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8 Best Free Video Downloader – Many Android Users Are Unaware Of



Free Video Downloader

Android users that prefer to watch videos offline often tend to install the best free video downloader. However, finding such tools can be difficult and time-consuming considering the large number of websites offering those services.

Free Video Downloader

While streaming videos is always an option and nowadays a lot of people do it on their Android phones or tablets, there are some instances when the Internet connection is low or your device can’t be connected to it. That’s when the buffering and inability to play the desired videos occurs,making people more interested in having the videos downloaded on their Android device.

For this reason, we’ve compiled this list and added the best video-downloading software that you aren’t required to pay anything for.

Free Video Downloader – FVD



This app allows users to download videos from a plethora of websites except YouTube. Due to the terms, only YouTube videos aren’t supported.

You can get the app either through the Google Play store on your device or here.

It’s also very simple to use. Since it connects with the browser on your Android phone or tablet, all you’re required to do is visit the page where the video is and select it. You’ll see a small download button that you should click on. After that, name the video, and save it to your device.


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© VidMate

What differentiates this tool slightly from the rest is the fact that it supports many online video services. Through it, users can download videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Metacafe and many more. Almost any site that has videos on it is accepted.

You’re allowed to choose the preferred video quality on most of the website so that you can save up space by downloading some videos in a lower quality. Aside from this, there are secondary portals in the app with even more videos that you can put into your phone or tablet for later watching.

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iTube Studio

More than ten thousand video websites can be accessed through this desktop downloader. And all the videos on them can be easily downloaded in minutes. Since there’s a Mac and Windows version, everyone is able to use it.

Thanks to the interface that’s integrated into the browser users have a chance to get the videos they want by simply clicking on the download button directly in their browsers. Whole playlists can be downloaded all at once, as well.

iTube Studio

© iTube Studio

Moreover, iTube Studio incorporates features for converting your downloaded videos into any format you prefer and transferring them to whichever device you like to watch them on.

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Android Video Downloader – AVD



AVD is another app for Android that helps you download videos from many sites except YouTube. But since it allows Flash, it can be used on more sites than some of the previous tools.

Four steps are needed to download a specific video into your Android device:

  • Explore the Internet to find your video
  • Click on the link of the video
  • After you see the menu, select AVD
  • Save the chosen video

Then you can enjoy watching it as many times as you want.

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© Videoder

This is another free app for Android that has a simple interface with all the options clearly displayed. Basically, all you should do is search for a specific video in the integrated browser and once you find it in the search results just click on it.The download should start automatically.

This browser works like a personalized search engine that presents videos from YouTube, Facebook, and a lot more similar sites. As this app accepts downloading in multiple formats like .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, and .mkv, it can be used across more Android devices.

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© Snaptube

This is mainly a YouTube downloader with absolutely no in-app purchases. Although it may feature a few ads while you’re using it, it offers a bunch of options to compensate for that.

From within the app, you can come across a lot of videos that you can download instantly in the quality that you like. To accompany this, it has a search option for going over many popular video sites. Recently Facebook and Instagram are on the list, as well. One more feature is that multiple videos can be downloaded at once.

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Full Video Downloader

Full Video Downloader

© Full Video Downloader

Full Video Downloader is a tool that consists of a lot of helpful downloading options that work on all Android devices, starting from its compatibility with all browsers to the ability to pause and resume the downloading process.

No matter which video you like to watch, it grabs it the moment you play it providing you the downloading option immediately. The third-party browsers are also supported enriched by the app’s built-in web browsers. So, finding and downloading the wanted videos is made very simple and quick.

Download Manager

Download Manager

© Download Manager

With more than ten million users, this is one of the most popular apps for downloading free videos to Android phones and tablets. It downloads videos directly from the Internet into your device, accepting all file formats and qualities.

Actually, it operates as a built-in browser with its own media player and a feature for managing the downloaded videos. You can even group them in folders for easier exploring. Social services like Facebook, Google Plus, and others are included in it, as well.

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