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Top Short Haircuts for Women That Are Trendy in Every Season



short haircuts for women

Many women think that to look stylish and elegant they need to have a long haircut. But the truth is slightly different. Actually, with the appearance of various fashion styles, more and more short haircuts for women emerged, increasing their popularity.

short haircuts for women

Photo © pexels

Nowadays many famous actresses, models, and businesswomen can be seen sporting a nice short hairstyle that manages to steal the show wherever they go. They embraced their thin hair and handled it in the right way.

The hairstyles we’ll present here are just like this, giving you a chance to change your look for the better.

Here are the top short haircuts for women

Swoop to the Side

Swoop to the Side short haircuts

Photo © stylebistro

One of the haircuts that give a classic look and still look trendy on women is the swoop to the side. It can be easily made with a curling iron by simply creating a wave to the side.

You can wear it on all occasions, from formal to more casual ones and spark the retro spirit in you.

Sides That Are Close-Cropped

Sides That Are Close-Cropped short haircuts

Photo © StyleCaster

With this, women can look modern and have a bunch of options to experiment with their hair. There’s just enough length on the top for that.

Some of the styling possibilities include wearing it to one side, curling it slightly, flipping it and all other looks you can think of.

Painted in Unique Colors

Painted in Unique Colors short haircuts

Photo © matrix

Another reason short hair is trendy at the moment is because it looks special when painted. While natural colors are nice, it’s interesting to try on more unique hues like pink or silver.

It’ll let your personality shine through, allowing you to present yourself in your own light. And women get remembered for such things.


Also, with a short style, all the colors of the tips, highlights, and lowlights look better.

Textured Curls

Textured Curls short haircuts

Photo © Pinterest

When a short haircut is mentioned, people usually associate it with flat hair. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

You can play a bit with your curls, adding energy and motion to your look. All that’s necessary to achieve this effect is messing up with your hair and applying specific products to it.

Finger Waves

Finger Waves short haircuts

Photo © Pinterest

It’s a bit tiresome to curl your hair up every day to create waves. However, it’s totally worth it to do it for special events.

This haircut gives the woman such an elegant and dashing look that it’s trendy no matter the season.

Deep Bangs

Deep Bangs short haircuts

Photo © Weheartit

Bangs are an essential part of every modern short hairstyle. They enhance the appearance of your whole face, adding edge and a little drama. This is why women like to try out the front fringe.

You should just deeply separate your hair in the front and spread the bangs across your face. To enrich this look, you can play a bit with your hair at the back, make it spiky or color a few locks.

Rebellious Side

Rebellious Side short haircuts

Photo © Pinterest

Why always stick to the serious look when you can wake your rebellious nature through your short hairdo? The options are endless. Basically, women can experiment with their thin hair more than with their long locks.

You can cut your hair to a medium length and create an undercut on the side. Dye some streaks for an even more rebellious appearance.


Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut

Photo © Pinterest

In case you have a straight hair, this type of style will suit you perfectly fine. There are a lot of geometrical shapes to try on like Jessie J’s famous bob.

This is a bob that’s at your shoulder-length, including thick bangs. It looks especially good on brunettes.

Which one of these do you like the best? Keep watching here for more hairstyles stuffs.

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