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Free Cloud Storage Services That You Should Try If You Need to Store Your Files Online



Cloud Storage
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These days everyone is constantly in need of sharing documents and files with colleagues, friends or even family members. No matter where they are they want to be able to access these files. That’s where the free cloud storage services enter the story.

The Internet has a lot of them that operate exclusively on the cloud, are safe, and completely free. To use them, people are required only to have an Internet connection and basic knowledge of computers. Not to mention that these places have a storage memory that’s more than enough to average users. So, people usually don’t buy the full premium versions.

Are you wondering which the right cloud services for preserving your files are? Here we’ll go through the top ones.

Cloud Storage

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Google Drive

Google Drive

© Google Drive

Google is always among the first to introduce services related to keeping files and making them available for viewing and sharing by multiple people. Its service Google Drive has a free space of 15 GB, which is completely sufficient. As it’s connected to other Google services like Google+ Photos or Gmail, the capacity is divided between them. However, people that don’t use them can take advantage of the whole capacity of Google Drive.

What makes it very popular among users is the fact that the sharing process is very simple and has a lot of options. To share some files and folders with someone, you only need to obtain their email address or give them a public link. A certain file can be made in a view-only version to prevent downloading.




© Dropbox

Folders and files can be uploaded to Dropbox from both the mobile and desktop app. Basically, everyone can share them with other people even without an account. If they are files from Microsoft Office, they can be edited online for free.

Just have in mind that at the beginning, the users of Dropbox have only 2 GB of free space. But later they can reach 18 GB.



© OneDrive

This is a service provided by Microsoft that functions fully online and is free to use. When users sign up they get 5 GB of space for uploading files and folders and if they abide by the instructions, they can get additional hosting. As the instructions are usually related to syncing the photos or referring friends, everyone can do them and increase the capacity.

Add to this, the OneDrive program can be installed on a Microsoft or Mac computer through which you can transfer your folders and files to your mobile devices. The files can be uploaded directly on the mobile app, as well.



© MediaFire

What differentiates MediaFire from the other storage services is the option to upload all the wanted files and folders on the website and access them through there. Of course, there’s an app for iOS and Android devices for sharing and viewing your uploads on the go, which is a plus for busy people.

Also, you receive 10 GB of free online hosting at once with the possibility to upgrade the capacity to 50 GB with the help of friend referrals and downloading applications.




MEGA is definitely one of the safest services. This is because it has an end-to-end encryption that’s meant for battling privacy breaches. That way everything that’s uploaded stays intact.

Moreover, all files on MEGA are available for viewing and editing on the browser, the desktop client as well as the app for Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. You can keep adding them until you occupy as much as 50 GB of the free space.

Final Words

Are you a user of the free cloud storage services? Do you have a favorite one and why? Share your opinions in the comments! And stay on Flix Expo for more tech tips.


Sukhen Tanchangya is a passionate blogger and loved to write books and blogs. He is also a hard-core traveler, who spent most of his time on historical places, such as Keokradong (3235 ft, highest point of Bangladesh), Boga lake, Remakri, Debotakhum, Nilachal, Nilgiri, Sundarban, Sylhet, Rangpur, Cox's Bazar, and some places in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Play “Do A Barrel Roll” 10 Times On Google Tricks



do a barrel roll
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Do a barrel roll 10 times on google tricks is a great way to spend a few minutes of your day. This simple Google trick will have you rolling on the floor laughing. To do a barrel roll on Google, simply type in “Do a barrel roll” into the search bar and hit enter.

You’ll be treated to a spinning Google logo.

Do a Barrel Roll is a Google Trick that will make your screen do a 360-degree spin. To do this trick, simply go to Google and type in “Do a barrel roll” (without the quotation marks). Then hit the search button and watch your screen do a barrel roll!

This is a fun little trick that you can show your friends and family. It’s also a great way to procrastinate when you should be doing something else!

How do you make Google do a barrel roll?

One of the coolest things you can do on Google is make it do a barrel roll. This can be done by simply typing in “do a barrel roll” into the search bar, or by going to Either way, you’ll be treated to a spinning Google logo.

