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Outdoor Upgrades: Getting your Backyard Ready for Summer!



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Do you envy the people with beautifully decorated backyards that could easily be on the front page of every Gardening Magazine? If you do, this is the time to stop. You don’t have to pay through the nose for some so-called experts when you can do all the work yourself. And yes, the world is in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic right now, so if you’re self-isolating alone or with your family, upgrading your backyard is a perfect way to stay busy and beautify your surroundings so you’ll be able to enjoy them during the summer. Therefore, here are 8 pretty and practical backyard ideas that will add color to your lifeless yard and turn it into your own little piece of heaven.

Dress up your garden with exquisite colorful plants and furniture

Nothing will bring more life to your backyard than a small colorful garden. However, don’t stop at just planting the flowers. Make your garden the talk of the town. Take a long-forgotten rusty bicycle and grow flowers in it. Mix the types of flowers to give your garden more charm. The basket on the bicycle will be a perfect flower pot, and the rest of it can be used as a trellis for a climber like a grapevine. This will give your garden a vintage touch.

Make a flagstone path through the garden

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If your garden is big enough for you to walk through it, a flagstone path is simply a must-have. These stones offer natural shapes, and due to their rustic look, they will contribute to a dreamy atmosphere of your garden. This path will be both visually appealing and will provide you with a safe place to walk through without getting muddy and having to worry about stepping on the flowers.

Hang a hammock for lazy afternoons in the shade

Believe it or not, there is no better stress reliever than a hammock. Not only will it make your yard look nicer, but it can have a healing effect as well. Studies have shown that taking a nap in a hammock, due to a zero pressure point surface, is excellent for your health. So, as you can see, having a hammock is both practical and pretty, and the best thing is that you can make it yourself. All you need are two trees, strong fabric, and a few ropes.

Don’t forget to make a nice and practical driveway

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If you have a car, don’t let your lawn suffer. Make a nice driveway using the multipurpose grass pavers. Not only will your yard look neat, but your driveway won’t stand out from the lawn, damaging the yard’s harmony. The grass paver system is easy to install and it will reduce flooding during heavy rains since the water can fast soak through the surface instead of accumulating in low-lying areas.


Treat yourself and your loved ones with some outdoor entertainment experience

An outdoor cinema will be the main attraction in your backyard, mainly during the summer, and having an outdoor entertainment area will surely be a great spot to gather and enjoy the latest movies. Having a movie night surrounded by friends and family, while munching on snacks is a perfect way of having fun during the warm spring and summer months. If you have children they will absolutely love it watching cartoons and age-appropriate movies.

Leave a place for sitting in the shade


You don’t have to spend a penny in order to have a beautiful place to sit in the corner of your backyard. Take your old chairs and paint them in different colors, or if you have children, let them express their artistic side and decorate them as they please. In this way, you will get a unique piece of art, which will not only be noticed by everyone, but it will have a sentimental value as well. If you have space, you can add a table and make this spot ideal for family lunches during the summer months.

Build a fountain for some cooling down

A fountain will certainly be a nice thing to add to your backyard. It may sound expensive, but truly it’s not. There are different ways in which you can build your own fountain. It is enough just to search through the Internet and many ideas will instantly show up. The noise of the water will create an impression of being in nature, adding a touch of wilderness to your backyard. Additionally, you can opt for a small outdoor spa, especially if installing a pool seems like too much work for you. Being able to relax in bubbly and warm water while enjoying the cool air against your skin is one of the greatest things that you can do if you own a backyard.

Illuminate your backyard on summer nights

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Make your backyard the most romantic place ever by installing backyard lights. This won’t be a big investment, and you will have a special place to spend romantic evenings with your partner. Furthermore, these lights will create a wonderful atmosphere perfect for garden parties. For example, you can try adding color-changing planters which will light up at night and add magic to your backyard.

As you can see, having a paradise in your own backyard is something easily achievable. All you need is some willpower and a bit of imagination.


Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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