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Train Your Cat With These Incredible Tips And Tricks



Most pets depict remarkable obedience and fellowship. They prove to be easily trainable with the standard methods that we all know. Some pets like dogs learn on their own by observing the surroundings and the owner’s behavior. In contrast, cats seem to be quite untamable when it comes to training.

Cats priorly served the purpose of getting rid of pests without human interference. As a result, they are not social animals. They have short attention spans, unlike dogs. More importantly, training your cat is essential, as it provides many benefits. Not only it keeps your cat healthy by encouraging mind and body activity, but it also helps to strengthen your bond with your furry pet. Here are a few useful tips and tricks that will help you train your seemingly trainable cat with ease.

While training your cat, you’ll need to use the appropriate equipment explicitly designed for the purpose. For example, a suitable cat litter is essential to train your cat. Cats have preferences in almost everything and are known to be quite picky. Alongside teaching them what to do, you’ll need to act according to their likings to influence their behavior. Perhaps the biggest issue people face is while training their cats to use the cat litter. Even after putting in time and effort, the cats will still avoid using the designated box.

However, finding the right cat litter can be quite tricky. Many factors will remain undealt with a wrong pick, such as poor odor control, allergic reactions, and difficulty cleaning. Go for an all-natural cat litter that does not pose any threats to your pet’s health while also being easy to clean and comfortable for the cat to use. Among the various options like silica gel or hooded litters, pet owners love to buy hypoallergenic cat litter that successfully fulfills all the needs.

Reward Your Cat

To motivate your cat to perform a specific action, you’ll need to introduce a reward system. Whenever you start to train your cat, make sure to reward it if it acts accordingly. There are two types of rewards that can grab your cat’s attention. The first one being the use of treats. However, you’ll need to make sure that the cat likes the treats. You can even make them at home. Tuna and diced chicken are some treats that cats are known to enjoy. First, you’ll need to introduce the chosen reward to your cat by moving it in an arc above his nose. As a result, you will grab its attention. Then you can reward your cat with a treat whenever it performs the required action. Repeat this in every training session, so your cat develops a positive association with the activity.

The second way to reward your cat is by praising it whenever it performs the required action. Speak to your cat in a kind and positive manner, with phrases such as “good job.” It will also help to motivate the cat.

Avoid Punishing

Many people think it’s necessary to punish their cats by scolding them if they don’t perform the required action. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while training your cat. Cats may not even realize if they get punished, making the method ineffective. However, most of the time, punishing your cat will only increase its stress and anxiety while also encouraging an undesirable behavior. So, punishing your cat should be avoided at all costs, even if it shows an unpleasant action. Instead, try to opt for better methods, such as rewarding your cat.

Use A Clicking Sound

Using a clicking sound while training your cat can help to make the process faster and more effective. You can use a clicker for this purpose; however, if you don’t have one, a pen can make a similar sound. Once your cat performs the required action, make the clicking sound at that exact moment, and give it a treat. The clicking sound helps your cat to know that it’s doing the right thing. Keep repeating this process until the cat starts to do the action by itself.

Keep Training Sessions Short

Cats are known to have very short attention spans and are likely to get bored with training sessions if you keep them too long. Many cat owners think that the more time they spend, the faster they will train their cats. However, instead of putting all your time in one session, you should divide training into many shorter sessions. Consequently, you’ll be able to retain your cat’s attention making the training session pleasant for both. Moreover, it will also help your cat learn faster, as many training sessions will help the cat retain the concept. With just one session per day, your cat is very likely to forget what you’re teaching it, as cats don’t have a good memory.


Being a cat owner is one of the most joyful experiences, as they are affectionate animals. However, training your cat is necessary to improve your cat’s behavior and avoid any unpleasant actions. So, start preparing your cat right away by using the tips mentioned above. It may not happen overnight; however, the result will be worth the effort and time you invest.

Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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Learn How To Play Pickleball And Become Active Once Again As A Senior



Exercise, diet, social interaction, and mental stimulation: these four things are fundamental for health at any age. As we become more mature, though, the cares of life tend to choke out these important pillars of health. Work and fatigue reduce exercise. Diet is impacted by emotion as well as convenience—”fast food” is easier. Social ties erode, and the mind wanes.

If you don’t keep a close network of friends around you as you age, there’s a high likelihood you’ll implode into yourself, finding a routine that is lackluster and unhealthy; perhaps involving sedentary hours in front of the computer or television. The mind isn’t stimulated as much as one might expect by things like TV. In fact, it’s put in a sort of hypnotic trance.