But how does this work? The answer is simple: it’s all thanks to CSS3 3D transforms. When you type “do a barrel roll” into Google, the search results page is actually being rotated on its axis using a CSS3 transform.

Similarly, when you visit, the whole page is rotated using the same technique. This is a pretty advanced use of CSS3, and it’s not something that would work on older browsers. But on modern browsers, it’s a pretty neat trick.

And it’s just one more example of the cool things you can do with CSS3.

Do a barrel roll fast 20 times?

No, doing a barrel roll fast 20 times is not possible.


Do a barrel roll and more Google Tricks?

Do a barrel roll and more Google Tricks We all love Google for its simple and elegant interface. But did you know that there are some really fun and interesting Google tricks that you can use to make your search experience even more fun?

Here are some of our favorites. Do a barrel roll This is perhaps the most well-known of all the Google tricks.

Simply type “do a barrel roll” into the search box and watch as your screen does a 360-degree rotation. Askew Feeling a bit off-kilter?

Just type “askew” into the search box and watch as your screen tilts to one side. Google in 1998 Want to see what Google looked like way back in 1998?

Just type “Google in 1998” into the search box and hit enter. You’ll be transported back in time to see the very first Google homepage. Google gravity

Do a barrel roll Z or R twice?

A barrel roll is an aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on its longitudinal axis while following a helical path, approximately maintaining its original altitude. The barrel roll is commonly confused with the aileron roll. The aileron roll is an aerobatic maneuver in which the airplane is rolled around its longitudinal axis using the ailerons.

This maneuver is often confused with the barrel roll. The aileron roll is performed by applying opposite aileron input to create roll and yaw. The yaw created by the aileron input is compensated for with rudder input in the same direction.

This will result in the airplane flying a coordinated turn and not slipping or skidding. The barrel roll is performed by using aileron input in one direction and rudder input in the opposite direction. This will result in the airplane performing a rolling motion around its longitudinal axis while following a helical path.

Do a barrel roll twice

A barrel roll is a flying maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on its longitudinal axis while following a helical path, with the nose of the aircraft passing through its own wake. The barrel roll is usually executed by first rolling the airplane to an inverted position, then rolling it back to level flight while maintaining inverted flight. The maneuver gets its name from the fact that the path of the airplane resembles a barrel rolling around on the ground.

When properly executed, the barrel roll appears to be a smooth, continuous rotation. However, if the airplane is not rolled smoothly or if it is rolled too slowly, the airplane will appear to wobble or wobble back and forth, which is why the maneuver is sometimes referred to as a “snake roll.” The barrel roll is one of the most basic aerobatic maneuvers and is often used to transition from one aerobatic maneuver to another.

Do a barrel roll 20 times

Assuming you mean an actual barrel roll: A barrel roll is an aerobatic maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete revolution about its longitudinal axis while following a helical path, approximately maintaining its original altitude. To do a barrel roll, first get your airplane into a stable climb.

Then, when you have enough altitude, push the stick away from you to initiate the roll. As the airplane rolls, keep pushing the stick in the same direction. The airplane will naturally start to level out at the top of the roll, so be ready to pull back on the stick to keep the roll going.

Finally, level out the airplane and enjoy the view!

Do a barrel roll fast

Do a barrel roll is an emergency maneuver used by pilots to regain control of an aircraft that has lost altitude and is about to crash. The maneuver is executed by rolling the aircraft 360 degrees around its longitudinal axis. This causes the aircraft to lose altitude rapidly, but it also gives the pilot time to regain control of the aircraft.

The barrel roll is not a maneuver that should be used lightly, as it can be very dangerous. It should only be used when all other options have been exhausted and the pilot is confident that he or she can execute the maneuver safely.


Do a barrel roll 100 times

Assuming you would like a blog post about the game “Do a barrel roll”: “Do a barrel roll” is a simple game that can be played on any computer or mobile device. The objective of the game is to roll a barrel 100 times in a row.

The game is started by clicking on the “Start” button. A counter will appear on the screen and will keep track of the number of rolls. The game is completed when the player reaches 100 rolls.

The game is named after a popular Internet meme which features a GIF of a character from the Star Fox video game series performing a barrel roll maneuver. The meme became popular in late 2008 and early 2009.

