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Red Flags To Watch Out For That Indicates A Sketchy Service



worker injuries

Construction sites are not the safest areas to work. 21.1% of the total worker deaths happened in the construction industry. However, contractors and those who are in the construction industry still need to ensure that each construction site is kept safe as possible. Those who are negligent in keeping their work areas safe are jeopardizing the safety of their employees. Sadly, some construction businesses that fail to ensure their workers’ safety because they failed to implement strict security policies and measures.

Construction Company Red Flags

If you are looking for a contractor, you need to watch out for some red flags before you hire one. You need to do your research to find a construction company that also takes care of its workers. You need to be quick in spotting these red flags before hiring a contractor: 

  • worker injuries

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    The contractor has a history of worker injuries. You might encounter contractors that have a history of worker casualties. The number of work-related injuries can help you determine whether the company takes safety seriously. A high number of worker injuries may indicate that the construction company doesn’t implement safety measures in the construction sites.

  • Workers don’t have the required safety gear. During your search for a contractor, you can observe their current projects and construction sites. You need to check if the company implements a strict policy about safety gear. Since all workers must wear safety hats, safety vests, and work gloves, you can assess whether the construction workers are compliant. If not, there must be some lapses in their safety policies.
  • construction equipment

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    The construction equipment looks unstable. You may not be an expert on construction; however, you know an unstable structure when you see one. If you notice scaffoldings or ladders looking fragile or misassembled, it may indicate that the ones in charge of the construction site failed to check them.

  • Safety cables and nets are lacking. Contractors need to ensure that workers are safe even if they work in high places. Therefore, safety nets must be installed correctly. If you notice that some areas don’t have any safety cables or nets, you may want to think twice about hiring that contractor.

If you are searching for the right contractor, you must feel at ease that they will implement their safety policies, especially on the construction site. You need to do your research before making a final decision. Failure to keep the work area safe may result in worker injuries and casualties. It can also have negative effects on you because the project can be delayed or halted due to the case filed against your contractor. Accidents in construction sites can cause you to lose money because the construction of the project may be affected.

Workers who are involved in a construction site accident can file claims against their employers if they are able to prove that they are negligent. Stewart Guss can help workers, contractors, and other related parties legally handle this type of case. You can contact them for more information regarding worker injury cases.

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