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Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging



Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging
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Each day web entrepreneurs learn that email list building is one of their keys for success and that has the biggest ROI in comparison with the other marketing channels. There are many Methods to Building Your Email List from Blogging and today we’ll cover the 5 most effective that you can do for 2017.

Nowadays new and old companies wonder which methods would help them build their email list faster and save them valuable time and resources. That’s the million dollars question.

Experts as Neil Patel co-founder of KissMetrics,Crazyegg and QuickSprout mention that not only that building a list has a high conversion rate but as you continue to build your list you are acquiring additional value in a way that you can monetize the list pitching not one but multiple products.

Even if you are not selling anything but you are running a simple blog you shouldn’t neglect the fact that you should start focusing on building a list that way as soon as you post something new you’ll notify your audience and drive traffic to your blog.


Take a look about the best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses that will bring you success.

There is one thing that you’ll need to remember. Building a list is vital for your success and it’s something that if you aren’t doing it you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage versus the competition. Avoid doing that, be better and work harder than your competition.

Even though there are many Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging this is just the first part and we’ll cover 3 very important ones.

Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging

Engaging Content With A Valuable Gift (Options or Lead Magnets)

When you are creating or writing content for your audience what you are really aiming is that your audience will give you their time of the day to spend at least few minutes reading and paying attention at something that will be of a somewhat value for them.

In addition your job is to offer nothing but pure value back to them. You can find thousand of tools, guides, advices etc on the internet.


Finding something that you could sneak in and give something as simple as a guide with the most important points from your previous posts that you think your audience shouldn’t neglect is a great method in return to get their mail.

Some of the things that you could offer them is; efficient tips, valuable advices, instructional how to videos, special coupons, free courses etc. Remind your audience that you are constantly giving out more value to them as they would expect and thank them for their spent doing your favor.

Host A Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway today could be the most effective tool in your arsenal if you are trying to build an email list really fast.

A known web site service that goes by the name offers people the option to run giveaways in such an amazing customizable ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

You can create a giveaway that you can promote your social media, build a list and ask your audience to share the giveaway itself to their friends for extra points (higher chance or more entries) to the giveaway.


Ofcourse you would want to build a giveaway that’s centered mainly around your audience and their needs so that you can avoid the freebie junkies that would hop on anything if it’s of some relevance for them.

The giveaway prize should be also of a great importance that way it would make the giveaway hype such more effective and help build the list even faster and better.

Guest Posting

While guest posting is an effective method in driving traffic and building an email list people often completely misunderstood its major importance.

Guest posting forms relationships with other websites and blogs who people neglect to understand that those websites and blogs have their own email lists which would eventually become theirs.

Your aim should be to befriend and build firm and lasting relationships with the top websites and blogs for the niche that you are writing because in reality they got the largest audiences but you shouldn’t rush it through.


First build up confidence than build up the momentum. Spending a decent chunk of your time and energy creating engaging content for your guest posts would bring you only positive results that way you ensure yourself a sure way of getting constantly invited on different websites, blogs and platforms to write showcase your skills  and grow your list.

Remember Methods To Building Your Email List from Blogging shouldn’t be neglected.

Check out the social media tools if you want to create engaging content in 2017! For more similar articles check out Flixexpo.


Who am I? My name is Stefan, I'm a freelance content creator, digital marketing and e-commerce consultant. I'm the guy who guides and helps out people how to run a successful business on the internet.

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A Perfect Combination Of Instagram And Email Marketing Will Drive More Sales




email marketing
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For any business, it is important to drive more sales, and there is n-number of ways to achieve this feat. Proper marketing and advertising is the most crucial factor for this and what best way than using the internet it can be to promote your brand, reach out to more audience, drive more traffic and sales eventually. If you want better results, you will need to find a perfect combination of your email marketing campaign and Instagram, the in vogue platform for business promotion and marketing of a brand.

If you are an email marketer only and if you are honest then you will agree and admit that at some point of time you must have envied the reach and fan following of a social media marketer. It is quite natural, and there is no shame if you felt so because many business owners that rely on email marketing solely feels the same. Few business owners even go a step further and think that email marketing is obsolete in these modern days, which is far from the truth.

It is a myth that “Email is dead.” It is all about how you use it for your beneficial purpose. If you are strategic, you will surely get the desired results.

Start with the basics


To formulate any strategy to make any project successful, you must start with the basics. When you want to make the most out of email and Instagram together, you will need to know the fundamentals of it so that you can create a foolproof and meticulous plan.

