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Do We Really Require Digital Marketing As A Career To Pursue?



Digital Marketing
Do We Really Require Digital Marketing As A Career To Pursue?
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Yes, we do. We need it as a Career because it is the only skill set which the job market has seen a 40% growth in last year. Now compare the number to the other job markets and all you see are growth in the range of 3 to 5%.

And why is this growth rate so high in comparison to other fields:

Digital Marketing is fuelled by the growing internet and social media user base.

Today’s generation spends most of their time using gadgets and socialising through the Internet. They are there from morning to evening (at times mid night) – chatting, browsing, discussing, sharing and what not.

Earlier, people used Internet as a source of information or to learn something new so being social was not such a drift but today both go hand in hand. And again.

People being social by nature tend to communicate which is where a medium is considered, and that medium is called “Social media”.

Thus, when the users on the internet grow every year the social medium of communication grows itself.

The relationship between a brand and a consumer has changed dramatically by the impact of social media on the digital marketing strategies.

They are the prospective customers for companies marketing through internet and since their growth has been unabated.

The world constitutes a population of around 7.5 billion people and almost 3.2 billion people are users of internet or social media.

Internet users by country world map

Internet users by country world map

So far it’s quite clear that digital marketing grows with the growth of internet users and social websites.

To tap these prospective customers on internet, companies require Digital marketers – Hence, the growing demand of Digital marketers.

Companies – specially, small businesses understand that marketing is no more about going door to door. Instead, the smart way of doing marketing is to use Digital marketing where business happens at a click of a few virtual buttons.

Since there is so much hype and hoopla around Digital marketing, let’s move on to understanding “Digital Marketing Career Progression” but before that let’s clear the fundamentals.

In layman language, any promotion made by a digital medium for a business is called digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

© Getty Image

Digital marketing can be efforts made via internet, social media, mobile phones, televisions, radio channels, etc.

Why Companies are investments in Digital Marketing: 

Not much reasoning is required when it comes to investment. At the end of day, what you save is what you earn. 

A very small company can carve a very large shadow of itself under such a platform.

Digital Marketing has caught the fancy of Marketers from Companies all across the globe as it:

  • Clearly defines your business goals.
  • Provides better Analytics and insights to discover your audience preferences and activities.
  • Gives you ability to communicate your messages using different mediums of writing such as texts, images, video to be more precise.
  • And is flexible where you can change the campaign as and when you want and can optimize it based on real time results.
  • Lastly, it helps you run budgeted campaign and gives you a better ROI in comparison to traditional methods of marketing.

And it is the only platform where small businesses and startups can easily start advertising as this method is just opposite of what traditional methods of marketing required. Here, you do not need a huge physical presence to promote your brad value, no traditional goodwill is required to rely on word of mouth publicity (as a matter of fact, shares, likes and comments are your new word of mouth publicity tools),

And small businesses do not need a large team of workers to get going with marketing.

As they say, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak could sink a whole ship.”

Digital Marketing helps them keep a check on the leaks.

You only spend minimum to get maximum returns.

When I say little expenses, we refer to the traditional ways of marketing in which a lot of money was incurred but today everything starts with a click of a button.

The reasons for investment is not just easier marketing but there are various monetary benefits which every business demands. Let’s go a bit more in depth.

Higher revenuesThis is the first and utmost reason for every company to invest in digital marketing.
Digital marketing strategies can be used to generate higher profits.
Higher rate of conversion will provide more profits to the company.
Competition with large organisationsDigital marketing helps even the smallest company to compete head to head with larger organisations as it is very cost effective.
Digital marketing strategies can be used to generate higher profits.
Higher rate of conversion will provide more profits to the company.
Online survivalIt ensures that the business survives online by targeting the right kind of people and collecting relevant information from the consumers.
Unlimited reach to customersEarlier, geographical locations were barriers to marketing, but digital marketing strategies leads to no hindrance and reaches out to all its viewers without any hassle.
Preferred advertisementDigital marketing is one of the most preferred type of advertisement for all companies as it’s reluctantly less cost effective than other means of promotion of any brand.
Customer leadsWarm customer leads are generated as interested viewers are given special attention and taken care of.
Showcase your wins against competitors In a highly competitive market where all brands are competing at the same level, one can display his rewards from it’s customers for others to compete.
Customised data Particular needs of every customer is collected on a database thus simplifying the type of goods supplied or services rendered.
Measurable, trackable resultsMeasuring online marketing with web analysis and other metric tools makes it easier to detect the effectiveness of the campaign or targets achieved by the company.