Do a barrel roll 1 million times

Doing a barrel roll 1 million times may seem like a daunting task, but it can be done with a little bit of planning and perseverance. Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1. Start by breaking the task down into smaller goals.

For example, aim to do a barrel roll every hour for 10 hours each day. This will help you stay on track and not get overwhelmed by the task at hand. 2. Find a comfortable spot to do your barrel rolls.

This could be on a mat in your living room or in a park. 3. Make sure you warm up before you start doing barrel rolls. A few simple stretches will help to prevent injuries.

4. Focus on your form as you do each barrel roll. This will help you to do them correctly and avoid strain on your body. 5. Take breaks as needed, but don’t give up!

Do a barrel roll 5 times

Assuming you mean an actual barrel roll in an airplane: A barrel roll is an aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on both its longitudinal and lateral axes, causing it to follow a helical path, approximately maintaining its original altitude. The barrel roll is usually executed by first turning the aircraft to one side to establish a banking angle, then applying full rudder in the opposite direction and simultaneously increasing the banking angle to roll around the aircraft’s longitudinal axis until the aircraft is inverted, then finally returning the rudder and decreasing the banking angle to return the aircraft to level flight.

Here are the five steps you need to do a barrel roll: 1. Establish a banking angle. This is usually done by turning the aircraft to one side.

2. Apply full rudder in the opposite direction. 3. Simultaneously increase the banking angle.

Do a barrel roll 3 times

Doing a barrel roll is a relatively simple manoeuvre that can be executed in any aircraft – although it’s generally associated with fighter jets. The barrel roll is performed by rolling the aircraft 360 degrees around its longitudinal axis. This can be done by banking the aircraft to one side and then using the ailerons to roll the aircraft around its central axis.

The aircraft will end up flying inverted for a brief period of time before righting itself. While the barrel roll looks impressive, it’s not generally used in combat as it doesn’t gain the aircraft any tactical advantage. It’s more commonly used as a display of flying skill or to shake off an enemy fighter who might be following too closely.

Do a barrel roll unblocked

Do a barrel roll unblocked is a website that provides step by step instructions on how to do a barrel roll. The website also includes a video tutorial on how to do a barrel roll.



This is a fun little Google trick that will have you rolling – quite literally! Just type “Do a barrel roll” into Google and watch what happens. Then, try it again 10 times for a good laugh.

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Digital Marketing

Best Responsive WordPress Themes and Plugins For Niche Website [Lifetime Free Premium]



Best Responsive WordPress Themes 1
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Hi guys! Are you looking for the best responsive WordPress themes and Plugins for your niche website? After long-time I’m writing here for share with you some of the premium WordPress themes & plugins for free and those are developed by using perfect inline CSS & Java, and they don’t hurt your website loading speed.

In the web world, you will find millions of themes & plugins for free and paid, but which one is perfect for your jobs! From my experience, I faced lots of problems with themes & plugin for their cheap coding.

If you own a niche website you should better to use lightweight WordPress theme, I am also an affiliate marketer, it’s been working with Amazon affiliate programs more than 5 years and tested over hundreds of themes & plugins for customizing & table creation purposes and for mobile & desktop responsive purpose.

Whatever! for your own needs you will choose the best ones, this is a common thing and that’s why I changed up to 100 themes and plugins for focus my contents are accessible and responsive to my readers.


We believe on a work not a word!

Take a look below screenshot of my website loading speed score and then think about your ones if it’s are positive.

Flix Expo Google PageSpeed Insights test result
Flix Expo Google PageSpeed Insights test

If the above screenshot are updated by Photo editor you should check yourself by click this link:-

If you found positive! don’t forget to drop your up-vote to share it with your family, friends and other people.

Remember: This is not a products review article, every THINGS and items tested myself and have huge negative experience on themes & plugins

Ok, lets walk for main subject!

Best Responsive WordPress Themes For Niche Website

1) GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the best responsive WordPress themes in my mind, ofcourse have reason based in coding science. If you own a website you can test yourself with their features worked or not!!!


