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Privacy Policy

Online safety and privacy are a priority at FlixExpo. We consider this a serious matter and completely respect the worries of our users. So, through this privacy policy, we aim at describing our practices for protecting users’ privacy including the way we gather the information and how we use it. This is to assist you in making the right decisions connected to sharing your details after you come to the site.

Details that You Give Us

Gathering details, including your personal identification details, directly from the users is a possibility if you decide to give us those details. For instance, when you take actions on the site like subscribing to a newsletter or completing surveys, you may share your name, email address, birth date or other similar information.

Moreover, you may give out your personal information on forums or discussions. However, note that we are not the only ones that see those details. Anyone who comes to the site can view and gather the information. So, you are advised to refrain from posting personal details that you do not wish to share with the public.

Details that We Automatically Gather After You Arrive on the Site

Once you arrive on the site, we, our sellers and third-party websites may gather some of your details through cookies or other such tools. These details may consist of your IP address, operating system details, browser information as well as data about the device you are using, the system settings, identifiers of the device, clickstream information and other similar details that are usually not considered personal or identifiable.

Cookies represent small files used by websites to store users’ details on the computers. It is possible that this site uses cookies to store your data. If you decide to disable, though, have in mind that you may lose access to certain features on the site and decrease its functionality. To help us manage the automatic gathering of details, we may put tags known as web beacons. They are small files, as well, that are used as links between web pages and web servers with their cookies. Their purpose varies from counting how many users visited the site and analyzing their navigation around the site to checking which pages and links they clicked on.

Finally, providers of third-party apps, plug-ins, and tools that are placed on the site like social media sharing buttons may also gather details based on your interaction with the features. The policies of those providers contain the ways they use to gather information.

What We Use the Gathered Details For

All the details that we collect from you are used for multiple purposes such as the ones listed here. For instance, in case you write to us giving your email address, we will use it to reply back. Accompanying this, your gathered details are used to:

  • Answer your requests, comments, and questions regarding the offered products or services.
  • Provide user support at any time.
  • Direct users to specific parts of the site that they may be interested in.
  • Enhance and deliver the site’s performance, which consists of making the user experience better, introducing new features and communication.
  • Protect you from frauds, criminal activities, and liabilities of all types.
  • Answer all lawful requirements and legal requests connected to our policy.

Sharing Possibilities

Aside from us, our sellers, cooperators and other providers of services may receive the details that we gather through our site and take actions on our behalf. However, they are not allowed to use the personal details for activities other than assisting the users when they ask. Some providers may access or gather the information to offer services, tools, and other features. Also, we attain the right to share details:

  • For internal purposes between us and our affiliates.
  • In case we are obliged to do so by the lawful authorities or legal processes.
  • If we trust that the details will prevent any harm and losses or are related to an ongoing investigation of a supposed unlawful activity.
  • To enrich the statistical and analytical information, informing the advertisers about our base of users.
  • At your discretion or with your permission.

Choices that You Can Make

Unsubscribing from emails – You have the option to unsubscribe from the email newsletter if you want to. All you should do is press the ‘unsubscribe’ link. In our emails, we may let advertisers or collaborators add their own messages or we may send emails on their behalf.

Blocking cookies–Some browsers may send you notifications when you encounter cookies or give you an opportunity to allow or block them. In case you choose to disable them, though, some parts of the site may not function properly.

What We Do to Keep Your Personal Details Secure

Technical, administrative as well as physical safeguards are implemented in order to ensure that the personal details you give us are protected from illegal, unauthorized or unintended utilization, access, loss or destruction. As it is impossible to warrant fully for the security of the online information, you accept the risk that comes with posting your details on any website on the Internet, including ours.

Linking to Other Sites

There’s a possibility that we link to other third-party sites. They may post their original privacy policies, so we encourage you to check them out. We hold no responsibility for the parts of the websites that we do not possess.

Quizzes, Surveys, and Similar Features

On FlixExpo, you may encounter surveys or quizzes, accompanied by other interactive features that ask you to share your needs and preferences. You can take part in them, but it’s entirely voluntary. In case you decide to do so, please note that some of the features may be led by a third party that is not connected to Flix Expo and the details you share may be gathered by them. Then, they fall under the privacy policy of the third-party site.

Privacy of Children

The site is not developed to be utilized by children under the age of 13. Therefore, we do not gather details from children. If by any chance, we have gathered such information, we will delete it immediately.

Details Regarding Non-US Users

All those visiting FlixExpo from outside the United States should understand that all details we will gather through the site will be kept on our US servers. Moreover, by utilizing this site, you agree that your personal details will be transferred and processed in the United States. Also, you should accept that some of the laws and regulations concerning your data may be different form those in the country where you currently reside.

Notice to California Users

Users from California may require a list of all the details that we have shared with third-party websites for their marketing aims and the identity of the third parties. This is because of the California law. Therefore, all users from California are free to contact us through the ‘contact’ page and ask for these details.

How We Will Keep You Updated on Any Changes to This Policy

Updating this privacy policy in order to present certain modifications to the practices like the ways we use to gather personal details and utilize them is always a possibility. So, you should check it occasionally.

Contacting Us

You can get in touch with us whenever you need some answers connected to this policy or our privacy practices. Just send us an email.