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Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Garden



Waters Summer Chair
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It’s finally warm enough for you to enjoy the full benefits of having a garden. Although, you have to start working on those benefits in order to be able to enjoy them. A luxurious and relaxing garden should always be on your list of priorities. There are a variety of features you can add to your garden to make it even more comfortable. Here are some of the best examples that will give your garden an edge.

Swimming Pool Relax

1. Shield Yourself from the Sun

After winter time, the sun becomes a breath of fresh air compared to the gloomy days you’re used to. Unfortunately, it can become a nuisance after a while. Sometimes you want to sit in the shade and enjoy your garden without being burned to a crisp. This is why it’s important to have the right amount of shade for your garden and patio.

Back Porch Rear Patio

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, there are lots of plants with huge leaves that can help bring down the level of sunlight in your garden. Growing them next to your patio could do the trick, but it is a bit of a logistical nightmare. You could always get yourself a sunbrella or pergola. If you’re willing to shell out some money, they could even be retractable. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight if you suddenly decide you want to tan.

2. Add a Water Feature

At first glance, adding a fountain or a pond to your garden can seem a bit excessive. You might think that not everyone can afford that luxury for their little backyard oasis. You would be surprised at how simple garden fountains and ponds can be. It’s not even a matter of size. Basic fountains run on the same principle and use much of the same materials. All you have to do is set it up and provide it with adequate water pressure.


It’s not that unattainable for the average home. Considering how well it goes with just about every garden, you should consider installing one for yourself. It can help elevate the relaxation factor of your personal oasis. A pond will even attract some birds to give you an additional slice of nature to admire.

3. Give some Flare to Your Terrace

With warmer weather, you’re going to be spending a lot more time outside of your home. Is there a better place to spend that time other than your garden? Giving your patio a makeover is going to give you exactly what you need to enjoy those leisurely summer afternoons. Start with some light furniture. A small table will allow you to drink your morning coffee in the fresh air and sun. The chairs should be light enough to move when it starts to rain, but sturdy enough to give comfort to those sitting in them.

Waters Summer Chair

Next up is the patio itself. You will want something that is comfortable to walk on during warm and cold weather. Properly insulated patios usually do the trick. Nobody likes stepping on a cold tile early in the morning. When winter rolls around, you should be able to manage with socks and slippers.

4. Protect It with a Natural Fence

Sometimes you have to choose between beauty and functionality. In this case, you don’t actually have to choose! Growing yourself a natural fence from various kinds of bushes will allow you to maintain privacy while still being able to enjoy a pretty view. Regular fences can be pretty dull. Even a classic white wooden fence is boring and it might be a chore to maintain it. On the other hand, a bush that grows several feet in the air will give your beautiful garden a complete and natural look.

While it can keep intruders and animals out of your garden, growing a natural fence isn’t going to be a walk in the park. If you don’t buy a complete bush, you will need to wait quite a while before it grows to the proportions you want it to. If you pick a species with thorns and sharp leaves, it’s very likely that it will protect you from even the most persistent stray animals and even intruders. Bamboo is one option, but you should know that it’s a chore to maintain because of how fast it tends to spread.



In conclusion, your garden is like an extension of your home. You want your home to be just as perfect on the outside as it is on the inside. The newly arrived warm weather will allow you to work on your little natural getaway and make it even better. There’s no shortage of useful and luxurious changes you can add. Not to mention, your guests will be in awe when they see the amount of dedication that went into something as simple as a backyard garden.

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Home Improvement

6 Important Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle Before Summer



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Since summer is almost here, we’re all getting ready to spend some more time outside instead trapped indoors in front of screens. So, if you want to give your family the best and most comfortable summer experience (both outdoors and indoors) here are some home maintenance tasks you should take care of.


