through the installation process
  • Enjoy

Mind that it doesn’t have a built-in browser for searching for torrent files, so you should go to your regular browser and do so yourself.

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© FrostWire

FrostWire is simple to use, making the whole process of downloading torrent files easier for everyone. What’s especially satisfying is that it doesn’t feature ads at all.

The torrent files that you want to download can be opened either through a magnet link, URL or locally. As multiple files can be added at once, people can get them quickly. Also, there’s a search option, which lets you go over numerous websites at once and find the torrents you like. Filtering the results is supported, too.

These are enriched with a media player for streaming the files as well as an option for importing files from iTunes.

As for its compatibility, FrostWire can work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android. It can be downloaded here. Just pick your operational system before downloading it.

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© FileStream

With FileStream, you aren’t obliged to install anything. It operates as a storage service for your files and an online torrent client. While it does have some great features, there are certain restrictions, too.

Among the positive options are the streaming opportunities, resumed downloading, and your privacy. Moreover, FileStream keeps your IP address hidden from hackers and other unwanted users, ensuring that you download the torrent files privately. Together with this, the software sends you emails letting you know when the torrents are prepared for downloading. Also, you shouldn’t upload share or seed the files.

Opposite of these, FileStream’s restrictions revolve around the fact that the free version has some ads, gives you only three days to get the files, and if you’re using it too much, your speed may decrease.

Overall, this is a fine client that serves its purpose well. To use it you can log in with your email address, Google or Facebook account.



© Bitlord

This is a free client that’s suitable for both Mac and Windows. Due to its small size, it occupies very little of your disk space without damaging the speed of your computer.

Many users choose BitLord because of the special features that it incorporates. Starting from the clear and crowd-free interface to the streaming possibilities, you have a lot of things to try. Thanks to the built-in browser, people are given a chance to search for their favorite torrent files and discover new ones without having to go on the web. After spotting the file they like to download they can simply press the download button and do that.

Aside from this, BitLord can be protected with a password and it doesn’t have any limitations as to how many torrent files you can download. Unlike some of the other clients, it consists of streaming options, as well, allowing you to create playlists of your downloaded files.

To download and install this software you should:

  • Head over to the official page;
  • Press ‘Get BitLord’ and the download will begin immediately;
  • Afterward install it and you’re done.



© qBittorrent

Even though this program has plenty of features it’s still quick and doesn’t slow down your device. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux entirely free of charge.

qBittorrent’s advanced options incorporate keeping users’ passwords private, controlling the files remotely through a web-based interface, RSS reader and search engine built in the program, as well as anonymous mode. With the integrated search engine you are able to look for specific torrent files, downloading multiple of them at once.

To get this software:

  • Visit this page;
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button displayed in green;
  • After the .exe file downloads in your computer press it and follow the installation steps.

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15 Best Free Antivirus Software’s for 2017 You Haven’t Heard Of




Best Free Antivirus
4.5/5 - (15 votes)

Viruses are very dangerous for your device forcing people to search for and install the best free antivirus software’s for 2017. If you’re one of them and want to protect your information and your device from the harmful effect of the viruses this list is for you.

Best Free Antivirus

Here you’ll come across full free versions of software’s that keep all types of viruses at bay, allowing you to surf the web carelessly and safely. They operate similarly to the costly famous software’s and even better when it comes to incorporating specific options.

Here are the list of best free antivirus software’s!

Avast Free Antivirus


© Avast

This is one of the most popular software’s, mainly because it looks sophisticated and has multiple features connected to blocking the viruses from entering the device you’re using. It’s available both for Mac and Android and supports all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Thanks to the engines for detecting spyware and viruses, it keeps you protected from all dangerous content including one acquired through going on the Internet, receiving emails, files as well as messages. Also, it’s able to discover hidden malware and viruses.



© Bitdefender

As it’s very simple to install and utilize, Bitdefender is a favorite software to many online users. The setup and configuration process is very easy, taking up very little space of your memory. Not to mention that it’s compatible with Windows computers, Mac OS, and Android phones and tablets.

It consists of advanced technologies like machine learning for tracking and removing any fraudulent content before it gets to your device.

AVG Free Antivirus



Operating as a virus scanner, AVG’s Antivirus Free looks for possible viruses or malware that may be downloaded with your emails or files, preventing them from poisoning your computer, phone or tablet. It even incorporates constant security updates.

