Yoga Poses for Beginners
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Discover the 5 Best Yoga Poses for Beginners That can Bring You Success

If you are discovering yoga poses for beginners, it is essential that you begin to learn the 5 yoga poses you are about to see, so you will be able to have a very good foundation and to feel comfortable when you decide to do more advanced poses.

It is highly recommended that you do these poses every day. Also remember: it is always best to listen to your body. This principle comes first. So don’t be shy to modify a bit the poses you are about to learn, if you need it to feel better.

Here are the 5 Yoga Poses for beginners :

1# The Downward Dog

Yoga Poses - The Downward Dog

This pose will stretch your entire body.

When you do it, it is important to keep your knees a little bent and to walk your hands forward, to stretch yourself even more.

Keep yourself in this position for 30 sec and then take a rest.

2# The Tree

Yoga Poses - The Tree

The Tree is a great standing posture to work your balance. The more you do it, the more you will obtain a clarity of vision and a peaceful mind.

Just put your left foot on your inner right upper thigh, and press your hands together in prayer position. Do not lean forward and keep your abs under tension to have a better balance.

3# Child’s pose

Yoga Poses - Child’s pose

Every time you feel tension, do this special pose

To do it, it is very easy: bring your feet and knees as you see on the picture and stretch your arms forward. Lower your head and let your body release all tensions. Take a look the article about how to lose weight fast -> David Michigan thoughts.

4# Triangle

Yoga Poses - Triangle

The Triangle is a standing posture designed this time to stretch the sides of your waist, while toning your entire body.

The keys to do it are to put down your right hand as close as possible to your ankle, while imagining you are touching the ceiling or the sky with your other hand. This will allow you a very good stretch. Take a look if you want to improve your health.

5# Plank

Yoga Poses - Plank

Now comes a physical pose: the Plank. It is a good way to strengthen your body and to develop your balance.

Slide your heels backward and have your arms well raised.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths and to contract your abs

Remember with these 5 yoga poses that you have to do these every day if you want to have fast results.

It will only take you 2m30 if you do each pose for 30 sec!

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