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Living Room Style Battle: Contemporary vs Industrial



Living rooms
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Living rooms

Living rooms are often the focal point of modern homes, and organizing this space is so much more than picking the best furniture and the most eye-catching décor. It’s about designing a space where you can spend time with your family, relax after a long day at the office and entertain your guests. However, there are lots of decorating styles and ideas people like to use and finding the perfect balance between different ideas recommended by famous designers and your personal wishes and desires isn’t easy. The biggest battle in the world of living room decorating at the moment is between the contemporary and industrial style, as these are two options people seem to prefer the most this year, so here’s why each of these might suit your home and how you can determine which one fits your own decorating style better.

The contemporary style

comfortable furnitureThe contemporary design style is all about combining warm colors, comfortable furniture, modern décor and natural elements that create a nice flow in your living room and make it more inviting, cozy and enjoyable. This is supposed to be the space of comfort and peace, so your style has to reflect these concepts too, and that’s only possible with a great combination of colors, layers, textures, materials and patterns that the contemporary style offers.

Keep in mind that contemporary style doesn’t deny the existence of traditional style – on the contrary, it accepts it for what it is, but also tries to upgrade and update it. That’s why everyone who has some free time, a couple of spare dollars and a rich imagination can easily freshen up their traditional furniture and bring in a new dose of elegance into their living space. In the end, contemporary style is perfect for people who love simple yet elegant furniture, aren’t afraid of bold and dark colors, and enjoy environmentally-safe, sustainable décor made from reclaimed materials and second-hand resources.

The industrial style

industrial living roomUnlike the contemporary living rooms you can see in lots of homes in every corner of the world, the industrial style isn’t as common, despite being equally popular. The reason for this is quite simple: it’s just not for everyone! In spite of that, its high ceilings, unfinished walls, unusual flooring, exposed piping, almost steampunk wallpapers and simple layout is highly appealing to certain people, and these are the individuals that take industrial style to a whole new level by personalizing it and adding items in accordance with their own style. That’s the reason why you can see lots of framed photos, decorative and cozy floor rugs in different shapes and sizes, as well as unusual travel memorabilia displayed all around an industrial living room.

When it comes to materials, such a living room has to include lots of wood, concrete, stone and glass, and it’s even better if these are recycled and reclaimed. These materials also dictate a predominant color scheme, so tones like grey, green, brown and even black are perfect for this kind of a setup, especially in a living room that has huge windows and lots of natural light coming through. Nevertheless, it’s important not to clutter your living space, so stick to just a couple of pieces of furniture – a sofa, a coffee table and a bookcase are going to be quite enough.

What do the designers recommend?

Interior decoratingInterior decorating styles and trends are constantly changing, and you really have to dedicate all of your time and patience if you want to stay updated and informed. When it comes to deciding on whether you should pick the contemporary or industrial style, the designers are surprisingly united in saying that you should opt for whichever style you want, as long as it’s consistent in every corner of your living room. While this recommendation is something most of them agree on, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Certain designers, for instance, aren’t afraid of exploring previously unexplored options of the industrial style and thinking outside the box makes them realize how adaptive and versatile it really is. That’s why they can come up with a number of different designs for your living room and cover literally all the wishes and desires you’ve ever had in your mind – from eclectic furniture to unusual décor, and everything in between.

The designers who prefer contemporary style, though, are primarily concerned with adding as much coziness and warmth into your living room, so they explore new materials and try to combine new colors into creating inviting and intriguing patterns on your walls and furniture. They also love simplifying things and bringing out their essence, which is why the contemporary style often repeats the design trends that were popular in the past but tries to update them and introduce them to the 21st century.

How to choose?

FurnitureChoosing between these two styles is easy – they differ in a number of aspects and picking which one you love more shouldn’t be that hard. First, you need to define your style and learn what works best for you, and only then make the decision. Of course, you can always come up with your own personal mixture and combine elements from both of these styles by identifying the features that appeal to you the most and blending them together naturally and seamlessly.

Deciding which style you’re going to use in your living is never an easy decision and definitely not one you should make hastily and without thinking it over. Yes, you can always redecorate your living space and turn it into something new, but that could be really costly and unnecessarily complicated, so, before you make a decision, talk to people with more experiences – contractors, architects, interior designers and even your friends who have decorated their living rooms in one of these styles can be of great help pointing out the positive and negative sides you might not have noticed on your own. In the end, it’s up to you, so pick a style that suits you, your personality and the preferences of your family.

