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Advertising Policy

We allow advertisements on the site in order to obtain the needed resources and provide quality content. Transparency is very important to us, so we hope that after reading this policy you will trust the content and services we offer even more.

FlixExpo strictly separates editorial content from advertising.

  • The separation between the editorial content and advertising or sponsored one is maintained through elements for distinguishing and borders and/or statements like ‘Advertisement’, ‘Ad’, ‘Sponsored’ whose purpose is to indicate that a certain piece of content is offered by a sponsor or on behalf of a sponsor.
  • Unless the content is sponsored, the editorial pieces are not related to the advertisements. In case the content is sponsored, though, it will be distinctly marked as ‘Ad’, ‘Advertisement’, or ‘Sponsored’.
  • The sponsored pieces of content and the advertisements that are featured on FlixExpo fall under the Guidelines stated here.

Disclosure of Affiliate and E-commerce Links

If some purchases were made through the links of FlixExpo’s e-commerce partners or contributors and/or FlixExpo participated in some similar affiliate marketing programs of third parties, they may get a compensation. Every page that has links connected to affiliate marketing, including reviews of products will be discovered and marked with a disclaimer.


These guidelines concerning advertising introduce standards that are responsible for the display and appearance of sponsored content and advertisements by advertisers, sponsors, agencies or technology platforms for advertising (all referred to as ‘Advertisers’). The advertisers are obliged to act in accordance with these guidelines when they post ads on sites like FlixExpo.

Providing general parameters that are connected to the creation and posting of ads on FlixExpo is the main intention of these guidelines. They do not explain every problem or situation that may appear in the course of work and they aren’t exhaustive. Therefore, they can be changed and modified occasionally in FlixExpo’s discretion.

It is the advertisers’ responsibility to understand and respect all regulations and laws that are applicable. These include the advertising FTC guidelines, endorsements, disclosures of native advertising, privacy, and details safety. All the ads that they post should be truthful, fair, and easily separable from editorial content. Moreover, advertisers have to follow FlixExpo’s guidelines concerning forbidden content and additional standards explained below. They are incorporated in these guidelines.

Since the advertisements shared by networks or exchanges are monitored and reviewed all the time, FlixExpo attains the right to delete, without notifying the owners, the ads that do not follow these guidelines, no matter if the ad in question was previously approved by FlixExpo.

Forbidden Content

The advertisements on the site are not allowed to contain or promote:

  • Unlawful activities – Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco that are illegal must not be promoted in the ads. Also, they must not contain calls for violence, physical or emotional harm or cruelty to people and animals. Usage and distribution of weapons, explosives, ammunition or pyrotechnics are out of the question, as well. Aside from these, some jurisdictions consider more activities as illegal such as gambling, hacking, and any others that are possible to violate the rights of privacy, publicity or intellectual possessions. These should not be found in the ads, either. Ads that promote lotteries organized by the state are allowed, though.
  • Discrimination, hate and arrogance – It is absolutely unacceptable for the ads to feature hate speech, discrimination or attacks toward individuals, groups, nationalities or countries.
  • Indecency and obscenity – Words, sounds, videos, images or other similar content that are indecent and obscene and have a purpose to offend someone are strictly prohibited on ads.
  • Politics and religion – Any ads that contain speech that is inflammatory, hostile or offensive and connected to religious or political topics are forbidden. They should not use these sensitive matters for commercial aims.
  • Sexual and adult content – Explicit content that is considered as sexually provocative and promotes nudity cannot be included in the site’s ads. Also, the advertisements should not present pornography, erotic messages or dating services.
  • Content harmful for the reputation – The ads may not endanger or harm the reputation of Flix Expo or of any other user or group visiting and using the site in any way.
  • Aggression and extremism – Ads should not include aggressive behaviors connected to militant topics or political measures that provoke violence.
  • Sensitive details – Details like financial status, health conditions, criminal record, political views, nationality, ethnicity, race, age, religious beliefs or sexual orientation should not be included in the ads.
  • Free products and services – Ads should not promote free products and services.
  • Targeting children – Ads should not target or speak to children through cartoons or other such content.
  • Before and after images – Images that show before and after situations or ones that present unexpected effects should not be a part of the ads shown on the site.
  • False content – Ads should not feature false, misleading or deceptive information. Content whose purpose is to generate more clicks is forbidden, as well.
  • Competitors – Ads should not promote FlixExpo’s competitors.

Additional Standards

Ads and respective advertisers have the obligation to follow and respect these standards:

  • Animation and audio – Ads that have audio and animation that are very disruptive and start playing automatically will not be accepted.
  • Downloads and popups – Pop-up windows, surveys, layers that are floating or digital downloads should not be included in the ads.
  • Dangerous software – Advertisers are firmly forbidden from posting ads that contain malicious software, codes, malware, adware, spyware, Trojan horses or other viruses.
  • Phishing – Users should not be tricked into giving away their personal details, money or account information through ads.
  • Independence – Ads should not, in any way, meddle with FlixExpo’s independence from advertisers.
  • Support – It’s not allowed for the ads to imply that FlixExpo supports or favors certain products, services or organizations.
  • Ownership rights – No copyright, patent, trademark, privacy or other ownership rights of FlixExpo or third parties should not be violated by ads.
  • Gathering and usage of details – There should be no forms that ask users to sign up and share their details on the ads. Without the users’ permission, the ads should not gather any information or sell it. They should not put any cookies, either, if they distribute personal data to advertisers. Moreover, advertisers are responsible for dealing with all details with special care, not abuse the details they gained a permission to gather, nor gather information without a clear purpose and security measures.

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