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15 Best Free Antivirus Software’s for 2017 You Haven’t Heard Of



Best Free Antivirus
15 Best Free Antivirus Software’s for 2017 You Haven’t Heard Of
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Viruses are very dangerous for your device forcing people to search for and install the best free antivirus software’s for 2017. If you’re one of them and want to protect your information and your device from the harmful effect of the viruses this list is for you.

Best Free Antivirus

Here you’ll come across full free versions of software’s that keep all types of viruses at bay, allowing you to surf the web carelessly and safely. They operate similarly to the costly famous software’s and even better when it comes to incorporating specific options.

Here are the list of best free antivirus software’s!

Avast Free Antivirus


© Avast

This is one of the most popular software’s, mainly because it looks sophisticated and has multiple features connected to blocking the viruses from entering the device you’re using. It’s available both for Mac and Android and supports all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Thanks to the engines for detecting spyware and viruses, it keeps you protected from all dangerous content including one acquired through going on the Internet, receiving emails, files as well as messages. Also, it’s able to discover hidden malware and viruses.



© Bitdefender

As it’s very simple to install and utilize, Bitdefender is a favorite software to many online users. The setup and configuration process is very easy, taking up very little space of your memory. Not to mention that it’s compatible with Windows computers, Mac OS, and Android phones and tablets.

It consists of advanced technologies like machine learning for tracking and removing any fraudulent content before it gets to your device.

AVG Free Antivirus



Operating as a virus scanner, AVG’s Antivirus Free looks for possible viruses or malware that may be downloaded with your emails or files, preventing them from poisoning your computer, phone or tablet. It even incorporates constant security updates.

One of the most helpful things about it is the simple design and clearly displayed protection measures and features together with its Windows compatibility.



© Amiti

Viruses, worms, malware, and trojans all fall under Amiti’s protection. Not only that it keeps them away from you, but it does regular scans to stop others like them from coming.

It has an easy-to-use interface with all options and settings located on the left side of the screen to make the space less crowded. There’s also a built-in tool that helps you clean all files in the temporary and Internet section to free up more memory.



© Baidu

Baidu is in charge of cloud security.It detects ad wipes away all phishes and viruses from the cloud. Scanning suspicious content and browsing privately are among the top useful features that it offers.

However, there are a lot more such as:

  • Firewall for preventing hacking
  • Webcam protection
  • Anti -keylogger
  • Protection from automatic downloads

All the updates are also free of charge.



© Forticlient

Forticlient is suitable for businesses as well as individuals. This is due to the fact that it includes firewall, filtering of the web as well as options for managing threats.

Even though this sounds complicated, the software automatically scans your device once during the week, updating all files for detecting viruses. Moreover, it’s easy to install and setup on Windows and Mac OS.



© Comodo

This is a tool that’s fully focused on cyber security, undertaking all necessary measures for ensuring your safety. It does this by digging out sources of threats online and eliminating them.

What’s special about it is the technology called Defense +. Basically, this technology marks the unknown files as unsafe. Although that seems like a problem, with the help of other assisting technologies Comodo manages not to delete necessary things.

Note that it supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft Security Essentials

© Microsoft Security Essentials

Even though Microsoft is new in the field of Internet protection, Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job. It keeps both your home and work computers away from malicious viruses, spyware, and malware.

As the software works quietly in the background, users are allowed to go wherever they want on the Internet without worrying about getting attacked by a dangerous content or getting interrupted in what you’re doing. Aside from this, it occupies a little part of your disk space and it runs automatic updates. Not to mention that it makes it easy to notice when something is wrong as the icon goes red instantly.

Have in mind that this software is incorporated in the Windows Defender for Windows 8 and 10, and as a separate tool it can be installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7.



© Immunet

This is another cloud-based antivirus software that’s completely free of charge. It aims at ensuring the safety of the whole Immunet community which has over 2 million members. Considering the fact that it shouldn’t be manually updated, and it can operate together with some other safety software’s to ensure a maximum protection, it’s one of the best free tools online.

Some of the most common threats that it takes care of are malware, Trojans, worms, bots, viruses as well as spyware.

Windows XP up to Windows 10 is supported, allowing you to install it on any device that runs on any of these Windows versions.

Rising Antivirus

Rising Antivirus scans everything that you do on your computer, blocking harmful files from entering. It has three types of scans – a quick one, overall and custom, which you can select based on your preferences.

Through the colorful and clean interface, all options are accessible including those for securing your email, downloaded files, USB, and the whole browsing experience.

What most users like about this tool is that it doesn’t interrupt you while working on your device and doesn’t send any frequent warning messages.

Panda Free Antivirus


© Panda

This free tool is compatible with every version of Windows, from XP to Windows 10. Similar to the other software’s, it consists of features that detect viruses, malware, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, worms and other threats stopping them from attacking your device.

