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The Most Stylish Ideas for a Shag Haircut That Will Blow People’s Minds



Shag Haircut

One of the trends that stuck around longer than the rest is the shag haircut. Since the 90s, it has been a symbol of elegance, glamour, and trend. Many celebrities have kept it alive on the red carpet through the years, as well.

But today this hairstyle becomes even more popular among women of all ages, especially the ones in their middle years. It pronounces their style, showing off the beauty of their hair. So, if you’re interested in trying it out, this guide will show you everything you should know.

Details About the Shag Haircut

There isn’t a specific length of hair that is required for making this haircut. You can make it both with long and short hair. And it can work in a pixie cut and bob with multiple lengths.

What makes it special is that you can experiment with it and your hair will never look the same twice. This is because everyone’s hair is different and a lot of things can be done with the layers and ends to make it look unique each time.

Moreover, this hairstyle adds volume to the hair, no matter if it’s straight or curly.


Now, here are some of the best ideas for a shag haircut that are in trend. You can check out short haircuts for women that are trendy.

Medium-Length Shag Haircut with Bangs

Shag Haircut

© Hairstyle Hub

Women with thick hair can finally feel good with this haircut. The bangs take up a lot of your hair, making it look organized and in place.

And the other parts of your hair are cut in layers and evenly distributed to free you from the heaviness. That’s why this style can be worn everywhere and on any occasion where you want to feel comfortable. Take a look one of my article about fancy hairstyles for women over 50.

Wavy Shag

Wavy Shag

© PopHaircuts

In its base, the shag haircut looks the best when it isn’t tidily made. There should be strands peeking from the sides in a messy way to show your rebellious side. The more tousled and effortless they appear, the better.

So, many women go for curly locks that’ll form wavy shag on the top of their heads. To do this, you should only use an iron to curl the locks without doing anything to the ends. After this, lower your head down and raise it at once, letting your hair fall on your shoulders naturally.

For an even more intriguing look, you can color the locks in two shades. Read more about prom hairstyles for girls.

Pixie in a Posh Way

Pixie in a Posh Way

© My Hairstyles

Yes, we all know the feminine and edgy pixie that’s making headlines and turning heads on various occasions – from red carpet moments to walks in the park. And even though it may not be the first type of shag haircut you envision, still it’s very trendy.

The shortness of the hair and the shag style give it the messy effect that’s sophisticated and very, very good-looking. When you add the layers of hair and the gorgeous bangs, you have the perfect pixie done in the posh way.


Shag That’s Shoulder-Length


© Getty

For this hairstyle to work, you need to have hair that comes down to the shoulders (of course). This hairstyle may be risky, but it will definitely put you in the spotlight if you knock it off the park.

It gives a new classical yet contemporary spin on your whole style and appearance. Especially, when your destination is a high-fashion event, it’s perfect for showing off your maturity and boldness.

A tip you can use is to curl your hair away from your face in order to give your hair some layers. At the same time, you’ll put an accent on your features which would complement this attractive haircut. An similar color about best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color.

Thin Bangs + Shag

Thin Bangs + Shag

© Pinterest

The shaggy bob combined with some fine bangs was a real game changer in Hollywood.

Besides the standard shag, the delicate bangs bring a special touch to it. If you want to change your style and take it in a totally new direction, then this may be the cut for you. To make it, you should keep your hair short and ask your hairdresser to leave thin bangs falling down your forehead.

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