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Why You Should Find an Attorney and Report Police Misconduct




It is not uncommon that the representatives of Police force who are responsible for maintaining law and order in the Nation-Sate become the perpetrators of fear and oppression in the civilians. It has happened in the past, is happening in the present times and will happen in future. It is, in fact, human nature to misuse power when he is in a position of power. The police is an armed force, and therefore, it is natural that the possibility of corruption in police force is high. The legalities regarding the Police Misconduct thus protect the common people from the Police.

When are you allowed to charge a lawsuit against the Police officer? Read below to know all about it.

  1. If the officer has made distasteful, bigoted comments to victims of sexual or domestic abuse and violence.
  2. If he has beaten up or extorted sexual favours from people under custody or in jail.
  3. If he has been discriminatory or disrespectful to the racial or sexual minorities during investigation.
  4. If he has taken bribes or extorted money from civilians in exchange of service.
  5. If he has erased or distorted evidence from the site of crime.
  6. If he has used unnecessary violence on the civilians.
  7. If the officer has misused his authority in order to intimidate or harass civilians without enough evidence of their crime.
  8. If he has threatened the civilians to give alibi.

All these fall under Police misconduct and all these are unlawful. Now the next question arises what do you do if any of these has been perpetrated on you by a police officer?

Visit an Attorney Nearby

The common people are easily threatened by authority and justifiably so. However, you need to know that there are laws protecting you from those in power. The only way you can access your democratic rights is by using the power given to you by the judicial system. If you feel that you are a victim of Police misconduct or brutality, find a Police Misconduct Attorney at the local court. If you wondering how to find best local Police Brutality Lawyers near me, just look up on the internet. You can make appointments and talk to her about the misdeeds of the Police. If you think it is too much hassle, it is not because all you have to do is to talk about what happened to you. The rest will be overseen by the attorney.


Do not fear the authority. If your testimony is proven true, you will get a lump sum amount as damage cost. Incidents of police misbehavior also attract the attention of media so they might back you up as well. Remember that if you are silent about their misconduct, the corruption and oppression will not stop. No matter how powerful the police force is, you have your civil rights. As an innocent citizen, you have all the rights to live without fear and with utmost dignity.



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