However, it has a unique option to use the cloud for all the hard antivirus tasks. That way your disk space isn’t cluttered with all additional files of the tool.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus


© ZoneAlarm

While this free antivirus software generally does the tasks the other mentioned tools do, it offers a special treat to all users. It incorporates a personal firewall that creates a shield around your device, making it invisible to hackers.

This feature is accompanied by an online backup for preserving your most valuable files with a data description and an option for keeping your identity and online presence safe.

You can install this tool free of charge on any device that runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7/8/10.



© Avira

Windows users can see the power of the next-gen technologies through this antivirus software. Thanks to its contemporary design and clearly-displayed settings, you have a chance to optimize the way you want, while making sure that your device is fully protected at all times.

It combines artificial intelligence, cloud software, and antivirus scanners to block all malware, spyware, and even ransomware away.

All of these features work on Windows XP to Windows 10 as well as on Mac OS and Linux computers.



© Adaware

Adaware is developed by Lavasoft, which is a company with many software’s for online security. However, this one doesn’t have a lot of new options and features compared to the rest.

There are features for preventing viruses, malware, and spyware accompanied by those for scanning files before downloading them, but the free version has no email and personal data protection.

It supports all versions of Windows.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home

© Sophos Home

This is antivirus software that works on Macs and PCs, offering full support in the fight against malicious content. It even has tools for removing viruses that are already on your computer together with a firewall for stopping others from entering. To accompany this, Sophos Labs implemented real-time intelligence for locating threats.

Also, the devices of the whole family can be optimized with this tool to ensure maximum safety of your whole household. Connect with us for more helpful software.

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Trending 18 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2018



Watch Free Movies Online
- Virtual reality concept with friends in pajamas
Trending 18 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2018
5 (100%) 1 vote

People want to watch free movies online after a stressful and tiring day, they prefer to click the ‘play’ button and unwind with their favorite storylines and characters.

This led to the appearance of numerous movie sites that offer exactly these services entirely for free. Not only that they’re lawful, but they allow everyone to watch without limits and accounts. They are full of categories containing movies from all genres and years. Even some of the newest blockbusters can be found there in a great quality. Shortly after their release date or a few days after appearing in the cinemas they land a spot in the vast libraries.

Add to this, with the Oscars’ season right around the corner, the sites are updated with all the movies that marked the previous year and received the best critics. Starting from tearful dramas, science- fiction flicks and documentaries to comedies that make everyone laugh out loud, there’s something for all tastes. And the sites feature the whole movies, not some preview clips or trailers. Occasionally, there may be some short advertisements, but they aren’t harmful to people’s devices at all.

Aside from this, some of the places in this guide show movies that are a part of the public domain. Here you can see classics, documentaries as well as flicks suitable for children so that the whole family can have fun watching movies online.

Are you interested in finding out more about this and discovering the best places to watch movies online for free? Then let’s kick this guide off.

Here are the list of trending websites to watch movies online for free

  1. Ovoo TV
  2. 123Movies
  3. Cineplex Point
  4. YouTube
  5. Crackle
  6. Tubi TV
  7. Popcornflix
  8. Yidio
  9. SnagFilms
  10. Viewster
  11. Top Documentary Films
  12. Internet Archive
  13. Veoh
  14. Classic Cinema Online
  15. Public Domain Torrents
  16. MovieZoot
  17. Retrovision
  18. Free Movies Cinema

All of these websites are free to use and have no dangerous content that can harm the computer or Smartphone you’re watching on. This is one of the most important things that users pay attention to when deciding where to watch.

Then, they have huge collections of top rated films and TV shows that stretch across multiple genres. This way the sites satisfy all audiences, fulfilling their movie preferences.

Now, let’s look into the top places.

1) Ovoo TV

Watch Free Movies Online

– Virtual reality concept with friends in pajamas

We’ll start this list with Ovoo TV. This is a relatively new website that makes all of its features clearly accessible to users. If there’s one thing that stands out is the simple yet contemporary design.

As soon as users land on the site, they can easily spot the collection of videos separated into multiple categories. There’s also an A to Z list so that people can see all available movies and shows before finally deciding what to watch.

Leaving the videos aside, this is a very secure and lawful site, featuring absolutely no dangerous ads. Some may appear after you play a video, but they’re at the beginning and don’t harm your device in any way.

Add to this, the interface is mobile-friendly meaning that you can access the site from whichever device you want.

2) 123Movies


© 123movies

This is another simple website where everyone can search for their favorite videos without any trouble. 123Movies has a user-friendly interface with a huge search bar at the center of the homepage.

Everything people should do to take advantage of it is type the title of the movie or TV series that they’re looking for and press the blue button. Then they’re redirected to a page showing the results and offering more options including the one for requesting a movie and sorting videos by genres or countries.