Alex Joe is a content marketer & journalist who formerly worked out of Digital Expo Inc. office. He writes eBooks, which considering where you’re reading this, makes really perfect sense from his kin. He’s best known for writing entertainment, enterprise & gadget, including the New York Times.

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Home Improvement

Tips on How to Create a Cozy and Welcoming Guest Bedroom



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If you love to entertain or even if you only get unexpected guests a few times a year, you need to be a good host and welcome your guests in style. Providing your guests with plenty of comforts—a cozy bed, storage and a few little decoration items, will turn their visit into a wonderful experience. But, how can you give your plain room a cozy and welcoming vibe?

Start with creating your color scheme

It’s best to start from your wall colors and decide on what color scheme you want in your guestroom, especially if you have an empty room. So, grab a color wheel (or check one online) and create your unique color combination while keeping your desired mood in mind. Of all the schemes you can choose, a monochromatic one is the easiest to pull off but also the most calming for a bedroom. Plus, it can be achieved with any color, no matter if bold or neutral. Neutrals are a safe choice since they appeal to many people and can easily be paired with any other color, neutral or not.

Pick the right bed

The star of every guest bedroom should be the bed, naturally! However, picking the bed isn’t an easy task. For instance, your choice of a bed will depend on whether you get overnight guests two or three times a month or if you entertain two or three times a year. Additionally, if you have plenty of space in your guest bedroom, you can opt for a queen bed no problems. Luckily, you can find plenty of options if you come across a good bed sale online and dig through the offers. There’s everything from bed frames to mattresses and even additional bedroom furniture, so keep your eyes open. However, if you have less space, consider a sleeper sofa or a futon. For kids, you can grab a trundle bed that easily hides under a regular bed and is perfect for kids’ sleepovers.

Invest in quality bedding

Once you have your guest bed, it’s time to boost comfort with some quality bedding. Layer the bed with linens and throws. Provide your visitors with a light duvet and cover it with a throw or a quilt. This will allow them to control the temperature and stay comfy throughout the night. Two pillows for each person additionally boost the comfort and flexibility of your guest bedroom.

Boost comfort with extra seating

If you have an empty corner in your guestroom, make sure to add a cozy chair or two. This will give your guests a nice choice of seating and boost comfort (sitting on the bed can be quite uncomfortable and awkward). If you lack space for chairs, you can consider adding an upholstered bench at the end of the bed.

Add some storage

If you want your guests to feel welcome to your home, you need to make enough space for them. If you tend to use your guestroom for storing some of your things, make sure to clear the space so your guests can stash their suitcases and clothing. Also, adding a dresser with drawers is very practical since they don’t take too much space yet provide plenty of storage. You can also install a luggage rack so they don’t have to put dirty suitcases on their bed.

Don’t forget about technology

The bed will allow your guests to recharge physically, but you also need to give their electronics a chance to fill its batteries. So, make sure to leave plenty of outlets available for chargers. Additionally, if you have a TV in the room, leave a small guide that explains how to use the remote and make sure to include a note with your wireless name and password.

Spoil your guests with a few finishing touches

Being a good host often hides in the details. You can prepare a little tray with a few necessities like a water jug and some glasses and a few local snacks and sweets. Some plants or a bunch of fresh flowers will also boost the aesthetics and comfort. If you want to be extra hospitable, you can leave a handwritten note with a few nice words for your guests. Also, if you know you’re not going to be home in the morning, leave instructions on breakfast or give them a suggestion for a local breakfast bar or coffee shop.

Your well-designed guestroom will make your family and friends feel cozy even when they are away from home. Your guests will love their stay and won’t be able to wait until their next visit!

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4 Hacks to Upgrade Your Kitchen



Kitchen Home Luxury Interior
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The kitchen is definitely one of the most used rooms in a household, so it is vital that it is both functional and fashionable. Inspiration sites such as Pinterest and Instagram seem to be overflowing with beautiful and dreamy kitchen designs which accentuate different details, materials and fancy layouts. However, most homeowners do not own their ideal kitchen and have to deal with all the basic inconveniences on a day to day basis.

Whether it is due to the lack of ideas or the fear of getting started, a lot of people shy away from remodelling processes. Luckily, the room where you cook, host parties and have your cup of coffee does not have to remain barely tolerable. Here are 4 easy hacks to upgrade your kitchen.

