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10 Free Beauty Samples That You Can Request



Estee Lauder 1

Before deciding to buy a certain beauty product, a lot of people prefer to try it out and the free beauty samples give them that chance. They focus on showing you the effects of the actual product without urging you to get it at once.

The Internet is full of companies that willingly give away such samples of their beauty products in hopes that people will grow fond of them and eventually buy them. Starting from perfumes, makeup, and cosmetics to shampoo, and skincare products, you’ll find it all.

The good news is that all of them can be requested online and even brought to your home address. This list will show you where and how you can do that.

Nexxus’s Shampoo and Conditioner


© Nexxus

As a company whose main field of expertise is hair care, Nexxus has established itself as a brand in the past decade and continues to attract customers worldwide. For this reason, they are sending some of their shampoo and conditioner samples.

But in order to receive them in the mail, you should have an account on the site. It can be made on this page, where you are required to fill in the fields with your personal details. They include your full name, email address, password, mailing address, phone number and zip code. After you do that your account is created and you can get the desired samples.

Kiehl’s Samples for Skincare


© Kiehls

Kiehl’s is one of the most popular brands when it comes to taking care of your skin, hair and whole body. It has products both for men and women that are proven as helpful over the years.

Now the company is presenting their skincare routine through products specially made for that. Their main purpose is to strengthen the skin, treating people’s specific needs. To see people’s reactions and thoughts on this, Kiehl’s offers a chance for users to request free samples of these products.


In case, you want to try them out yourself, you should sign up using your full name, email, address, city, and state. Then, just click on ‘Submit’ and expect the samples to arrive.

Also, with any order, customers receive 3 packets samples for free.



© Sephora

Some of the most requested beauty samples are the ones connected to makeup. So, Sephora gives many such samples to the users that make a purchase on their site.

The samples include products from notable brands, most of which are related to makeup and perfumes. Everything from eye-shadows and lipsticks, to blushes, mascara, and different types of fragrances has a spot on the list.

After every order, you can choose three samples that’ll be mailed to you for free. You should just visit their specific page and select the samples you want. Afterward, simply click on ‘Add to basket’ and you’ll confirm the samples during checkout.

Estee Lauder’s

Estee Lauder

© Estee Lauder

Another place that offers a wide variety of beauty samples without asking for any payment is Estee Lauder. This is a company specializing in skincare products, makeup, perfumes as well as nutrient products.

Samples from many of those are offered for free to people interested in the brand. To access them, head over to the samples page. You’ll encounter a list filled with aging crèmes, fragrances, eyeliners, makeup packages and more. So, pick what interests you and request it. You don’t need to have an account to do that.


But note that some of the free samples require a previous purchase of the products the site sells before they can be ordered.



© Garnier

When it comes to taking care of your hair, Garnier is one of the top companies to get the needed products. Thanks to their huge collection, people are able to treat almost all conditions of their hair.

Just recently, the company introduced their Fructis package for a full treatment of your hair. It consists of Brazilian shampoo and conditioner that work on everyone. And Garnier makes it available for requesting as a free sample.

There’s a form that you should fill in by providing your first and last name, address, state, city, zip code, date of birth, and email address. After you’ve done that, you press ‘Submit’.



© Clinique

This is a source for free samples of beauty products that gives samples both in the store and online. You can either go to their stores and ask for some free samples or request them online. The people working in the store are always willing to share something with the customers without asking them to pay for it.

However, for online requests, there’s a condition to make an order before getting a beauty sample for free.

The samples include some of the best-selling or brand new products like makeup and skincare products as well as fragrances. You have a lot of categories to explore while doing the shopping on the site.




© Aveda

Aveda is among the main companies that give a lot of things for free to their customers. The beauty freebies that they give are available to get both offline and online.

Therefore, those who want to request free samples online can do that here. The page presents many exclusive deals connected to skincare products, shampoos, and makeup. But since these deals change all the time, you’re encouraged to come back to them frequently.

If you’re a visitor to Aveda’s stores, though, you have multiple options. You can ask for freebies on the counter and even get a facial treatment or makeup application in the stores that offer such deals.

Allure Magazine


© Allure

Every month, Allure Magazine gives readers some beauty samples for free. And in reality, they’re full-sized actual products that are sold by the brands. There are bottles, tubes, and tubs available for taking.

The magazine changes the way they select who receives the samples. Sometimes they do it in a draw and other times they require you to sign up and hand the products on a first come first serve basis. To be up to date with their deals, it’s advised that you visit their site and see what’s available.

Also, currently you have a chance to enter the sweepstakes and try to be the winner of a beauty products package worth over three thousand dollars. Just complete the form and good luck!

L’Oreal’s Moisturizer

L Oreal

© L Oreal

L’Oreal is a leader in the field of beauty products. It features a wide array of hair products, makeup, and skincare, uniting a lot of brands. The collections are presented in the Beauty Magazine, as well.

Moreover, whenever something new comes out or they want to show their support to their customers, L’Oreal gifts people beauty samples. One of them is the moisturizer, which they offer for free right now on this page. All you should do to get it is register with your personal details like full name, email, password, city, state, and date of birth. You can join with your Facebook account, if you have one, too.





SkinCeuticals is a company that provides products for advanced skincare. But what’s special about them is that they are based on science and backed by thorough analysis.

These days, the company is sending people free samples of their newest innovation – the anti-aging treatment Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. More specifically, it’s aimed at refilling the cellular lipids and nourishing the skin. You can get it here after completing the short form by adding your first and last name, your email, the address where the sample should arrive, state, city, and zip code. Finally, click on ‘Submit’.

Mind that the offer expires when there are no more supplies. Keep reading on Flix Expo.

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