GeneratePress has been created with the goal of being a flexible and adaptable content management system. It has been designed to be easy to use and accessible for a wide range of users. They also allows one to create exceptional designs by giving them complete control over the way their website looks, from its layout up to its colors, typography, visual effects and other features.

It has advanced hook system, mobile header, lightweight slide-out or overlay off-canvas panel for all devices and a lot more.

The ability of the theme lets one show off their personality while still providing an excellent user experience. The intuitive design also allows webmasters to take advantage of many different features within the platform without having any technical expertise in web development or WordPress API usage. I’m a big fan of this theme and I’m using it on my all niche websites. They offer free and paid version, below are the paid version you can get it almost free by unlock the download link by giving a simple like.

2) Oceanwp

The OceanWP is a WordPress theme for business and personal websites. The theme comes with a simple, neat and professional-looking design and minimal customization. It is fully responsive and compatible with all the latest browsers.

The theme is built on the principle of clean, strong and crisp design. The entire theme is built on HTML5 and CSS3 (Sass) framework which ensures that the code is SEO friendly and lightweight with great performance. The theme has a premium look with amazing features like hover effects, parallax sections , image slider, limitless customizations and easy customization.


The theme has a fully responsive design so it works perfectly on mobile devices. It comes with Google Fonts support to help you select the fonts you like. The OceanWP WordPress theme comes with multiple home page layouts, different blog layouts, WooCommerce support for creating an online store, custom post formats support (like gallery, audio, video etc.), RTL language support and translation ready. Download the premium version for free, below.

Best WordPress Plugins For Niche Website

1) Elementor

Elementor Pro is a drag and drop page builder that simplifies creating complex combinations of elements without the need to code. It allows you to create templates with HTML and CSS for frontend builders. It comes with over 100 pre-built templates and elements, giving you a quick start on any design project. Download pro version for free from below link.

2) WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a fast & secure WordPress caching plugin. It reduces MySQL queries and cache-busting for WordPress site dramatically. It enables you to never deal with the WordPress admin again, when your site gets slow. WP Rocket also generates a caching code in the footer of your blog when it is activated for your account via the link generated in the footer of all pages, increasing load speed by up to 90%. Below are the paid version download link.

3) Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO manages all your page/post SEO with ease. It comes with an inbuilt content analysis tool that helps you write optimized content. Yoast SEO also checks if your page is marked noindex or nofollow by Google, alerting you with the issues found. It allows you to set keywords for each post or page with its easy to use interface. Below are the paid version download link.

4) Perfmatters

Perfmatters! he is a website speed optimization hacker I think! I have a niche site which site speed score is under 40% (always) in Google PageSpeed insights and database size has up to 1.5 gb, after installing this plugin my website loading speed score always up to 95% and database size only 51 mb from 1.5 gb (after optimizing the database using this plugin). He’s a pro coder!


Unfortunately, I cannot give you this plugin for free, because I don’t have unlimited license. You should try to get it If your website loading speed really negative. Click here to check this plugin features before have it.

Bottom line

Hope it can help you to make your blog/website ever better! I am sure that there are more good themes & plugins for niche blogs, so if you know some other good ones (and which working well) please let me know. So I hope that after reading this article, you get a clear idea about which WordPress themes & plugins can be helpful to your niche website.

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7 Ways Modern Technology Can Make Life Easier For Parents



7 Ways Modern Technology Can Make Life Easier For Parents
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Technology has given so much to humanity. From faster cars, the Internet, smartphones to quicker services and better public transportation. However, technology has played a big role in one important aspect of life: parenting. In the past ten to fifteen years, parents have discovered that technology can make life much easier, especially when it comes to babies and toddlers. Therefore, if you’re a parent, or you’re planning a family soon, then here are some ways that modern technology can make your life easier. 

It’s much easier to communicate

Back in the day, parents had to leave their children either unsupervised or with others in order to go to work. Nowadays, this still happens, but with the rise of smartphones and messaging apps, it’s much easier to stay in touch with both children and their babysitters. Simply, it’s much easier to go to work when you can receive pictures and videos of your little ones getting ready for bed or eating their dinner. Communication and being in touch can help you become a more effective parent, especially if you’re working long hours. 