1. Remove the old cabinet doors
One of the easiest hacks to quickly upgrade the appearance of your kitchen is to take off the ugly cabinet doors. Instead, try out the modern “open shelving” look, which seems to be featured in a lot of lifestyle magazines. This idea works best for upper cabinets because this way you can showcase interesting decor items and fancy glassware. As a bonus tip, add a fun cookbook or a statement piece on display, and voila – your kitchen is instantly transformed!

2. Add a rug
Most outdated kitchens have hideous laminate floors or cheap-looking tiles which are unappealing to the eyes. The most obvious choice in such cases is replacing the old flooring with new flooring options such as stone or wood, but for the homeowners seeking for a quicker fix, the next tip is for you.

A quality rug is the easiest way to add a dose of style and comfort to any kitchen space. Also, adding a rug is the best opportunity to incorporate bright colors into plain space and make the whole area feel cozier. As an added dose of comfort for aching feet, consider placing a rug in front of the sink or stove.

3. Add fun and useful kitchen appliances
Another great hack to update the whole look of a boring kitchen is to replace some of the old kitchen appliances with new snazzy products. Luckily, brands are becoming more and more innovative and coming up with new ideas to please homeowners.

For example, if you like the way crispy fries taste, but you are trying to stay away from all the excess fat from the oils, consider investing in a high-tech air fryer. Or if you find yourself baking a lot, then treat yourself to a brand-new stand mixer. As a matter of fact, kitchen mixers are a must in any home because they let you prepare fresh pasta, cakes and other delicacies.

Have you got appliances you adore at home, which need to be serviced? If this is the case, then consider reaching out to Total Appliance Repair Centre for professional help. Above all, you do not need to get brand-new appliances if you already have products you like using at home. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick repair to add functionality back into the kitchen.

4. Reorganize
Do you struggle with getting your morning coffee, having your breakfast on time and catching the bus to work? Sometimes all a homeowner needs is a clever way to stay more organized. One way to save some time and get things done is to consider reorganizing the most used items on the counter and create a functional station.

For example, place all the coffee related stuff on one area of the counter, so when you are in the mood for a quick caffeine boost you do not need to search for anything. In addition, reorganizing will eliminate all the ugly clutter piling up on the countertops.

In summary, one needs to think about both functionality and design when spicing up the kitchen area. By applying some of the tips, it is certain that you will fall in love with your kitchen all over again!

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Retro Living Room Ideas for the Modern Home



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Vintage has made a comeback, and if you decided to decorate your room with items that look like they are from a classic movie set, that means you’re in need of some ideas on how to jazz up your (presumably) modern home with some retro details.

Start with your kitchen 

Kitchens usually don’t come up first when we talk about decorating. Most people focus on living rooms or bedrooms, whereas kitchens should be equally important since we cook, eat and, overall, spend a lot of time there. If you’re starting from scratch, then having a vintage kitchen shelf is a must. It’ll make your kitchen look homely and welcoming. Additionally, you can get an old-school retro fridge and add extra charm to your kitchen.

Add a color… or two

Daring to have bold colors is definitely more a thing of the past, but luckily, it’s slowly getting back into fashion. Trends have changed in the last 30 years, where minimalist design and neutral colors replaced lively and vivid. Our parents were definitely bolder since they had no qualms about adding bright colors or unique patterns to their living space. A bright yellow couch matched with purple pillows? They just did it and it looked really good. So, follow their footsteps and start adding and mixing those colors!

Decide on an era 

Before we choose the right retro details, it’s important to focus on a specific era, at least each for one room or part of a house. When we think “vintage”, we think old. Anything that looks just enough outdated to make it pass as fashionable. But we also tend to look past as one big whole, forgetting that each decade has its own distinct trends, habits and aesthetic. So finding the right fit for you could seem a little hard, but fret not – there are countless magazines, photos and movies where you can find what’s just for you. Whether it’s adding a vinyl record player from the 1950s as a statement piece or a 60s sofa – you have to do it carefully and with taste. That way, you avoid mixing of styles and eras that otherwise would not go together.

Make it oriental 

The middle-eastern style is never the wrong choice since it can add a touch of exoticness to your living space. Sitting on the floor is a thing in the Muslim world so having floor pillows can make your room (and you, as well) seem more laidback and relaxed. Having lanterns and colorful Moroccan rugs will help you infuse your room with traditional oriental details and create a different vibe.

