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Free Cloud Storage Services That You Should Try If You Need to Store Your Files Online



Cloud Storage
Free Cloud Storage Services That You Should Try If You Need to Store Your Files Online
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These days everyone is constantly in need of sharing documents and files with colleagues, friends or even family members. No matter where they are they want to be able to access these files. That’s where the free cloud storage services enter the story.

The Internet has a lot of them that operate exclusively on the cloud, are safe, and completely free. To use them, people are required only to have an Internet connection and basic knowledge of computers. Not to mention that these places have a storage memory that’s more than enough to average users. So, people usually don’t buy the full premium versions.

Are you wondering which the right cloud services for preserving your files are? Here we’ll go through the top ones.

Cloud Storage

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Google Drive

Google Drive

© Google Drive

Google is always among the first to introduce services related to keeping files and making them available for viewing and sharing by multiple people. Its service Google Drive has a free space of 15 GB, which is completely sufficient. As it’s connected to other Google services like Google+ Photos or Gmail, the capacity is divided between them. However, people that don’t use them can take advantage of the whole capacity of Google Drive.

What makes it very popular among users is the fact that the sharing process is very simple and has a lot of options. To share some files and folders with someone, you only need to obtain their email address or give them a public link. A certain file can be made in a view-only version to prevent downloading.



© Dropbox

Folders and files can be uploaded to Dropbox from both the mobile and desktop app. Basically, everyone can share them with other people even without an account. If they are files from Microsoft Office, they can be edited online for free.

Just have in mind that at the beginning, the users of Dropbox have only 2 GB of free space. But later they can reach 18 GB.



© OneDrive

This is a service provided by Microsoft that functions fully online and is free to use. When users sign up they get 5 GB of space for uploading files and folders and if they abide by the instructions, they can get additional hosting. As the instructions are usually related to syncing the photos or referring friends, everyone can do them and increase the capacity.

Add to this, the OneDrive program can be installed on a Microsoft or Mac computer through which you can transfer your folders and files to your mobile devices. The files can be uploaded directly on the mobile app, as well.



© MediaFire

What differentiates MediaFire from the other storage services is the option to upload all the wanted files and folders on the website and access them through there. Of course, there’s an app for iOS and Android devices for sharing and viewing your uploads on the go, which is a plus for busy people.

Also, you receive 10 GB of free online hosting at once with the possibility to upgrade the capacity to 50 GB with the help of friend referrals and downloading applications.




MEGA is definitely one of the safest services. This is because it has an end-to-end encryption that’s meant for battling privacy breaches. That way everything that’s uploaded stays intact.

Moreover, all files on MEGA are available for viewing and editing on the browser, the desktop client as well as the app for Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. You can keep adding them until you occupy as much as 50 GB of the free space.

Final Words

Are you a user of the free cloud storage services? Do you have a favorite one and why? Share your opinions in the comments! And stay on Flix Expo for more tech tips.

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6 Home Improvements Trends of 2019




home renovation
6 Home Improvements Trends of 2019
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Are you passionate about home renovation and improvement trends? Do you follow the industry? If yes, then you must pay heed to some of the remodeling trends in 2019, according to an article published on The Home Improvement Research Institute also thinks the same as far as renovation is concerned. When it comes to making smart upgrades to your abode, the options are plenty. You will be spoilt for choices. You can revamp your home’s walls, décor, furniture, rooms, garden, porch, and even the front door.

If you look back at 2018, exposed lighting, and subway tiles were a few home design ideas. This year, new patterns, classic décor items, and new wall paints have gained importance. Last year was the time when homeowners preferred tech-oriented décor. However, this year the trends shift towards new and natural materials like copper, stone, granite, and concrete. These components will add a serene and organic touch to your home ambiance. If you look at the home décor stores, modern living rooms, and Instagram posts, you will have an idea what 2019 has in store for you when it comes to home renovation. Home design professionals are ready with some of their predictions for 2019. Here are the six most important home remodeling trends to watch out for this year:

  1. Over-Inspiration

Did you know that over one-third of property owners who finished a renovation project last year regretted about not being over inspired? They did not like the idea of spending less on their home revamping task. The homeowners should have found inspiration from various sources including books, magazines, social media sites, and television. However, they did not make an effort. So 2019 is the year to use your inspiration to make your home look beautiful and inviting. Do not miss any details, even if they seem trivial to you. When you plan to remodel your home this year, splurge on décor items that will make a real difference. The money spent is worth it because you deserve to live in a house that exudes a sense of aesthetics, warmth, and comfort.