Take care of your lawn

After a cold winter and wet spring, your lawn might look a little neglected. But, nature will always give you a lush and green lawn after plenty of rain, all you need to do is nurture what nature gave you. Add some fertilizer with nitrogen to feed your lawn and kill weeds. Regular mowing is also a must—it will make your lawn a perfect place for outdoor games. Another thing you might want to do is take a look at your sprinklers. They need to be in perfect shape in order to reduce water waste, prevent standing water and damage to your plants.


Repair your fences

Cold and wet weather can be very damaging to wood and cause it to warp, twist and crack. This process will make your gates and fences all wonky, loose and ugly. So, give your fences and gates a little inspection and search for all loose pickets and sagging gates. Luckily, if you see any imperfections, first use some handy tools to measure them, and then fix them with a nail gun (remember to use galvanized nails for any outdoor fixes). Loose screws all need to be tightened as well.

Check your drains

During winter and fall, many things can get into your drains and cause clogs that will prevent your water from flowing off of your property. While these clogs are easier to handle, most of the time, the real culprit are tree roots that grow into the pipe and create thick blockages and cracks. Luckily, you don’t have to grab a sledgehammer and go to town on your driveway to unblock or replace your pipes. The best way to handle blocked drains is to contact professionals who will remove your blockage quickly and effectively and reline your old pipe. At the end of this process, you’ll have clean drains and perfectly healthy pipes without any damage to your property!



Fix your walkways

If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, ice can really destroy your pathways, especially if they are made of unmortared brick or stone. So, if you notice any loose and wobbly pavers, make sure to remove this hazard and secure them safely. You can repair your surfaces with a few buckets of sand and a sturdy gardening tool. Remove the wobbly paver, add some sand to the hole, smooth it out and replace the paver. A few stomps will ensure your bricks or stones are all leveled and secure for walking!


Whip out your furniture

In order to be completely comfortable in your backyard, you need a place to relax. So, make sure to whip out your outdoor furniture and give them a light inspection. While in storage, your pieces can get a bit shabby, so make sure to repair any imperfections before you let your kids lounge on them. Rattan can get damaged and cause nasty scratches, so trim all spiky edges. Iron furniture can get rusty, so grab a paint can and give them a new life with some color! These are all fun projects you can do with your kids and spend some quality time together.

Clean your grill

Summer is the perfect time for grilling, but no one wants to eat your patties with last year’s gunk on them ruining the taste! So, before you fire up your machine, make sure to clean your grill thoroughly and make sure all your gas connections and hoses are in good condition. A good grill brush works on almost every model of the grill and it will remove most dirt. Remove your grates and metal plates, soak them in soapy water and then scrub until clean. This will give you the best grilling experience and zero funky aftertaste to your food.

With an outdoor space like this, you and your family will get to enjoy your summer more than ever. You won’t even want to waste precious time in front of screens when you have a garden in a perfect condition for relaxation, games and parties!

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5 Ways to Take Your Home’s Curb Appeal to the Next Level



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When decorating a home, most people focus only on the interior. However, the first impression your visitors get would always be of your exterior, which is why you should make sure it looks the best it possibly could. So, to help you bring your curb appeal to the next level, here are five suggestions you should consider.

Keep it neat

One of the easiest ways to increase your curb appeal is to keep your exterior tidy. This means that you should mow your lawn frequently, and you should trim your hedges, bushes, and trees as soon as they start looking messy. They are a wonderful addition to any yard, but only if they are kept neat. Moreover, consider pressure washing your house, fence, pathways, and garage; just make sure you know how to do it properly so you don’t peel off the paint.

washed house

Also, if there are any gardening tools lying around, find a place for them, and move your garbage cans somewhere out of sight. In short, if it’s not visually appealing, it should not be in the open.

Freshen up the paint

A new paint job can entirely transform the look of your home, and it’s one of the best ways to keep it looking fresh and modern. Mobile scaffolding can come in handy here, since safety always comes first when painting hard-to-reach places. Besides upgrading the walls of your house, you should also repaint your fence and garage doors. After all, both of those take up a lot of visual space, which is why they should look presentable.


house painted in white

Additionally, consider using your garden plants to emphasize the style of your home by matching the colors of the flowers to the main colors of your house. This would make your exterior look much more balanced, and it would show all your guests and visitors that you pay attention to the details as well.

