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What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like In Early Pregnancy?



morning sickness in early pregnancy
What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like In Early Pregnancy?
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Morning sickness is one of parts of pregnancy. While some women have to suffer intense morning sickness, others do not experience it at all. During morning sickness, a pregnant woman often feels nauseous, vomits, and tired. Although these symptoms are rarely serious, they can be extremely unpleasant. In this article, we will discuss the topic “What does morning sickness feel like in early pregnancy?” and give you how to fight the condition.

Why Does A Pregnant Woman Have To Experience Morning Sickness?

morning sickness in early pregnancy

morning sickness in early pregnancy, ©

Nothing is happier than having a baby; however, pregnancy is said not to be comfortable. Prepare to welcome your baby; the nine-month period can be the hardest period in your life to get through. You will experience many physical changes and discomfort, including morning sickness, which can be clear in the early stages of pregnancy.

Several discomforts and physical changes including especially morning sickness can occur during the early stages of the pregnancy. Morning sickness usually goes with nausea gravidarum which is associated with hormonal imbalances which happen during pregnancy. There are various causes of morning sickness such as low blood sugar (known as hypoglycemia), estrogen imbalance, hormone increase, and a spike in HCG level (human chorionic gonadotropin). Below are discomfort and physical changes during morning sickness you should consider.

What does morning sickness feel like in early pregnancy?

Nausea and Vomiting

If you put the question “What does morning sickness feel like in early pregnancy?”, The answer of more than three-quarters of pregnant women is nausea and vomiting.  Nausea and vomiting are the common signs of pregnancy, especially in the early three months. Nausea and vomiting are linked to hormone imbalance known as progesterone. The hormone can relax the uterus, making you grow dizzy in the morning after waking up. In addition, during your pregnancy, you have a heightened sense of smell. You will be sensitive to meals included garlic or fish, for example.

Another reason for nausea and vomiting in morning sickness is stress. Most pregnant women have to experience the changes which they have to get through, which makes they get stressed.  Stress is also caused by hormonal imbalance.

Additionally, vomiting in the mornings can be caused by a sensitive stomach during pregnancy. The gastrointestinal tracts are more painful this time.


Heartburn is also another answer to the question “What does morning sickness feel like?”. A pregnant woman will get a burning sensation from the lower throat to the chest. Heartburn probably happens during the third trimester. In this period, your uterus will grow larger and put more pressure on the intestine and stomach, and the esophagus, which causes acid reflux.


Diarrhea is also one of the common signs of morning sickness though not most pregnant women experience the sign. Medically, diarrhea is known as a loose and watery bowel movements. There are various reasons for diarrhea during pregnancy including virus, medications, bacteria, and intestinal parasites. Along with those reasons mentioned above, also, diarrhea can be caused by the changes in your diets. Diarrhea can also be the result of prenatal vitamin supplement in the pregnancy.

Stomach Cramps

In some cases, morning sickness can include stomach cramps. Abdominal pain or stomach cramps can be caused by several reasons, including the enlarged uterus. In addition, progesterone slows down digestion, leading to a stomachache.

How to fight morning sickness at home?

Morning sickness will go away without treatments in most cases. However, there are some tips you can apply to alleviate symptoms. Below is a suggestive list of ideas which can help to minimize morning sickness.


Tiredness surely makes nausea worse, so rest is vital.

Fruit juice

If you feel tired and nauseous, try to drink a glass of fruit juice you love. It can be apple juice or grape juice. This tip provides you with vitamins and other sources of energy which can boost your immune system as well as keep vomiting at bay.

Enough nutrition

Keeping enough nutrition is very important during pregnancy, for early pregnancy morning sickness you should choose the way of eating which suits you. To avoid nauseously and vomiting, you should eat what you want, when you can, but little by little to help the body manages it. Below are key points you need to consider to feel healthier.

  • Eat small amounts of food little by little
  • For pregnant, those with morning sickness, eat a midnight snack to avoid an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Avoid oily foods
  • Some women choose to eat plain biscuits in the morning to keep vomiting and stomach cramps away.
  • Eat more dark fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy
  • Do not forget to drink liquids frequently

Ginger supplement

many pregnant women choose to enjoy a cup of warm ginger tea with honey to feel better when the body is going to vomit. The effect of ginger juice in reducing nausea symptoms has been proved in many studies.

When should you see the doctor?