  1. Dark and Emotional Colors

Though light and neutral colors are many homeowners’ preference, experts believe that dark and emotional hues will take center stage in 2019. These include forest green, navy color, dark blue, and more. According to professionals in the industry, bright and white shades dominated living rooms and bedrooms for many years. Now is the time to use deep, darker, and sentimental colors to take your home renovation efforts to the next level. Experts also believe that home renovation blogs and social media sites like Instagram have helped homeowners become comfortable with experiment with dark, rich tones. If you tell a novice to paint his living room walls dark blue, he may not like the idea. However, if people see a bedroom photo with dark wall colors, and how these hues produce a serene and warm effect, they will fall for dark and moody shades in no time.

  1. Bathroom Tubs

If you are a bubble bath fan, it is time to celebrate in 2019. This year, your bathroom continues to move from a utilitarian, private space to an open and spa-like setting. You can opt for accessories and freestanding bathtubs. If you want personalized bath décor items, consult with any bathroom remodeling Long Island professional near you. Based on the data available on bath renovation trends, 80 percent of home renovation experts plan to improve their bathtubs. A soaking tub tops the list, receiving 69 percent votes. And this trend will continue in 2019. Bathroom enthusiasts are keen on managing space from bedroom closets and hall to increase the size of their bathroom. Homeowners are also building built-in corners to make sure the tub is out of the sink, shower, and toilet path.

  1. Tuxedo Kitchens

Though white kitchens have been homeowners’ preference for decades, experts in the home renovation industry believe that black will rule cooking areas in 2019. Black will dominate in range hoods, cabinets, and island accents. You can choose a trendy, chic, or edgy color that looks practical for parents. If you own a home and have pets and kids running about, scratch marks in your white kitchen is a pain in the neck, especially on the cabinets. Therefore, opt for black to hide unsightly scuff marks. In 2019, expect to see more tuxedo kitchens featuring black and white walls, creating a stunning contrast. You can also choose black countertops and backsplashes. If you have no idea of a kitchen renovation, read home décor websites, guides, books, and magazines. These sources will give you sufficient information to transform your kitchen the way you want. Read more online literature to understand the current trends when it comes to your kitchen remodeling.

  1. Kitchens Overlooking the Outdoors

How would you like the idea of tossing up your favorite meal while looking at the front garden? Or keeping a watch on your kids playing on the lawn? Seems interesting, right? Cooking and outdoor entertainment enthusiasts would like to expand their kitchen to the outdoors. You can run your imagination wild when planning such a cooking place. Use your creative prowess. If you happen to live in a warmer region, you can transform your patio with additional seating areas, cushions, pillows, fabrics, and durable rugs. In 2019, you can make your kitchen open to patios and decks through collapsible gates and window walls.

  1. Self-supporting Dining Furniture

Customized and freestanding dining benches are popular this year, but expensive. If you have the budget, you can always splurge on this home renovation idea. If you want to save money, opt for padded furniture benches. It will cost you less than the expensive pieces. These items are multifunctional and ideal for providing flexible seating arrangements, small breakfast corners, and even hidden storage spaces. Read magazines and online sites to get more inspiration when investing in these benches.


Stay updated when it comes to home remodeling this year. Now that you have these tips handy, you can experiment to make your home inviting.

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Make Office Snacking A Fun And Fixing Tool For Reduced Productivity




Make Office Snacking A Fun And Fixing Tool For Reduced Productivity
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There is a very common term that is often used in the snacking industry: fun snacks. Well, there is nothing funny here but the entire concept is to make office snacking a fun time and a healthy habit. This will not only enhance the overall health of your employees but will also enhance your business productivity if you find it to be declining pretty steadily over the past few months.

Yes, no matter how surprising it may sound to you, a proper and better office snacking can improve the overall productivity of the business. This is an easy fix to this complicated issue and since it is all about satisfying the palate and preferences of your employees along with taking care of their health, it is considered to be the ‘fun way’ and not the ‘funny way.’

Proper snacking habit will also impact the work culture of the company. It will change for the better and at the same time, healthy office snacking will offer you a low-cost solution of your issues with productivity.

