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How to Make Moving Easier for You and Your Family



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Moving days are among the most stressful days of the year, and students, as well as working adults, are very familiar with this feeling. It might be even more difficult to move if you need to move the whole family with you. Luckily, experienced movers have some advice that can help you go through this process with a lot less pain.

Kids love to feel useful because it gives them the feeling of being more adult, so the best way to use this enthusiasm is to get them engaged in packing activities in a productive way. Sure, kids can’t lift heavy things and move them around, but if they can read and write, they sure can label, too. Give them a label maker and task them with a job that is important, yet easy for them to accomplish. Aside from labeling, they can surely put their own stuff into boxes and separate them by categories. This way, they will also be learning new concepts and developing their semantic networks, which is a win-win situation.

Hire a professional moving service

Let’s face it, moving your life from one place to another is hard even for the most experienced movers. Every time you move, you are required not only to have a lot of physical strength but also occupy a large part of your day to get everything transported on your own. It’s good to have friends to help you out, but it’s way more efficient to rely on professionals to do the job for you. They will ensure that your moving day runs smoothly, but will also take care of your possessions carefully so that none get damaged during transport. They also provide packing and unpacking services, which will definitely help you save a lot of time. Moving doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you have the right people to help you with it. In that case, just don’t forget to check how much you should tip those handy professionals.

Prepare the kids for adaptation

Moving can be especially stressful for children because they are not only changing their apartment but often their whole surroundings. It’s frightening for children to make such large changes when they are not used to them, so it’s important for parents to make sure their kids are informed and prepared for the new surrounding that’s going to become a part of their everyday lives.

Talk to your children about what will change and how those changes will affect them. Better yet, take them to explore the new surrounding first-hand. Fear of the unknown will fade away as the kids come to realize that there are places to have fun and enjoy quality family time in the new area. Take them to a local zoo, a science museum or a children’s playground to help them develop positive feelings towards their new home.

Emphasize the benefits of moving, but keep it real

Sometimes we move because we want to, yet at other times we are forced to move due to unpleasant circumstances. Although parents are aware of these circumstances, children are often not. No matter the reason, parents should make sure their kids are excited about moving and nurture their enthusiasm. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to lie to the kids and insult their intelligence by denying the obvious. Teach them how to deal with changes that they don’t like by keeping it realistic, but be careful not to let them lose hope and try to focus on the positive aspects as much as you can.

Make a vow not to lose touch with old friends

As far as friendships are concerned, moving can be detrimental. Staying in contact with friends who lived close by after moving is a fair challenge, but not necessarily a lost battle. First of all, think about how much time you and your family have been spending with all those people you want to keep in your life. Second, think about a way to keep these little gatherings alive and how to stay in touch. And finally, stay consistent. As soon as you start losing touch and skipping your regular meet-ups, you’ll start feeling a gap that will only get bigger. If your kids have some good friends they have spent a lot of time with, make sure to provide them with a way to keep in touch with their friends, too.

Keep in mind that moving is a change, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad one. You can make the most out of every change by framing it positively and trying to adapt, rather than reinvent. The more you try to stay positive, the easier it will be to successfully adapt.

Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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The Complete Guide to Australia’s Magnetic Island



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Eight kilometers offshore from Townsville, Australia, lies Magnetic Island. The charming island is easily accessed by ferry or private boat and waiting for Aussies and travelers from around the globe to pay a visit.

Magnetic Island is home to native wildlife, and it hosts Australia’s largest northern population of koalas. If that’s not a reason enough for you to visit this fantastic island, keep on reading and earn more about Australia’s hidden jewel.

Magnetic Island has a sunny, tropical climate with temperatures going up to 90 degrees F in summer. During winter, you can count on slightly milder weather with the highest of 75 degrees. In the summer temperatures won’t go under 75 degrees and 55 degrees in winter. Rainfall is highest from December to March, so if you don’t like wet weather, avoid traveling during these months.

During summer, humidity is similarly high. Peak season in Magnetic Island runs from June to October. The island is also busier on weekends with day-trippers from Townsville, so book your holidays keeping these schedules in mind, if you want to save up. With all of this in mind, the best time to visit is in May or from August to October.