To accompany this, this movie site is legit and legal to use by everyone. And it features only safe content, preventing any annoying advertisements from ever disturbing its users.

3) Cineplex Point

Cineplex Point

© Cineplex Point

The first thing that pops before people’s eyes when they come to Cineplex Point is the well-organized site. Some of the latest and most popular titles are shown at the top followed by more specific categories like newest releases, latest movies and TV shows, requested movies and so on.

Users can also comb the genres and pick whatever suits their preferences. But regardless of their choice, they can watch assured that their device is safe and the videos are in a great quality.

If you’re interested in receiving all updates related to the films and shows that are regularly posted on the site, there’s an option to subscribe to the mailing list.

4) YouTube


© Pexels

When people want to watch a video, one of the first places they think of is YouTube. This giant has millions of users every day and hosts countless videos in any genre and topic imaginable.

Remember the days when people would lose hours only watching cat videos, music videos by famous artists, and trailers for upcoming movies on YouTube? The video-watching platform has evolved a ton since then. Now film fans found a new place to watch their favorite flicks in YouTube.

Even though people can choose from movies available for renting, there are movies which you can watch absolutely for free!

Thanks to the Movies tab on YouTube, users can easily access what catches their eyes as well as pick something they’re interested in from the plethora of genres. Add to this the free movies you can check out!

5) Crackle

Five friends watching a movie together

Five friends watching a movie together

Crackle is one of the favorite sites on the list. This is mainly because since it has partnered with Sony Pictures, it provides some of the most buzzed-about flicks for free. These are all films in full length with actors and actresses that are usually well-known to the public.

No matter if you’re watching on your computer, Smartphone or tablet, the site is fully optimized and all videos are presented in a high quality. They are sometimes interrupted by commercials. But these are very short and appear only a few times during a longer film, so they don’t bother watchers at all.

6) Tubi TV

Tubi TV

© Tubi TV

There are truly a lot of genres offered on Tubi TV. Aside from the usual genres like adventure, drama, romance, action, documentary, kids, and horror, there are more unique categories such as Women First, Best of British, Wild Things, and similar to those.

This only enriches the watching experience with pieces you surely haven’t seen before. And the videos shown on the site are really in a huge number; 7,400+ titles to be more precise. They also come from big movie studios like Paramount, Lionsgate Starz, and MGM, giving people thousands of hours in streaming fun.

While most of the videos are completely free to watch, there are some that need to be rented first.

7) Popcornflix


© Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one more site that’s worth checking out. With more than 1500 films available for seeing at any time, the collection is a really extensive one. That’s why it comes in handy that it’s divided into multiple categories based on the genre of the movies or shows, the country of origin or other similar filters. And thanks to Screen Media Ventures, fresh flicks are being added constantly.

What’s amazing about this place is that it doesn’t require an account to use the services. All users should do is pick a video and hit the ‘play’ button. Absolutely all movies, including some that are made by film schools, are offered free of charge.

8) Yidio


© Yidio

Yidio is one of those sites that give a universal search and discovery option to all users that want to spend hours watching either modern or classical flicks and shows. It does this through the search bar placed at the top of the page and the numerous categories.

Some of the newest films and series you can encounter here are Dunkirk, The Boss Baby, and Spiderman: Homecoming, The Fate of the Furious, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Vikings, and many more. And all of them can be sorted by the available filters and watched at your convenience. Not to mention that all of this is entirely safe and users’ antivirus software isn’t triggered while they’re watching.

The site lets you create a watchlist where you can put all of the videos you like to watch or have already seen, as well.

9) SnagFilms


© SnagFilms

The video library on SnagFilms stretches across ten thousand files and counting. This makes it one of the most popular places people turn to when they’re in the mood for discovering a huge number of flicks and episodes they can see.

The catalog can be explored by the genre, most reviewed, newly added as well as most popular. Aside from this, the site gives a unique feature that lets people dive into collections made by other users or editors. They contain some real and inspiring videos related to sports successes, experiences of immigrants, travelers, history lessons and some others similar to these.

Only note that you’re required to sign in to the website through your Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter account.

10) Viewster


© Viewster

This site is known for the variety of videos that it features. Among them are anime, movies, episodes from popular TV shows, short web movies, and so many more. With the browsing option and the search bar that Viewster provides, discovering what interests you isn’t hard at all.

All of these videos can be streamed for free on every device. There are even apps for Smartphone’s and tablets that can be simply installed. Moreover, the streaming is done without the danger of annoying and harmful ads. While there may be some advertisements popping up a few times during the full-length movies, they won’t be disturbing to the viewers.

11) Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

© Top Documentary Films

In case real stories told through documentaries are interesting to you, then Top Documentary Films is the place to come to. It features a free library packed with documentaries in all subjects and genres. These videos are a part of the public domain streaming documentaries.

For easier navigation, they’re placed in categories among which are technology, science, nature, politics, history, conspiracy, mystery, society, and many more. Inside all the movies can be clicked on at once and viewed for free.

Also, the place is totally legal and no danger can come to your device after visiting it. There are almost o commercials either.

12) Internet Archive

Internet Archive

© Internet Archive

Internet Archive gathers free movies and puts them in various collections and categories where all users can get to them and watch them. Usually, there aren’t any blockbuster or mainstream films, but there may be some if you’re persistent enough to keep looking.

Mainly, people can encounter feature films, stock footage, comedy, sci-fi, horror, short films, silent films, some of the most notable classics, and the likes of them. However, due to the huge number of files, you should explore a bit longer until you find what you’re looking for.

In any case, people can be certain that the archive is safe and doesn’t have any negative implications on their device.

13) Veoh


© Veoh

What makes Veoh a special place to stream free movies and videos on is its vast library and clear options. Since there are hundreds of films and millions of interesting videos to watch, users’ selection is broadened.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you. The site actually makes it easy to find your way around and discover everything that you prefer to see. This is because the videos are put into categories and sorted by their genre. There’re mysteries, dramas, horror, romance, fantasy movies and so many more.

Also, you can explore the videos by when they were added, their language, as well as length.

14) Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

© Classic Cinema Online

While Classic Cinema Online isn’t very big when it comes to the number of movies that it provides, it has some of the most famous classical movies accompanied by iconic silent ones. They’re easily accessible through the homepage with the additional pages visible at the top.

Thanks to them, users are able to see everything offered on the site, including the genres and categories in which the available moves are sorted. Some of the specific themed categories that currently contain exciting classics are holiday movies, and now showing. Movie Billboards and serials are also sections with numerous flicks in them.

15) Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

© Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is a site that’s full of B-movies and free classics that once captured the attention of the public and continue to do so even now. All of these videos fall under the public domain, meaning they’re free and completely legal to watch.

Some of the most famous titles found here are Gulliver’s Travels, Attack of the Giant Leeches and the likes. There are comments and ratings for every film, letting you see the other users’ opinion before watching it yourself.

One more helpful thing is the fact that you aren’t obliged to watch the videos online. You can download the licks to your computer, Smartphone or tablet free of charge, as well.

16) MovieZoot


© MovieZoot

This is another website that presents a wide array of classical videos to everyone for free. But those aren’t the only ones you can find there. Some of the newest hits are added all the time, as well. To keep track of them and discover the most popular ones, you can follow the site’s blog or go to the section called New Films!

And to make the exploring simpler, MovieZoot categorizes the videos by their genre. Western, martial arts, science-fiction, musicals, romance, horror, and comedy are only some of the categories people can spot. After scrolling through them and deciding what to watch, the process is simple. You should only click ‘play’ and start enjoying the movie magic.

Finally, in case you know the title, director or a star in the movie you look for, you can type that in the search tool and get results at once.

17) Retrovision


© Retrovision

This is a site that gives users a chance to see something from everything. Therefore, Retrovision is a blend of classical and more contemporary movies. Classic shows and movies going back to the 50s and 60s are in the libraries, too.

If you want to see all available videos regardless of the genre they belong to, then it’s a good idea to use the all movies list page. This way all videos are alphabetically ordered with an option to click on them and be redirected to a page where you can watch them without paying for anything.

To accompany this, there’s also a search bar, allowing viewers to look for flicks with the title or keywords.

18) Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema

© Free Movies Cinema

The main types of movies you’ll come across on Free Movies Cinema are public domain and independent films. They are placed in various categories like action, fantasy, adventure, animation, comedy, horror, documentary, and drama.

All videos can be watched online free of charge and without annoying and harmful content. There aren’t any limitations at all. Everything you need is a good internet connection and love for a good movie. Besides, the site provides a special movie viewer, which gives users an opportunity to see the videos there, discover related flicks, and share them via email. This way accessing the watching area is made simple and effective.

Every one of these places can boast with their unique and huge libraries filled with movies, TV shows, and videos from all over the world and in all possible genres. They aren’t limited to blockbuster or popular movies though. Instead, on most of these sites, you can also encounter classics and older flicks that are worthy of users’ attention.

Another important thing is the simplicity that surrounds these sites, starting from the optimized interface to the clear features and options. Even people with little or no technical and internet knowledge can explore them without any trouble.

Finally, you shouldn’t bother about yours and your device’s safety while you’re watching on these sites. All of them are lawful and the content they provide doesn’t feature annoying and harmful advertisements. Although a few ads may appear here and there, they are very short and totally don’t disturb the experience.