As mentioned above, morning sickness is not a disease and often go away without any treatments. However, in some severe cases, morning sickness can be dangerous if it cannot be treated soon. So, see your doctor when you get the following symptoms:

  • Unable to keep fluids
  • Being too tired and nauseous
  • Prolonged eating disorders
  • Vomiting too much (about ten times or more a day)
  • Signs of dehydration (such as dry mouth or dry skin)
  • Weight loss of about 6.5 lbs (equivalent to 3.0 kg) or more in a week

Final thoughts

In conclusion, if you wonder “what does morning sickness feel like?”, The answer to the question is terrible. The article will give you things you have to experience for having a bay as well as some suggestive treatment you can apply to get better for you and your baby when you are experiencing morning sickness. Hope you guys stay healthy and happy when preparing to welcome your newborn.

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Being interested in health and beauty as well as having a strong desire for the well-being, I have a broad knowledge of this area after having the patience to learn and experience it for a couple of years. Along with my current education job, I have now been working as a freelance writer on health and beauty.

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6 Surprising Benefits of Best Massage Therapy in 2018



Massage Therapy
Getty image/ - Massage Therapy
6 Surprising Benefits of Best Massage Therapy in 2018
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There are limitless benefits that one can experience while availing a good massage therapy. It makes our body systems work at optimum levels without a lot of stress to any particular body part, etc. It is basically lubricating our bodies and re-energize ourselves to get back to work in quick time.  It reduces tension, any acute, chronic pain, leads to muscle relaxation and prevents it from any stress or tear. It also ultimately enhances emotional and physical well-being and make sure that our bodies more active and conduct different activities.  Yes, massages are the best way to get relaxed, but there are so many more advantages of massaged that one may not easily know. Some of these advantages of massage therapy are:

Massage Therapy

Getty image/ – Massage Therapy

1. Easing Surgical Effects

After any surgery, its recovery is a tedious process which may become too long and difficult, but massages are the best way to be back up on your feet by increasing blood circulation throughout the body and relaxing the right muscles without the use of any extra medication. It improves joint movement and flexibility throughout the body and reduces swellings on the body. Hence, if you’re looking for a natural way to help you in your post-surgery rehabilitation, then a massage therapy is the best possible way to do it.

2. Improves Sleep

In today’s fast-paced world, we are losing track of our sleeping patterns. Many of us are turning into insomniacs because of various different reasons like tension, lack of time, work pressure, etc. Not sleeping well takes a significant toll on our body and its further working. Hence, massage therapy should be considered as it promotes restful sleep through proper relaxation of our body muscles. Massages not only improve the sleep of adults, but even infants also have been responding positively to massages as they sleep more and cry less through it. Hence, if one is having any trouble in sleeping or sleeping disorder, then massages could be one of the e the right cures.

Massage Therapy

Getty image/ – Massage Therapy

3. Soothes Anxiety and Depression

Massages have been conventionally used for treating depressed patients or those who get anxiety attacks frequently. Its stress reduction mechanism works by proper relaxation of our body parts and helps people to feel more cheerful and peaceful, which in turn reduce the anxiety or any kind of depression. People have had lowers stress levels after massage therapy, and it gives them an aesthetic feeling of calmness in their minds. Hence, massage therapy is the best way to relieve oneself from stress and depression.

4. Headache Relief

Today, one is prone to a lot of stress and tension which frequently causes headaches. But more acute headaches like in case of a migraine may be caused by wrong body postures and less flexibility in the neck and spine and less sleep. But massages act as an efficient way to counter such headache. It promotes restful sleep and mental and physical relaxation which in turn reduces the effect of these headaches. It is believed that professional massage therapy can significantly reduce the risk of an acute headache.

5. Increases Flexibility

Massage therapy increases the flexibility of our body. It helps in the proper joint movement and enables proper muscle relaxation. This relaxation, in turn, increases our body’s flexibility. Adequate flexibility is necessary for us to remain pain-free, especially when we enter in our old age. Hence, massages should be considered in such cases.

6. Reduces Back Pain

Back pain is another common problem that several working professionals have started to suffer. People of all age group fall prey to this issue, but the best solution to it is not known to many. Massage therapy has been considered the best solution to it and is even better than acupuncture and other modes. Thus, by relaxing the muscles and bones of our back, massages therapy proves a very effective solution to any of this problem.

These are some of the reasons why massages can prove to be the best solution to many of our emotional and physical problems. Stay connect with Flix Expo for more health stuffs.