Getting to Magnetic Island

Reaching Magnetic Island from Australia’s mainland is relatively easy and affordable. After flying or driving to Townsville all it takes is a ferry ride to the island. You’ll find a top-class Magnetic Island car ferry that operates up to 8 barge departures from Townsville daily. It will not take longer than 40 minutes to reach the island. Ensure your spot on a ferry by booking your ticket in advance. That is especially important if you’re transporting your vehicle with you too.

Magnetic Island Ferries terminal is located on Ross St, South Townsville. Once you’re on the island, you can rent a car, take a taxi, or use the local bus service to start your island journey. Many hotels will offer transfers from the ferry terminal.

Things to do

Once you’re on the island, you’ll have a full spectrum of activities to enjoy. Are you an avid hiker? Magnetic Island offers an array of walking trails for you to explore. Aside from breaking a sweat by walking, you should also make the most of your island vacation and swim the crystalline blue waters of Alma Bay beach. Picnic Bay is another idyllic place to swim, jump off the jetty and beach-comb the shore. When you’re done soaking up the sun, and you want to enjoy fine dining, head to one of Magnetic Island’s premium restaurants.

From Italian to Mexican cuisine, the island offers a full spectrum of tastes for everyone’s preferences. You can also visit the local markets and stock up on fresh food that you can prepare on your own. Are you looking for a thrilling day filled with adventure? Magnetic Island can offer that too, with their breathtaking tours. Go on a discovery tour or dive the blue waters to see dolphins, whales, sea snakes and more.

Getting around the island

Photo by ROMAIN TERPREAU on Unsplash

To make the most of your time on the island, hire a car. Look for fun topless rentals and enjoy driving around the island to see as much of its gorgeous scenery as possible. Get a 4WD and go on an adventure of a lifetime. Some areas of the island are off-limits for hire cars, so check whether you can go to the desired location.

Otherwise, you may face a hefty fine. If you want to avoid driving, a public bus service will be at your disposal. For those who want to brave the hills, a bike is always a convenient and affordable option.

Final thoughts

When you decide to explore Australia, you must put Magnetic Island on the list too. This hidden jewel of Australia that’s only recently become popular holds precious sights and will make you feel like true royalty once you see all of its beauties. Visiting Magnetic Island can be one of the best experiences of your life.

Therefore, try your best to make the most of your visit. Go on a tour, walk, swim, and taste the delicious food that will stay forever in your memory. Have this guide with you on your next visit, and you’ll have the time of your life.

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How to Hire A Professional Moving Company?



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Numerous people move from one home to another every year within the US – but not every move is smooth. The process requires several things to do on the actual day, including informing utilities, changing addresses, packing and transporting. Of course, hiring a quality moving company is essential.

But even the smoothest of moves aren’t immune to shoddy practices or scams. Therefore, you should at least know how to hire a professional moving company so you can effortlessly shift into your new home. Without further delay, here are some helpful tips.

Most moving companies quote their prices based on the number of your items and how much space they will occupy in the truck. Perhaps, a company may visit you to give you a precise estimate. When they do, show them every storage place, every closet, and every room. Even the garage, shed, attic, drawers, and cupboards. This way, the moving company will be able to assess how much stuff they need to transport. If you miss out on some things, get ready for surprises in the future – yep, the price quote may go up. Suppose your moving team arrives and there’s more furniture to pick up. In that case, your movers will obviously charge more than the original price.

Choose a licensed company

Ensure that the company you’re hiring is insured and licensed to handle all aspects of your move – this is very important. If they haven’t worked out their legalities, skipping them would be your best bet. Remember, whatever company you choose, the US Department of Transportation should license them. Just Google the moving company’s license number (USDOT number) and see if they have any complaint history. Are you still confused about finding a licensed organization? Learn more on this site! Also, check if the company provides insurance against any damage it does to your stuff. You don’t want your fragile cookware and decoratives breaking in the process and then not receiving compensation for it.

Compare your needs

Get at least five bids. Then, analyze them and cherry-pick the best for your specific moving situation. Everybody has different needs, so your final decision should always take them into account.

If you’re not packing heavy, oversized items, don’t worry about the type of equipment the company uses to lift bulkier goods. Or the type of truck in which they’ll be moving your stuff. However, if you have a grand piano, hot tub, or pool table, you’ll have to ensure the company can load and move such things safely.

Compare your bids too

Remember, don’t base your decisions entirely on money. Don’t choose companies that offer shockingly low or high prices. If you like a company, but their quote prices seem high, give them a call. Find out why they’re charging so high and if there’s any chance of a discount. Don’t shy away from asking questions. The more details you unearth, the better the whole process.

