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3 Simple Tips to Improve Considerably your Health and to Increase your Longevity



David Michigan

Nowadays, everywhere you look, you can see people that are stressed out.

The most common causes include starting a new job, having a baby, finding a new partner, tensions at work…

And in almost all cases, people today are more willing to admit that their stressful life have a direct impact on their health.

David Michigan, a fitness and health expert, shares here 3 simple tips, yet very effective, to improve considerably your health and to have a better life for the years to come.

David Michigan

© David Michigan

Tip no 1# Boost your Natural Hormones

With a stressful life, men and women tend to produce less and less hormones.

This can be detrimental, inasmuch as having a good hormonal ratio is always link to a good health.


Here is what you can start to do:

Take Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is strongly link to a good hormonal balance, it is one of the most important vitamin to rise your hormones.

It is highly recommend to take 5000ui of Vitamin D3 per day.

Take Zinc

Zinc plays also a good role because when people have zinc deficiency, they often have suppressed testosterone concentrations.

 You can take for example 15mg of zinc daily, to boost testosterone.


Exercise a lot

It is often found in people who exercise a lot have high hormones levels.

But it is not only that, if you perform weight lifting, it is actually the most effective method to rise your hormones quickly and effectively.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also very effective at rising your hormonal levels.

Tip no 2# Have More Potassium than Sodium

Now, if you want to be in a very good health, you normally should consume more potassium than sodium.

So why is it important?

Because the more sodium you take, the more it acidifies the blood.


On the opposite side, here are some important benefits of eating more potassium than sodium.

Now, if you really want to eat some great aliments that are supercharged with potassium, here is a good list to begin:

Remember, normally all natural food (fruits, vegetables…) have a very good potassium/sodium ratio.

 It is only when you start to eat processed food that you will encounter this problem (French fries, chips.

Tip no 3# Take Powerful Antioxidants



Of course you can have all of this eating the right food at the right moment, but it is very hard nowadays in the modern society: we constantly have meetings; we are invited to eat with friends or for business…

That’s why with taking every antioxidants, you are able to improve your health in a daily basis.


Remember that we are made of habits, and the better your habits are, the better your overall life will be.

Here are 2 powerful antioxidants you can start to take now:

Vitamin C

You can take up to 3g per day of Vitamin C (1g at Morning, 1g for Lunch and 1g for Dinner).

Taking Vitamin C will allow you to:

– Build and maintains blood vessels


Coenzyme Q10

Now comes one of the most powerful antioxidant: Coenzyme Q10. You can take this time, 600mg per day: 300mg at lunch and 300mg at Dinner

It will help you to:

– Protect cells from the effects of aging

– Protect the Heart

– Decrease Blood Pressure


– Decrease Free Radical Damage

You should ALWAYS pay attention to your health. It is great to have a good mind.

But always remember that the sharpest mind doesn’t go very far, if the body can’t follow it.

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