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10 Free Makeup Samples You Can Get by Mail or In Stores

Everyone loves free makeup samples. Not only that they don’t empty the wallet, but they give people a chance to try out the makeup products before deciding which of them to buy.

A lot of makeup users don’t believe it, but the Internet is full of places that offer free samples to their current and potential customers. The top ones are on this list. You’ll encounter both websites that ship the samples by mail and some that require you to visit their stores to get the pieces.

But in any case, you end up with your favorite mascara, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and many others in your hands.


© Sephora

One of the biggest makeup brands that give away samples to users is Sephora. It’s a famous brand offering the trendiest in makeup, skincare, hair and body products, fragrances, and lots more.

Besides that, it’s also one of the most generous companies you’ll find when it comes to giving away samples.

The staff members in their stores are super friendly and are always there for some beauty tips. If you’re interested in what they offer and tell them that, the odds are high that you’ll go home with a sample.

Their generosity extends to their website, too. The ‘Free Samples’ page lets you choose up to 3 samples which you can add to your basket. These often include perfumes, skin products, makeup and similar.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics
© MAC Cosmetics

As a popular makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics has a wide variety of products for lips, face, and eyes.

Many of them are offered as free samples as well.

All people should do to get them is visit their site and see which makeup product is available. For instance, now they exclusively give the Liptensity sample with a purchase of more than $25. The lip includes multiple shades like doe, mulling spices, and smoked almond. To be considered during checkout, you should make sure to type the sample’s code and then proceed with the shopping.

Have in mind that the offer is available only to US residents and lasts until there are supplies left.

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© Smashbox

Selling a plethora of makeup products Smashbox provides some free samples, as well. The vast collection consists of everything from eyeliners and lipsticks to foundation, and blushes. Not to mention that there’s makeup for every occasion.

Everyone that wishes to get some of the free pieces, though, is required to click on this page. There you’ll see what you should do next to get the current products that are offered as samples. Also, you’re allowed to pick two samples. At the moment the full exposure mascara and the legendary cream lipstick can be grabbed.

In any case, making a purchase before requesting the free pieces is a must. And the order should exceed $40.


© Nordstrom

Nordstrom gifts a lot of samples to customers. Everyone can simply walk in their store and go out with face masks, lipsticks or other miniature-sized makeup.

For those willing to spend some money on their makeup products, fragrances, and other similar beauty pieces, Nordstrom provides a chance for online requests. Moreover, you are free to choose three samples from the respective page during checkout. All the samples that can be picked are on the page. They even include some makeup brands like the Laura Mercier foundation.

Also, mind that the samples can’t be shipped to international addresses outside the US, P.O. Box addresses as well as APO/FPO.


© BzzAgent

This is actually a marketing agency that operates with the help of the word of mouth. All products are reviewed and promoted so that they can reach a wider audience.

That’s why BzzAgent usually sends free samples including makeup ones to people interested in reviewing them. If you’re one of them, you should just go to the site and join. Afterward, you’ll be asked to fill in a brief survey to allow the site to find you the right campaigns.

They’ll be emailed to you and once a match is made, you’ll be sent a free product to review. Moreover, you should post your review on your blog or if you don’t run one, wait for a campaign that allows you to share your opinions of the product on social media.

RIMIX Cosmetics

RIMIX Cosmetics
© RIMIX Cosmetics

This makeup brand gives full jars of products for free. You can choose what you want in each of them from the Primer, BB Cream, and Hi-Def foundation. And every jar has enough substance for two to three applications, giving you an opportunity to decide whether you want fair, light, light medium, medium or dark shade.

These samples can be found on their page. Note that they are limited to one sample per customer, asking you to pay the shipping. For shipping in the US it’s $5 and internationally it’s $15. After making your final call just press ‘Add to cart’.


© Albolene

Albolene gives away their famous eye makeup remover as a free sample. It’s a product well-known for cleansing your skin after wearing makeup during the whole day, removing waterproof makeup, as well. It maintains the softness of the skin along the way.

To request it for free, you should complete the form located on this page. In it add your first and last name, email, address lines, city, state, and zip code. Then just click on ‘Request Sample’ and expect it to arrive.

The only restrictions are that the product can be shipped in the US and one household can take one free sample.

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© Ulta

This is a store that unites a lot of the most popular beauty brands, including the ones selling makeup products. The products range from face and eyes makeup to lips and even brushes and tools.

Due to the increasing number of customers, Ulta gifts some makeup products for free to users that are dedicated to the brands. Currently, they give you the option to try out the Clinique Makeup Remover for lids, lashes, and lips. It can be taken with any purchase of Clinique’s products that exceeds $30. This free treat can be requested here until the quantities last. It can be shipped to the US and Canada.

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The Body Shop

The Body Shop
© The Body Shop

With every purchase, The Body Shops gives you a few rewards. They’re in the form of free samples after each order that you make on any of the products as well as samples that cost only $1 given to you without making a large purchase.

Visit their page to stay constantly updated with all the offers. Very often you’ll come along makeup samples that range from lipsticks and shades to blushes.

Aside from this, they provide free makeup gift sets that are meant to satisfy people’s appetites for quality makeup products. Among them, there are mascaras, eyeshadows, mini brush kits and colorful lipsticks.

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Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown
© Bobbi Brown

This is another place where you can request a free makeup sample to be sent to you. But before that, you should make a purchase on the site.

Makeup products for face, cheeks, eyes, lips and more are available for purchase. Many of them end up as samples, as well. On the offers landing page you’ll encounter everything that you can request for free during checkout. You are allowed to pick two samples after each order, try the mini products after buying the full-size ones and pick up other similar exclusives.

On certain products like foundations, powders or correctors there’s even free shipping plus free returns.

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