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Omeretta Net Worth




Omeretta is a rising hip-hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She first gained attention for her appearance on the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since then, she has released two mixtapes and one EP.

Her music is characterized by its raw and honest lyrics about her life and experiences. As of 2020, Omeretta’s net worth is $500 thousand. Omeretta was born on May 9, 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was raised in a single-parent household by her mother, who worked two jobs to support the family. Omeretta began writing poetry at a young age as an outlet for her emotions. In high school, she started freestyling and rapping with her friends.

After graduating, she decided to pursue music full-time.

Omeretta is a rapper and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. She first gained popularity through her music videos on YouTube, which led to her being signed by Atlantic Records in 2016. Her debut single, “No Hook”, was released in 2017 and peaked at number 32 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She has since released several other singles, including “Gotta Go” and “Oh No”. Omeretta’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2020.

Omeretta Real Name

Omeretta is a rising rapper and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. Her real name is Omeretta The Great, but she is better known by her stage name. She first gained attention with her song “Oh No Not Again”, which went viral on social media.

Since then, she has released several more songs and music videos, all of which have been well-received by fans. Omeretta The Great was born on February 2, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia. She grew up in a musical household – her father was a rapper and her mother was a singer.

From a young age, Omeretta knew that she wanted to pursue a career in music. She began writing her own songs and performing them at local talent shows. In 2016, Omeretta released her first official single, “Oh No Not Again”.

The song quickly went viral on social media, amassing millions of views on YouTube and SoundCloud. This led to Omeretta being featured on major publications such as XXL Magazine and Fader magazine. Since then, Omeretta has continued to release new music consistently.

In 2019 alone, she has released three new singles – “Trap Queen”, “Gang Gang”, and “No Hook”. She has also shot several music videos for these songs, which have all received millions of views online. Omeretta’s success is due to her unique style of rap/singing hybrid and her catchy hooks.

Her lyrics are often personal and honest, resonating with listeners who can relate to her experiences growing up in the inner city of Atlanta. With more new music on the way, it’s safe to say that Omeretta The Great is one artist to keep an eye out for in the coming years!

Omeretta Net Worth


Is Omeretta Signed?

Omeretta is not currently signed to a record label. She has released music independently in the past, but has not done so since 2018. It is unclear if she is actively shopping around for a deal or if she plans to continue releasing music on her own.

How Old is Omeretta?

Omeretta is 20 years old.


When was Omeretta Born?

Omeretta was born on June 18, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an American rapper and singer-songwriter.

What Part of Atlanta is Omeretta From?

Omeretta the Great is from Decatur, Georgia. She is a rapper and songwriter who has been making music since she was a child. Her father was a hip hop artist and her mother was a singer.

Omeretta grew up in a musical household and began writing her own songs at the age of 12. She went on to attend Morehouse College, where she studied business marketing. After college, she worked for a few years in the corporate world before quitting her job to pursue her music career full-time.

Omeretta’s music is often inspired by her personal life and experiences growing up in Atlanta. In particular, she often writes about the struggles of being a young black woman in America. She has said that she wants her music to be relatable and real, so that people can see themselves in her story.

Her hope is that through her music, she can inspire others to chase their dreams and never give up on themselves.

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Omeretta the Great is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She first gained popularity through her music videos on YouTube, which led to her signing a record deal with Atlantic Records in 2016. Her debut album Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was released in 2017 and peaked at number two on the US R&B chart.

Omeretta has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2020.

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