I have explained you why Digital marketing is the “Talk of the Town” and why every business is adopting Digital Marketing.

You know companies want to invest in Digital Marketing but how is the job scene in Digital marketing.

You already by now “Job Market in Digital Marketing grew by a healthy 40%”.

Here is one more stat for you: According to a leading daily, Digital Marketing created 1.5 lac jobs in 2017.

The number is an estimated number for the whole industry and reflects the good growth of industry in the year gone by.

Career options in Digital Marketing:

  • Search engine optimizer

This professional works around google to get your website to rank high for relevant keywords. He is the one who manages duplicate content, puts user friendly experience and uses other web master tools to provide traffic free search engine.

All this is done so that a user gets to the suitable website or information as quickly as possible.

  • Content marketing manager

The Content Marketing Manager is someone who manages the blogs, e book publications, sales page copywriting, guest blogging, video as well as email communications for the company.

  • Copywriter

A copywriter puts the already written article in a better manner with new words and displays the content in a realistic way so that the sales of the company arise and catch the eye of the customer.

  • Social Media Marketer:

This professional in the company is responsible for handling all social media campaigns. He/she is the lucky guy who gets paid to be on social media the whole day.

  • PPC Expert

PPC Advertisers are paid to manage paid campaigns using Google AdWords or facebook ads as tools. Their job is to ensure the company gets the maximum ROI for the keywords they spend their money on.

  • Inbound marketing manager

Inbound Manager creates a strategy through his skills depending on the company to attract the customers and the marketing manager in turn executes the strategy created.

Career in digital marketing is the right career for you. Even fresher’s in the industry are earning good packages in Digital Marketing. Here is a table to showcase the average salary offered to Digital Marketing Professionals in India:

  • Salary offered

TitleExperience (Years)Salary (in lakhs)
Executive0-11.5 – 3.0
Team lead2-42.5 -5.0
Strategist/Analyst3-54.0 –8.0
Digital marketing head5-108.0 -30.0

Digital marketing is the right Career for you because:

  • The industry is growing at a good growth fuelled by the Regular growth of internet and it’s users
  • This is one of those rare industries where no Specific educational background is required.
  • You can also work as a Freelancer from home.
  • You get paid to sit on social media 😊 Now, who does not like that!

Lastly, digital marketing is no more a trend. It is an industry which is evolving with endless possibilities of growth.

Every company today has a brand presence on internet in some form or the other. They know their target user base is on internet and they want to tap them by using latest methods of marketing which revolve around Digital marketing.

Today, companies are allocating a good amount of share to Digital marketing and are generating leads, closing sales and increasing brand awareness using the platform.

And they need professionals like you to achieve their aims/goals.

Time for you to start a Career in Digital Marketing.

Jasmeet Singh is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Strategist, and an active blogger. He is the founder of The Sharp Brain, a Digital Marketing Training Institute located in India. He is an active Quoran and an avid reader.

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New Approach to Essay Writing That Swept the World



New Approach to Essay Writing That Swept the World
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Students struggle with finishing their tasks on time and getting the best possible grades all the time. And essays are a vital part of this.

No matter how hard they try, sometimes the essays are just not good for the professors, who demand more research and deeper points and discussions to be covered. Because of this pressure, often students find themselves sleeping less and being unable to focus on the other aspects of their studies. But not anymore. Nowadays, things are changing thanks to the new approach to essay writing that’s becoming very popular.

Essay Writing company

Moreover, there are companies that have experts working precisely on writing essays filled with the information professors want to read. All you should do is hire a writer from there and wait until the paperwork is in your hands.

Want to hear more about this? Here we’ll cover everything you should know and help you get your essay in no time.

Why People Need Help Writing Essays

The educational system is unfair in some instances. Students’ attention is divided between studying for their exams and completing paperwork in between in order to receive higher scores and pass the year. Not to mention that the professors always seek new ideas and creativity in the students’ writing, which can be impossible when their minds are crowded with lessons.