Perhaps, the company is offering a higher quote because they’ll be renting equipment as they don’t have it on hand. Perhaps, the company is traveling farther to come to you, which is why they’re charging high. Maybe, the company is offering a lower quote because they’re running promotions or discounts – there are many possibilities. Question their pricing, talk to them in detail, and you might be able to get a better, fairer price.

Consider restrictions

Ensure the movers know about any moving guidelines or restrictions. For example, if you’re moving into an apartment, let them know when the elevator is available for moving your boxes and how much load it can carry. If they can’t park during certain times in certain areas, let them know. By informing the movers of possible restrictions, you’ll make the whole process easier for yourself and them.

Create an inventory list

Heck, it’s a cumbersome task but mandatory. Creating a list will not just help you keep track of your belongings, it will also help you get an accurate estimate of the entire process. Take inventory of every belonging that you’re moving from point A to B. you can use apps to simplify this process. Once you have created this list, you’ll be able to plan the move along with your company better. You’ll also ensure that nothing gets lost in the process.

While letting the movers know what belongings will be moved is paramount, letting them know what belongings shouldn’t be moved is equally essential. If you have items that you’ll sell or donate or leave behind for new homeowners, there’s no point in paying for them.

Research and review

While you’re on the hunt for finding the best moving company, always check their website. If you like it, research more. Go through their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. Also, read their Google reviews too for extra insight into the company’s reputation.

While you’re reading customer reviews, look out for some red flags. If multiple customers report at least one of the following, consider another company:

  • An organization holding their belongings hostage for additional money
  • Unexpected delays
  • Hidden or last-minute charges
  • Damage


Choosing the right moving company makes your transition into your new home a stress-free, straightforward process. So, instead of randomly calling a moving company and getting things done in a hurry, take your time to do the research and then select a mover you can count on. Evaluate companies by reading online reviews. Maintain a list of your belongings to assess your needs and ensure safety. Get quotes from multiple companies and compare prices to get the best deal. Last but not least, always opt for a licensed service provider.

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5 Great Stress Relief Gift Ideas



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Stress is something that many people experience in their lives. In fact, over 75% of people experience stress that affects their physical health. So the next time you give someone a gift, why not consider something to help them relieve the stress they are likely suffering from?

It not only shows you care about them but is willing to go the extra mile to help them feel better. But what sorts of gifts can you give that can help your friend or family member relax and calm down? Well, that is just what this article is going to take a look at. Read on to learn about five great gift ideas to relieve the stress of the recipient.

A New Glass Pipe or Bong

If your recipient enjoys cannabis and you are in an area where it is legalized, consider picking them up a beautiful new glass piece. Cannabis, for many people, is one of the best ways to relax and calm down after a long day or when they are stressed. 

There are hundreds of different styles, colors, and types of glass pieces you can pick up your friend or family member that they are sure to love.

You can head into a local shop, but why not shop online right here on Atomic Blaze? Online stores like this offer a wide range of different products that can be shipped right to your door for an incredibly discreet purchase and shipping process.

Some Beautiful Candles

Who doesn’t love the scent of a wonderful candle? A candle can make the perfect gift for anyone, especially someone who has been dealing with a lot of stress. Whether they have it in their bedroom, their office, or even their kitchen, the candle is sure to fill their home with a wonderful and relaxing scent.

There are hundreds of different scents, styles, and colors of candles, so there is no shortage of options to choose from. Whether the recipient likes floral scents, earthy scents, sweet scents, or anything in between, there is certainly a candle out there that they will enjoy.

Some candles can even have a relaxing crackling sound effect like a fire. Also, candles are generally quite affordable, so you may be able to pick out a couple for them, so they can have a few different scents to try out and experience.

A Gift Card for a Spa Service

Few things are as relaxing as an hour or two at the spa. It can feel incredible to be pampered for a little and simply relax and let all your stress and worries melt away. Whether it is a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or a facial, there are several relaxing spa services that make the perfect gift.

Getting someone a gift card is generally the best way to go, as it allows them to select their own service that they feel they will enjoy the most. Many people want to go for these services, but due to their price, may avoid it.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers have grown more popular than ever in recent years, and it is easy to see why. Essential oils have been used for various things over the years, and the primary goal of these diffusers is to fill a room or your home with a subtle, yet pleasant, scent.

