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How To Stop Foreclosure In Florida



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Another Reason Florida Isn’t Like Other States

One word: hurricanes. Hurricanes are the bane of many Floridians. They come annually between July and November, and they commonly wreak havoc. Contractors sell people on totally new roofing when they just need repair. Insurance companies refuse to cover people hoping federal aid will swoop in. Bureaucracy, chicanery, and shenanigans abound.Accordingly, there are options for those in a situation where factors beyond their control may have forced foreclosure. And such options have the typical Florida veneer. Following we’ll briefly explore several ways you can stop foreclosure in Florida.

How To Stop Foreclosure In Florida

Seek Counseling Through HUD Options

The United States has a department called “HUD”. This stands for Housing and Urban Development. The HUD department specializes in cases where people are in a property situation where foreclosure looms close.

There’s a distinct likelihood that you may actually qualify for assistance. If you’ve never looked into HUD options as a means of preventing foreclosure, you can explore the possibilities at this site.

Look Into The “Hardest Hit” Fund Of Florida

The federal government has additionally put programs in place for those who aren’t in a necessarily urban area, but have been “hit” with financial woes. The idea is basically for the government to assist in paying mortgages to those who are homeowners and meet the qualifications. Essentially, they’ve got to either be unemployed or underemployed.

The reason for their lack of gainful income must be no fault of their own. Perhaps, as an example, a hurricane came through and wiped out their place of business. Well, the Hardest-Hit Fund, or HHF, may be able to help. They’ll provide assistance for a twelve month calendar year. The highest available mortgage assistance is $24k at that time.


During such assistance, the homeowner has to find better working options and get back to properly paying the mortgage. If this doesn’t happen in twelve months, tough. If it does, then the relief dries up.

It’s further notable that the HHF provides an $18k delinquent mortgage voucher to offset previous payment issues. There is also a one-time $25k option to offset a delinquent first mortgage when some event beyond the homeowner’s control forces them into a period of recovery.

Give One Of Those Free Foreclosure Prevention Hotlines A Call

Some phone numbers offer free foreclosure prevention advice. If you call (888) 995-HOPE, you can get some free consultation. The bottom line is that there are always some sort of options available to you.

Whether you’re a victim of some sort of mortgage scam, you’ve gotten to a place where you can’t make a payment, you’re facing foreclosure or mortgage mortification, there are still options available to you in all likelihood. This hotline in particular provides you with available alternatives, and quite a variety of support options.

It may additionally be worth your while, before calling such a hotline, to do all the research you can about specific issues related to foreclosure of property in Florida. For example, at the following site, you can learn more about stopping foreclosure in Florida. Until it has happened, there is always something you have the ability to do.


How To Stop Foreclosure In Florida

Law And Scams

There are always scams out there, and there are usually legal protections against them. However, some scams disguise themselves as law. Accordingly, it’s integral for you to know what your rights are under the law.

Also, keep on the lookout for predatory lending. That’s: high sums that are given out at high interest to manacle a person to the lending agency as long as possible. If you’re in a situation where you’re on the edge of foreclosure and secure such a loan, you’ll now be on the hook for progressively increasing rates of interest.

Always seek consultation and pursue due-diligence in research before signing your name on any dotted line for any sort of loan. Unfortunately, there are entire industries who prey on the downtrodden, and you need to be wary of them.

You Have Recourse

Whether you’ve lost a job, loved one, or physical ability, you don’t also have to lose your home in Florida. However, you may have to make some complicated moves and seek advice. Know what the law is. Know what scams are out there. Call varying hotlines pertaining to foreclosure solutions. Know HUD options, and see if you’re eligible for HFF assistance.

These are just a few of the options you have if you’re facing foreclosure in Florida. What you definitely shouldn’t do is panic, or avoid facing what needs to be done out of fear. You can get through this, it just may require a bit more footwork than you had thought.


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