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Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Garden



Waters Summer Chair

It’s finally warm enough for you to enjoy the full benefits of having a garden. Although, you have to start working on those benefits in order to be able to enjoy them. A luxurious and relaxing garden should always be on your list of priorities. There are a variety of features you can add to your garden to make it even more comfortable. Here are some of the best examples that will give your garden an edge.

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1. Shield Yourself from the Sun

After winter time, the sun becomes a breath of fresh air compared to the gloomy days you’re used to. Unfortunately, it can become a nuisance after a while. Sometimes you want to sit in the shade and enjoy your garden without being burned to a crisp. This is why it’s important to have the right amount of shade for your garden and patio.

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If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, there are lots of plants with huge leaves that can help bring down the level of sunlight in your garden. Growing them next to your patio could do the trick, but it is a bit of a logistical nightmare. You could always get yourself a sunbrella or pergola. If you’re willing to shell out some money, they could even be retractable. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight if you suddenly decide you want to tan.

2. Add a Water Feature

At first glance, adding a fountain or a pond to your garden can seem a bit excessive. You might think that not everyone can afford that luxury for their little backyard oasis. You would be surprised at how simple garden fountains and ponds can be. It’s not even a matter of size. Basic fountains run on the same principle and use much of the same materials. All you have to do is set it up and provide it with adequate water pressure.

It’s not that unattainable for the average home. Considering how well it goes with just about every garden, you should consider installing one for yourself. It can help elevate the relaxation factor of your personal oasis. A pond will even attract some birds to give you an additional slice of nature to admire.


3. Give some Flare to Your Terrace

With warmer weather, you’re going to be spending a lot more time outside of your home. Is there a better place to spend that time other than your garden? Giving your patio a makeover is going to give you exactly what you need to enjoy those leisurely summer afternoons. Start with some light furniture. A small table will allow you to drink your morning coffee in the fresh air and sun. The chairs should be light enough to move when it starts to rain, but sturdy enough to give comfort to those sitting in them.

Waters Summer Chair

Next up is the patio itself. You will want something that is comfortable to walk on during warm and cold weather. Properly insulated patios usually do the trick. Nobody likes stepping on a cold tile early in the morning. When winter rolls around, you should be able to manage with socks and slippers.

4. Protect It with a Natural Fence

Sometimes you have to choose between beauty and functionality. In this case, you don’t actually have to choose! Growing yourself a natural fence from various kinds of bushes will allow you to maintain privacy while still being able to enjoy a pretty view. Regular fences can be pretty dull. Even a classic white wooden fence is boring and it might be a chore to maintain it. On the other hand, a bush that grows several feet in the air will give your beautiful garden a complete and natural look.

While it can keep intruders and animals out of your garden, growing a natural fence isn’t going to be a walk in the park. If you don’t buy a complete bush, you will need to wait quite a while before it grows to the proportions you want it to. If you pick a species with thorns and sharp leaves, it’s very likely that it will protect you from even the most persistent stray animals and even intruders. Bamboo is one option, but you should know that it’s a chore to maintain because of how fast it tends to spread.


In conclusion, your garden is like an extension of your home. You want your home to be just as perfect on the outside as it is on the inside. The newly arrived warm weather will allow you to work on your little natural getaway and make it even better. There’s no shortage of useful and luxurious changes you can add. Not to mention, your guests will be in awe when they see the amount of dedication that went into something as simple as a backyard garden.


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