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Increase Your Car’s Gas Mileage With These Hacks



Car Gas Mileage
2013 Dodge Dart/ ©

The fuel prices are at its highest and the speculations are also not good about that. Due to this, owning a car has now become a very expensive necessity to own. In this regard, the automobile companies throughout the world are making some serious efforts for making our cars much mileage efficient and eco-friendly by including hybrid technology, but we are still far away from the ideal gas mileage that we all want in our cars.

But, the cars are also machine and you can use them in the way you want. That is why there are some really workable hacks that can help you in saving hundreds of buck that you usually spent on the car fuel.

To help you out in saving some money, I am writing this article in which you will find some of the best hacks through which you can increase your car’s mileage.

Car Gas Mileage

2013 Dodge Dart/ ©

Do not pump a lot:

Driving a car in the top speed is always been a thrill which everyone wants to enjoy. If you also share the same thrill then you have to make sure you have enough money to afford to refuel your car again and again. Pumping your car a lot or driving it on the high speed is something you cannot do when you have to keep your pocket filled with some cash. The faster they go the more fuel it consumes in order to create enough energy in the car to get it at the speed you want. To get that energy, burning the fuel is the only option a car takes.

Do not overweight the car:

This is just physics. The energy you requires to pull or push something based on the weight of that thing. This same goes for the engine of the car. Every car has its own capacity of carrying the weight. Every car is designed for the certain number of people and if you load with more weight than its capacity, then your car either would not perform in the manner it should or it will start damaging your car too. But at the same time, it would be burning more fuel too. On overloading, the engine of your car is going to do some extra effort and it has to push itself to create enough combustion in the engine to keep it moving and to give the same flavor of driving as it gives with the right weight. For this, it will burn more fuel and damage your pocket too.

Keep the tire pressure balanced:

The only part that touches the road is the tires of your car. A car face only faces two types of friction. One is the friction of air and the other is a connection between the tire and road. You cannot do in the aerodynamic structure of your car but you can surely do a lot with the tires of your car. One thing which is imperative is the tire pressure. You have to maintain the balanced air pressure in all the tires to get minimum friction from the road. It will help you in keeping your car light that will result in the saving of fuel.


Maintain your car:

One of the major reason why the cars start burning more fuel is the deterioration of the engine. The older or the more roughly you use your car the more fuel it will burn. That is why you will find the owners of used cars from Japan and any other part of the world who doesn’t maintain their cars about the worsening fuel mileage. The reason of this is the engine of a car. The structure and design of every engine depict how much and how long it will provide the same performance to the owner. After that certain period or performance, it starts getting weak just like the human body and requires more fuel to do the same job as it was doing in the early stages.

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