fashion trends

Timeless fashion trends for all body types

Every girl wants to look her best. To do this, it is not necessary to have expensive clothes or spend hours in front of a mirror. You just need to know a few tricks on how to dress according to your body type.

fashion trends

Type 1: Hourglass

As the hourglass figure is most desirable, we do not have as many tips for you as almost everything works for you. For the upper part, you can wear pieces that emphasize your waist, from blouses to classic shirts.

We recommend combining a wider top with tight jeans and vice versa. Narrow high-waist skirts are great for you. You can play and combine prints for both the top and bottom. Dresses that follow the body line can be great for going out and some more festive occasions. To add a little extra spice to your outfit pick high-quality jewelry, and you can see here for examples.

Type 2: Apple

You fall into this category if you have larger shoulders and busts than hips. It is important to emphasize the waist and add some volume to the lower part for balance. A V-neck is always recommended for the upper part of your body. Just make sure it is narrow so that it does not widen you further visually. It’s better to choose monochrome things in the upper part. Be careful with patterns and be sure to avoid horizontal stripes.

As for skirts, they should be high-waist and with plenty of volume. A-cut skirts are also great for you as they extend from the waist down. Bright colors and large prints on skirts will look very good on you. A V-neck dress that is cut at the waist and further expanded is great. For pants, look for those with wider legs.

Type 3: Pear

If you are pear-shaped you will have more pronounced hips. What you want to achieve is to create a balance between your hips and shoulders. You will achieve this by adding a little volume or creating the illusion that your upper part is wider than it is. You can do this by wearing T-shirts with a wide V-neck, a boat neckline or bare shoulders. Puff shoulders and sleeves are also a great choice.

Distinctive colors and prints will also draw attention to the upper part of your body. You should choose skirts and pants in darker colors. Choose pants that are the so-called cigarette model. If you are tall you can try some narrower models, but avoid completely narrow cuts. The A-cut skirts are great for you, as are the models with a little crease. However, avoid anything that has creases in the hip area as they visually make you even wider.

Type 4: Banana

You are in the first category called banana unless you have particularly pronounced curves and a small waist. Because your shoulders and hips are the same widths your goal should be to create curves with clothing.

For the upper part, it is desirable that the blouse has some details on the neckline and shoulders, and you can achieve a similar effect with a striking necklace. High-waist skirts that have volume will do wonders for you. You can wear all lengths, but if you aren’t tall, avoid too long and too short models.

As for the dress, choose pieces that are narrow to the waist and then expand. A-cut dresses, as well as dress shirts that tie at the waist, are perfect for you. Safari and ‘boyfriend jeans’ models will suit you best, and if you want to wear skinny jeans, wear a nicer blouse or something more voluminous. Whatever is your body type you can always make fashion work for you.

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