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Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

All users should send us a DMCA notice in case they feel like any content or material featured on our pages, including the ones that are operating on Namecheap, is against their copyrights. Upon receiving the notice, our team will immediately check, erase the content and get in touch with the one that’s responsible for publishing the content.

Only have in mind that we are not responsible and therefore we won’t look into notices about websites that are operating on servers owned by third parties that have their own hosting.

As a platform for publishing content, Namecheap contains pieces that are copyrighted and unique. They are either written that way or transformed into original texts. Due to this, it’s vital to make sure that the published content belongs to fair use before sending the DMCA notice. In case you have doubts related to the infringement of your copyrights or the content in question falls under the protections implied by fair use, you should think about getting legal advice.

You may face a legal responsibility to cover damages such as fees for the attorneys and other costs if you are wrong about the material that supposedly harms your copyright. Have in mind that we have held and will hold people responsible for mistakes of that sort and gather the needed damages.

The one that published the content in question, as well as third parties, will receive your DMCA notice. Also, a note will be put on the website where the content was posted that contains the owner of the copyright, who sent the notice about the removal. Moreover, we attain the right to defy the DMCA abuses and this form doesn’t affect this right.

If you want to submit a notice, please abide by the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the mentioned blog falls under Flix Expo’s hosting. There is no way for us to control the blogs that have the statement ‘Powered by WordPress’. The blogs that have this are not hosted by our site since they utilize the WordPress source. So, please direct all your objections there. Only blogs that belong to Namecheap are hosted by us.
  2. Speak to the blogger. Visit the post with the infringed content and comment on it with your objection. That way you will understand whether you and the blogger can take care of the problem together.
  3. Use the form provided below to submit the objection to our agent in case you are unable to solve the problem with the blogger.

Websites or/and users that constantly infringe content will be removed according to our policy that’s in accordance with the DMCA. Even though we will not give away the details related to the policy of the constant infringements, we trust that it covers both sides – the copyright owners are protected and the users that are accurate are safe from a mistaken removal.

    In case you don’t want to fill out our form, there’s an option to send your objection to our agent via email or address (we would like to receive email):

    Flix Expo Ent.

    3599/75 Baan-Klangkrung Charoenraj Road, Bang Klo,

    Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok, Thailand

    Phone: (880) 829927696


    You are required to list these details:

    • A signature, electronic or physical, that belongs to the owner of the copyright or someone else that can act in their name.
    • An explanation where the infringed content is located, providing enough details so that Flix Expo can find and identify it.
    • An identification of the infringed material that has the copyright.
    • Your full name, living address, mobile number as well as the email address.
    • A statement containing your trust that the usage of the content in the wrong way is not approved by the owner of the copyright, their agent, or the law.
    • A statement that the notice contains only legit information and that you have all the rights to act in the name of the owner that has the right, which was infringed.