Unless you’re doing thought-intensive things on the computer, like writing, or designing graphical displays, you’re likely in a state of reduced mental stimulation. You’re certainly not getting “real” social interaction, you’re not exercising, and even if you’re just eating fruits and vegetables in front of the flickering screen, lack of activity may diminish nutritional absorption.

So you want to remain active, social, stimulate your mind, and eat right. The social activity involved with mental stimulation and exercise can make it so your body more efficiently absorbs nutrients, but many seniors struggle with finding an appropriate athletic pastime. Pickleball is one of the best options for many seniors; we’ll explore more here.

First: How Does Pickleball Work?

Pickleball is a lot like other sports featuring paddles, balls, and nets. Essentially, the big difference which throws some has to do with the “double bounce” rule. The server and the receiver must allow the ball to bounce once. So the server bounces the ball over the net, the opponent allows a bounce, and then the volley begins.

The really big thing that makes pickleball good for seniors is the no-volley zone that stretches seven feet from the net on either side of the court. This no-volley zone prevents “spiking”, and keeps players from hurting themselves chasing after “extreme” plays that could pull a muscle in sensitive areas. From there, whoever is serving keeps doing so until he or she “faults”.

Particulars Of Pickleball: Court Size, Paddles, Balls, Etc.

The ball used in pickleball is perforated with holes. It’s like a wiffle ball but has a little more weight and heft to it. You can follow this site to get an in-depth look at pickleball court dimensions. In a nutshell, if you’ve got a badminton court, you can play pickleball. The traditional dimensions are twenty by forty-four feet. So twenty feet wide, forty-four long.

Doubles, Tournaments, And Impromptu Matches

Like in sports such as tennis or badminton, pickleball allows players to have groups. You can have a “team” of two on either side, switching off between those who serve. Tournaments can be played when there are lots of people with a hankering for pickleball. Friendly rivalries can be entertained. Also, since the court size is small, pickleball matches can use most nets.

A badminton net works fine for pickleball. So does a tennis net; though the court size is a bit larger. A lot of tennis courts actually have boundaries drawn for different paddle games. You’ll commonly see boundaries for pickleball, which makes things easier. That said, it’s no big deal to define your own boundaries in an area with a net and enough space.

Some like to think of pickleball as the mature player’s tennis. It’s much the same in terms of exercise without being as dangerous owing to the no-volley zone, the double-bounce rule, and the match scoring. This wasn’t mentioned earlier, but it’s worth putting in here: matches go to 11 points. That means they don’t have to be exceptionally long.

Something many seniors contend with is a reduction in energy. That means they can go hard briefly, but soon find they’re not able to keep at it. Well, in a small tournament of pickleball, it’s easy to cycle teams out; and matches tend to go quicker. That allows for the maximum of physical exertion among seniors with a minimum of negative impact.

Finding An Activity That’s Healthy And Stimulating

Different seniors have different preferences when it comes to sporting activities and exercise in general. Some prefer to hike, some prefer to swim, some prefer boating, or jogging—there are even seniors who are into bodybuilding; though they’re certainly in the minority. Pickleball represents a sporting opportunity that’s more tangible, safe, and fun than many others.

With pickleball there’s a social element, the mind is engaged in the sport, you’re exercising, and you’re bound to work up an appetite while positively stimulating your digestive system owing to physical exertion. If you’re struggling with being active as a senior, pickleball can be a gentle, straightforward, fun, easy way of getting back into the swing of things.


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How to Find the Best Wedding Expo Near You



Wedding expo

It’s said that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. That’s why you and your partner both want to make it as perfect as possible. In order to achieve that, you need to do a lot of planning, running around, meeting people, and all sorts of other activities. All of that can be very time-consuming and, frankly, very tiring.

So, a lot of future brides and grooms decide to visit a wedding expo. However, finding the right one that’s near you may not be the easiest job in the world. Today’s topic is all about that! Here are the best ways to find the most suitable nearby wedding expo for you.

Wedding expo

Before You Start Searching…

It’s important to know your needs and what you expect from an event like this. Wedding expos are usually events where you get a chance to meet numerous wedding service providers. They take place at ballrooms, hotels, trade show halls, malls, and such. What’s more, you get a chance to see a fashion show, speakers, and even participate in giveaways or exclusive deals.

But wedding expos are quite different from, let’s say, bridal shows. The latter ones are smaller, whereas the expos have more than a hundred vendors and draw thousands of visitors. Sometimes they can be less formal and are very energetic.

That’s why you should make up your mind what type of event is for you.

Ask the Search Engines

Google as the number one search engine is the go-to for these kinds of inquiries. You can type in simply ‘wedding expo near me’ in the search bar and many results will appear. Try your luck with variations of this keyword, too.