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Importance of The Medical Emergency / Crash Trolley



Getty image/ - Medical
Importance of The Medical Emergency / Crash Trolley
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The use of the Medical emergency / crash trolley is vital for the hospitals and intensive care units. There might be a medical emergency at any point in time when you have to shift the patient immediately. In such a situation, you need to shift certain medical instruments for which the emergency trolley must be used. The trolley provides the staff with ease in transferring a heavy weighted patient or any huge instrument. You might have seen that the trolley is even used for storing various things inside the patient’s room. It is also used to install the medical instruments in the emergency trolley to take the benefit of the wheels to move the instrument easily.


Getty image/ – Medical

The medical staff can provide necessary medicines and food to many patients with the help of proper storage provided by the medical emergency / crash trolley. The reason for the increased importance of the crash trolley for any medical institution is as follows:

Ease of sterilizing:

The medical emergency / crash trolley which is usually made from stainless steel are good to use in hospitals. You get the benefit of a shining bright trolley as it is polished and can be easily sterilized. Hospitals are places where the chances of infection and germs are the most. The attendants must make sure that all the instruments that are being used on daily basis near the patient are sterilized. You have to look from this angle while searching for the emergency trolley for the hospital. Mainly the steel medical trolley is popular rather than the wooden ones. It provides you with the quotient of sterility which reduces the work burden and gives a shiny trolley.

Proper organization:

The unpredictable events that a hospital must face require different things at any given time. You would be in trouble if any of the things are not available during the crucial hour of the operation. The medical emergency / crash trolley provides an ease of organizing each important article for treating the patient in an operation theatre. Even, the patients are provided with a storage trolley in their room to keep their medicines and medical records handy. The trolley has three to four drawers to store varied contents in an organized manner. The staff is aware of each of the drawer’s content and so they search out for the required product quickly.

Medical Crash Cart

Getty image/ – Medical Crash Cart

Customized trolleys:

Among the various advantages, the feature of customization is also included when you talk about the medical emergency / crash trolley. The medical center may have their own specific need for which they can get the trolley customized in shape, size, color, number of drawers, manufacturing material etc. You will have many options to choose from if you get it designed in your own way. The important thing to be kept in mind is the hygiene that is to be maintained in the hospital. You should not select the material which does not give you longevity or durability. It is a onetime investment for the medical institution as the replacement would not be done in a short duration.

Assembling easily:

The medical emergency / crash trolley can be assembled easily according to the requirement. Even, the packing for the same is convenient to shift the furniture to a new place when required. You will not have to call the manufacturer or the seller to visit the hospital for assembling the parts of the trolley. If you are doing it for the first time, you might need some assistance in assembling it correctly.

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A Guide to Physiotherapy and Variety of Techniques



Getty image/ - Physiotherapy Treatment
A Guide to Physiotherapy and Variety of Techniques
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It is important to first understand the concept of physiotherapy. It is basically a therapy which has different techniques to help your body move and function properly. This is done so that you can prevent a range of physical problems in the near future. The disease that is likely to happen can also be taken care of and in this way, you can try and improve the quality of your life. The physical activity is mandatory for every person irrespective of one’s age. The physiotherapy exercises are guided by specialists who are qualified and trained in this field. They at first educate their patients and assist them to manage their health. They have enough knowledge and so can guide and teach people with movement disorders right from birth. The ways that is adopted by the physiotherapists to improve the activities of the patients is really mind boggling.


Getty image/ – Physiotherapy

How Does This Work?

The physiotherapy is like a treatment that can just do wonders. It helps to repair the damage by speeding the process of healing. The pain and stiffness in any part of the body is reduced to minimum. This gradually increases the mobility of a person. The exercises shown by the experts’ will even help to prevent further injuries. They listen carefully to your problems and accordingly treat your ailment by setting goals. Hence the outcome will definitely be outstanding. It has been seen since years that physiotherapists have cured chronic diseases. Physiotherapy is considered to be a key element of taking care of primary health. The screening and promoting good health for the patients is the main agenda in physiotherapy.

How Are Patients Treated?

  • The patients are diagnosed and their condition is assessed so that it becomes easier to manage and plan the treatment.
  • The patients are given exercise programs in order to improve mobility and strengthening muscles.
  • The joints are trained to manipulate and mobilize so that pain is reduced and even the stiffness.
  • The affected areas are given hot and cold packs and if required electro therapy to relieve pain. In this way, swelling is also reduced and the healing process is elevated.
  • The techniques are taught to patients to get over physical sufferings. The most important thing are the breathing exercises to reduce stiffness.
  • The physiotherapists take the help of splints, aids, crutches, and walking sticks as well as wheel chairs for patients according to their disease.
physiotherapy treatment

Getty image/ – Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy Exercises

The exercises are guided by physiotherapists who are well trained in this therapy. This helps to strengthen muscles and improve the over all functioning of the body. It has been scientifically proven that the exercises are the most effective ways to solve and prevent any kind of pain and injury. The experts will make a list of exercises as per your problem and that will be the exact dose. This is given to patients according to the rehabilitation status. They usually incorporate components from yoga, Pilates and exercise physiology in order to get the best results. They at times also use ultra sound physiotherapy so that it is possible for you to see the muscles contract in the screen and then correctly retrain them.