NHN5HnofUmltsF9gAoO81LJpg7w3hJdkkzEEdAyXmEtkMWv9wXY2CfTbJYob NSZsYqAXSyvUVCoMudnccGi ynj pLl7QcMTKPRgpX2YTEjXvP7hQMTIb8NIrVs2A

Image source:

You always know where they are

GPS and other mapping solutions can make it easy for kids to find their way home. Plus, with certain software and extensions, parents are now able to track their kids’ whereabouts. It’s also possible to find a phone if it gets lost, which is great news for many worried parents. Sure, that might seem like a violation of privacy for some, but it’s essential to point out that we’re living in much more unstable times compared to the previous generations. Violent crimes are on the rise, which is why technology can help parents monitor their kids in order to ensure their well-being. 

It can help you monitor your children’s online activity

Just like with monitoring their physical whereabouts, it’s important to be aware of your children’s online presence and their Internet activity. For some parents, that might seem wrong, due to privacy violation, but keep in mind that many child predators and other scammers tend to hide behind cute avatars and lies in order to attract children and take advantage of them. This is why it’s crucial to know who they talk to and meet with whenever you’re not around. That way you can also react in a timely manner in order to prevent serious things from happening.


Parenting is less lonely 

If you’re a parent, then you’re aware of the fact that raising kids can be lonely, especially if you’ve moved to a new place recently. Luckily, technology can help here: connecting with other parents has never been easier, thanks to the practical Mumli motherhood app, which allows people to meet, swap parenting tips, and organize playdates for their little ones. Being a parent isn’t only exhausting, but also isolating at times, and meeting other parents in your area can help you socialize and possibly reach for help in case you ever need it. 

t5Dcxv E SbWNffxwDk6fpYhxIs8Fed8M tZDP1wFZ1TnMtvEHLSsAmkl86ZF2u0BwfiZQ7Jd4iDTeBuv4gW9hfrGjR2vG8DMYKFwkRT80hWQwlJHV1Pmuq8thh65A


Technology can help you become a better shopper

Raising children can be extremely expensive, which is why it’s essential to adopt smart shopping habits. With technology, that’s easy to achieve: there are numerous apps and websites that offer discount codes, free coupons, and other benefits for parents. This is amazing if you’re looking to save money on rent, school fees, utilities, and car repairs. Knowing where to shop and how to utilize discounts at your favorite stores can help you become a more financially responsible parent, all thanks to technology. 

Education and entertainment are much easier

Kids need to grow and learn, and thanks to technology that’s now easier than ever. First, kids now have entire libraries under their fingertips, and that’s a huge advantage. Therefore, if you want your kids to study, giving them a tablet or laptop is now a viable option to make that happen. The same goes for entertainment: kids can now watch countless YouTube videos of their favorite cartoons and other fun content. 

Parenting equality is now easier to achieve

Fifty years ago, gender rules and norms ruled everything, including parenting duties. Fathers weren’t encouraged to take part in children-rearing and household chores, but nowadays, things are much different. Fathers are now expected to chip in and be equally responsible for their kids’ wellbeing. There are numerous apps, gadgets, and smart household appliances that help dads care for their children with ease and joy.


Technology expansion might have its downsides, but when it comes to parenting, it’s been incredibly helpful. Parents are now less lonely, more relaxed, and have more energy to care for the kids and take care of the household due to numerous technological advancements.


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How You Should Be Storing Your Old Home Movies:



cover scaled
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Technology Has Changed The Game

Unless you can maintain equipment designed for physical film, you’re going to have to think about digital options for your old home movies. When it comes to 8mm film, videos, and betamax formats, most new technology can’t interface.

Digital tech incorporates new means of storing and playing moving images. Here we’ll cover a few storage strategies to help you retain your old footage into the future.

1. Solid State Drives And Hard Disk Drives

Most new computers use a Solid State Drive or SSD. Some computers still use a Hard Disk Drive or HDD, but these aren’t as efficient or reliable over the long term owing to an increase in moving parts.

HDDs have a little disk that actually spins, and is subject to physical disturbance. If you’ve got an HDD, and you drop it or bump it wrong, it may break. Here’s a closer look at the two hard drive options.