According to several types of research conducted by the Center for Disease Control, there is a significant effect and adverse impact of poor health condition and obesity. According to their statistics, these health conditions are costing the US companies more than $225 billion each year due to lost or low productivity.

Effects on businesses

There are several businesses that are at a loss and do not know how to cope up with this situation or what necessary actions to take that will eliminate such inevitable probabilities. However, there are several wellness programs but there are a few specific concerns about these such as:

  • With most of these programs, the ascription is at best murky
  • On the other hand and at its worst, these programs can be invasive
  • At the same time, these programs can prove to be overbearing providing negligible or negative results.

At this juncture, you must know that there is nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional indulgent in fun snacks but making it a habit can prove to be harmful in several ways such as:

  • It can have deleterious effects on your business productivity and purpose
  • It can reduce the quality of life of your employees and
  • It can even reduce the morale of the employees.

As an employer, you will certainly not want these to happen and affect your business productivity and the level of performance of your employees. As a result, you will surely look for newer and better low-cost methods to encourage healthy snacking habits, to improve the behavior of your employees, and to enjoy long term and dramatic business advantages.

A win-win situation

When you get all of these simply by changing the snacking habits of your employees, it will put you in a win-win situation all around.

  • It will improve the health and well-being of your employees as well as the employees will benefit more from the better support for their health.
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of less absence, improved productivity, and low insurance premiums if you offer healthcare benefits to employees and several other societal benefits from such improved public health conditions.

In other words, it is your employee health that will provide far-reaching effects. It is all due to the quality of diets of your employees and their lives that will determine the success of your company. Therefore, as an employer, you should help them to make a better and healthier choice at the office where they spend the majority of the waking hours by providing healthy and nutritious snacks.

The effects of food choice

There will be a significant positive effect of food choice on your employees as it is for anyone as eating healthy food is always healthy. However, there are several people who do not know and will be highly surprised knowing how much variance a healthy diet can make.

To name a few ways food choice that can impact your company’s productivity and employees’health it can be said that:

  • A poor diet will lead to increased absences: This does not need much explanation as it makes a perfect sense that if employees do not eat well they will fall ill and skip work. This will lead to loss of productivity and money as well.
  • Diet choices will affect focus and brain function: Food choices will affect the workplace even if the employees are healthy. If the employees are hungry most of the time or eat poorly, they will lose their focus and tend to get distracted frequently and more easily. This will not only affect your business productivity but will also make them grumpy at times. This is called the “glucose memory facilitation effect.”
  • Afternoon slump: This is the dizziness which is experienced by almost all workers especially between 1 and 3 p.m. One feels sluggish, sleepy, have blurred vision, and also have trouble in concentrating. Other symptoms include feeling moody, experiencing stomach and headache. During this time most workers are found gathering in the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee in need of some caffeine.

However, all these effects are also a result of fast dehydration in the employees that is caused due to skipping meals or eating too much sugar or too many carbs. You can combat these issues easily and effective making water and healthy snacks more accessible to your employees. This is the most effective and low-cost way to keep your employees happy, awake and more productive.

Help to eat healthily

You can help your employees to eat healthy foods is a great way in your office. Research shows that workplace interventions help a lot in this respect that involves educating them about the changes in the environment and how it can significantly influence the eating habits of your employees. To make a change and to facilitate healthy eating habits in your office you can host healthy potlucks and even lead by example. Make sure that there is a wide variety of healthy snacks for your employees to choose from.

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Home Improvement

Make Sure To Understand the Notion of Surveillance System Well To Make Use of It




Surveillance System
Make Sure To Understand the Notion of Surveillance System Well To Make Use of It
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If you want, you can always self-install a professional surveillance or security camera. If you can successfully run one cable from the camera to digital video recorder, then you can easily install CCTV security-based system on your own for sure. In case, you are making plans to avoid outsourcing and try DIY plans, then you are likely to save thousands of dollars to be sure. The only time-based work in this regard is to just run the cable from recorder to camera.

Right now, the technology has made it all quite easy and simple for anyone, willing to take advantage of the regular surveillance. The main line over here is that security camera comes at reasonable rates and will enhance security both in business and home. Some of the insurance firms might even offer you a discount for employing CCTV system. You can all quite afford to protect right against theft, vandalism falls and slips and will enhance complete employee performance with the use of the professional Surveillance System Philadelphia now.