These essential oils come in a variety of scents from lavender, to lemon to orange and dozens of others. In addition to the scents, many of these diffusers feature subtle and attractive lighting that can be used as mood lighting or night light.

They are also very easy to use as you simply add some water, a little bit of essential oils and turn them on. These diffusers are also very quiet and compact, which makes them great for putting anywhere.

Weighted Blanket

An incredibly underrated gift to help people relieve their stress is a weighted blanket. They come in different weights that range from around five pounds to up and over 30 pounds. This added weight almost feels like you are being hugged by the blanket, and can be incredibly calming and relaxing. This type of pressure therapy can be very relaxing and slow down your heart rate.

Many will sleep with these blankets on, while others will simply use them when they are relaxing on the couch. While many think these are just a fad and don’t actually do anything, that is not the case. They can help relieve stress, lower anxiety, help with sleep disorders, and are fantastic for those who have ADHD or autism.


Stress is difficult to deal with, but getting someone the right gift can help aid them in their fight against stress. Any of these five gifts is sure to help someone relax and enjoy a little bit of stress relief.

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5 Expert Remedies for Long Luscious Hair



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Every girl dreams of different things, but one thing that’s a constant is wanting long, thick, luscious hair. Hair trends come and go, but shiny, long hair is always a fail-proof option that’ll have you looking ethereal and stunning, as hair is one of the most important factors when creating your own visual style. However, making your way to Rapunzel-esque hair is no easy task, and it certainly isn’t something you can accomplish overnight. A combination of genes and lifestyle practices can influence your hair’s condition and how fast it grows. Heat damage, hormones, or just bad genes can make your hair dry, brittle, and weak, apart from impeding growth. There are multitudes of products on the shelves that swear to give you shiny, lustrous hair after a single wash. However, most of these products promise more than they can deliver. The sad truth is there’s no magic product to give you smooth, long hair overnight. What you can do, however, is incorporate these five tips into your daily routine. Healthy hair equals longer hair, so start following these tips today for healthier hair.

Your diet influences your skin, vitality, and your hair health is no exception. Your food intake plays a critical role in maintaining your hair quality, including how fast it grows and how much hair-fall you have. If you see bunches of hair fall out every time you run a brush through your hair, it might be a sign to check your diet. Healthy, lustrous hair is one of the biggest trends this year, with lockdown giving many of us more time to spend on self-care. Many of the hair predictions for this year emphasize the importance of shiny, thick, natural hair. So, take supplements like biotin, selenium, or zinc to improve your hair quality. These supplements won’t just enhance your hair but can help your skin, nails, and hair look better than ever before. Besides supplements, consider incorporating vitamin-rich foods into your diet for hair that puts Rapunzel aside.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

If you experience hair sticking up from all corners in the morning, you might need to switch your pillowcase. Regular pillowcases can aggravate even the healthiest of hair and cause knots and roughness. Instead, opt for a luxurious silk pillowcase. Silk has a smooth texture that not only allows your hair to glide over it easily but also doesn’t absorb moisture from your hair. Women with curly hair use silk pillowcases to keep frizz and tangles at bay. So, be a little kinder on your hair and swap your cotton bed covers and pillowcases for a luxe, silken cover instead.

Who knew that the secret to long, luscious hair would be a good night’s sleep?

Scalp massages

Scalp massages are a huge part of Asian cultures. It is understandable if we look at the luscious, thick hair that many Asian women have. Scalp massages are a direct way to stimulate your follicles. Scalp massage increases the blood flow to your scalp, ensuring that your follicles get more nutrients. It can help minimize any hair fall. Scalp massages are also incredibly cost-effective. You will need a moisturizing hair oil and someone willing to massage it in for you. Almond oil, hibiscus oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and mustard seed oil can work wonders on your hair and leave it looking fresh, shiny, and frizz-free. Not only are scalp massages cost-effective and relaxing, but they can also give you excellent results in just a few weeks.

Homemade hair masks

Homemade hair masks are easily one of the most effective ways for you to nurture your dry, damaged hair back to health. Your regular conditioners often have long and complicated ingredient lists full of chemicals that can do more harm than good. If you’re experiencing breakage and dryness, try a homemade hair mask to give your scalp the extra TLC it needs. You can make the mask with ingredients you have in your pantry. Mayonnaise, coconut oil, avocado, and egg are excellent for your hair. These masks can give you a deep conditioning treatment, unlike any other. Using homemade masks once or twice a week can revitalize your hair and help them grow much faster.