What do you think? Have you been or plan to visit any of these sites? Share your experience with us here. And happy watching!

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11 Free Twilight Games to Check Out and Have the Time of Your Life




11 Free Twilight Games to Check Out and Have the Time of Your Life
4.4 (88%) 5 votes

There are a lot of free Twilight games to check out online. After the success of the books and the movies the characters are well-known to vast audiences, increasing the fun.

Among the games, you’ll encounter some for dressing up the characters, solving puzzles, answering trivia questions and so many more. Not to mention that people can play them wherever and whenever they want.

This list follows the journey of Edward, Bella, Jacob and the other famous characters, presenting you all the top games you should try.

Twilight Kissing Game

Twilight Kissing Game

© TwilightGamesOnline

In this exciting and tense game, your aim is to make Bella kiss either Edward or Jacob as long as possible. But the other one can’t catch them in the act.

The longer you make the kissing last without anyone noticing, the faster the love meter will fill up and you’ll win the game.

Take a look for free online car games if you want to play.

Bella Dress Up

Bella Dress Up

© TwilightGamesOnline

Users can dress up Bella the way they like and make her look suitable for whichever occasion they want. There are clothes both for dates with the guys and fighting the evil vampires.

To play this game, all you should do is click on a clothing piece you want to put on her and drag it to her. If you want to remove anything, though, just press the already plied piece and it’ll vanish, allowing you to put another one in its stead. Game link here.

Edward vs. Jacob Dress Up

Edward vs. Jacob Dress Up

© TwilightGamesOnline

It’s time to discover who wears the clothes better, Edward or Jacob. This game gives people a chance to test their fashion skills and try putting on different outfits on the boys.

To do so, you’re only required to click on the clothes and they’ll appear respectively on Edward and Jacob’s body at once. Many clothing combinations are at your disposal, you’ll spend a lot of time deciding which ones you like best. This game you can get from here.

Color Vampire

Color Vampire

© Wambie

Serving as an online coloring book, this is the game that brings people back to their childhood days. It consists of a picture of all major Twilight characters that should be colored the way you want.

You can pick a plethora of colors and use them to bring everyone to life. Simply click on a certain color and once the small bucket appears on your screen navigate it toward the part of the picture that you want to color. Press it and the part will appear in your chosen color. You can get and play from here.

Vampire Makeover

Vampire Makeover

© TwilightGamesOnline

This game unites Bella and Edward together while you dress them up for going out or staying in their bedroom. Thanks to the variety of accessories, additions, and clothes in multiple colors, you’ll have an interesting experience.

The game is played by clicking on the buttons that contain makeup and similar face additions or dragging the clothes over the part of the body you wish to cover with them. After you’re done, you’ll see their final looks and get an opportunity to change the background to match your preferences.

Twilight Puzzle

Twilight Puzzle

© Titter

In this vivid puzzle, users get to combine the pieces together in order to reveal a picture from the Twilight movies. There’re plenty of photos to choose from, increasing the fun.

Once you start the game, your chosen photo appears blurred on your screen and with every puzzle piece that’s correctly applied a part of it will clarify. You can turn the puzzle pieces in all directions by using the space bar on your keyboard. When all of them are in place you can enjoy the full picture. You can play from here.

New Moon: Which Team Are You On?

New Moon: Which Team Are You On?

© BuddyTV

Actually, this is a personality quiz with 15 questions that you should answer about yourself. Mostly, they’re related to the right boy for you.

At the end, it’ll show you whose team you are on – Team Edward or Team Jacob. You can get from here.

Hollywood Hall of Fame Twilight

Hollywood Hall of Fame Twilight

© Titter

Users should prepare Bella, Edward, and Jacob for the camera in this game. You can put a lot of accessories on their faces to create a complete look.

The accessories can be easily accessed and utilized. You should only press the respective buttons and then apply them on the face of one of the characters. All three characters are displayed at the corner of your screen so you can try playing with all of them. Get from here.

Twilight Swing and Set

Twilight Swing and Set

© Friv-Games

What’s interesting about this game is that it looks simple, but as you level up it gets more challenging. Basically, it’s like a puzzle only the pieces are already set, but inverted. Your job is to press each piece until you find its original look.

When all of them are set right, an image of the movie forms on the screen and you move onto the next level. Only try to be as fast as possible as there’s a timer measuring your progress. You can get this games from here.

Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses

© TwilightGamesOnline

Enemies are stopping Bella and Edward from being romantic with each other. So, it’s your job to help Edward chase them away and keep kissing Bella at the same time.

You should press and hold the mouse in order to continue kissing Bella and click on the enemies whenever they show up. You can get from here.

