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Welcome to Flix Expo, a growing community of enthusiasts passionate about reading genuine and informative content that keeps their minds occupied and their souls fed. If you join our team, you’ll get a chance to share your thoughts on all subjects and persuade readers to live their lives to the fullest in every field, starting from their health to their work.



We publish content that’s informative and easy to read both by experts and regular users. Some of the most complex topics are broken down so that everyone can understand them and learn from them. We support all different opinions and views connected to the subjects, encouraging all readers no matter the age, orientation, nationality or gender to participate in our ideas.


We don’t write in a way that’ll make us look too smart and distant to the readers. Instead, our style is friendly, positive, persuasive, educational, and professional. We try to speak to the users as friends offering sincere advice and tips that everyone can abide by in their life.


Our content aims at covering all aspects of living, giving people an opportunity to find answers to the most burning questions. We communicate with them using the diverse voices of our team.

Our Favorite Topics

There are a lot of areas we prefer to publish content in. But our absolute favorite topics are related to:
  • Celebrities & Entrepreneurship
  • Original listicles of free stuff
  • Business, Finance, Trading
  • Gadget and Apps
  • Tips for search engine optimization (SEO), social media, marketing, blogging, and startups
  • Beauty advice and samples
  • Fashion trends
  • Guides about lifestyle
  • Health and fitness tips
  • Foods, Recipes
  • Travel & Tourism

Guidelines Connected to the Style and Voice

  • Be positive and unique while writing
  • Craft original pieces that’ll be attractive to the readers
  • In case you doubt about anything you’ve written in your article, delete it
  • Edgy and intriguing posts are accepted as long as they aren’t too shocking
  • Write smart things, but be careful not to turn them into something scandalous
  • Your article should be valuable and helpful to the readers
  • Abbreviations and slang words can be used sporadically
  • Write engaging and attractive titles

Guidelines About the Content

  • We don't accept news for marketing purpose
  • You are obliged to own all the rights to the content you submit
  • The images you own should be your own or with a provided source
  • The images should be high quality
  • Check your piece before submitting it
  • If you submit a post it doesn’t mean that it’ll be published on Flix Expo in any case. We’ll contact you if we’re interested in your article.

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