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Why is it Better to Use Aluminum Free Deodorant?



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As much as the beauty and skincare business booming, there are many options and choices for you to select your deodorants. Not only they are now available in many types, but there are hundreds of brand selling it. Therefore it is easier for us to put one in our shopping basket and buy it, but have you ever think that what are the ingredients of these commercial deodorants and are they safe for you?

The commercial deodorants are not safe for your health as it contains many harmful chemicals. They are designs to block your sweat glands, and when applied the toxins are stopped to flush out of your body. The other reason for is it contains aluminum which is the primary cause of many diseases such as blocking your sweat glands, produce estrogenic and genotoxic effects in your body. The aluminum is also responsible for contributing the breast cancer as well as many neurological disorders as well. That is why using aluminum-free deodorant is better for your health as well as skin.

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There are many organic deodorants also available in the market which are not only better for your health and skin but also aluminum free. That is why you can use it to avoid anybody odor as well as get better results.

Why are the aluminum free deodorants better than the commercial ones?

There is a massive difference between these two, and also there are many reasons which make the organic and aluminum free deodorant the better choice and option.

1) Aluminum-based products are dangerous for your health:

First of all, you have to understand that the aluminum is a chemical which disturbs the hormones as well as produces many diseases as well that why it is harmful to you to use it especially on your skin and places like armpits which have active sweat glands.


On the other hand, the organic deodorants are a better option as they are made from natural and pure ingredients such as essential oils, coconut oil. Shea butter and many more.

There are also many diseases and health issues which are caused by the aluminum-based products which include:

  • Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Bone disorders
  • Breast cancers
  • Kidney issues
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Congenital matters etc.

2) Aluminum deodorants are antiperspirant:

The antiperspirants are the products which prevent you from perspiration, which means that it will block the sweat inside the gland and decrease the body odor which comes out with it. The deodorants worked. Differently, they kill the bacteria which come with the sweat as well as reduce the body odor. It also allows you to sweat without blocking it. That is why when you use aluminum-based products it will not let you sweat which means that you will suffer from the issues which are caused by it.


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On the other hand, when you use organic deodorants, they will allow you to sweat naturally and kills the smell and bacteria which comes with it. Therefore it is a better option for you when it comes to the hygiene and health.

3) Natural deodorants are free of any synthetic fragrances:

The synthetic fragrances are made from thousands of chemically combined to create a unique scent that is why these chemicals are harmful to you. It is also responsible for creating hormonal disruption, cancers, congenital issues and infertility. Therefore when these fragrances are used for an extended period, it can cause harm and affect your health as well.

The natural and aluminum free deodorants are a better alternative and have many beneficial properties as well. The essential oils not only gives you better scent but also have additional characteristics like antibacterial etc. even when these are mixed with other natural ingredients like coconut oil and witch hazel it helps in keeping skin fresh, odorless, nourished it as well as prevent from any harm. That is why it is better to use the aluminum free deodorants which will not only help you in fighting with body odor but also very useful in improving the health of your skin.

4) Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin:

Well, you might have experience skin breaking, harsh sensation as well as chills while applying a commercial deodorant, but when you have sensitive skin, it can burn too. That is why a better alternative is the organic one which helps in calming your skin as well as since it has no chemicals it is best for repairing and healing it. It is also perfect for all skin types.


5) Good for your hormones:

As aluminum contains parabens which are also a significant cause of hormonal issues in the body, it let your skin absorb the estrogen which causes many problems as well that is why when you use any natural deodorants, which are free from harmful chemicals it not only right of your skin but hormones too.

When commercial deodorants are used on the armpits, the sweat glands absorb it and bring the toxins to the lymph nodes which has excreted the toxin out from the body. That is why it causes the breast cancer. Therefore, you need to apply any natural deodorant which keeps your lymph nodes healthy and prevents any tumor and dangerous diseases as well.

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