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Fashion Styling With the Chino Link Chain



Fashion Styling With the Chino Link Chain

The Chino Link Chain is one of the most less talked about chains of all brands across the jewelry industry. It’s nearly an exclusive item in the southern urban community around the Texas area. Nonetheless, Chino has its roots which continues to survive for several reasons that have resulted in it maintaining major value. For instance, one can argue the growing popularity and inauguration of the chain started in the South, particularly Texas that sparked a local treasure. Up to this day, Southern U.S. citizens adorns the necklace in which has created a market for the jewelry accessory.

However, one cannot deny how beautiful and stunning the design reflects off the neck of the wearer of the necklace. Today, we are going to layout a few details about this unique piece of jewelry that puts it in the line with other well-known brands such as the Cuban Link Chain and the classic Figaro chain. The architect of the necklace was built with a simple spiral structure that is becoming more popular everyday. Nonetheless, let’s jump into its genuine foundational roots, and clothing trends you can wear to compliment the Chino Link Chain.

Components of The Chino Link Chain

Over the years, we’ve observed many jewelry necklaces and have noticed how they are made piece by piece. The standard method for creating a chain has been the special metal steel, occasionally, they’re processed differently. They are bent into a spiral motion shape, cut, flattened, and wielded. The main detail traits of the chains are the designs which are mainly oval, square, and circles that are linked together.

  • Chino – An authentic Chino chain consist of handmade double interlocked spiral metal circle pieces. They are clipped and linked together that appear and feel to be thicker than most chains.
  • Figaro – Made up of a set of 3 or 5 oval and one elongated circle following all linked as one.
  • Cuban – A combination of oval metal rings that are linked, twisted, mended, and styled.

Overall, these chains come in several shapes and sizes, but they carry nearly the same reputation. They are comprised of metal and are designed and fashioned with many desirable additional elements such as diamonds, silver, and gold. What kind of clothing fit well with a Chino Link Chain? Both men and women can enjoy this. So let’s deliberate and reveal clothing that mesh great with the Chino chain brand.

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What Should You Wear With A Chino Link Chain?

Rather if your standard dress-code is southern suburban or more urban hip hop, a Chino Link Chain can enhance and add to the outfit of your choice. With a little bit creativity and imagination, you could put together a decent two piece suit or casual outfit. Women, you combine an awesome drip as well, not to mention a gorgeous one-piece that goes brilliantly with a Chino Link Chain. Without further do, let’s discuss how to style and profile with the Chino brand for both men and women.

Men’s Fashion Styling With Chino Chain

The original style of clothing to wear for these type of chains for men have mostly been urban in the past and modern times. The usual outfit you’d often see men sport with their Chino chain is a solid color fitted shirt and fitted pants or jeans. The outfit would be paired with a set of solid black or white Nikes or any fly shoe brand. What makes the Chino chain standout are colors, remember to match shirt with shoes or pants with shoes.


Khaki cargo pants or shorts has always meshed nicely with the chain. Designer fit style t-shirts or polo unbutton may look great with the Chino chain as well. The usual size varies from men to women. Occasionally, men would wear between 100-235 grams. Majority of men chain styles are thick and long versus women styles that are much thinner and shorter.

Women’s Fashion Style With Chino Chain

Against the skin of a woman, these type of chains are absolutely gorgeous and complimentary, especially the choker Chino Link chain. The classiest Gala style type of outfit women would wear with a 25-80 gram gold Chino chain is in the realm of a multi-colored tube dress from Maxi with a matching chino gold bracelet. A fashionable casual outfit that looks spectacular with the chino chain on the ladies are tights or skin tight jeans/shorts with a tube top w/straps or without.

Last but not least, the Chino Link Chain has several diverse styles for you to choose from to mesh with your own unique style. The jewelry industry continues to grow and the Chino link distinctive brand has shown promise to become one of the best chains around the necks of many.

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