Bring your front door to the next level

Your front door is the entrance to your home, so it’s bound to be noticed. An eye-catching front door could be just the thing you need in order to add some personality to your home. So, consider replacing your usual front door with something a bit more unique and custom-made. Of course, the paint should also be fresh and vibrant, and the doorknob should be clean and shiny. To finish it off, add a nice wreath and a welcome mat, and your front door will become a perfect representation of your entire home.


Don’t forget the small things

There are many small things that people usually ignore when it comes to decorating, but they actually get noticed quite a lot. For instance, house numbers are easy to swap, and they can make a bigger impact than you might think. You can use them to reflect your house style; use a bit more serious font for an elegant home, opt for colorful tiles for a more cheerful theme, or use aged copper for a vintage-style home.

front door

Similarly, if you replace your typical mailbox with something a bit more unusual and perhaps handmade, it is bound to draw attention. It’s another great way to show off your personality, and if you have a family, it can be a great family project as well.

Light it up

Lighting is just as important for your exterior as it is for your interior. After all, it won’t matter how beautiful your garden is if nobody is able to see it after the sunset. So, think about adding lanterns or small solar lamps along the pathways. String lights are also a great choice, as they can help you create a soothing atmosphere. They are also very versatile; you can wrap them around the trees or place them along the patio railings. Finally, if you have any focal points in your yard, make sure they can always be seen as well.


exterior by night

Making a good first impression matters regardless of whether you want to sell your home, impress your neighbors, or simply enjoy your environment. So, put some effort into keeping your yard clean, refresh the paint where necessary, pay attention to the details, and the result will make your property look like million bucks.

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Outdoor Rooms and Granny Flats: How to Choose



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If you have a big backyard but you’re not quite sure what’s the best way to use all that space, there are a couple of things to consider. First, try to figure out just how much room you actually have. This won’t be particularly difficult, as if nothing else, you can measure the space. Next, if you have enough room, consider adding a new structure to your backyard. The two most interesting choices come in the form of either outdoor rooms or granny flats. Both of these options have some unique advantages, so we’ll try to present them in the following text.

Outdoor rooms

Building an outdoor room requires less construction work than building a granny flat. On the other hand, an outdoor room is significantly smaller and not as versatile function-wise as a granny flat. The outdoor rooms usually consist of three walls plus a ceiling, and the fourth wall is made so that it can be opened completely, most commonly using glass sliding doors. Also, you can either decide to make your outdoor room work as an extension of your home (in this case, it’s almost always attached to the house) or you can decide to build a separate, independent structure.

outdoor room

Design-wise, an outdoor room can literally work as the extension of your home, and if that’s the case, it is usually decorated with a toned-down version of your home’s interior design. However, if you decide to make it a separate structure, the design of your outdoor room doesn’t have to match anything. This will allow you to go crazy, but keep in mind that the room should be functional, cozy and relaxing, above all else. Boho chic, shabby chic, Moroccan, modern-rustic, modern-eclectic, etc. – literally any design will work gorgeous in this room.

Granny flats

Granny flats are a rising trend during the last couple of years, especially in well-developed countries such as Australia. These structures are usually made as separate objects, and they are most commonly equipped just like the regular house, only scaled down. Since building such a structure requires professional help, ask around and see if there are any experts in your area that can help you out. For example, experienced granny flat builders from Sydney even help you design your granny flat and offer various other consultations, seeing the entire project through from start to finish.


wooden granny flat

When talking about the design, you should really treat styling-up this area as you did your own house. The important thing to keep in mind is that there is no room for clutter in a granny flat, so it’s best you design it with minimalism in mind. Some of the favorites include the infamous Scandi style, Wabi Sabi or the good ol’ minimalist style. Do note that granny flats also contain the kitchen and the bathroom, which means that you’ll basically have to design and decorate a whole new house, which is perfect for any interior design lover.