Pop culture is always a good choice 

If you get stuck with coming up with new ideas – just remember your favorite childhood movies or music. Find a retro movie poster framed and hang it in your living room. Whether it’s Casablanca, The Chinatown or Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s guaranteed that a dash of old Hollywood or some Andy Warhol will bring a whole new atmosphere to your space. If you’re a music fan, add some of your favorite records on a shelf or frame your beloved album covers and use them instead of paintings.

Check your favorite thrift shops and flea markets

It goes without saying but it won’t hurt to stress it – the best way to find unique vintage furniture and decorations is to arm yourself with patience and start cruising all the thrift stores and flea markets in your area. Chances are you will find extremely rare or, even valuable pieces that you can use to beautify your home. Instead of spending a fortune on boring vases and paintings, use that money to buy something special.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Being willing to try out uncommon details is what separates creatives from those who just blindly follow trends. So let your imagination go wild and add things you otherwise wouldn’t. Antique books, a typewriter, an old looking TV set or a vintage radio. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to mix styles, but do it skillfully. If you have a friend who’s into interior design, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Soon, your home will have a totally different look!

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Stellar Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, And Pantry




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Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside The Box And Try New Things

In your kitchen, there’s naturally going to be a lot of mess. When a kitchen isn’t messy, that usually means it’s unused. Certainly, this is one way to keep things organized; but it’s certainly not the best way. The best way is to think about what you have in terms of space, how you use it, and where things can be improved.

Don’t look so much into augmenting your behavior—though this isn’t without the realm of advisability. Rather, look into ways of matching your behavior with only minute augmentation. Doing so will make you more likely to keep the changes you pursue. Following are several stellar organizational tips you might want to take into consideration if you don’t know where to start.


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Pantry Baskets

The pantry can be a real stumbling block, especially when you’re in the process of cooking, cleaning, or stocking shelves with new groceries. The tendency is to just throw things in there, putting things you use the most where you can see them.

Sure, this works, but you are very likely to forget you have things, and items will be lost. A better way to organize might include labeling baskets and putting them on appropriate shelves.

You might have a basket labeled breakfast goods, one labeled noodles, one labeled canned soups, the other canned vegetables. You could have a cookie basket, a cracker basket, a basket for varying syrups which require no refrigeration, and the list goes on.

Important Things Should Be At Eye-Level

The things you retrieve regularly should be right where you can see them. It might be worthwhile to combine this tactic with the pantry basket strategy. Put all the pantry baskets at eye level, and label them. This way people take things from a specific basket, and are more likely to return those things to that basket. They’ve got to look for the name before they remove or return anything.

Certainly you don’t have to have baskets at eye-level; you might just put whatever you most commonly retrieve from the pantry where you can see it. That said, augmenting storage practices here could save you a lot of organizational hassle later on.

pantry kitchen

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Have Separate Storage For Tupperware Lids And Containers

When you store your tupperware containers with the lids that cover them, those lids go on holiday throughout whatever drawer or cabinet you’re using. They practically pack their bags and disappear. The only way to find the specific lid for the specific tupperware container you want to is to take everything out and root around in there until you find what you were looking for. This is a pain.

 Here’s a better solution: if you’ve got adjacent drawers, cabinets, or what-have-you, store containers in one, and lids in the other. Stack tupperware containers of the same size together, and do likewise with lids in the other storage space. It isn’t a bad idea to incorporate partitions as well. 

Separate Silverware Into Dining And Preparation Categories

You don’t eat with a measuring spoon, but oftentimes you do throw it in the same silverware drawer as your primary cutlery. This just confuses things! What would make more sense is to separate silverware according to usage. 

When you need measuring implements or stirring spoons, then you look in the appropriate drawer. When you need dining wear, then you go to the other drawer. This will save time when you’re setting the table and preparing meals. 

Additionally, such a strategy allows you to remain more organized generally. When you put dishes away after washing them in the machine, you can stack them according to size and use in either drawer. Then there’s reduced chance for mess later.

Cutlery Panel Knife

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Make Division Between Traditional Dining Wear And Fine Cutlery

While we’re dividing things up, you might want to find a separate place to store the fine cutlery. This includes more than just forks, spoons, and knives. Also, you want to keep plates and glasses in their own spot.

This is especially considerable when you factor in glasses used for wine or champagne. Typically, these are more delicate than a cup used for juice or water. You don’t want the kids using a goblet designed for some sort of port or craft beer! Instead, put such items in their own area, and be careful to organize it as you do other portions of your kitchen.

