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Know These Five Tips for a Better Gas Mileage



Gas Mileage
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You love your vehicle and have been driving it for a while. But it’s the needle drop off your car tank which is keeping you worried every time you leave your home. You swear you fill it up the other day, but only after a few mornings you start wondering whether you actually did it or not. If you are going through the same situation, then believe it or not your car’s fuel economy is drastically getting low.

Modern day cars are designed to offer their owners a better fuel economy, consequently going a long way until the tanks get empty again. You should know optimizing your cars fuel economy can assist you in saving a good amount of money over the passage of a year, moreover keep you away from the hassles of visiting the gas station every now and then.

By looking at this common problem faced by many car owners around the world, we’ve put together the five useful tips on how to get a better gas mileage.

Gas Mileage

Getty image © Pexels

Remove that extra weight you’re traveling with

Vehicles are designed to give their maximum output using whatever sources they have available. Therefore, that not so useful extra weight which you have been kept inside your car trunk can drain your gas tank, for your vehicle to provide you the same speed when you accelerate, despite whatever pressure the engine has to bear.

The point to discuss here is that unnecessary stuff in your vehicle increases its weight and ultimately result to lower down its fuel economy.

Keep a constant check on the wheels

You might have heard about keeping the tires pressure well for giving them extra life. This benefit goes on to have a good gas mileage as well. Better inflated tires provide the engine the support it requires to make the car run at a good speed without putting itself in an extra amount of pressure.


Try to check the tire pressure every couple of weeks to make sure that at they are at recommended levels, depending upon their size. Further, get their alignment check, if you see that your vehicle is going in a particular direction while you have kept the wheel go straight up. As better aligned cars require less energy from the engine to make it move forward.

Get the plugs serviced or replaced

If your car’s gas mileage is dropping significantly, misfiring spark plugs could be just another reason. You should know that badly worn spark plugs effects the engine performance and ultimately results in the poor gas mileage. Servicing or replacing them under very bad condition will help them in giving better sparkling combustion to your engine, ultimately resulting in better gas mileage.

Use car a/c when needed

No one is asking to keep your car air conditioning system switched off when it’s hot out there. But using it sparingly can save you a few bucks while you are driving on the roads. Car air condoning takes a lot of energy, thus acts directly in lower down the gas mileage if used excessively.

Therefore limiting its usage to only when its needed can eventually result in increasing the gas mileage and keeps you away from the gas station more often.

Drive smart and smoothly

You might not know, but your driving habits also affects the average gas mileage. Ask yourself,do you keep on driving at the lower gears? Do you accelerate a lot? Do you apply too many breaks? If yes, then you are wasting a bit of fuel every day.


Driving smoothly can help increase the gas mileage, while on the other hands could keep your car in a better condition for a long time. Driving smooth and smart saves you fuel no matter which type of vehicle you are driving. So, be sure to be a smart and a smooth driver.


Despite you own a brand new car or recently got yourself a second-hand one from hundreds of Japan car for sale. You don’t have to have an expert mechanic in helping to increase its gas mileage. You can make use of the above tips to assist yourself in doing it.

Taking care of a few small things over a passage of time not only saves you a good amount of fuel but also keeps you away from the stress of visiting the gas station more often.

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