One of the most helpful things about it is the simple design and clearly displayed protection measures and features together with its Windows compatibility.



© Amiti

Viruses, worms, malware, and trojans all fall under Amiti’s protection. Not only that it keeps them away from you, but it does regular scans to stop others like them from coming.

It has an easy-to-use interface with all options and settings located on the left side of the screen to make the space less crowded. There’s also a built-in tool that helps you clean all files in the temporary and Internet section to free up more memory.



© Baidu

Baidu is in charge of cloud security.It detects ad wipes away all phishes and viruses from the cloud. Scanning suspicious content and browsing privately are among the top useful features that it offers.

However, there are a lot more such as:

  • Firewall for preventing hacking
  • Webcam protection
  • Anti -keylogger
  • Protection from automatic downloads

All the updates are also free of charge.



© Forticlient

Forticlient is suitable for businesses as well as individuals. This is due to the fact that it includes firewall, filtering of the web as well as options for managing threats.

Even though this sounds complicated, the software automatically scans your device once during the week, updating all files for detecting viruses. Moreover, it’s easy to install and setup on Windows and Mac OS.



© Comodo

This is a tool that’s fully focused on cyber security, undertaking all necessary measures for ensuring your safety. It does this by digging out sources of threats online and eliminating them.

What’s special about it is the technology called Defense +. Basically, this technology marks the unknown files as unsafe. Although that seems like a problem, with the help of other assisting technologies Comodo manages not to delete necessary things.

Note that it supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft Security Essentials

© Microsoft Security Essentials

Even though Microsoft is new in the field of Internet protection, Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job. It keeps both your home and work computers away from malicious viruses, spyware, and malware.

As the software works quietly in the background, users are allowed to go wherever they want on the Internet without worrying about getting attacked by a dangerous content or getting interrupted in what you’re doing. Aside from this, it occupies a little part of your disk space and it runs automatic updates. Not to mention that it makes it easy to notice when something is wrong as the icon goes red instantly.

Have in mind that this software is incorporated in the Windows Defender for Windows 8 and 10, and as a separate tool it can be installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7.



© Immunet

This is another cloud-based antivirus software that’s completely free of charge. It aims at ensuring the safety of the whole Immunet community which has over 2 million members. Considering the fact that it shouldn’t be manually updated, and it can operate together with some other safety software’s to ensure a maximum protection, it’s one of the best free tools online.

Some of the most common threats that it takes care of are malware, Trojans, worms, bots, viruses as well as spyware.

Windows XP up to Windows 10 is supported, allowing you to install it on any device that runs on any of these Windows versions.

Rising Antivirus

Rising Antivirus scans everything that you do on your computer, blocking harmful files from entering. It has three types of scans – a quick one, overall and custom, which you can select based on your preferences.

Through the colorful and clean interface, all options are accessible including those for securing your email, downloaded files, USB, and the whole browsing experience.

What most users like about this tool is that it doesn’t interrupt you while working on your device and doesn’t send any frequent warning messages.

Panda Free Antivirus


© Panda

This free tool is compatible with every version of Windows, from XP to Windows 10. Similar to the other software’s, it consists of features that detect viruses, malware, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, worms and other threats stopping them from attacking your device.

However, it has a unique option to use the cloud for all the hard antivirus tasks. That way your disk space isn’t cluttered with all additional files of the tool.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus


© ZoneAlarm

While this free antivirus software generally does the tasks the other mentioned tools do, it offers a special treat to all users. It incorporates a personal firewall that creates a shield around your device, making it invisible to hackers.

This feature is accompanied by an online backup for preserving your most valuable files with a data description and an option for keeping your identity and online presence safe.

You can install this tool free of charge on any device that runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7/8/10.



© Avira

Windows users can see the power of the next-gen technologies through this antivirus software. Thanks to its contemporary design and clearly-displayed settings, you have a chance to optimize the way you want, while making sure that your device is fully protected at all times.

It combines artificial intelligence, cloud software, and antivirus scanners to block all malware, spyware, and even ransomware away.

All of these features work on Windows XP to Windows 10 as well as on Mac OS and Linux computers.



© Adaware

Adaware is developed by Lavasoft, which is a company with many software’s for online security. However, this one doesn’t have a lot of new options and features compared to the rest.

There are features for preventing viruses, malware, and spyware accompanied by those for scanning files before downloading them, but the free version has no email and personal data protection.