  • Reports suggest that there are about 2.760 billion people worldwide who use email and this includes both consumers as well as businesses. The numbers, however, are still on the rise.
  • It is a proven fact that emails and social media platforms are the two faces of the same coin and both have their characteristic value, benefits, and features.

If both of these can be combined, it will surely spell wonder for any business.

In comes Instagram

One of the most useful and successful social media platforms is Instagram that has caught the attention of millions of businesses and critics. There are more than 600 million Instagram followers, and most importantly half of these users use it actively every single day making it one of the most popular social platforms of today.

Therefore, it is only wise to blend Instagram marketing into your email marketing to fuel sales. This will increase your email list as mentioned earlier as Instagram is an extremely powerful and attractive social platform.

With the ever growing popularity of Instagram, email marketers have found out a new way to promote their brands and get the best results in their marketing endeavor and highest yields.


The fascinating functionality

It seems to be very fascinating when you combine email marketing with Instagram marketing but only if you know how it functions and makes it work for you.

  • On average, half of the business owners out there do not know the ways in which they can make huge profits and reach out to more audiences through Instagram. Many have tried till now, but only a few have been successful.
  • To get more in your sales funnel you must focus on the basic process that will help you to obtain potential leads through Instagram marketing. All you have to do after that is to nurture those leads strategically to change it into effective sales.

The primary reason that most of the business brands of today have taken up Instagram as their platform for business promotion and are highly active on it is that it increases the brand visibility manifold. This further result in the higher possibility of conversion of traffic into potential customer leads and thereby acquiring increased sales.

Sign up form

The question is how you can use Instagram effectively to increase your customer base. Well, one way is to take help of professionals such as Gramista or any other that you know or to follow the simple steps.

  • The most significant step to follow to grow your email list through Instagram is by optimizing your Instagram profile. This will, in turn, help you to acquire more email sign-ups.
  • You will have to add a bulletproof form for sign-up with your Instagram bio in the designated space for the URL to optimize your email marketing flow with the help of Instagram.
  • These forms will help you to create a database of qualified leads that you can change into a loyal customer of your brand.
  • You may also take help of the numerous email marketing services to help you in building the custom sign-up forms and integrate on different platforms.
  • Make sure that there are enough slots in the forms to provide information and capture it to learn more about your Instagram leads such as their buying patterns and behavior.

You may announce some incentives to the potential customers to entice them to fill in your form. However, you must make sure that the incentives are something that you are willing to offer and will be liked by your customers as well. These incentives can be promo codes and discounts, free download, product samples, and contests as well.

Nurture your leads


You will need to post relevant content and nurture your leads. For this, you will need first to understand their preferences once you capture the leads. Know about:

  • What pages they follow
  • What are the interests
  • What are their purchasing habits and
  • What do they expect from your brand?

In the end, you must make sure that you research on each aspect of the behavior of your customers early on. Consider the following things when you research:

  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Recent Purchases
  • Buying history and

Once you know these, you will be able to push them towards a sale later gently. However, you must always make sure that you provide your leads with a great experience all the way, though making a sale will be your ulterior motive. It will keep your customers engaged and happy.

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Do We Really Require Digital Marketing As A Career To Pursue?



Digital Marketing
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Yes, we do. We need it as a Career because it is the only skill set which the job market has seen a 40% growth in last year. Now compare the number to the other job markets and all you see are growth in the range of 3 to 5%.

And why is this growth rate so high in comparison to other fields:

Digital Marketing is fuelled by the growing internet and social media user base.

Today’s generation spends most of their time using gadgets and socialising through the Internet. They are there from morning to evening (at times mid night) – chatting, browsing, discussing, sharing and what not.

Earlier, people used Internet as a source of information or to learn something new so being social was not such a drift but today both go hand in hand. And again.


People being social by nature tend to communicate which is where a medium is considered, and that medium is called “Social media”.

Thus, when the users on the internet grow every year the social medium of communication grows itself.

The relationship between a brand and a consumer has changed dramatically by the impact of social media on the digital marketing strategies.

They are the prospective customers for companies marketing through internet and since their growth has been unabated.

The world constitutes a population of around 7.5 billion people and almost 3.2 billion people are users of internet or social media.

Internet users by country world map

Internet users by country world map

So far it’s quite clear that digital marketing grows with the growth of internet users and social websites.

To tap these prospective customers on internet, companies require Digital marketers – Hence, the growing demand of Digital marketers.

Companies – specially, small businesses understand that marketing is no more about going door to door. Instead, the smart way of doing marketing is to use Digital marketing where business happens at a click of a few virtual buttons.

Since there is so much hype and hoopla around Digital marketing, let’s move on to understanding “Digital Marketing Career Progression” but before that let’s clear the fundamentals.