Kristen Stewart Makeover

Kristen Stewart Makeover

© Wambie

The leading actress in the Twilight movies can be totally transformed in this game. The aim is to help her get ready for a night out by changing her clothes and applying different makeup on her face.

It’s played with the buttons showing all the options you have. All you should do is press them. Stay connect with us on Flix Expo for more online games.

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9 Best Free Article Rewriter Tool and Spinner Tools for 2017 that you can try



Free Article Rewriter
9 Best Free Article Rewriter Tool and Spinner Tools for 2017 that you can try
4.5 (90%) 4 votes

It’s the easiest to generate content for your blog and site frequently with the best free article rewriter tool or spinner tools for 2017. Not only that they’re simple to utilize but they provide content that you can publish quickly.

For this reason, a lot of people look for the best tools on the Internet. If you’re one of them, you’ll find them on this list.

Free Article Rewriter

Only have in mind that the rewriter and spinner tools don’t create high-quality content. They serve best for posting articles more regularly.

Here are the 10 Best Free Article Rewriter Tool and Spinner Tools for 2017

Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool

© Article Rewriter Tool

This is one of the tools with the simplest interface. All you’ll encounter after landing on the site is two boxes where the entered text and the final result will appear.

It rephrases both sentences and paragraphs, giving you an option to choose whether you want to spin capitalized words or not. To get the rewritten text, you should type ii in the first box, quickly answer a mathematical question and press ‘Rewrite Text’.

Afterward, you’ll see the result in the second box from where you can pick it up and use. Read more for best free PDF readers.

SEO Tools Centre’s Rewriter Tool

SEO Tools Centre’s Rewriter Tool

© SEO Tools Centre’s Rewriter Tool

What makes this tool one of the most helpful ones is the fact that it offers multiple steps for rewriting a certain piece.It’s easy to operate as you only need to copy and paste the article you want to be rewritten and click on ‘Submit’. You’ll also find a tab where you can give spin suggestions.

While it’s not advised to use them on professional sites, this tool generates some unique articles.

Content Professor

Content Professor

© Content Professor

Content Professor is a tool with both a free and paid version, providing rewriting possibilities to the users. More specifically, you aren’t required to install anything as you can use it online on all browsers.

The platform has a few advanced techniques like the one for checking duplicate content and the PLR search engine for finding and importing the articles you like.

Moreover, there isn’t a limitation on the number of articles you can spin, allowing you to generate as many posts as you like. Take a look for free powerpoint templates.

Small SEO Tools’ Rewriter

Small SEO Tools

© Small SEO Tools

With a huge number of synonyms for replacing the words, this rewriting tool offers a lot of spinning options. You should only pick an article and paste it in the tool’s box. You can upload a whole document in the .doc, .docx, and .txt format as well.

The process begins with an analysis of the article and searching for the suitable replacements of the words. Once the right synonyms are added you’ll receive the original content you intend to post on your site or blog. Visit from here.



© Plagiarisma

This tool pays attention to the quality of the content it’s producing aside from simply spinning the words.It even allows users to decide the rewrite level and whether they want it done manually or automatically.

Then, simply press ‘Rewrite’ and shortly the article will be done. Only have in mind that the spinner works exclusively in the English language.

To accompany it, though, you can try the plagiarism and grammar check tools to ensure you post a correct article.

Ez Rewriter

Ez Rewriter

© Ez Rewriter

Ez Rewriter creates rewritten articles in seconds. You should just provide the original article in the box and give the rewriting order.

The main aim of this tool is using synonyms and evading duplication and plagiarism of the content. It has a free and paid version as well as an option to use it on your browser or install it in your computer. But for the latter, you need Linux or Windows XP, Vista, and 2000.

Free Article Spinner

Free Article Spinner

© Free Article Spinner

This is a completely free spinner that everyone can use without any issues. Even though the premium version has more features and offers a bigger quality of the articles, the free one is very similar to it.

To get an access to the tool, you should log in with your Facebook or Google account or fill out the empty fields with your email and password. After that press ‘Get Free Article Spinner Now’ and you’ll see the software’s interface. Read more for free microsoft office alternatives.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

© Paraphrasing Tool

With this tool not only that you can get an entirely rewritten content but you can receive a few ideas for crafting some unique sentences on your own. It can paraphrase and rewrite full essays, articles, blog posts, documents, emails and other similar texts to help you with the writings you need for any occasion.

All users can easily find their way around the platform since it consists of a box ‘Text Before’ and another one named ‘Text After’. In the first one, you should type the text you like rewritten, tick the box if you want to include capitalized words and click on ‘Go’.

In the second one, you’ll get the final text. Also, you have an option to use the free proofreading tool by the same developer to additionally check the text.



© Spinbot

As a content creation, article spinning, and text rewriting tool, SpinBot is very efficient software that ensures unique content. That’s why it’s one of the most popular on the Internet.