Often, you’ll find some sites who offer calendars with locations and everything for upcoming wedding expos. They can also be separated by state or country.

Browse Wedding Blogs and Content

When a wedding expo is in town, the wedding blogs and bloggers are among the first to find out and write about it. That’s why you can go through a blog like this you can trust or even the blog you like reading. It’s very likely they’ll yield some useful information about the best wedding expo in your area.

Going Social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… You name it. All of these extremely popular social media have dozens of accounts related to weddings and anything related to that. If you’re lucky enough you may stumble upon a Facebook event, an ad or an Instagram story for a nearby expo.

Ask Around

Bringing this question up to your friends or even your cake maker can surprise. A word of mouth is a very efficient method of how information is transferred. So, maybe the individuals in your circle may know more about this.

How to Find the Best Wedding Expo Near You – Recap

Whether you’re consulting with friends and acquaintances, Google or browsing websites, blogs, and social media channels, one thing is certain. Wedding expos are a huge deal to many couples, so you’ll find one easily and effortlessly. It’s important to just relax and enjoy every second of the whole wedding planning frenzy!

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Hair Care

Hibiscus Oil: The Holy Grail for Hair




hibiscus oil for hair

The vivid flower hibiscus flower does a lot more than just adding allure to your garden. It is a powerhouse of hair boosting nutrients which makes it one of the key ingredients in ancient Ayurveda for treating hair related issues. Now with the power of science and technology, we have figured out what makes this beauty a holy grail for hair. So, here are some of the benefits of hibiscus oil for hair.

  1. Mucilage magic for tangle free hair

Hibiscus flower has a rich content of a thick gluey substance made up of large polysaccharides molecules. This slimy secretion is an excellent natural emollient which not only moisturizes the skin of your scalp but also helps it from retaining moisture so you can bid adieu to a flaky, itchy and dry scalp. The same mucilage also coats each strand of your hair with its moisturizing and slippery properties which make detangling your hair a cake walk.

  1. Vitamin C to say no to thinning hair

100 grams of this super flower has as much as 18.4 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an essential role in the production of collagen in our bodies. Collagen helps the body in renewing cells which help build the hair structure thereby improving the growth of hair. It also adds elasticity to the hair shaft which makes it less prone to breakage.

  1. Anti-oxidants to fight the bad guys

One of the major reasons for people to lose hair every second these days is oxidative stress which refers to a condition when the body is out of balance with far more free radicals than antioxidants. Free radicals are a huge culprit to our overall health and cause tissue damage which eventually leads to the breakage of hair. Hibiscus has a rich store of antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin A along with anthocyanins and malic acid which helps the body to fight free radicals and keep hair fall at bay. These antioxidants also delay premature graying of hair by restoring the pigment called melanin in hair shafts.

  1. Acids for gentle exfoliation

You probably cannot keep count of the times you are told to exfoliate your skin to remove the nasty layer of dead cells and reveal the fresh skin from underneath. However, how many times have you actually exfoliated your scalp which has a lot more product build up than your skin along with dead cells? Well, the wealth of acids in this tropical flower makes it a perfect exfoliant for your scalp and boosts its health. They gently take away the layer of dead cells and products giving it a deep clean which render you with a flake-free scalp.

  1. Amino Acid for silky, shiny and strong hair

The amino acid is the key component which forms the protein keratin in our body. Now, by now you must have seen hair salons offering keratin treatments for thousands. That’s because keratin forms the very structure of hair and fills in the porous shaft to render it smooth and shiny. A good hibiscus oil treatment a few times a week will give you better results without side effects on a budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your potion bottle of hibiscus oil for hair online and treat your mane with the love it deserves.

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5 Things to Know About Care for Aged Parents



Spending time together

Once your parents come of certain age, they may have a hard time caring for themselves. When this happens, it will be your duty, your responsibility and your obligation to do all you can for them. Sometimes, this means looking for a suitable institution which could become their permanent residence, while at times it will merely mean lending them a helping hand.With that in mind and without further ado, here are five things to know about caring for elderly parents.

Spending time together

Spending time together @getty image

1. What is an emotional effect?

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that caring for your parents, although an obvious choice at first, isn’t really something that will fail to leave an emotional toll on both you and your family. For someone who has always seen their parent as a safety net, the reversal of roles might be much more difficult than it may seem at first. Moreover, you need to understand that there’s more than your own emotions at play. Your spouse and your children might get affected by this as well.

2. Is there an illness involved?

There are some illnesses that can make taking care of a parent both emotionally exhausting and incredibly difficult to handle for someone without specialized medical training. One of such problems is dementia, which is very common with people in their old age and only gets worse with time. In this scenario, putting your ego aside and enlisting your parent in a facility specialized in dementia care is the only noble thing to do. Even though it may seem harsh at times, this is really the only way for them to have a resemblance of a normal life, considering their state.