In layman language, any promotion made by a digital medium for a business is called digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

© Getty Image

Digital marketing can be efforts made via internet, social media, mobile phones, televisions, radio channels, etc. Be a perfect digital marketer watch out what is Saas marketing.

Why Companies are investments in Digital Marketing: 

Not much reasoning is required when it comes to investment. At the end of day, what you save is what you earn. 


A very small company can carve a very large shadow of itself under such a platform.

Digital Marketing has caught the fancy of Marketers from Companies all across the globe as it:

  • Clearly defines your business goals.
  • Provides better Analytics and insights to discover your audience preferences and activities.
  • Gives you ability to communicate your messages using different mediums of writing such as texts, images, video to be more precise.
  • And is flexible where you can change the campaign as and when you want and can optimize it based on real time results.
  • Lastly, it helps you run budgeted campaign and gives you a better ROI in comparison to traditional methods of marketing.

And it is the only platform where small businesses and startups can easily start advertising as this method is just opposite of what traditional methods of marketing required. Here, you do not need a huge physical presence to promote your brad value, no traditional goodwill is required to rely on word of mouth publicity (as a matter of fact, shares, likes and comments are your new word of mouth publicity tools),

And small businesses do not need a large team of workers to get going with marketing.

As they say, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak could sink a whole ship.”

Digital Marketing helps them keep a check on the leaks.


You only spend minimum to get maximum returns.

When I say little expenses, we refer to the traditional ways of marketing in which a lot of money was incurred but today everything starts with a click of a button.

The reasons for investment is not just easier marketing but there are various monetary benefits which every business demands. Let’s go a bit more in depth.

[table id=3 /]

I have explained you why Digital marketing is the “Talk of the Town” and why every business is adopting Digital Marketing.


You know companies want to invest in Digital Marketing but how is the job scene in Digital marketing.

You already by now “Job Market in Digital Marketing grew by a healthy 40%”.

Here is one more stat for you: According to a leading daily, Digital Marketing created 1.5 lac jobs in 2017.

The number is an estimated number for the whole industry and reflects the good growth of industry in the year gone by.

Career options in Digital Marketing:

  • Search engine optimizer

This professional works around google to get your website to rank high for relevant keywords. He is the one who manages duplicate content, puts user friendly experience and uses other web master tools to provide traffic free search engine.

All this is done so that a user gets to the suitable website or information as quickly as possible.

  • Content marketing manager

The Content Marketing Manager is someone who manages the blogs, e book publications, sales page copywriting, guest blogging, video as well as email communications for the company.

  • Copywriter

A copywriter puts the already written article in a better manner with new words and displays the content in a realistic way so that the sales of the company arise and catch the eye of the customer.

  • Social Media Marketer:

This professional in the company is responsible for handling all social media campaigns. He/she is the lucky guy who gets paid to be on social media the whole day.

  • PPC Expert

PPC Advertisers are paid to manage paid campaigns using Google AdWords or facebook ads as tools. Their job is to ensure the company gets the maximum ROI for the keywords they spend their money on.

  • Inbound marketing manager

Inbound Manager creates a strategy through his skills depending on the company to attract the customers and the marketing manager in turn executes the strategy created.

Career in digital marketing is the right career for you. Even fresher’s in the industry are earning good packages in Digital Marketing. Here is a table to showcase the average salary offered to Digital Marketing Professionals in India:

  • Salary offered

[table id=4 /]

Digital marketing is the right Career for you because:

  • The industry is growing at a good growth fuelled by the Regular growth of internet and it’s users
  • This is one of those rare industries where no Specific educational background is required.
  • You can also work as a Freelancer from home.
  • You get paid to sit on social media 😊 Now, who does not like that!

Lastly, digital marketing is no more a trend. It is an industry which is evolving with endless possibilities of growth.

Every company today has a brand presence on internet in some form or the other. They know their target user base is on internet and they want to tap them by using latest methods of marketing which revolve around Digital marketing.

Today, companies are allocating a good amount of share to Digital marketing and are generating leads, closing sales and increasing brand awareness using the platform.

And they need professionals like you to achieve their aims/goals.

Time for you to start a Career in Digital Marketing.


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Email Marketing

9 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses That Will Bring You Success



Best Email Marketing Services
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Business owners are constantly looking for the best email marketing services for small businesses, no matter how wide-spread social media and other marketing channels become, the email will always have a special place when it comes to getting the word of your business out to the public. This is especially applicable to small businesses that need all the promotion and engagement they can get.

