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Key Points to Be Considered Before Deciding Restaurant Chairs



restaurant chairs
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A restaurant is a place where people come to spend time with families, friends, and relatives. The purpose of any restaurant or food chain should be to give a magnificent ambiance to people so that they can sit, talk and eat comfortably. Now you can find different kinds of restaurant chairs in the market and you can customize them according to your needs. Especially if you have small space in your restaurant then you must choose some lightweight chairs with sleek design.

restaurant chairs

Getty image/ – restaurant chairs

How would you plan to buy the restaurant chairs?

In this section, we will learn about some of the important points that any restaurant owner should not ignore while deciding restaurant chairs:

Arrange a seating plan

Every restaurant has an area for seating. The owners and the interior designer needs to sketch out the seating plan of the restaurant. The seating plan should never be rigid. It should be made such so that it can be arranged accordingly for special occasions like birthdays and family dinner. So, scopes for modifications should always be left.

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The arrangements of restaurant chairs should be such so that the seating looks good. One needs to think from the customer’s point of view, whether they will be comfortable sitting in that arrangement or not. Especially, if you have any cafeteria then you must include some comfortable chairs and sofas in your restaurant because here people spend much time and they need some comfortable seating.

Consider chairs of different shapes, textures, and sizes

There are different designs of chairs that can be considered. If the seating area is rectangular or square, then one should go with different chairs in the middle row and different for side rows. This gives two benefits. First of all, it adds to the design and style of the restaurant. Apart from that, through this eating arrangement, you can save your floor space too.


The ones sitting in the side rows will feel less exposed to the public. However, the ones who sit in the middle rows will feel better as they acquire space in the middle. People who are extroverts would like to sit in the middle row whereas those who do not want attention will sit in the side rows.So, through this way, you can easily meet the expectation of different customers and they will feel comfortable and spend more time in your restaurant.

restaurant chairs

Getty image/ – restaurant chairs

Color of the chair

These days the restaurants are designed keeping in mind certain theme or design. The furniture of the restaurant, especially chairs too should reflect that theme. So, the color of the chair should be matching with the theme. Also, for special occasions, there can be a provision to keep some special chairs to set the mood. There can be another deciding factor which can be considered while choosing the color of the restaurant chairs. You can use some light colored wooden chairs in contrast of your dark colored walls.

No Spacing issues

If you consider the advice given by experts, the presentation plays the much more important part than the food. The comfort level that you provide to your customers is something that one should never compromise. The theory behind this is that customer should feel comfortable while sitting on the chair.

Sofas if space is less and you want to accommodate more people

Sofas provide options so that three people can sit easily. So, if you want to increase the seating capacity and if you have much floor space inside the restaurant then you can install some sofa.

For more details you can contact the designers and they will customize some restaurant chairs and sofa according to your needs and stay connect with Flix Expo for more information about home & interior design.


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