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7 Ways to Make Free Internet Phone Calls That You May Have Missed

The technological advancements brought the possibility to make free Internet phone calls whenever you want. This can be done through the numerous free tools and programs that are specially designed for that. However, you need to install them on your device before using them.

Basically, all of those programs can be grouped into four categories:

  • Calling a desktop computer from another desktop computer, which incorporates applications for exchanging free phone calls between two computers.
  • Application to application calls, which occur when mobile phones’ users call each other using apps that they have previously installed on their phones.
  • Calling a real phone number from your computer.
  • Calling a real phone number from the app on your mobile.

No matter which type people go for, they’ll end up making a free call.

Free Internet Phone Calls

Although a lot of these apps and tools work only within the US and Canada, there are still some that can be used internationally, as well. So, here are the top ways to phone someone online without paying a dime. Only note that you can’t dial emergency numbers.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Millions of people use Facebook and its messenger during the whole day, but still, a lot of them don’t know that the messenger offers an option for free calls. Aside from serving as a texting app, it allows users to call someone for free either from the messenger app or on the computer.

But there are a few restrictions. Firstly, in order to make the calls, the users should be friends on the platform and have the app installed on their device. Moreover, if you’re calling from your phone you can find the messenger application in the stores like iTunes and Google Play, whereas if you’re using your computer, you should enable a plug-in for making the calls.

Also, have in mind that you can’t dial real numbers and landlines through Facebook’s Messenger.

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© FreedomPop

With FreedomPop you’re allowed to call real numbers in the US without paying for anything. But if you want to phone someone globally, the recipients should install the app, too. It operates as a service for calling between two apps and an app and a phone.

Moreover, you’ll receive a real number from which you can call people and be called while signing up. Also, you’ll be asked to pick a phone number and an area code.

Since FreedomPop can be synced with your contact list, calling people you know is made easier and faster. They can be reached through multiple devices where this app is supported including Android and iOS devices, iPad and iPod touches.

Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the most popular ways for calling someone online for free. This is mainly due to Google’s wide-spread network and the plethora of options that this app offers.

Starting from managing the calls and your contacts to receiving free SMS, voicemail as well as organizing conference calls, users can utilize a lot more things than simply making a call. All of them can be accessed through a Blackberry, iOS, and Android device or through the computer. The app can be downloaded either from the stores on the smart devices or here on the web.

To sign up all you should do is connect it to your Google account and all your information will be automatically downloaded. After that, you should select a number based on a certain area for further usage. It will work for making calls to a real number, computer to computer calls, and calls from a computer to a phone.

Only mind that Google Voice works within the US and Canada.

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Owned by Facebook, this app is used mostly for texting between users and sending photos and videos. However, it provides a great free calling service with many helpful features, enabling you to call your WhatsApp friends in seconds.

No matter what your friends’ location is, if they use the app then they can receive and answer your call for free. Before doing that, though, you should approve your phone number. Therefore, no calls to landlines or devices that don’t have the app can be made.

To download the app you can visit this site. Aside from this, it can be accessed on smartphones like iPhones, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Windows Phone as well as on the web through here.

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When it comes to private and encrypted phone calls and messages, Telegram leads the way. It offers free apps that can be downloaded on multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, Windows, macOS, and others. You can get to your account through a browser, as well.

Basically, to make a free call on telegram you should first add contacts that are using the app. Then, click on the Info page and select the icon with the phone.



ooVoo has a huge community with millions of users. Even though its main focus is on video chat and instant messages, it provides the option for free Internet calls, too.

You should register and create your own account before starting to add more users of the app and calling them. Only if the recipients have the app on their computers or phones, you’ll be able to call them for free. Another specific thing about this app is that it enables you to make video calls with more users all at once.

All devices support this app, so you can find yours and download it here.

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This is one of the best ways to make Internet calls without any restrictions and buffering. Skype is very popular among users as a messaging app that works across all devices including both smartphones and computers. Some devices like Nokia and Amazon Fire phones even have it already installed. Users of the other devices can download it from here.

In order to become your contacts, the recipients should make a Skype account and use the app. You can find them either through their email address, phone number or username. Afterward you can simply call them entirely for free. Video calls, as well as text messages, are also options that may be useful in some situations. Stay connect with us on Flix Expo for more digital insights.


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