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Trendy Office Design Ideas for an Inspiring Workspace



Cozy furniture

laptop and notebookHaving to spend eight or nine hours a day in a boring and uninspiring office is never fun. This could really take a toll on you and ruin your desire to work. That’s why modern office spaces have to be welcoming and motivating, especially if you want to be a good employee. Following the latest trends is a great way to achieve that and learn how professionals are dealing with this problem. Therefore, here are some of the trendiest office design ideas you might want to take into consideration.

Huge desks

All offices need spacious desks, and yours is no different. However, the size of your desk depends on the size of your office, and that’s something you can’t control. Still, you should insist on having a big desk that will give you enough space for all your necessities.

Make sure it’s ergonomic, though, and you’ll prevent future lower back pain and other health issues. Such a desk helps you do your best work and it’s one of the most important features of your office. So, pick the right desk, make it the star of your office, and let it inspire you!

Professional floors

Professional floors

Depending on where you work and how big your office is, your floors can be anywhere from amazing to awful. While that doesn’t sound like the most important thing in the world, it’s still a vital part of your design. Being surrounded by faulty and even floors isn’t inspiring at all, and it’s also far from professional.

That’s why you should think about new floors and find options that might work for you. You can go anywhere from hardwood floors to commercial carpets that are practical and visually appealing at the same time. These carpets will give your office a new look and make it more inspiring, and that’s what we all want. You can also color-coordinate them with your walls and other office elements, thus getting an even more cohesive look.

Homely doors and décor

Speaking of floors, don’t forget to think about the materials you’re using as well. While carpets are practical and cool, hardwood floors are better if your office features one of those amazing barn doors. These are both functional and appealing, which means they could be a wonderful solution for all office spaces. Finally, these doors are homely and inviting, which means they’ll keep you motivated and feel like you’re at home!


Having to spend the bigger portion of your day in an office is never good, especially if you have kids. This means you won’t see them as much as you want. So, add a personal touch to your office, decorate it with pictures of your kids, and you’ll instantly feel better. This will inspire you to work harder than ever and get more work done in less time. Due to that, you’ll be able to spend more time at home and be with your kids. This is the best feeling ever, so start redecorating your office using family photos and your kids’ drawings right away!

Cozy furniture

Cozy furniture

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that every office space needs some comfortable furniture – besides a comfy chair, of course! If you use your office to hold meetings and welcome your guests, this is definitely a must. Bringing in lots of furniture in a tiny office might be quite a problem, so plan everything in advance.

One of the ways to that is by making things as simple as possible. Namely, don’t go all in and don’t spend a fortune on new furniture, as only a few pieces will do. A comfortable sofa and two armchairs, together with a nice little coffee table, will be quite enough. This is the way to make your office homelier, and, consequently, more inspiring, so it’s a win-win scenario.

White walls

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Being surrounded by white walls might seem boring at first, yet the truth is quite different. White isn’t as distracting as other colors, and it could help you focus on your work more easily. Also, it will help you relax and take your mind off everyday worries that are bothering you.

Finally, you’ll be able to personalize these walls as much as you want, adding photos and other colorful decorations. This will make your entire office space much more interesting and inspiring. This minimalistic approach will also keep your office organized and ordered, turning it into the most enjoyable space you know.


Creating an inspiring workspace is never easy, especially if you have to spend hours and hours there every single day. But, if you look into these useful tricks and find something you like, you could change the paradigm. Stick to ideas that make you inspired and motivated, and watch them make your space cooler than ever!

Alex Joe is a content marketer & journalist who formerly worked out of Digital Expo Inc. office. He writes eBooks, which considering where you’re reading this, makes really perfect sense from his kin. He’s best known for writing entertainment, enterprise & gadget, including the New York Times.

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