Be sure to select the proper gear:

You need to be aware of the fact that DVR is what is used for recording some video cameras. The video is also stored right on the hard drive of the DVR. The new compression based industry standard over here got to be the H 264 compression DVR.

  • This product helps in storing 3 times longer video when compared to the older options like MPEG4 and MPEG compression DVRs.
  • I seem to be the old technology, which has lesser video storage. But the H version can always enable a higher quality of video both live and even over the internet.

Some more next steps:

You might have to look for the DVRs with remote internet viewing right from high speed based internet connection in the world and also as mobile phones such as iPhone or even phone with the current 3G network.

  • You might have to check that they get to work with the WinCE and Symbian networks too. Remote viewing is mostly free and works with the help of dynamic IP address as that is used for accessing the cameras.
  • To remote view that you have entered in the web address, you have to type the user name and the password and can view cameras as well. The dynamic form of IP addresses are stated to be free so there is no need to deal with harsh monthly fees.
  • All you need over here is your high internet speed to cover. If you want, you can even ask the chance to ask whether so many people can easily view the cameras remotely and right at the same time.

Once you are sure of the gear and the technology to use with it, things will start working out in your favor. Just be sure to check out the steps to approach and then you can move further with the DIY video surveillance system installation as well.

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Ways To Sell Used Apple Watches For That Perfect Value In Return




Apple Watch
Ways To Sell Used Apple Watches For That Perfect Value In Return
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Getting a proper and fair trade-in value for your old Apple watch is no doubt a challenge. But, following some of the simple steps and tips can work out pretty well in your favor for that great watch deal in the end. Just now, with the Apple Watch Series, 4 has been announced, the third generation or the older Apple Watch might not be looking as shiny as before! Getting hands on the latest form of wearable items from Apple does not mean you have to relegate present Apple Watch to the desk drawer. But you can always trade it for some liquid cash with ease.

Trading the older generation Apple Watch can always prove to be trickier than just trading in an iPhone or other forms of devices, but will still have some options within. The toughest part over here is to find the best deal for the current Apple watch trade in.

Are you planning to lease the Apple watch?

You might have a third generation Apple watch with cellular. But, the catch is you did not buy it outright. You leased it from companies as you do with your iPhone. In case, you are associated with a similar position, you might have to contact the carrier to find some early trade-in options as available. Turning right in on a leased device might mean you have to pay entire thing right off up front. So, always be sure to just talk to someone, before getting your heart set right for the new Apple Watch to just hit the market. You can lease the watch or you can just sell used watches to get some money in return.

You can send the watch to the core manufacturing team instead:

There are so many places, which will not have any issue while trading in iPhone, but they will surely create a problem while doing the same with Apple Watch. If you want, you can get one estimated trade-in value straight from Apple GiveBack site. Sending the Apple watch back to the main house will help you get a gift card or any account credit, which is made usable at Apple Store. In case, you are looking for cash, then you have to visit somewhere else.

Always remember, that the Apple’s trade-in value for the first generation watch will be quite less than following options. So, make sure to check multiple places before finalizing on a decision.

You can provide the cellular carrier with Apple watch:

There are some cell service companies, which might accept smartphones for the current trade-ins. But, you cannot say the same for the Apple watches, unfortunately.

  • Only you have AT&T and Verizon, which will include the Apple watches in the currently accepted devices.
  • In case, you don’t use any of these networking service providers, then it is always best to contact carrier, just to check if trading in Apple watch is actually possible or not.
  • It will help you to take the next steps accordingly.

Trying to send off Apple watch to Cult of Mac:

The current Apple news website Cult of Mac comprises of an Apple Device trade-in program. Of all the sites you might have researched for and searched, this one is able to provide you with the best deal for the first generation Apple watch and more. Cult of Mac is able to present you with gift cards or bill credits, which will make it always a better option if you need to unload Apple Watch for the money quickly.

Make sure to explore third party trade or the sale sites:

The sister site of CNET, TechRepublic has a proper and good rundown of some of the best options for the trading in the Apple Watch, which will include buyback sites like NextWorth or even MaxBack.

  • In case, you want to take that gambling shot by trying to sell the Apple Watch for some more money, CNET will suggest you take help of Swappa.
  • The current advantage of using this source over eBay is that this site will not charge sellers any fee. Instead, it is going to add around $10 on to the current price of the item that Swappa takes off the top.
  • In case, you don’t rely on the channel of online help and looking for the physical store, then electronics retailer Best Buy might be there to offer the perfect trade-ins on the selected Apple Watches.