However, this is only the beginning when it comes to why some help in essay writing comes in handy. There are plenty more reasons that prevent people from crafting pieces they can be proud of. Aside from the lack of time that we mentioned, people sometimes struggle to understand the exact topic of the essay and the points that should be covered. This is either because they aren’t aware of the subject or there are simply not enough materials to learn from.

Then, there’s the motivation, which can often be lacking. As much as someone wants to write the sentences, they seem pointless and not worthy of them. Connected to this, some students just can’t express themselves creatively and make the essay interesting to read. This comes as a result of their wavering self-confidence and opinion that essay writing is something they can’t do even though they haven’t tried doing it.

In these cases, it’s understandable to let someone more experienced help you out and finish the job for you.

Where to Find an Accurate Essay Writing Company

We live in a time when information is a vital resource and is everywhere around us. This is especially the case with the Internet where people can find everything they are looking for by simply visiting a search engine and type their demand.

Essay writing companies can be found in the same way. Most of them have online platforms that you can visit and look around so that you get acquainted with what they offer and how much their services cost.

Things to Consider When Making Your Choice

These things demand special attention and expertise. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust anyone with this task. Instead, you should consider multiple things before making your final decision on which essay writing company to hire.

For starters, you shouldn’t overlook the time the company spent in this business. The longer they’ve spent writing essays, the better they’ll know how to craft yours without any issues. This can be seen through testimonials and reviews of other people that have been their clients. Also, it’s crucial to know who will write your piece. Are they experts in their field? Are they native speakers or close when it comes to knowing the language of your essay? How good are their grammar and spelling? These are only some of the questions you should ask.

Another vital aspect is the customer support they give. The right company should be available 24/7 to give answers to your questions.

The Process

When you compare the time and all the thinking and writing the essay on your own to having someone do it for you, it’s easy to see why people opt for the latter option. The process is, in fact, not very complex and easy to use by everyone. So, let’s take a closer look at the usual process when you hire professional help for essay writing.

The first logical step is to place an order. Often, entities who offer these services have special forms which help the individual best describe the custom writing. For instance, when you order you should specify how long it should be, when the deadline is, what level, topic, what type of writing, form, language and similar other criteria. That’ll come very handy to the individual handling your writing.

After your order is submitted, it’s reviewed and the writer that fits the particular job best is chosen. Some companies enable you to talk with some of the writers, which can help a lot to find the right candidate.

Eventually, the essay is written and the following step is quality control. It’s up to the client to see whether they’re satisfied with the final product or not. If everything is okay, the money is transferred and the whole process is finished.

What You Get

If you embark on this writing adventure all on your own, you risk making mistakes as you don’t have an expert in the field who can guide you and mentor you. That is why with a writing services provider you get professional, quality work that is going to get you a high grade and help you achieve your goal. The writers who work there have tons of experience behind them and they have been doing it with great care and attention.

When we talk about writing, one of the most important things is the writing to be original and not plagiarized. Hiring a proficient company offers you just that. The academic writers, who are employed there, start from scratch so that in the end you get a unique writing piece.

All this help is, usually, available to you every day of the week, twenty-four hours. Furthermore, the client can reach out via a wide variety of channels like email, live chatting or phone call.

With an expert writing taking care of your written pieces, clients don’t have to worry about deadlines as these guys deliver on time and very discreet and confidential about it.

A Final Word

So, what do you say about this? Do you need help to write your essays? Would you hire someone to do it for you? Tell us about your experience with this here!

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Red Flags To Watch Out For That Indicates A Sketchy Service



worker injuries
Red Flags To Watch Out For That Indicates A Sketchy Service
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Construction sites are not the safest areas to work. 21.1% of the total worker deaths happened in the construction industry. However, contractors and those who are in the construction industry still need to ensure that each construction site is kept safe as possible. Those who are negligent in keeping their work areas safe are jeopardizing the safety of their employees. Sadly, some construction businesses that fail to ensure their workers’ safety because they failed to implement strict security policies and measures.