What contributes to this is the simple look with all the options clearly displayed. The boxes help in the navigation a great deal, showing you where you should enter the text that needs to be rewritten and where to expect the final result to appear. Aside from this, there’s a characters calculator and an option for spinning capitalized words. After confirming that you aren’t a robot you can press ‘Go’ and you’ll be done. Keep watching on Flix Expo for more stuffs.

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8 YouTube Downloader for Android You Haven’t Taken Advantage Of Before




YouTube Downloader for Android
8 YouTube Downloader for Android You Haven’t Taken Advantage Of Before
4.3 (86.67%) 3 votes

All Android users tend to install YouTube downloader for Android so that they can download the videos they like and watch them offline. But it can be tough to come across the right apps and tools that provide that opportunity efficiently.

YouTube Downloader for Android

Don’t worry, though! On this list, we’ve put the top downloaders that ensure a successful download in multiple formats and in a high quality. There are both some with free and paid versions, so you’re free to pick the ones that match your budget and preferences.



© KeepVid

KeepVid works as an online tool, on desktop computers and mobiles, including the ones running on Android. As it’s completely free, it’s one of the most popular picks among users.

This is due to the helpful features, as well. Starting from the option to download more videos at once, the high definition quality and the integrated browser for easier usage to converting them to the MP3 format, it has a lot of them.

You can download it for Android here.

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YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader

© YTD Video Downloader

This app has a simple interface, giving everyone an access to all of the features. Even though YouTube is the main site from which users can download their preferred videos, sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, Metacafe, and Vimeo are supported, too.

What stands out is the speed with which the videos are downloaded, the option to add multiple of them at once, pause, and resume the process whenever you like. Also, you can get a short preview of the video you’re downloading to make sure you’re getting the right thing.

After you’ve made your decision connected to which video you want on your Android device, this app gives you a few downloading choices. With it, you can get the video directly from YouTube, convert the file into different formats as well as choose whether you want to download just the audio.

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© EasyTube

Aimed at downloading YouTube videos to your Android device, this app is very easy to utilize. Users should only install it on the device for free and begin browsing through videos.

You can either explore your own files or search for some from within the app. It’ll present some categories full of videos that you can check out. Then when you make your choice simply press ‘Download’. The formats in which the file can be saved will emerge, allowing you to pick the one that suits you. Then the download will begin automatically.

Later when everything’s finished you can view the files in the ‘Downloads’ section and play them in the embedded player.

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© Tubex

Tubex is another YouTube videos downloader supported on Android smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the unique features like the player for streaming videos and the chance to choose the quality before saving a certain file, it manages to attract many users. Similar to some of the other players it offers an opportunity for pausing and resuming the process, as well.

After installing it and seeing the contemporary interface, users have the option to search for their favorite videos. They can examine the results and then click on a specific video that caught their interest. From the prompted options, select ‘download’ and pick a resolution that fits your needs. Eventually, you’ll be able to track the progress of the file in the download tab.

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© TubeMate

As a simple Android app, TubeMate offers a bunch of downloading options once it’s installed on the device you’re using. The first thing that comes before your eyes is the well-organized interface with everything clearly visible much like YouTube’s appearance. This makes the whole navigation even easier.

Discovering videos is done the same as on YouTube with the main difference being the way to download your chosen file. You can do it by clicking on the green arrow located on the right and deciding on the format and resolution. Getting the audio separately is also an option together with the player and library of downloads.

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© Snaptube

There are a few things you can do to search for videos in this app. It provides a search bar where you can type the title of the video as well as go through the numerous categories. Since Snaptube categorizes the videos by the most popular ones, the ones added daily, and the most viewed files, you have a broad choice.

Moreover, the downloading procedure is quick and easy, consisting of just pressing the wanted video and watching it being downloaded automatically.

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© Vidmate

Vidmate can be utilized by everyone as it ensures a fast and simple downloading process. Basically, after you’ve installed and opened it, you should type the title of a file and wait for the app to show everything it has connected to it. Browse through the list and pick the video you want. Afterward, press the download button and it’ll be on your device in moments.

In case you prefer to download the video later and want to continue searching for more, Vidmate offers the option ‘save for later’. It saves your file until the next time you open the app so that you can download it then. And the content locker allows you to ensure the security of files that are sensitive.

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iTube Studio

iTube Studio

© iTube Studio

iTube Studio is known for enabling high definition downloads that include even 4K videos acquired from YouTube. Aside from this, it has a lot more features that contribute to its popularity such as the one for converting the videos into all formats, downloading a batch of videos at the same time, playing them in the incorporated player and others like those.

The download can be initiated with one click, making it easy for all users to do it. More precisely, after installing the app, you should go to YouTube and play a video. On the window where the video is shown, you’ll see a download button that you can click and the downloading will begin.