While you can similarly break an SSD, that’s less likely, as these drives are more like a USB thumb drive. Essentially, there aren’t moving parts involved in storage. This means SSDs work both faster and more reliably over the long term. So if you’ve transferred the video to HDD drives, you’ll likely want to transfer that footage to an SSD eventually.


While this isn’t immediately necessary, it’s something to think about. Footage stored on CD-ROM or floppy disks is footage you may not even be able to view for the same reason the analog film is hard to upkeep and view. Technological formats have changed. So once you’ve transferred footage, if it’s not on some sort of SSD, you’ll likely have to transfer it again.


2. Transferring Film To Digital Formats

Before you put the film on an SSD or an HDD, you’ll want to get it transferred to a digital format. There are a number of different ways to do this, one of the most popular beings is to put the footage on a Digital Video Disk, or DVD. From there, you can transfer it to an SSD or HDD for long-term storage.

Your computer may have an SSD or HDD built-in, but owing to the size of video files, it’s a good idea to have a hard drive external to your device for more secure long-term storage. That said, first, you’ve got to digitize the film, and there are a few ways to do that.

To convert “super 8” film to DVD requires a little bit of experience. The same is true of videotape footage, though it’s a bit easier to transfer footage from a VHS tape to a DVD with a simple conversion rig that features VHS and DVD slots. If you’re going the “super 8” route, you may need a projector or specialized equipment. It’s more cost-effective to use a service.

3. Keeping Data Alive In The Cloud

Another move beyond SSD, HDD, or DVD formats is uploading your video footage to the cloud. Now there are some benefits and drawbacks to this approach. On the one hand, you’ve got better security in storage owing to the onus of cloud providers to securely maintain the data on clients. On the other, you’re trusting private information with such public providers.

As a data backup, in the event, some catastrophe destroys physical copies of your 8mm film, or your DVDs, or your HDD or SDD drives, the cloud is a good safeguard as you can rest assured precious memories are preserved. Ostensibly, there’s no legal avenue for abuse of that data. However, there is the human nature component to consider.


Accordingly, though the cloud is an option for some private information, it may be wiser to transfer that information to a DVD, and then transfer such data from the DVD to an SSD you keep in a safe, dry, temperate environment somewhere—like a basement closet safe from the elements, or something of the kind.

Keeping Precious Memories Alive

Switching 8mm footage to DVD, putting such footage on SSD drives, and exploring cloud computing storage options represent three wise ways to assure old footage is retained into the future.

Certainly, keep the old 8mm reels and VHS tapes around as well; but media to read them is disappearing, and physical footage succumbs to decay easier than digital options. Since tech keeps marching on, and digital storage has superior aspects, it’s smart to at least store your footage in this way as well.

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5 Tips for Computer Use That Will Help You Be More Productive



computer desk

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Using a computer is a lot like playing an instrument or a sport–the better you are, the better the end result.

Despite the fact that computers have been around for over two decades now, some people still aren’t making the most productive use of them.

Why Continuous Learning Matters

Many people, after figuring out the basic features of their computer simply stop and don’t make an effort to learn advance uses.

This often causes them to miss out on a lot of great tools and resources that can make them more proficient and productive when it comes to computer use.

Understanding the real possibilities of your PC is in your best interest.

Windows PCs are still among the most commonly purchased. Despite the growing popularity of iPhones and iPads, Mac-based desktop computers are less common to see in the home or business environment.

Not only are PCs more universal, but they are typically more affordable for both businesses and consumers.

To that end, we’ll be discussing the best tips for improving your Windows-based PC skills for your own benefit.

#1 Learn the Advanced Usage of Common Tasks

Take the time to develop a deeper understanding of Windows PCs, including the Windows 10 operating system and potential issues that could arise.

You don’t have to become an IT pro, by any means, but you should learn as much as you can about what to expect from your own PC to foster productivity.

Take the time to go through the Windows tutorial (yes, those are created for a reason).

Guides and tutorials focused on specific features help people learn advanced usage and setup.

