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Top Social Media Platforms Recommendations for Increasing Website Traffic



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For most business owners, increasing the organic traffic generation abilities of websites is perhaps among the most difficult tasks. As everyone is aware there has been a boom in social media use in recent years and a lot of businesses have also embraced the various social media platforms. However, since the numbers of social media networks are many, it can be difficult for owners of businesses to decide which one to choose to be active on to engage followers and increase brand engagement. Some suggestions:


Whenever any social media activity is considered, one name automatically springs to the mind, Facebook. The first social media site to have gained widespread acceptance, Facebook even today remains the biggest in terms of the number of monthly active users. Facebook is considered to be among the most popular of social media networks with more than two-thirds of all adults in America reporting to be its users and around 75% of them use it on a daily basis. Even though young audiences are rapidly adopting many other social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest, Facebook is simply too big for business to ignore. Even now despite changing habits, 82% of online users in the age group of 18-29 still use Facebook. Learn more? Then check the best practices of facebook carousel ads hacks.


With the number of monthly active users crossing 1 billion, Instagram is not only among the fastest growing social media platforms but the number one unarguably for user engagement. A big favorite with the young generation for sharing photo content, Instagram is the perfect social media for business with products and services that are visually attractive. Instagram Stories has also proved to be a big hit with users. Businesses can easily add a link to the story that will permit easy access to their websites by followers. If you want to ramp up the number of your followers, you can buy real Instagram likes with the help of many marketing agencies that specialize in such activities.


LinkedIn is by and large the most preferred social media platform for professional audiences wanting to interact with each other. It has over 250 million monthly active users comprising professionals, including top executives and organizations. LinkedIn is primarily used for connecting with professionals and searching for jobs and is thus a good platform for companies to share information with prospective hires. LinkedIn Groups, especially, is considered by experts as a good source of organic traffic generation.


Twitter is a big favorite of businesses for connecting with their audiences. Though in general, the organic reach of this platform has been declining, many smart businesses still manage to leverage its reach by posting comments on trending issues, real-time events, and by including relevant hashtags.



Increasing organic traffic is no mean task for businesses even as the competitive environment keeps on changing rapidly. Since no business generally has the resources to be active on all the social media networks, they need to decide which ones to engage their potential customers on and then focus on creating engaging content to attract followers.

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