Skip the heat

Hot tools can make your hair look stunning. Sadly, that’s just a short-term thing. In the long run, hot tools can damage your hair immensely. Over styling is one of the most common reasons for dry, damaged, and burnt hair. Styling your hair too often will give you split ends and make your hair look frizzy. However, heat damage isn’t irreversible. Cutting back on styling can help you put your hair on the road to recovery. As new hair grows, you can replace the dry, damaged hair with undamaged locks.

Supplement this tip with the ones mentioned above, and you can quickly restore your hair’s strength and vitality.


You don’t need thousands of dollars to nurse your hair back to health. Incorporating these cost-effective expert remedies into your daily hair care routine can help you get shiny, lustrous locks in no time. No matter your genetics, these tips can help you get longer, thicker hair in a flash.

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7 Must Have Packing Essentials for a Quick Move



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Packing and moving to a new house is both hectic and stressful, but at the same time, it is exciting. As the day finally comes near, your days get busier as you make lists, redo them, and sort out every pending task. But there are some vital steps to moving to make sure that you don’t face difficulties when you move. You will need some packing supplies throughout the packing process and after you move to your new home.

The following are the seven must-have packing essentials for a quick move:

From the moment you sign the papers for your new home, you need to start making a moving folder. Collect all the addresses, copies of the contract, your home’s purchasing paper, or rental papers. Keeping a hard copy in your hand is more beneficial than a digital copy. If any problem or questions arise when you move, your documents will help you out a lot. You will have all the details and proof of every contract you made and all the payments. So having a moving folder with a compilation of every vital document will save you from many hassles.

Packing Supplies

It is an obvious essential, but keeping all packing essentials on hand will save you many troubles and trips to the store. Packing essentials include moving boxes, packing tape, tape dispenser, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper, box cutters and scissors, labels and markers, dividers, and garbage bags.

Having all these essentials at hand will mean that you can pack your things quickly and keep them safe. Keep bubble wraps and Styrofoam peanuts with you when you pack fragile items; when it comes to boxes, control boxes of all shapes and sizes. But each box should not exceed the weight limit of 50 pounds. Once you have packed all the essentials, make sure you dump all the garbage out.

If there is furniture at your home that you don’t need immediately in the new house or fragile items, you can take it out later. In that case, consider finding a storage facility near your home. The latest Self-storage units come with a climate control feature and added locks to prevent theft. Also, if you are making a long-distance move, Storing fragile items in a storage unit is best.

An Essentials Tool Kit

Before you empty your garage and pack each and everything, separate some essential tools you will need before and after the move. These tools include screwdrivers, ranch, hammer, grip pliers, nails, and screws. Having a few tools on hand means that you can easily take apart things from your home and put them back together in the new house. You won’t need to go through boxes of tools and other stuff to find a single screwdriver if you want to fix a squeaking door.

Cleaning Supplies

Leaving a messy home or apartment when you go is not even an option. You have to clean the space when you move out and clean the house you move into. So keep your cleaning supplies separate from all other boxes. Spare a couple of containers and pack all the essential cleaning supplies. That way, you can easily clean the place when you move in.

Kitchen Utensils

You can’t stop eating or drinking even when you have to move. Keep that in mind when you pack all of your kitchen utensils and crockery. Prepare a separate box of essential kitchen supplies that include a couple of knives, spoons, forks, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and cooking pots. This box will help you set up a functioning kitchen immediately so that you won’t have to struggle with taking out and paper plates until you unpack everything.

Personal Care Items

You can’t unpack so quickly after a tiring move. So until then, you need to live in a place cluttered with several unpacked moving boxes. During that time, you will need immediate usage of personal items. So pack a box with the essential things that you may need daily. For example, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and a hairbrush.

Necessary Clothing Items

You can’t unpack your whole wardrobe all at once when you move in. So separate some home and work clothes from your boxes and keep them in your essential items bag. Having a few clean clothes to change into when you’re tired and sweaty from the move will be a significant relief.


Moving is stressful, but keeping the points mentioned above in mind can help you make this process easier. It takes weeks to pack and then weeks to unpack a home. If you have all the necessary items on you, your move will become easier. Make sure that the packing anxiety does not override your joy of enjoying your new home.

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