Tea Set China Fine

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Vertical Space—Compartmentalized Spice-Racks And Cabinetry

Cork board in which things can be hung may save you hassle in storing certain preparation implements. You might also look into magnetic solutions for holding a knife, or other metallic instrument. Pots and pans can usually be hung by the handle. This is a lot better way to store them than simply throwing them in the cabinet under the burners.

Something else you might look into is additional storage options designed to fit your present needs. Ready To Assemble cabinets, RTA for short, can allow you to design idiosyncratic solutions which match your kitchen intimately. At some websites, you can find kitchen cabinets for sale, therefore you can find interesting RTA options worth a look.

If you’re having trouble keeping everything stored when all the dishes are clean, this is a sure sign you’ve either got to downsize or increase your storage capacity. There’s likely an area or two in your kitchen that could do with another cabinet or shelving array. You might even consider a remodel; this can be a great way to maintain property value.

Also, consider how your spices are stored. Oftentimes people just put them in a drawer and search for what they need. A better tactic may be a small shelving unit called a spice rack. You can label specific spots for specific spices, hang up the rack, save drawer space, and reduce time lost rooting around for…well, thyme.

Spices Spice Rack Pepper

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Keeping A Clean Kitchen

Dirt and degradation pile up in a kitchen that’s regularly used. If you don’t stay on top of the mess, it will become a monster. But if you’ve got everything organized, cleaning up is much quicker.

When you can reduce the associated time spent preparing and storing varying items of cutlery, cleaning is easier, and so your kitchen gets less messy less often; making it more usable.

Here’s a link for more kitchen storage ideas you may want to consider. Find which ones work, and are doable in your present situation. Just don’t leave it be! There are always ways to improve.

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Tips for Creating a Healthy, Happy Home



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If you love your home, but feel like the space isn’t nurturing and peaceful enough, don’t worry. You don’t have to grab a sledgehammer and go crazy on your layout! Here are a few easier and cost-effective home improvement tips that will help you create a healthy and happy home.

Brighten up the space 

One of the easiest ways to boost the feeling of wellbeing and happiness is to brighten up the space, both with color and lighting. Off whites, neutrals and pastels are all perfect colors to add some sophisticated softness to your home, just make sure to opt for low- or zero-VOC paints. Another thing you can do is reconsider your window treatment. You can opt for minimalist light and airy curtains or choose something more lush with drapes that pool on the floor. Venetian blinds are also a great choice because they are practical, modern and very easy to clean.

Create a relaxation station 

Designating a relaxation spot is a great way to boost satisfaction in your home. If you’re a spiritual person, you can create a little meditation corner with cozy pillows, candles and relaxing aromatherapy. If you’re a music lover, create a listening room with some good speakers and comfy seating. Book lovers deserve a cozy reading nook with a side table for tea and some good task lighting. Having a dedicated space for your passions will inspire you to pursue them and enjoy them in a much more profound way.

Reduce noise

The world we live in is super hectic and loud. There’s traffic everywhere, TVs are blaring and our phones are constantly chiming. While some noises can’t be stopped, you can at least prevent the noisy outside world from infiltrating your home. So, make sure to provide your space with good insulation that will ensure your home is cozy and quiet. This isn’t a small home improvement project, good insulation will not only minimize noise pollution but also reduce energy waste which can be significant, especially in hot climates like Australia. But, in order to stay green and tidy, contact professionals in junk removal from Sydney to clean up your construction mess and dispose of it the right way. If you don’t do that, you will not only have a lot of rubbish on your hands but also risk some hefty fines.  

Treat yourself to a home office 

Even though a fair number of people work from home, only a small portion of them has a proper workspace. This means your work can easily take over your house and your family life. So, if you work from home, provide yourself with a separate work area that will allow you privacy and make it really easy to forget about work once you’re done for the day. Make sure your home office has plenty of natural lighting, good noise insulation and plenty of storage so you can keep everything you need at hand.

Move outdoors inside 

Welcoming nature to your home is a great and very cheap way to boost wellbeing and happiness in your home. Only a few potted plants can clean out the indoor air, eliminate toxins, boost oxygen levels and rid your home of all kinds of odors. Plus, your interior will look absolutely amazing with some stylish greenery as decoration. You can also add a few natural fabrics to your home. These natural materials will increase warmth and comfort and make your space much more welcoming. Think wool rugs, woven throw blankets and cashmere pillows.

No matter if you want to go all out on your home renovation or just want a few small changes, you’ll certainly improve the overall feel of your space. As soon as you cross your threshold, you’ll feel all the stress and tension of the day seep away and happiness and peace take over.

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