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Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging



Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging

Each day web entrepreneurs learn that email list building is one of their keys for success and that has the biggest ROI in comparison with the other marketing channels. There are many Methods to Building Your Email List from Blogging and today we’ll cover the 5 most effective that you can do for 2017.

Nowadays new and old companies wonder which methods would help them build their email list faster and save them valuable time and resources. That’s the million dollars question.

Experts as Neil Patel co-founder of KissMetrics,Crazyegg and QuickSprout mention that not only that building a list has a high conversion rate but as you continue to build your list you are acquiring additional value in a way that you can monetize the list pitching not one but multiple products.

Even if you are not selling anything but you are running a simple blog you shouldn’t neglect the fact that you should start focusing on building a list that way as soon as you post something new you’ll notify your audience and drive traffic to your blog.

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There is one thing that you’ll need to remember. Building a list is vital for your success and it’s something that if you aren’t doing it you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage versus the competition. Avoid doing that, be better and work harder than your competition.

Even though there are many Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging this is just the first part and we’ll cover 3 very important ones.

Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging

Engaging Content With A Valuable Gift (Options or Lead Magnets)

When you are creating or writing content for your audience what you are really aiming is that your audience will give you their time of the day to spend at least few minutes reading and paying attention at something that will be of a somewhat value for them.

In addition your job is to offer nothing but pure value back to them. You can find thousand of tools, guides, advices etc on the internet.

Finding something that you could sneak in and give something as simple as a guide with the most important points from your previous posts that you think your audience shouldn’t neglect is a great method in return to get their mail.


Some of the things that you could offer them is; efficient tips, valuable advices, instructional how to videos, special coupons, free courses etc. Remind your audience that you are constantly giving out more value to them as they would expect and thank them for their spent doing your favor.

Host A Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway today could be the most effective tool in your arsenal if you are trying to build an email list really fast.

You can create a giveaway that you can promote your social media, build a list and ask your audience to share the giveaway itself to their friends for extra points (higher chance or more entries) to the giveaway.

Ofcourse you would want to build a giveaway that’s centered mainly around your audience and their needs so that you can avoid the freebie junkies that would hop on anything if it’s of some relevance for them.

The giveaway prize should be also of a great importance that way it would make the giveaway hype such more effective and help build the list even faster and better.


Guest Posting

While guest posting is an effective method in driving traffic and building an email list people often completely misunderstood its major importance.

Guest posting forms relationships with other websites and blogs who people neglect to understand that those websites and blogs have their own email lists which would eventually become theirs.

Your aim should be to befriend and build firm and lasting relationships with the top websites and blogs for the niche that you are writing because in reality they got the largest audiences but you shouldn’t rush it through.

First build up confidence than build up the momentum. Spending a decent chunk of your time and energy creating engaging content for your guest posts would bring you only positive results that way you ensure yourself a sure way of getting constantly invited on different websites, blogs and platforms to write showcase your skills  and grow your list.

Remember Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging shouldn’t be neglected.


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