Best Email Marketing Services

However, out of all the services out there, you should careful which one you choose. An efficient email marketing tools should assist you in crafting persuasive and appealing emails as well as enable you to track all your email campaigns and contacts. In case you go for the wrong service you may eventually pay a bunch of money on unnecessary and ineffective features. Not to mention that your emails may be marked as spam by the recipients.

So, we made this list that contains some of the best email service providers to help you out.



Image ©

The simple interface and easy-to-use features make this provider one of the most famous among small business owners.

Some of the specific options include creating emails, responding automatically, connecting tags, grouping contacts, analyzing and such. These are accompanied by the ability to adjust the time zone so that it matches the one of the users and group people by their location.


Also, MailChimp provides a lot of support opportunities, giving owners all the guidance they need for a successful strategy. It is accepted by platforms like Shopify, Magento, WordPress and other similar to those, allowing you to operate it from inside the platform you’re using for your site.

Mind that there’s a free plan with certain limitations in the number of emails and subscribers and a paid one that goes from $10 up.



Image ©

What’s interesting about this service provider is that it unites more aspects starting from your automated marketing and email marketing to the sales and CRM. It has captivating templates for crafting the emails quickly and forms for signing up that are mobile-friendly.

These are only the beginning though. ActiveCampaign specializes in exploring the contacts’ details through their email addresses. That way, business owners can decide who to email or consider as a part of their target audience at once.

Moreover, this provider works smoothly with platforms like WordPress. Only note that there’s a demo version while the full features need to be paid for beginning with $9 a month.



Image ©

The main aims of this email service provider are email marketing, landing pages, and marketing automation.This simplifies the whole process, making GetResponse very popular among users.

More precisely, it has tools for automation that assist in creating a seamless campaign that’ll actually pique the curiosity and interest of the recipients. These tools enable segmentation of the clients and customers as well as sharing content that is specifically made for the groups.


Help is always available to everyone, who wants some advice with a certain part of the provider and its features. All of this comes with a trial that lasts thirty days and a plan with pricing from $15 monthly.



Image ©

AWeber works on turning the inactive prospects into loyal customers that are willing to contribute to your brand. It provides email marketing services to both small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to lead their own marketing campaigns through it.

After you connect it with some of the major platforms such as WordPress you can begin utilizing the special features that consist of tracking the email addresses, auto-responding, and controlling the email list in detail.

The lowest price per month is $19, but there’s a free trial for everyone who wishes to try it out.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Image ©

While this one contains most of the features of the other service providers, it has a few more to present. They are connected to optimizing your email messages with an email builder. It has drag-and-drop options for easily finding your way around.

Judging by the customers’ actions and preferences, it allows users to take advantage of the drag and drop feature for segmenting, too. This together with the option to make each message more personal with the gathered customers’ details contributes to the great results that many owners get from this provider.

The monthly price for using Campaign Monitor begins at $9.




Image ©

Operating as both email and social media marketing tool, iContact leaves a special mark in the small businesses’ online strategy. Its top features revolve around crafting custom and unique messages with the drag-and-drop tool or using a template.

Then, owners are able to monitor how well the recipients of their emails act, whether they open them, do what you ask of them or unsubscribe. This will show you where you go wrong or right so that you can correct yourself or implement something new.

The monthly cost for this tool is $14 and up.



Image ©

As a simple service provider, Campaigner offers a bunch of email creating opportunities. Actually, there are around 1.200 variations of the emails that can be made with it.

The customization features are comprised of categories like ones for special occasions, newsletters and other themes for making your email more interesting to the ones receiving it. What’s more, in Campaigner, all owners can keep their lists in storage, control the opt0ins and opt-outs and truly deliver their messages. It doesn’t allow any email to end up in the spam folder.

Just mind that the payment plans go from $19.95 a month.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Image ©

Constant Contact is a fast pacing provider that gains new users all the time. It’s considered as one of the biggest service providers thanks to the friendly look and simple usage. Moreover, the training that they provide prepares users for email marketing and all the techniques.

Constant Contact makes it easy for business owners to access the features and implement them in their email strategy. They can control their email lists and contacts. There are templates for writing the emails, as well.


Aside from this, you can connect some social media sharing options to your emails and store files of maximum 1GB.

However, have in mind that the email service provider offer a trial of only thirty days. For longer usage people are required to pay at least $20 monthly.



Image ©

As a powerful provider, ConvertKit is mainly focused on professional marketers and bloggers. It gives you a possibility to send drip emails through the features for auto-responding and provides forms for signing up in order to help you with the incentives and upgrading your content.

With the segmentation option, all the subscribers can be easily grouped based on whether they’ve shown their interest in your products or services or not.

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