Have to research your options:

Before you end up selling your Apple Watch and think of getting a good deal out of it, you better research. Selling the watch on behalf of a good amount is a bit of a challenge. But, do not give up that easily. You can check out the sites as listed around here and in CNET articles or can look for some other sites if you are not quite happy with what you are being offered with.

As always, you have to be sure of the site that you choose to sell the device to be a reputable one. On the other hand, be sure and aware of the offers, which seem too good to be true. They are probably not that!

Work out with the companies:

Whether the online sources or the retail stores, you have to work out with the companies to know more about the results. You can ask to check some of their previous works to know what the companies have in store for you. Other than that, you can try checking out for the client reviews on these watch selling sites. It can work out well on your behalf too.

Not just while selling Apple watches, but you have to follow the same norms which selling some of the non-digitalized watches from reputed brands like Rolex, Rado and more. You don’t want to just sell your watch to any name in the market as you want a big deal of money out of it.

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When to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windshield



When to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windshield
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Most drivers have had to deal with a chipped or cracked windshield at some point. This problem is caused by a range of various reasons, from pea gravel falling off a construction truck right onto the windshield to a piece of debris kicked up by a passing car. Still, no matter what caused the damage, you’re the one who has to deal with the consequences and you have to do it quickly.

It’s vital that you repair or have your damaged windshield repaired as soon as possible, since you want to drive a safe and reliable vehicle and you can’t do it unless your windshield is in good condition. So, what is it that you can do when it comes to fixing the problem?

What options are available?

You basically have only two options: to repair or replace your windshield. In case of a smaller crack or chip, you can have it repaired by an expert and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, if the chip is in your line of sight, or there are several cracks or chips on the glass, you should probably opt for replacement. The windshield is a vital structural part of the vehicle and you don’t want to drive a car that has a problem with one of its crucial parts, do you?

How to recognize a chip and a crack?

A chip is damage that clearly marks the point of impact by debris. It can be in the shape of a star break (cracks forming outward from the centre), bulls-eye (i.e. circular), partial bulls-eye (i.e. crescent shape) or crack chip (small crack, less than an inch.

On the other hand, cracks are distinct lines that can vary in length, from under an inch to the width of your windshield. Still, don’t panic, since sometimes even the longer cracks can be repaired instead of replaced.


Since windshields are made of three layers, with a layer of resin or polymer sandwiched between two layers of glass, it is possible to inject a special resin into the chipped area. Also, many auto parts stores offer various DIY repair kits, but you really need to know what you need to do and you must have the right tools for the job. So, deal only with the chips that are not in your line of sight, but located in the corners of the windshield. Even if you manage to prevent the damage from getting worse, you’ve done a lot, because it will be easier and cheaper for an expert to fix the problem.

The repair technology has come a long way over the years and something that couldn’t be repaired before is now repairable, which means you need to consult an expert on the matter to estimate the damage. Usually, chips smaller than a quarter and cracks to three inches should be repaired, but that too depends on the location of the damage and the shop’s capabilities.


Cracks usually require a hole to be drilled at the ends of the crack before any repair work is done. No matter how simple this may sound to you, it’s always better to leave it to professionals who are experts in auto glass replacement to take care of it. When it comes to depth, if the damage is through both layers of glass, no repair is possible and you have to have the windshield replaced. In terms of the location, if the damage goes all the way to the outer edge of the glass, the structural integrity of the windshield and, consequently, the car is compromised. Also, if the damage is within your line of sight (i.e. the glass covered by the driver’s windshield wiper), don’t wait any longer, but head towards the nearest expert. Needless to say, the deeper and longer the crack, the more likely you’ll be to have to replace it.


There is nothing more important than the safety of all passengers in a vehicle, which is why you mustn’t neglect any damage to the windshield. Studies have shown that the windshield provides almost one half of the structural integrity of the cabin in a front-end collision. So, do you want to gamble with your life and the lives of others by driving a car with its structural integrity compromised?

Dealing with such problems is a regular occurrence, though it’s still a nuisance. Still, in order to have a safe and reliable car, you have to either repair or replace your windshield, but only in consultations with a professional, who is the only person capable of giving the correct evaluation of the damage.

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