Construction Company Red Flags

If you are looking for a contractor, you need to watch out for some red flags before you hire one. You need to do your research to find a construction company that also takes care of its workers. You need to be quick in spotting these red flags before hiring a contractor: 

  • worker injuries

    worker injuries © Getty Image

    The contractor has a history of worker injuries. You might encounter contractors that have a history of worker casualties. The number of work-related injuries can help you determine whether the company takes safety seriously. A high number of worker injuries may indicate that the construction company doesn’t implement safety measures in the construction sites.

  • Workers don’t have the required safety gear. During your search for a contractor, you can observe their current projects and construction sites. You need to check if the company implements a strict policy about safety gear. Since all workers must wear safety hats, safety vests, and work gloves, you can assess whether the construction workers are compliant. If not, there must be some lapses in their safety policies.
  • construction equipment

    © Getty Image

    The construction equipment looks unstable. You may not be an expert on construction; however, you know an unstable structure when you see one. If you notice scaffoldings or ladders looking fragile or misassembled, it may indicate that the ones in charge of the construction site failed to check them.

  • Safety cables and nets are lacking. Contractors need to ensure that workers are safe even if they work in high places. Therefore, safety nets must be installed correctly. If you notice that some areas don’t have any safety cables or nets, you may want to think twice about hiring that contractor.

If you are searching for the right contractor, you must feel at ease that they will implement their safety policies, especially on the construction site. You need to do your research before making a final decision. Failure to keep the work area safe may result in worker injuries and casualties. It can also have negative effects on you because the project can be delayed or halted due to the case filed against your contractor. Accidents in construction sites can cause you to lose money because the construction of the project may be affected.

Workers who are involved in a construction site accident can file claims against their employers if they are able to prove that they are negligent. Stewart Guss can help workers, contractors, and other related parties legally handle this type of case. You can contact them for more information regarding worker injury cases.

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Power Tips On Marketing Your Product To Bigger Audiences



web promotion
Power Tips On Marketing Your Product To Bigger Audiences
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web promotion

© Getty Image

Every startup aims to be big. Every small company’s goal is to be able to grow and expand their business. One of the best ways to build a business is to target a bigger audience. Small companies may be targeting a smaller audience right now, but when the time comes, they will promote their products or services to a more significant and broader target market. With a broader reach, small businesses can increase their brand awareness as well as their potential revenues.

How to Market Your Product or Service to a Bigger Audience

If you are a small business owner, you might think that marketing to a more prominent audience is difficult. It’s true; reaching out to a broader target market can be hard but not impossible. You need to do your research and exert your time and effort into creating marketing campaigns that can attract your intended market. These are some of the helpful ways you can market your products or services to a broader audience:

  • Research your audience. You have to get to know your target market. Try to determine their buying patterns and their interests. You need to utilize the information you have on your target market and create marketing campaigns that can pique their interests.
  • Position your products. You need to learn how to do proper product placements. You need to schedule or time your marketing campaigns. You need to place your products or services in a way that your target market can easily understand why and how your products or services can help them.
  • Make use of social media platforms. Social media has billions of users online every day. These Internet users rely on social media whenever they need to find information or when they shop for something. If you want to tap into even a portion of a billion users, social media sites are the best tools you can use to increase your brand awareness and to reach out to a bigger audience.
  • Apply other marketing methods. SEO practices such as content writing, call tracking, and email marketing can help you understand the demographics of your target audience. Applying SEO and other methods to your marketing campaigns enables you to understand your audience better. As a result, you can create marketing activities that can entice them into purchasing your products or availing your services.

Business owners need to know their responsibilities when it comes to offering their products or services to their target market. You need to ensure that your products can satisfy the needs of the consumers. The products or services must be free from defects or flaws before there are offered to the market.

Consumers should also be aware of their rights as buyers. If you are a victim of a defective product and it caused you to experience injuries, you can ask a lawyer for legal assistance. Hughey Injury Lawyers provide legal services to consumers who placed their trust in products but received defective ones. These lawyers can aid you in filing a claim against businesses that provided products that failed to meet the consumer expectations.

