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Where Does Fgteev Live?




Fgteev, also known as The Family Gaming Team, is a YouTube channel created by a family of four who live in the United States. The father, known as FGTeeV Duddy, and the three children, Mike, Lexi and Chase, produce videos of themselves playing video games and doing other activities. They have over 8 million subscribers and their videos have been viewed over 4 billion times.

We all know that Fgteev is one of the most popular YouTubers out there, but where does he actually live? Well, it turns out that Fgteev lives in a pretty secret location! In fact, his exact address is unknown to the public.

However, we do know that he lives somewhere in the United States. So if you’re ever feeling curious about where your favorite YouTuber lives, just remember that he’s probably keeping his location a secret for a reason!

Where Does Fgteev Live?


What Part of America Does Fgteev Live?

FGTeeV, which stands for Family Gaming Team, is a gaming YouTube channel created by parents Chase and Mike. The channel features gameplays of various video games, as well as vlogs and challenges. FGTeeV is based in the United States, specifically in the state of Texas.

The family has also spent time in California and Florida, but they currently reside in Texas.

Where is Funnel Vision Family From?

The Funnel Vision family is from Los Angeles, California. They have been making videos since 2011 and their channel has over 10 million subscribers.

Meeting FGTeeV in Person.. (VERY RUDE) FV FAMILY

Where Does Fgteev Live in Florida

If you’re a fan of the popular YouTube channel Fgteev, then you might be wondering where the family lives in Florida. Well, wonder no more! Here’s everything you need to know about the Fgteevs’ Florida home.

The Fgteevs live in a beautiful house in Florida that overlooks a lake. The property is huge, and there’s plenty of room for the family to run around and play. In addition to the main house, there’s also a guest house on the property that guests can stay in when they visit.

The family enjoys spending time outdoors, so it’s no surprise that their backyard is full of fun things to do. There’s a basketball hoop for shooting some hoops, a trampoline for bouncing around, and even a zip line for getting from one side of the yard to the other in style! Inside the house, there are all sorts of fun things to keep everyone entertained.

There’s a game room with plenty of games to play, a movie room with all sorts of movies to watch, and even an indoor pool for days when it’s too hot to go outside. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at the Fgteevs’ Florida home. It’s no wonder why this family is one of YouTube’s most popular!



Fgteev, also known as The Family Gaming team, is a gaming YouTuber channel with over 7 million subscribers. The channel features the family members playing various video games together. Fgteev has been active on YouTube since 2011 and their most popular video game series is currently Minecraft.

In terms of where they live, it is unknown exactly where Fgteev resides as they have not revealed this information to the public. However, based on clues from their videos and social media posts, it is believed that they live somewhere in the United States. This is due to snippets of American landmarks and locations being shown in some of their videos, as well as them using American English in their dialogue.

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