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Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed on Flix Expo, but comment should be related to the website information as per FlixExpo terms of use. Violated of the comment policy may results in comments being deleted.

You may comment without registering on FlixExpo, you can login via Disqus, OpenID, Twitter, Facebook. Before writing comment on Flix Expo make sure the quality should be meet the website guidelines:

All rights reserved: Flix Expo owner reserves the right to delete or edit or mark as spam any comments. And has the right to block user(s) to any one or group from commenting.

Comment Link: If you are leaving a comment and add link on your own or other’s site that is related to the topic, please feel free to describe and why is it!. If you leaving spam comment with links for getting backlinks you will be block and delete your comment without notice. Link should be relevant and add value to the blog and its readers.

Copyrights: Comment will be delete and commenters may be blocked If we receive any duplicate comments.

Important: Commenting is a privilege, not a right.