Stay connect with us on Flix Expo for more inspiration.

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9 Places to Get Free Music Downloads You Didn’t Know You Could Use




Free Music Downloads
9 Places to Get Free Music Downloads You Didn’t Know You Could Use
4.5 (90%) 2 votes

The ability to listen to their favorite songs wherever and whenever they want makes people constantly look for the best places to get free music downloads. Luckily, the Internet is full of them, allowing you to explore a wide variety of artists and their songs.

Free Music Downloads

Since they are so many, it may be tough to find the right ones, though. That’s why we’ve created this list to help you out. It contains completely legal sites with files that fall under the public domain or are approved for downloading by the artists, so you can listen to all of them freely. Also, you’ll get a chance to discover some entirely new pieces that you haven’t heard of before. You can try if you like to sing free classical music.

Have in mind that all files can be downloaded in the MP3 format and played on all of your devices including computers, phones, and tablets in a high quality.



© NoiseTrade

On NoiseTrade there are thousands of artists offering their music for free and legally. You can choose to leave them a tip or promote them if you want to do something positive in return.

For easier searching, users will encounter categories on the homepage containing all the songs. They present what’s new and trending for you to see what the others like to listen to. Aside from this, there’s a search bar for exploring the site even further.

After making your decision, you can download the whole albums as ZIP files with the songs inside of them in MP3 format. You’ll only be asked to give your email address and ZIP code.



© Amazon

One of the most popular sites that incorporate free music downloads is Amazon. As with everything else, it has a vast library of songs from multiple artists available for taking.

On the specific page, you’ll see a table containing the title of the song, artist, album, and duration. Before saving a file, though, you have the opportunity to listen to it and decide if you like to keep it on your device. If you do, then you should press the ‘Free’ button and add the chosen songs to your cart. The same as when you’re buying something click on ‘Place Order’ during checkout and you’ll get the link for downloading the free files.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

© Free Music Archive

Users don’t need an account to download music from FMA. But in case you create one you’ll have a chance to craft your collections and communicate with the other users.

The site features songs that are either from the public domain library or Creative Commons indicating that they are lawful and can be freely taken and used.

Led by the radio station WFMU, it has pieces in almost all genres located in charts and categories that you can comb through Aside from this, there’s a blog that suggests great artists and songs that can be downloaded at once.



© Jamendo

Streaming and downloading are both options on Jamendo. So, if you’re more into listening songs over and over again and having them on your device, then you should go for the free downloading feature.

All songs are willingly given by the artists with the intention to share them with the world, enabling you to download whichever you like without any legal issues. They can be explored in the categories ‘Best of’, ‘Trending’, and ‘Latest’ as well as through the search bar. If you don’t find the right music for you there, though, you can tune in to the radio and pick something from there. All songs can be instantly downloaded by pressing the respective button next to each song.

Note that there are Jamendo apps that you can use on your Smartphone or tablet, too.

Audio Library of the Internet Archive

Internet Archive

© Internet Archive

This library has millions of free audio results accompanied by artists in multiple genres. They include everything from songs and podcasts to radio programs and the Live Music Archive, which attracts the most attention.

Everyone in search of downloads is able to sort the results by the title, artist, the date when they were uploaded, and the most viewed ones. They can be downloaded in MP3 and OGG format.



© SoundCloud

SoundCloud is focused mainly on artists that are new in the music industry. However, some of the already established ones upload their songs there, as well. This widens your selection of files to download.

While not all songs can be downloaded due to being published on the site for streaming, there are many that you can get. They have a button for downloading beside them and some may ask you to like a certain Facebook page before showing the downloading option.



© PureVolume

Artists upload their works directly on this site making them available to all the users. All of the songs are grouped into featured songs, top downloads, top songs, most popular and new albums as well as artists.

The files can be taken in MP3 with no need to make an account.



© SoundClick

What’s special about this site is that it allows users to download music from the respective websites of the artists. They give this opportunity by themselves.

To decide which songs you want to download you can dive into the genres and charts, discovering them all. Aside from this, you can listen to the radio, create your own radio stations, and interact with the other listeners.

Only mind that even though a lot of the songs are free, some artists require a payment before downloading their tracks while others offer only streaming options.



© CCTrax

Downloading or listening to the songs on CCTrax without paying for anything can be done without an account. The site offers a lot of tracks that are a part of the Creative Commons license in categories such as jazz, dub, down tempo, techno, electronic, and ambient to everyone. There’s even an option for getting a whole album at once.

After pressing on a specific title, users are redirected to a page where they can download the tracks in MP3 or FLAC format and find out more details about them like when they were released, in which country, their label as well as genre. Keep watching on Flix Expo for more stuffs.

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