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Key Tips To Consider When Starting An Adobe Creative Business



Cameras and Desktop Monitor
Key Tips To Consider When Starting An Adobe Creative Business
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Cameras and Desktop Monitor

© Getty Image

You have a unique idea and the talent to turn that new idea into reality. You think of creating a business that can provide clients with a unique experience and a different type of service. Starting a new business involved a lot of documentation and research. It takes a lot of steps before you finally start your venture legally. You need to research the different rules and regulations involved in a setting up a new business. You need to secure the necessary permits and licenses before you can offer your services to your potential clients.

What to Consider Before Starting a Business

Starting an Adobe Creative business is similar to starting any type of small business. You still need to procure the required permits, licenses, and contracts before you can begin your full operations. You also need to consider the following tips prior to starting your own business:

  • Create a portfolio. Since you are starting an Adobe Creative business, you need to create a portfolio that shows your different styles. You need to show your clients your skills and design abilities to convince them to choose your business for a project. Your portfolio is your way of showing prospective clients your capabilities as a designer, and it lets you convince them that you can turn their concepts into reality.
  • Research on the different steps in starting a business. Several processes are involved when it comes to establishing a business venture. You may be required to acquire permits as well as licenses before you start your business.
  • Know your target market. Starting your Adobe Creative business also involves learning as much as you can about your target market. You need to know the people who will need your services. Who needs the products or services that you are offering? Are your products or services necessary? You need to determine if your business has a purpose and whether your target market has a demand for the product or service you are offering.
  • team work

    © Getty Image

    Consider your team. In order for a business to prosper, you need a team or employees that could contribute to the growth of the business. You need to find employees who have the skills and the expertise that can add more value to your business. 

  • Learn more about the legal side of business. As a business owner, you also need to know the legal aspects of managing and owning a business. You have to be aware of your duties to your employees and your clients. You can consult with an attorney so he or she can orient you with the different legal obligations of business owners. To contact a lawyer, click here.

Starting an Adobe Creative business can be difficult at first. You may still be finding your own style; however, once you can develop your own techniques, you will eventually find clients who can appreciate your work. With the right tools, program, and design equipment, you can provide better design services to your clients. Your team of talented designers and employees can also contribute to your business’ success.

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Hiring For Your Small Business: What Should You Look For



Hiring For Your Small Business: What Should You Look For
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© Getty Image

Small businesses have so much room for growth. They have the potential to become established businesses with the help of the right people. Hiring employees takes a lot of hard work. You need to consider several factors including their compensation, benefits, their skillset, and more. You may have a problem offering high compensation packages because your business is still small and funds may be limited. You may be tempted to settle on employees who accept your rates. However, with patience and persistence, you can find employees who are willing to grow with the business even if your offer is limited.

What Should You Look for When Hiring for Your Small Business

When you are hiring for a small business, you need to look for certain qualifications before you make a final decision. Your employees will help your business grow and expand, which is why it is essential to choose wisely. Some of the factors you should look for when you are hiring for your business include:

  • Resume. An applicant’s resume creates a first impression on the employers. You need to read each resume thoroughly so you can build a set of questions intended for the applicant. A resume can also show the applicant’s dedication to his or her work and the achievements he or she can contribute to former employers.
  • Proper Grooming. During the interview, you can assess if the applicant is well-dressed. How an applicant presents him or herself to the interviewer is important. He or she is showing interest in the job if he or she is prepared. Proper grooming indicates that the applicant took the time to look good for the interview because he or she is interested in the job.
  • Experience. You should also look into applicants’ experience related to the job you are offering. You need to hire employees with the right experience, so they are already knowledgeable in the different duties and responsibilities of the position. Those with experience in a particular field can help in specific tasks that could eventually help the company grow.
  • Attitude

    © Getty Image

    Attitude. An applicant’s attitude can help you gauge whether he or she is the right employee for the job. You need to hire employees who can work with a team, has humility, and is willing to learn. Otherwise, you will only be hiring someone who may not contribute much to your company growth.

  • Values. Lastly, you need to find employees who are hard workers, driven, and motivated. These values and qualities in employees make them a perfect fit for any company because these employees are the ones who take initiative. They complete tasks even if they are not told to do so. These are the employees who will help build your business.

Once you are done with the hiring process, you need to fulfill your responsibilities as an employer. You need to provide your employees with a safe working environment to allow them to do their job efficiently. You can consult with attorneys to ask advice on what to do in case your employees get injured while at work. To know more about the topic, just click here.

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