The basic concept behind physiotherapy is that it completely depends upon education and advice. This involves in looking at your body as a whole instead of just focusing on an individual factor or injury. Hence, the general advice that is given will definitely improve the well-being of an individual. This includes daily exercise and maintenance of a healthy weight. The specific advice that is given is based on the particular injury so that the risk of pain or further injury is reduced. For knowing more information about Pocket Spring Mattress, please visit here for further information. For knowing more information about physiotherapy, please visit here for further information.

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Finding Right Wheelchair Cushions for Healthy Living



Getty image/ - Wheelchair
Finding Right Wheelchair Cushions for Healthy Living
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Many people have to use wheelchairs all the time to move around because of some reasons. Sitting hours on the wheelchair can be painful. With the use of some useful ways, it is possible to make the sitting experience comfortable for the wheelchair user. There are specialized wheelchair pressure relief cushions available in the market that can be used along with other accessories for comfortable use. These are specially designed cushions that are available in different sizes to remove pressure on the back while sitting.


Getty image/ – Wheelchair

Reason to Purchase Wheelchair Cushions

People who spend their maximum time on wheelchair need some ways to stay comfortable. The wheelchair pressure relief cushions are designed for providing relief for sitting for long hours. There is a different range of such cushions available from various manufacturers as per the need of the users.

  • The main aim of putting the cushions on the wheelchair is to provide maximum comfort to the user while sitting for long hours.
  • There is a risk of skin breakdown also known as pressure ulcers that can occur to the person who sits for longer period of time on the wheelchair. With the use of pressure relief cushions, the pressure can be managed effectively. There are many soft as well as therapeutic cushions which offer different levels of comfort to all the users.
  • The person can sit in the proper position when they have some good support from the cushions. The stability of the user can be increased too when the cushions are placed on the wheelchair.

Types of Cushions to Choose for Better Health

  1. Air flotation wheelchair cushions: These cushions are filled with air and with proper air pressure it is possible to offer effective positioning. Although the cushions do not offer enough stability and positioning as compared to others, but still it is the best in providing high pressure relief to the patients. These can be adjusted as per users movement for exceptional comfort. The light weight cushions are very low in maintenance as they can develop leaks quite easily.
  2. Gel wheelchair cushions: The cushions have viscous gel pouches that is affixed to the high density foam base which allows the pressure to distribute equally. Exceptional pressure relief can be obtained using this cushion which reduces skin breakdown to high level. Along with better blood circulation, these cushions regulates body temperature reducing sweat formation. Get high stability and positioning with the expensive cushions.
  3. Foam wheelchair cushions: The foam used for the cushions are cheap and are available in different densities. For best stability and comfort as well as skin protection, the high density foam can be chosen. The multiple layers on the contoured base allow distribution and weight properly. The cushions offer medium positioning but the pressure relief. Even with high maintenance, the foam wears out soon and has to be replaced immediately.

Along with the three kinds mentioned above, you can also find cushions like the Urethane honeycomb wheelchair cushions, comfort wheelchair cushions, and Bariatric wheelchair cushions.

Selecting the Cushions

It is very important to consider the requirement before choosing the right wheelchair pressure relief cushions. You have to take into account the factors like high sitting stability, positioning, pressure management, and comfort before finding the right cushion. Due to sitting for long hours on wheelchair you need to look for high pressure relief feature along with comfort.

You must look for the right size of cushion that will match the size of the seat of the wheelchair. Life is really very difficult for people confined to wheelchair. To make the experience comfortable it is important to get some pressure relief cushions for them. Wheelchair back cushion, cushion protectors, wheelchair adaptive cube pads cushion covers etc. can be purchased too for them to experience enhanced sitting experience on the wheelchair.

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Best Ways To Deal With Wrinkles And Acnes



© Getty Image/
Best Ways To Deal With Wrinkles And Acnes
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Are you aging and experiencing changes in your skin texture? Worry no more! This is because research has shown that, with age come many unwanted changes, especially to the skin. Most of the common change that accompanies aging is wrinkles on the face, neck, chest and even acne.