Some examples of these are:

  • How to skip the required password on login
  • How to connect your phone with Windows
  • How to set up a PIN instead of a password for your account
  • How to set up focus assist
  • How to set up the night light

If there’s a specific task or computer process that you want to speed up or make it more efficient, do some research to see how you can set it up.

After all, the largest part of being productive isn’t just about having the right tools for the job, but also knowing how to set them up and use them efficiently.

#2 Use Keyboard Shortcuts and Taskbar Pins to Save Clicks

You probably already use some shortcuts, or maybe you have a few important programs pinned to the taskbar for easy access.

Keep going.

The more shortcuts you learn, the easier your daily computer use will be.

Instead of having to wait for things to load or try to scroll through endless menus, you can be ready with just a keystroke or two.

Here are a few popular shortcuts that everyone should know:

  • Windows Key + D: Minimize or restore all open windows
  • Windows Key + Tab: Opens Task View
  • Windows Key + PrtScn: Screenshot, which is saved in Pictures folder
  • ALT + TAB: Easy window or program switching
  • Alt + Shift: Switch between input languages if using several input methods
  • CTRL + Text Shortcuts: Holding CTRL, the following keys will create the respective commands:
    • C – Copy
    • X- Cut
    • Z – Undo
    • V – Paste
    • Shift + V – Paste without formatting

Taskbar pins, also known as shortcuts, are also fairly popular among Windows PC users.

The programs and applications that you use most often can be pinned to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen for easy access.

Then, they can be opened with one click instead of chasing them down through a variety of menus.

In addition, if you right-click them, you can access the most recent files for each and even pin often accessed files for easy access.

If you do a lot of word processing and internet browsing, for example, you’ll want to have your internet browser and MS Word (or other word processing program) pinned.

#3 Customize Your Start Menu

The Windows 10 start menu, like all menus, is designed to work for you.

You can customize this menu, choosing which icons and programs are displayed based on the frequency of use or by getting rid of programs and things that you don’t use.

You’re not just rearranging the list of starting menu items, though.

With the Windows 10 tile system, you can choose the things that appear on the start menu, resize and rearrange tiles, and even have live tiles (that will display news, weather or the newest emails right there on the tile).

#4 Use Windows Cleanup Tools

One of the biggest ways that you can increase your productivity and the performance of your PC is to keep it cleaned up.

If you do a lot of internet browsing or download a lot of temporary files, you need to cash in on the cleaning suite offered by Windows.

There is even a new feature known as Storage Sense, which can automatically remove unnecessary files based on a schedule that you set.

You can also invest in free third-party apps and programs that provide registry cleaning, which deletes unnecessary temp and broken file extensions, clears browsing history and cookies, and removes broken registry entries, which can all slow down your computer.

#5 Eliminate Distractions

For as many social media apps and websites as there are to waste your valuable time, there are just as many tracking and distraction-discouraging apps available to help you avoid the proverbial rabbit hole that most people fall into at least once or twice a day.

How many times have you taken “a break” to check the news or social media, only to emerge from the other side an hour later, having ended up somewhere completely different than where you started?

It’s easy to lose time when you’re surfing the web.

With tracking apps and tools like RescueTime that display exactly how much time you are wasting, you can keep yourself in check.

Many of these apps and programs even have warnings that you can set up and customize blocking features so that you can prevent yourself from wasting the day away.

It’s a lot easier to only spend five minutes checking Twitter if the site shuts down when the time is up, after all.

Keep your desk and your computer desktop uncluttered.

See those 18 tabs up above? Close as many of them as you possibly can.

For quick access to frequently used sites, use taskbar pins or desktop shortcuts instead.

Leaving browser tabs open is inviting distraction and can suck up a lot of the computer’s operating power.

Alternatively, you have some nifty add-ons like The Great Suspender that will suspend inactive tabs and free up processing power until you need them again.

When your computer starts lagging, your motivation won’t be far behind. Set yourself up for success by only opening windows that you need to be working on at the present moment.

In Summary

There are a lot of great productivity tips and tools out there.

If you’re looking to become a master with your Windows 10 PC, take advantage of the guides and resources that will teach you everything that you ever wanted to know about Windows so that you can customize it to work better for you.

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