3. Are you being overprotective?

Sure, as one ages, it’s inevitable that they’ll need more and more assistance around daily chores. However, trying to impose yourself on the parent that, frankly, can handle all of this on their own may not be the best idea and might even come across as insulting.

In order to help them preserve their dignity, as well as keep their self-confidence, you need to let them take as much responsibility for their life as possible. Moreover, by preventing them from performing tasks that they are still able to do, you’re hurting them in the longrun, while you’re supposed to be helping them.

4. Do they have a company of peers?

In your household, your parents will be surrounded by the people closest to them (children and grandchildren); however, having a company of peers is still something that’s deemed as more than necessary. In your own neighborhood, your parents might not have a single friend and, at their age, making new acquaintances is more difficult than ever. So, you need to consider whether dragging them across the country just so they could move into your household is really something that’s in their best interest. If not, then you need to consider the most suitable alternative.

5. Can they develop a new hobby?

Finally, boredom is one of the greatest plights of old age, which is why helping your parent find a new hobby may help them out immensely. This is both an exhaust vent and a useful distraction.


At the end of the day, you need to set your motivation straight and ask yourself one question that’s tough to answer. Namely, you need to ask yourself whether you’re doing a thing that’s in the best interest of your parents or the thing that will help ease your consciousness the most. As we’ve suggested earlier, leaving your ego behind is the only way in which this can work, yet, it’s admittedly one of the hardest things you can ever do.Nevertheless, you know that your mother or father is definitely worth it.

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Work at Home Jobs That Are Easy and Fill People’s Budget



Life can often be too expensive for those that don’t have a job. Sitting around all day with empty pockets leads only to stress and depression. But the unemployed aren’t the only ones facing this issue. Some people that have a job simply don’t want to spend their whole time in an office. They’d rather spend more time with their family and friends with a flexible schedule. That’s where work at home jobs come to the rescue.

Thanks to the development of technology and the global connection between nations and countries, people have so many things to do that don’t include the traditional ways of earning money. In the modern time we live in, job opportunities are around the corner, especially jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Want to find out more about this? Here are some of the easiest works at home jobs that can hopeful for everybody.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

© Cliff Technologies

Companies usually look for individuals to help them out with all the office duties. These include updating the social media channels, writing emails, filling in calendars and such.

The good news is that they need people, who would do that remotely on a freelance basis. All you should do is make a profile on one of the freelance sites like Upwork, FlexJobs, and others similar to these and start looking for virtual assistant jobs.

Apartment Host

Apartment Host

© Booking

Another way to earn money without leaving your house is offering rooms for rent. Airbnb is one of the most popular places where people do this. The site allows you to post details about the rooms you have and let other people interested in coming to your area see them. That way they can book a room and pay to you for that.

Add to this, the monthly sum isn’t bad at all, as people earn around a $925 in rent per month. But have in mind that this is a job for those that love to meet someone new and have a spare space.

Watch Other People’s Dogs

Watch Other People’s Dogs

© TopDogTips

This is a real job that can be done remotely. In fact, a lot of puppy lovers that have a spare time tend to do it. Not only that they get to spend a lot of time with the cute creatures, but they get a decent sum in return.

Moreover, this job can bring as much as $1,000 per month. If you are interested in this, there are online sites like Rover or DogVacay where you can sign up to be a sitter.

Take Surveys

Take Surveys

© Harlow Gallery

Many people don’t believe it, but there are truly websites that pay people for filling out surveys. While the payment per survey isn’t very big (around $5), it’s still decent when you consider the fact that you can take a bigger number of surveys. To help you out with that and keep you posted, some survey sites even send you an email with the available surveys at the moment.

On the other hand, you can encounter platforms that pay users just for signing up. So, if you have enough spare time, check out sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, VIP Voice, and other similar to those.

Start a Blog

Start A Blog

A lot of people make money by running a blog. Just choose a niche that you have knowledge in and start writing the posts. There are a lot of guides available on how you can start blogging, so you can take a look at some of them first.

Basically, by expanding the audience, bloggers become more influential in their field. Thanks to that they get approached by brands, have ads placed on their blogs, and use strategies for generating income like affiliate marketing, pay-per-click and the rest.

A Final Word

No matter which of these you choose to do remember one thing –you should love what you do. Yes, it will bring additional income without the need to go to an actual workplace, but still, your enthusiasm about the home job and your love for it are the keys to success. Good luck and tell us all about our experience with this!

For more income-related tips and news, stay on Flix Expo!

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