This is a very unpleasant state of affairs especially to females who like to maintain their young look and tenderness. There are several powerful remedies that are outlined in this article that may help aging men and women to overcome wrinkles and acne in the skin. These methods have been scientifically proven and have been practically used over the years with tremendous success.


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Although artificial methods such as chemical peels and lasers are used by some people as a way of reducing wrinkles, there are other natural ways of treating wrinkles and acne in the body.

These methods are relatively inexpensive, and as well pose a lesser risk of developing health complications. When the skin loses its collagen especially in the skin of an aging person, it would be prudent to seek help on the treatment of wrinkles and acne. Such treatment would include coconut and olive oil. By applying these oils on your skin on a daily basis, the skin will with time develop as soft and moisturized texture.

Wrinkles and acne have been found to affect almost each and every adult worldwide.

According to a research conducted by several beauty companies, many people are looking for a solution to sort out these problems to no avail. However, it has been discovered that these two problems can be solved all at once! Isn’t that an interesting discovery? I have compiled several anti-aging tips for you below:

Best Anti-Aging Tips

According to research by various beauty experts, there are many ways in which a person can keep his/her skin from developing wrinkles and acne. One of the main anti-aging tips is to quit smoking. Generally, cigarette smoking has been associated with faster aging as well as the skin looking older than it looks. As a matter of fact, almost 60% of people who are habitual smokers cannot treat wrinkles and acne successfully.


© Getty Image/

The next anti-aging tip is using antioxidants which keeps the body healthy and in perfect shape. These antioxidants include fruits, vegetables and other meals that contain a high degree of vitamins.

Another great example of these vital elements may be obtained from fish products, poultry, and even sunflower.  Their main function to the body is that they prevent free radicals in the body from breaking down the elasticity of the skin and also maintain collagen within the skin structure thus keeping the skin healthy and in a perfect condition. If you correctly follow these anti-aging tips, I am certainly sure that you will reap the maximum benefits from my advice.

Chest and Neck Wrinkles

Chest and neck wrinkles are some of the common problems that people encounter especially when they start to acquire a mature age. The most common causes of chest and neck wrinkles are extreme exposure to the sun, lack of enough sleep and even ill-fitting clothes. There several ways in which chest and neck wrinkles may be mitigated.

Some of the methods include drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods. Drinking plenty of water ensures that the body has plenty of moisture which means that there is a less probability of acquiring chest and neck wrinkles.

In addition, if you are severely affected by chest and neck wrinkles you can consider using an SIO beauty skin pad. This skin pad is trapped on the affected patch and left to stick there for a little while. It is specifically used for chest and neck wrinkles where it moisturizes the skin and normalizes the production of collagen which is vital for a young and healthy skin. In addition, this method is not only used to treat chest and neck wrinkles, but it can also be used to treat wrinkles on other parts of the body such as on the face, brows, and even on the lips.


© Getty Image/

Chest and neck wrinkles can also be treated by other natural methods such as applying of Aloe Vera on these specific parts. Aloe Vera slows down the aging of the skin by providing the skin with collagen and elastin which specifically help in preventing chest and neck wrinkles. It also prevents chest and neck wrinkles by sealing the skins’ natural moisture and preventing it from evaporating away quickly. This, therefore, keeps the skin healthier and younger for a very long period of time.

On the other hand, in order to prevent wrinkles and acne all over an oily skin, each and every individual should ensure that they maintain a healthy and oily skin. An oily skin primarily eliminates wrinkles and acne that are most common in adults. As a matter of fact, in a previous study, the results showed that 8 out of 10 of the respondents suffered from a dry skin as opposed to only 2 who had an oily skin.

There are several tips that you can use in order to maintain an oily skin that is always radiant and naturally perpetuating. One of the most commonly advised methods by beauty experts is the application of cleansing products. These products primarily help the skin to keep healthy and revitalized.

An Oily Skin

Staying hydrated is another great secret of keeping an oily skin. This is mainly due to the fact that, a hydrated skin does not lose moisture easily and the chances of retaining its oily nature are very high.

Oily Skin

© Getty Image/

On the other hand, if you want to always retain an oily skin, you should always make sure that your face is clean. In this way, all the applied products are wiped out and the pores are left dry and perfectly open.


Are you suffering from severe wrinkles and acne all over your skin and may need to maintain it? Of course, you do. A simple practice and application of the above guidelines should get you the right texture of the skin you need.

After carefully following my advice, you will have to worry no more of wrinkles and acne either on your chest, neck, or even your face. Finally, say goodbye to the skin problems that have always been such a pain in your life! Looking for more useful information! then stay connect with Flix Expo.

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