It supports all versions of Windows.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home

© Sophos Home

This is antivirus software that works on Macs and PCs, offering full support in the fight against malicious content. It even has tools for removing viruses that are already on your computer together with a firewall for stopping others from entering. To accompany this, Sophos Labs implemented real-time intelligence for locating threats.

Also, the devices of the whole family can be optimized with this tool to ensure maximum safety of your whole household. Connect with us for more helpful software.

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8 Best Free Video Downloader – Many Android Users Are Unaware Of



Free Video Downloader
4.5/5 - (14 votes)

Android users that prefer to watch videos offline often tend to install the best free video downloader. However, finding such tools can be difficult and time-consuming considering the large number of websites offering those services.

Free Video Downloader

While streaming videos is always an option and nowadays a lot of people do it on their Android phones or tablets, there are some instances when the Internet connection is low or your device can’t be connected to it. That’s when the buffering and inability to play the desired videos occurs,making people more interested in having the videos downloaded on their Android device.

For this reason, we’ve compiled this list and added the best video-downloading software that you aren’t required to pay anything for.

Free Video Downloader – FVD



This app allows users to download videos from a plethora of websites except YouTube. Due to the terms, only YouTube videos aren’t supported.

You can get the app either through the Google Play store on your device or here.

It’s also very simple to use. Since it connects with the browser on your Android phone or tablet, all you’re required to do is visit the page where the video is and select it. You’ll see a small download button that you should click on. After that, name the video, and save it to your device.

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© VidMate

What differentiates this tool slightly from the rest is the fact that it supports many online video services. Through it, users can download videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Metacafe and many more. Almost any site that has videos on it is accepted.

You’re allowed to choose the preferred video quality on most of the website so that you can save up space by downloading some videos in a lower quality. Aside from this, there are secondary portals in the app with even more videos that you can put into your phone or tablet for later watching.

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iTube Studio

More than ten thousand video websites can be accessed through this desktop downloader. And all the videos on them can be easily downloaded in minutes. Since there’s a Mac and Windows version, everyone is able to use it.

Thanks to the interface that’s integrated into the browser users have a chance to get the videos they want by simply clicking on the download button directly in their browsers. Whole playlists can be downloaded all at once, as well.

iTube Studio

© iTube Studio

Moreover, iTube Studio incorporates features for converting your downloaded videos into any format you prefer and transferring them to whichever device you like to watch them on.

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Android Video Downloader – AVD



AVD is another app for Android that helps you download videos from many sites except YouTube. But since it allows Flash, it can be used on more sites than some of the previous tools.

Four steps are needed to download a specific video into your Android device:

  • Explore the Internet to find your video
  • Click on the link of the video
  • After you see the menu, select AVD
  • Save the chosen video

Then you can enjoy watching it as many times as you want.

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© Videoder

This is another free app for Android that has a simple interface with all the options clearly displayed. Basically, all you should do is search for a specific video in the integrated browser and once you find it in the search results just click on it.The download should start automatically.

This browser works like a personalized search engine that presents videos from YouTube, Facebook, and a lot more similar sites. As this app accepts downloading in multiple formats like .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, and .mkv, it can be used across more Android devices.

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© Snaptube

This is mainly a YouTube downloader with absolutely no in-app purchases. Although it may feature a few ads while you’re using it, it offers a bunch of options to compensate for that.

From within the app, you can come across a lot of videos that you can download instantly in the quality that you like. To accompany this, it has a search option for going over many popular video sites. Recently Facebook and Instagram are on the list, as well. One more feature is that multiple videos can be downloaded at once.

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Full Video Downloader

Full Video Downloader

© Full Video Downloader

Full Video Downloader is a tool that consists of a lot of helpful downloading options that work on all Android devices, starting from its compatibility with all browsers to the ability to pause and resume the downloading process.

No matter which video you like to watch, it grabs it the moment you play it providing you the downloading option immediately. The third-party browsers are also supported enriched by the app’s built-in web browsers. So, finding and downloading the wanted videos is made very simple and quick.

Download Manager

Download Manager

© Download Manager

With more than ten million users, this is one of the most popular apps for downloading free videos to Android phones and tablets. It downloads videos directly from the Internet into your device, accepting all file formats and qualities.

Actually, it operates as a built-in browser with its own media player and a feature for managing the downloaded videos. You can even group them in folders for easier exploring. Social services like Facebook, Google Plus, and others are included in it, as well.

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