Important notice

Now that you know what’s what, choosing which one to build should be significantly easier. An outdoor room is the area where you can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, while a granny flat can accommodate either your elderly relative (hence the name) or you can even choose to rent it out for some additional budget boost.

outdoor living space

Another important thing to mention is that, before you decide to build either one of these, you must go to your local authorities and inquire about the rules and regulations. Know that you will most likely have to obtain a couple of licenses and permits, so take care of this in time to avoid having to pay hefty fines.

Finally, if you decide to rent your granny flat, know that you will be getting only one set of utility bills for your entire property (granny flat included) so you must figure out how you will be charging the rent. Of course, check out the local laws regarding this as well.

As you can see, there are a few ways you can use the extra space in your backyard either for your personal pleasure or as a means of boosting your home budget. Whichever you choose to build, do it right – check the local laws, obtain all the necessary paperwork and make sure you hire reliable contractors so that you know everything is done by the book.



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Key Points to Be Considered Before Deciding Restaurant Chairs




restaurant chairs
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A restaurant is a place where people come to spend time with families, friends, and relatives. The purpose of any restaurant or food chain should be to give a magnificent ambiance to people so that they can sit, talk and eat comfortably. Now you can find different kinds of restaurant chairs in the market and you can customize them according to your needs. Especially if you have small space in your restaurant then you must choose some lightweight chairs with sleek design.

restaurant chairs

Getty image/ – restaurant chairs

How would you plan to buy the restaurant chairs?

In this section, we will learn about some of the important points that any restaurant owner should not ignore while deciding restaurant chairs:

Arrange a seating plan

Every restaurant has an area for seating. The owners and the interior designer needs to sketch out the seating plan of the restaurant. The seating plan should never be rigid. It should be made such so that it can be arranged accordingly for special occasions like birthdays and family dinner. So, scopes for modifications should always be left.

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The arrangements of restaurant chairs should be such so that the seating looks good. One needs to think from the customer’s point of view, whether they will be comfortable sitting in that arrangement or not. Especially, if you have any cafeteria then you must include some comfortable chairs and sofas in your restaurant because here people spend much time and they need some comfortable seating.


Consider chairs of different shapes, textures, and sizes

There are different designs of chairs that can be considered. If the seating area is rectangular or square, then one should go with different chairs in the middle row and different for side rows. This gives two benefits. First of all, it adds to the design and style of the restaurant. Apart from that, through this eating arrangement, you can save your floor space too.

The ones sitting in the side rows will feel less exposed to the public. However, the ones who sit in the middle rows will feel better as they acquire space in the middle. People who are extroverts would like to sit in the middle row whereas those who do not want attention will sit in the side rows.So, through this way, you can easily meet the expectation of different customers and they will feel comfortable and spend more time in your restaurant.

restaurant chairs

Getty image/ – restaurant chairs

Color of the chair

These days the restaurants are designed keeping in mind certain theme or design. The furniture of the restaurant, especially chairs too should reflect that theme. So, the color of the chair should be matching with the theme. Also, for special occasions, there can be a provision to keep some special chairs to set the mood. There can be another deciding factor which can be considered while choosing the color of the restaurant chairs. You can use some light colored wooden chairs in contrast of your dark colored walls.

No Spacing issues

If you consider the advice given by experts, the presentation plays the much more important part than the food. The comfort level that you provide to your customers is something that one should never compromise. The theory behind this is that customer should feel comfortable while sitting on the chair.

Sofas if space is less and you want to accommodate more people

Sofas provide options so that three people can sit easily. So, if you want to increase the seating capacity and if you have much floor space inside the restaurant then you can install some sofa.

For more details you can contact the designers and they will customize some restaurant chairs and sofa according to your needs and stay connect with Flix Expo for more information about home & interior design.


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